Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fried, Chicken and Cons

It's all in the End (of Watch) that is....

Sometime you have to give a lot for a role but getting tazed?

Co-star Cody Horne tells about getting into their roles for EoW.

“We had gone to this training facility for a tactical challenge and fitness test where you run, grapple, shoot to become a police officer. To pass the test to become a cop, you have to get tased and get pepper sprayed so you know what it feels like."

Her character, a former Marine turned cop whose dad is the head of the police force, is a real badass. So of course Horn raised her hand first for the tasering. “Then Jake had to do it and then we ended up tasing the entire cast."
Her descripton is pretty chilling. "It feels like it's ripping your bones out of your body and simultaneously hammering your bones with a jackhammer. Cops have to tolerate it for five seconds. They did it to everyone else for one second. But they did me for three seconds"  (Hollywood Reporter)

That's one way to fry

And the chicken?  

Looks like the chicken dance will show up in EoW.

Really what is a wedding reception without a little of this?

Now picture Jake  doing it....

That's not the comic part... this is

Is Austin  not the only one going  - just a different date and a  location.

Saw a tweet and makes you go hmmmm.....

End Of Watch panel Hall H at 12:45 p.m 7/14 Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña    - Seat42F


Special K said...

Trying to imagine Jake getting down with the Chicken Dance.

Wonder if Elmo taught him the moves?

Special K said...

Jake really loves Italian

Jake Gyllenhaal at Terroni (again!)

lol said...

Glad he didn't go for Mexican, we would have to put up with your BS about it being someone's fav food lmao

prairiegirl said...

Relatively-latebreaking news:

Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

destiny said...

Not surprised, there were some blind items floating around about a breakup that sounded like them. Guess the contract has come to an end.