Friday, July 20, 2012

All talk and soon some action?

Is Austin up for an adventure?


@Roberta_Mancino Everyone please RT and beg this daring soul to follow me. I need a radical adventure and I want her to be my guide.

@AUS10NICHOLS @Roberta_Mancino thanks for getting on the call today...the project sounds fun...tell your fans to stand by :)

He's climbed up trees, rocks and canyons
Jumped in puddles, rivers and streams

Kissed an anchor

He's gone mile high and
Snorkled, scuba'd and ski'd

What's left for Action Austin?

Mountain biking the Himalayas?

Paddle boarding around Cape Horn?
 El Heffe doing El Capatan?

Zip lining across Costa Rica?

Canoes down  the Chattooga and Tallulah (oh wait ... too Deliverance?)
 Is he the one who gets to swim with seals?

Or is he just finally get naked and back flip into the Pacific like he always threatens to do?


Just to irritate the Harry hater said...

Beautiful Harry #1

Beautiful Harry #2

Beautiful Harry #3

Beautiful Harry #4

Beautiful Harry #5

Beautiful Harry and Louis #6

the real m said...

Too sad about Colorado. I know people living there as well, but doubt they would have gone to a midnight movie showing as they have 4 young children so I am sure they are OK. Pretty soon we will have to go through security check to enter a theater. I was surprised to hear that people had taken infants and young children to a movie like that, and at midnight. I hope those injured prove to be less critically injured than first reported. What a nut case the shooter must be.

Special K said...

It wasn't that they took little kids to a PG 13 movie, that surprised me, it was that they took kids to a midnight movie, M.

Parents are usually encouraging their kids to go to sleep not to stay up.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, but you know what, you see that a lot anymore. I see a lot of parents with wee little ones out 9-10 o'clock and usually the toddler is crying and rubbing their eyes.

And that would be because their little one should long have been in bed.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Special,
Happy Birthday to you ♪♫

And many mooooore!!

there, that's better. Heat Miser was not appropriate!

Nice Anon said...

Happy Birthday, Special!

That's what I wondered too - why a 3-month old was at a midnight showing of an action/adventure movie - those are LOUD too! The poor baby should have been in his or her crib at home. But what an awful tragedy - I still can't believe it.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Birthday SK. Many many more.

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Special. I hope you have a spectacular day.

Lovely pics of Harry Styles. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Nonbeliever of J/A marriagh and pack of kids who is called a Troll said...

Happy Birthday Special K

same poster said...

^^ Nonbeliever of J/A marriage or pack of kids who is called a Troll

Happy Birthday again and wishing many more