Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Triple T's

The innovative concept of End of Watch is built for a Festival premiere and it looks like it is going to get exactly that.

Jake has always had a great time at Toronto International Film Festival, so combining the two has the potential for success.

EoW will be part of TIFF, a special presentation, and private screening.  That makes it seem like Toronto will be a premiere for the film.  Nothing confirmed what date, will be sometime between Sept 6-16th.  And with Jake still in previews he'll be able to take a night off and join his cast mates in Toronto. 

And one more bit of news about End of Watch,  distributor Open Road has moved up EoW's opening weekend by week,  with EoW screening September 21st, instead of the 28th.

Can't forget Austin on such an auspicious day that's right today is National Tequila Day!  

Drink up Austy!

Or just get your Pee Wee on. 

And some
thing special for the A-man on a special Two Wheel Tuesday

 You're not seeing double he just plays a double. 


the real m said...

That is the most phallic bottle I've ever seen.

Interesting news about Sally Ride. I guess she would never have landed the job had she been out. But it's nice that she acknowledges her long time partner.

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLL!!! That's what I thought too, m!! I'm sure Special hadn't noticed not one bit. Mmmhmm, yup. ; )

Seaweed said...

I agree m, that one bottle sure grabs your eye...

Just waiting for Tom to catch it and comment!

Seaweed said...

.... and

I could handle a little Jake back in Toronna again! Would be a good time to head to Hogtown for some visits.

Special K said...

What... me notice that bottle is shaped like ...?

Hey Seaweed that would fun!

Special K said...

Jake the man of the moment -- for cargo shorts.


prairiegirl said...

You know, I don't follow Twilight or Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, although it's impossible not to see them in the entertainment news.

But I saw those "leaked" photos last night on US Weekly and boy, they were all over People.com as well. It was a huge story about Kristen being caught "cheating" on Rob with this married director, blah blah blah. Big story.

There is something that stinks to high heaven though about this whole thing. The speedy "confession" from K Stew "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" and equally as quick confession from the director. They both were "caught up in a moment", there were all these pictures showing them supposedly "all over each other", it won't happen again, she really loves Rob, he really loves his wife and family, blah, blah, blah BLAH BLAH BLAH.

This story spread like a wildfire and it's being all packaged like a bad Lean Cuisine meal. Perfect dose of indiscretion, perfect serving of unfaithfulness, perfect set of confessions, oh I'm so sorry, woe is me, and what? They're both going to just resume their lives?

Never mind that this guy has two very, very small children. They're just a minor detail. (sarcasm) The important thing is that Kirsten be seen cheating with this man.

Like I said, I don't even follow this Twilight nonsense. But I can smell a rat with this entire story already.

It was rolled out wayyyy too "perfectly".

Jersey Tom said...

I like em attached to warm bodies Seaweed.