Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Citius, Altius, Fortius"- "Faster, Higher, Stronger"?

They've jumped through enough hoops..... will there be some Olympic effort  from our favorite team this year?

And while the Olympics are quadrennial maybe they needed the extra year to get ready.  Or maybe Jake really is obsessed with 5.

But for the Olympics OMG is bringing back the OMG Olympics.
And tonight it's Austin  who might have the edge.

It's the Movie Heptathalon.  7 movie challenges to master and gain points to see who survives.

  • First must survive The entire catalog of Nicholas Spark movies. Followed by
  • Movie theme Name that Tune. Then
  • Worst of the Worse Round Robin  Plan 9 from Outer Space, Howard the Duck, Burn Hollywood Burn, Gigli or Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2  and onto
  • Quote That Lightening Round then  the
  • Movie Trailer Endurance Challenge and moving to
  • Advanced movie snacks... must consume one of everything at the concession stand, and drink 4 of the largest sodas (since they are only a quarter more) in a time trial then..
  • Watch the entire film catalog of Spencer Gordon Bennet, King of the Serial Directors, all 127 movies he directed... with no bathroom breaks.
Maybe that's what Berlin was all about .... yeah that's it... training. 


the real m said...

Not zzz. More like you hang on every word written here.

the real m said...

Oh, they were anonymous so I guess that earlier comment will get deleted.

Super fanastic day for those of us in the know. I am on cloud nine.

LOL said...
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Jersey Tom said...

I gotta think that Jake's PR team was not too happy about Jake having his picture taken at the Frank Ocean concert. Too bad they didn't get Austin either. Problem is nobody knows who Austin is except OTH fans.

I wonder why Jake hasn't had a girlfriend in such a long time. Good looking guy like him. Makes you wonder:-)

The Awful Truth said...

Jake attended the Ocean concert with K'naan, the same man he went to the Rufus concert with in Toronto. Bith times they were spotted in the VIP section so I doubt his PR gives a shit, probably gives him hip cred, LOL!!!

You seem to ignore K'naan, Tom i wonder why? He even met Jake's Mom, LOL!!

If Austin was there he would have been spotted and noticed, he is too tall to ignore.

You're ignoring K'naan Tom makes me wonder.....

;) said...

OMGs ignore things selectively

be gone troll said...

It wasn't ignored. Special put it in her post.

Seaweed said...

Great imaginative posts Special! You always seem to have this wonderful ability to take a different angle on things and then run with it. I'm enjoying this one as well as all the others.

We'll have to get out the 'Raid' for the pests and no-see-ums I guess.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin is not well known at all. OTH girls maybe.

Jersey Tom said...

It ain't rocket science.

Jersey Tom said...

Have no interest in Knaan. Dont even know who he is.

The Awful Truth said...

I wasn't talking about Special, she has no choice but to post it, K'naan has a following and people know him, it would be pretty dumb not to post it.

I'm talking about Tom. His response to the pic of Jake at the Ocean concert was that too bad they didn't get a shot of Austin and that he isn't recognized by anyone outside of the OTH fandom which is BS.

If he was there he would be in that pic, it was the VIP section, pretty close quarters. Jake left with K'naan so either they attended together or they met there and left together which pisses off Tom for some reason.

Also Tom says that He bets that Austin met Rufus and his BF in Toronto when he knows that it was Jake and K'naan that met Rufus and his BF in Toronto and hung out with them in the VIP section.

Tom seems to be replacing K'Naan with Austin. Is it because he doesn't like him for some reason or is he so pissed that Jake is in NY and Austin is nowhere around.

I love cell phone pics, especially the ones where Jake is wondering around NY solo!

The Sad Truth said...

Not a whole lot one can say other than Austin is a coward for hiding.

He would rather be thought to be straight and single than to publicly claim Jake as the one he is in a relationship with.

It takes no courage to hide in the darkness.

slate said...

Bryan, your piece on Sally Ride’s posthumous exit from the closet offers two ways to see her choice not to reveal her relationship with partner Tam O’Shaughnessy in her lifetime: “Call it a personal choice or call it a flaw,” you wrote. But how about a third option? Let’s call it a sign of the times.

Consider the three high-profile people who came out this month: 24-year-old R&B singer Frank Ocean, 45-year-old television news anchor Anderson Cooper, and 61-year-old astronaut Sally Ride. I can’t help but chart the promising cultural evolution evidenced by this rule-of-three. Ride came out after the fact, in a line in her obituary. Cooper came out matter-of-factly—“The fact is,” he wrote in a published letter to Andrew Sullivan, “I’m gay”—at the height of his career. And Ocean came out as a work of art—through a screenshot of a draft of a diary-style confession posted to his Tumblr, just before the release of his first studio album. The word “gay” does not appear in his note.

Coming out is an intensely personal decision, and these three different strategies do square with each person’s public persona—Ride the scientist, Cooper the newsman, Ocean the artist. As you note, Bryan, Ride’s sister, Bear, attributed Ride’s choice to personality, too: “Sally was a profoundly private person. It was just part of who she was,” she said.

But coming out is not simply an individual choice—it’s a public act, too. Yes, Ride’s silence was a product of “who she was,” but it was also a product of who we all are—and who we used to be. Ride and Cooper and Ocean may have come out in the same month, but their admissions were each separated by two decades of cultural shifts toward the acceptance of gays in America. Someday, we’ll view their announcements as cultural artifacts that reveal the peculiar history of American homophobia, charted through time.

And where does the trend lead from here? Perhaps to the new wave of queer kids and gay tweens whose sexualities have never required a closet. Here’s to hoping that the future of coming out is never being in at all.

Jersey Tom said...

Had to google Knaan. I am sure he is a very talented nice man. I am sure Knaan is very good friends with Jake and Austin. No further comments are available at the present time:-)

Listen to Waving Flag said...

And then you will truly understand what an amazing artist K'naan is. Was the official song of the World Cup. Was also used to raise money after the Haiti earthquake.

JIS said...
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Jersey Tom said...


the real m said...

The fact remains that most single straight men attend events with females. Jake, being gay, goes almost everywhere with male friends. He may not be out, but at least he is not participating in any heavy bearding these days. He learned his lesson during the Reeke days. Nothing good came of that.