Monday, July 23, 2012

All the B's a buzz

With rehearsals beginning tomorrow was it was bikes and beaches for Jake this past weekend.

Getting  a little fun and sun in, and maybe with the small and tall too.  And a little memory making.

That was after Jake took to the streets. He is riding a touring bike around Brooklyn on to the set of his mom's film.

Look how thin and narrow those wheels are.  You are going to feel bump and bounce from the street.  And forget about potholes hit one and you will bend that rim up but good.

But no more cruising on past.  The real work begins. Tomorrow is back to business and a new challenge for Jake. The American stage.  And Jake is ready for it.  It's a whole new chapter and no one knows where this could lead for him. 

Tickets went on sale today for the American premiere of Nick Payne’s If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, featuring Annie Funke, Michelle Gomez, Tony Award winner BrĂ­an F. O’Byrne and Jake. Previews begin August 24th at Off- Broadway’s Laura Pels Theatre. Opening Night is Sept. 20 and runs for 13 weeks through Nov. 25.


Special K said...

How a commute can turn into 2 and half hours. (You can fly to NY/Philly/Toronto/Baltimore in less time) Later bus which was SRO during rush hour, switch problems on the trains, backed up train that had you waiting for a train to come for half hour then stop and wait all the way because all the traffic from all the other trains that were running. Good thing - super cold AC in the car.

prairiegirl said...

Best wishes to Jake on this new adventure. I always thought it'd be a fun venue for him.

I wish I could go see a performance because I would have loved to go.

destiny said...

Saw your email M. I'm in Colorado for another week and the only internet access is with my phone. I did send you a reply.

AUS10 said...

ts All / No replies

Wisconsin folks. Check out Charles Uphoff who is running for State Assembly. A man who doesnt waste money.

1:33 PM - 24 Jul 12 via Echofon · Details

Special K said...

So sad to see that trail blazing astronaut Sally Ride passed away. Extremely private, I'm sure a lot of people are surprised that she was gay and was in a committed relationship for 27.

Special K said...

Did anyone else see that Sherman Hemsley (aka George Jefferson) passes away?

It is sad to think that he felt he could never come out.

prairiegirl said...

I saw that on Twitter today, Special. I loved his character Deacon Fry in the show Amen with Clifton Davis. That show was funny.

It is sad to think that he felt he could never come out.

I wonder why he felt that way?

Why so tired, Papa Jake? said...

Carlo Paolo Espiritu ‏@wildnice

Jake Gyllenhaal do not lean on door. Also you look tired...take it breezy. #Ntrain #Canalexit

5:52 PM - 24 Jul 12 via web · Details