Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All about Biz

Sometimes decades go by in a flash other seem like a lifetime. Almost seems the older you get faster the decade flies by. Now for Jake and Austin both going for 19 -29 that's more than ten years that's a life time of growing and a lot have things have happened.

Today is all about the business

Starting the decade they were both were in college on opposite coasts, both with aspirations of being actors and look what they've done. Jake in the past ten years has grossed $472,290,452 at the boxoffice in the 13 movies he has starred in and has been in 2 of the best movies of the decade, Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain. From indie films to blockbusters, he has before the age of 29, created to not one but two iconic movie characters of all time, and has amassed a resume of working with laundry list of award winning actors and some of the best directors of the time. He has been nominated by for an Academy Award and received a BAFTA for best supporting actor for his role as Jack Twist.

Austin is no slouch. He received his B.A. in Creative Writing from USC while he was starting out in Hollywood, and has consistently worked every since. From television to the big screen Austin has worked with and on some on both the most popular shows and as well as critically acclaimed television shows. Six Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, CSI. He took a small part on David Milch's Deadwood and turn it into two year holding deal with HBO and the lead character in Milch's next series for the network. He has taken small roles in blockbuster movies and big roles in small independent films and made them all his own. Holiday in the Sun, to Utopian Society, The Day After Tomorrow to House of Usher, Wimbledon, Lenexa 1 Mile, Luz Del Mundo to indie shorts like The True Love Tale of Girlfriend-Boyfriend. Moving from s guest start to a regular cast member in an established series also shows the taking it and making it moxy he has. And he did one one thing before Jake, he worked with Jerrry Bruckheimer and Disney.

Do you remember this little blast from the past?


did someone read this? said...

The National Enquirer: Who’s Gay In Hollywood?

Fox News said...

Pop Tarts spies recently spotted Gyllenhaal partying the night away at Thompson Hotel’s Smyth Tribeca in New York City for Justin Theroux, Mark Ronson and Scott Campbell's holiday party to benefit the charity “God’s Love We Deliver.”

While the actor looked to be in good spirits, we’re told he stayed close to friend Matt Dillon for most of the night and didn’t look twice at the flocks of fabulous-looking females roaming around.

Why Jake Gyllenhaal Can't Seem To Stay Out of Jail

best fiction of the week said...

To help win her back, Jake sent Reese multiple emails and flowers, in addition to a $75,000 vintage dinnerware set from France for Christmas, reports In Touch Weekly. “He isn’t giving up without a fight,” a friend exclaimed.


Special K said...

Fox is picking up the same story that rang before the holidays. It is really a slow celeb cycle, the only thing they have is the Charlie Sheen mess, and if they didn't have that they really wouldn't have anything for these two weeks. So they are doing fill in stuff. Interesting that Fox would picked up after the whole thing with his reps saying he was not there to E!

And the story about the dishware, oh that makes me laugh. After all the claims of jewelryt buying over the years, they have him giving her dishes. What better say I love you than with a gravy boat.

Blogger and I are having a disfunctional relationship today. I tried and tried and they just caused hassel and frustration, but of course I will be back with them tomorrow.

destiny said...

Okay, exactly what is Fox implying with when they say Jake can't stay out of jail. ;)

dirty mind said...

I'm trying NOT to think about it!

fox said...

"Okay, exactly what is Fox implying with when they say Jake can't stay out of jail."

here is the begin of the article:

"Good-guy Jake Gyllenhaal has been to prison a lot recently.

The 28-year-old got in the lockdown habit while prepping to play a lost young man in the war thriller “Brothers.”

“My character starts off in jail so I did a lot of research at LA County Jail, Lancaster State Prison and some juvenile state halls,” Gyllenhaal said. “I came across this incredible writing program for kids that are spending time in juvenile halls. 14-18 year-olds participate in this writing program and that really changed my ... perspective on the prison system and the people inside it.

The actor was so touched by the experience that he now pops into prison on a regular basis.

“I have since been back many times to work on this writing program and with these kids,” he added. “It’s so life changing and extraordinary.”

destiny said...

You left out the end about not taking any interest in the gorgeous women at the charity bash.

I think Fox just used that prison bit to make some sly references.

what about fabulous-looking males? said...

While the actor looked to be in good spirits, we’re told he stayed close to friend Matt Dillon for most of the night and didn’t look twice at the flocks of fabulous-looking females roaming around.

hum said...

"I think Fox just used that prison bit to make some sly references."

quite possible

Nevertheless the "taking any interest in the gorgeous women at the charity bash."

could serve the usual BS " he is too heartbreaking to look for others women."

Special K said...

The Insider named their best dressed celebrity of 2009. Jake and George Clooney tied at #3. There were no dancer (tall or tiny) on the list.

Special K said...

The picture they used for Jake as best dressed was the with the black fedora and his (just his?)favorite grey scarf. Hmmm wonder if someone else liked him in that. You know someone tall who likes hats and accessories.

m said...

He took no interest in the gorgeous women since he has no interest in women, period. They left out the dancing with men part.

I am hooked on the HGTV channel, watching home improvement, shopping for homes, decorating etc. I notice that the number of gay couples being shown has increased dramatically. Good, I think, as people can see that gay couples are just like any other couple. In love, just trying to get on in the world.

19-29. I remember those years well. Let's hope Jake and Austin's next 10 years together are wonderful.

Jake is involved in a prison writing program. Austin writes every day. Nice to see how many things they can share.

leigh said...

Jake and Austin look so young in that video! Is Matt Frost the same guy who took the picture of Austin with the legs?

Matt said...


destiny said...

Things are changing. Even though I don't like the way JJ is so pr-oriented and has people who'll he'll run pictures of just for walking out the door (Jennifer Garner), I have to give him kudos for making a real effort to run as many pictures and/or mentioning gay people in his posts--Marc Jacobs, Adam, menioning Cherry Jones when running the photo of Quinto and Sarah Paulson, etc. And a lot of other gossip sites are mixing in the gay couples as well. I've seen those pictures of Rosie O'Donnell and the possible new girlfriend all over the place.

Rosie said...

Rosie O'Donnell's rep confirmed that she's dating Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist she was photographed with in Miami Beach yesterday. Kachtick-Anders founded Open Arms Campaign, a non-profit organization to promotes adoptions and targets the LGBT community. She has six children, five of whom are adopted. [People]

Duncan Jones said...

@ManMadeMoon A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR too! 'Moon' will be released in theater on March in Japan. Do you plan to go to Japan for promoting?
17 minutes ago

@RintaroWatanabe I wish I could! ..but no. I will be working on my next film with Jake Gyllenhaal! :)
5 minutes ago

Seaweed said...

This past week has been hectic in many ways and now here we are at the end of 2009 and thoughts turn to the promise of a New Year.

Thanks Special for your brand of optimism and for your continued hard work on your blog. Some days its hard to just jump in, easier in the long run to just read through the posts, some of which are bouquets... others just brickbats. I appreciate it more when the discussion is lively yet respectfull, and no secret that I hate conflict and often there just isn't the time to make a contribution without sitting in front of the monitor all day.

For all those who keep coming back to participate openly, and for those who even like to use the big stir stick, I'd like to wish you all the best for the New Year. It's fun to see old posters drop in and touch down even if only for a while. I hope we can continue to enjoy this odd little community.

For Jake and Austin, it sometimes just takes one look at an old or new picture, a video, a voice clip, a recollection to bring on the good feelings. If there realy is love in your hearts for each other I can only hope we get to share it with you, and the rest of the world sometime soon. In the end, we may only see what you allow us to see but I will remain a believer and I don't think I'm alone.

Happy New Year everyone !

destiny said...

Happy New Year Seaweed.

london tb said...

Happy New Year all ... what a nice message, Seaweed! Very good to see Canadian recently as well.