Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love's Labours not Lost

At the beginning of this year we Goose and Tooth if they still together despite all the ups and downs , which from the sounds of it is still going strong. And if threesome may have become a foursome in early in 2009, signs point to yes.

And what did we wish for in 2009? May there be less of some things and much more of others. And we got to see Jake and Austin together and a big old split that we have wanted for, for a long time happen this year. All in all there were good things.

Since its the end of the decade thought about looking over OMG's favorite pair over the years.

"Jake and I played tennis a few times when we were filming in London," said Austin Nichols, (filming Wimbledon)

March 5, 2005
Jake Gyllenhaal, grabbin' some Cali-esque grub at Basix Café. Boys Town. Gabbing fer days with a guy-pal, Jake-poo, decked out in a white sweatshirt hoodie and jeans, covered up his buzzed noggin with a red baseball cap. The sensitive hunks lingered on fer over an hour, smiling, exchanging childhood stories--with a bit of misty-eyed emotion even? Hey, take it up with my WeHo Desk, 'kay?

March 10, 2005

Okay, sugar-muffins, the only reason this one's in the Vice section is because until quite recently, Toothy Tile was dating his superpopular, superannoyingly perfect girlfriend. Not boyfriend. Which, if you ask this old gossip whore, is the classification Tile would prefer his significant others be filed under in the very near future.

Mere days ago, while everyone was hooting and complaining about this gown and that host from the Oscars, Tile was right out in the open holding hands with his man in a West Hollywood restaurant--which shall remain nameless...because I love going there and they probably won't serve me anymore if I start outing their customers, ca-friggin'-peesh?

Not that I'd be outting anybody, anyway. Mr. Tile took care of that himself. Covertly, but he did it.

It was late in the afternoon; everybody had cleared out. Save Tile and his man-amigo, who extended his hands flat on the marble table (yes, that's a hint) until they were intertwined with Tile's. Massive smiles then appeared on both daring dudes.

Too sweet! And such a departure for this debauched department, doncha think? Don't worry, as sure as Tile's famous ex knew, deep down, way below her doable dimples, what Tile really wanted (hence, the breakup), next week, we'll be right back on salacious patrol, damn sure.

March 24, 2005

This one's getting interesting.

Remember Toothy Tile from One Adorable Blind Vice? The sweet movie-star guy who was surreptitiously holding digits with his boyfriend at a West Hollywood restaurant? Well, he's at it again. Only, this time, more than digits are being utilized. At least the ones...never mind.

So, there T2 is with the stud-unit again. In the concrete parking structure of a very popular Hell-Ay shopping enclave. It was dark. Not too many shoppers were around.

Could this be why handsome Tooth (whose legs, I feel, have been vastly undersold, thanks to his mega-charming smile) saw fit to smooch his companion in their car, reclining their seats as far back as Faye Dunaway's forehead. And this kissing scene didn't simply occur in first, my dears. No, Tile brought the all-man, all-body Frenching session right on home, full throttle, all the way to fifth, I'd say. August 11, 2005

....Toothy Tile, on the other orgasmic hand, does mind. Or maybe not? Hmmm.

As any reader of this filthy column knows damn well by now, our boy Tooth--much like Seymour, above--likes taking chances. He does it in the parking garages of Hell-Ay's more bourgeois shopping centers. On restaurant balconies--hell, wherever there's a chance of getting caught.

Just like he did last weekend. Parking lot right off the Strip. T.T. and his b-f (for whom, I'm told, Toothy has considered very heavily coming out of the proverbial media closet) were "hard-core" doing the diddly, say their concerned amigos.

Only problem was, a security cop called the real coppers, who hand-slapped T.T. something good. Alas, somebody's somebody called the head somebody at the police station, and the whole thing got covered up--just like most of the fun stuff does in this ass-greasing enclave.

November 11, 2005
....Ladies first. Movie-stah Toothy--who's been playing with whether or not to come out the closet for so long now, readers think I'm just makin' this sitch up (I'm not)--recently did a chat show for his latest pic, Casablanca Cuckold. You'll never guess what a network worker bee caught him doing in the privacy of his dressing room before taping...

No, not fornicating (you dirty busybodies), just tonguing his b-f, that's all. And this little love licking spread through the studio faster than a pink-slip distribution list at ABC!...

"I've learned a ton from Jake. He's a really sharp guy. He told me everything about acting, the business, girls, life.' " - Paper Magazine April 4 2006

"He's taking some time off," pal Austin Nichols tells Us. "He's just trying to relax. He just finished doing a movie." - US Weekly May 23, 2006

November 3, 2006

First off, our fave, and top tumescent dawg, Toothy Tile: T2 was just caught at a fancy-ass New Yawk restaurant playing footsie with the b-f underneath the table. Right in front of Tooth's 'rents! And the busboys! Not to mention a few (thank gawd) Awful Truth readers, too fun. Tooth-doll, makes sense, as I hear you're getting thisclose to superdomesticating things with your most benevolently forgiving man. What, getting tired of the doin'-it-in-the-parking-lot scene, T-man? Regardless, congrats!

December 12,2006
Tooth's man actually thinks they can have a normal life together, and Toothy simply adores him for it!

March 16, 2007

Since it's Blind Friday, thought I'd also give you the latest on Toothy Tile. Hear he's not really planning on adopting a kiddo, as I previously broke a few weeks ago. Nope. I was—gasp!—wrong.

Turns out T2, so blab our mutual amigos, plans on swirling up his love juice, right alongside his boyfriend's procreating protein, ya know, putting it in some kinda beaker or toaster, or something, and mixing it around with a donor's eggs, then putting the results into yet another donor to carry the resulting embryo.

The plan is, Boyfriend Tile will then, legally (and far, far away from pokin' press types like yours truly) be listed as papa—when, in fact, our beloved Tooth just may be the correct daddio.

April 6, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal sports Spandex again, as he bikes with bud Austin Nichols. (Was Lance Armstrong unavailable, or somethin', busy with that new g-f of his?) I like how the boys use protection—as you can see, their helmets are firmly strapped to their noggins in case of any nasty accidents...

April 10, 2007

Jake was spotted in San Diego last week, visiting the set of HBO's pilot "John from Cincinnati," where his pal Austin Nichols plays the lead. Gyllenhaal arrived and was immediately escorted to Nichols' trailer, where they spent most of the day. Austin left the trailer only to grab some grub for the two from catering tables. This photo shows the best friends at a Lakers game in 2006.

Then, this past Saturday, TMZ spies spotted Jake and Austin in Los Angeles, having a quiet dinner at Jar restaurant. The two eluded having their pic taken by paparazzi when they escaped through the kitchen's backdoor.

"I know when I wake up in the morning with the person I love, we end up laughing. It really is the morning time, the waking up time that I look forward to."

May 04, 2007: Hollywood: EXCLUSIVE: JAKE GYLLENHAAL & best friend AUSTIN NICHOLS buy some books at Borders in Hollywood, CA. Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols spent about 30 minutes looking at all the tabloid magazines and then going for the sports magazines before walking out of the store with some books. Jake wore a hat with the words, 'Great Western Landscapes' trying to blend in to normal folks. Jake came out with a toothpick in his hand and had it in his mouth while inside the store.

August 15, 2007

Toothy Tile gets bold with boy-on-boy action in a flaming fagola environ

My most fave Blind Vice boy, Toothy Tile, is getting braver ‘n’ braver: He just hit a gay enclave in Hell-Ay last week, openly doing his b-f, who, by the by, is not at all who everybody thinks he is. Keep up the frolickin’, by all means.

"In the end, it's about how hard it is to love somebody,
to really be intimate, to really let go and be open to that,
no matter what the context."

September 9, 2007
Dear Ted:
Come on, don't you think it's 'bout time to give Toothy Tile’s b-f his own name, instead of always keeping him hidden in Toothy's shadow?
Noblesville, Indiana

Dear Moniker Minded:
Fine. Let’s call the poor boy Gray Goose

September 18, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal sure as hell lives to get the gossies in gonzo overdrive. Why, just this week, right after J.G. did Letterman, all shy 'n’ stuff, he pulls the same don’t-look-at me routine down in the Village—almost.

Desk Stealth just followed J.G. and his gorgeous amigo, a dead ringer for Austin Nichols (would just go ahead and say it was A.N. here, but, like, maybe Jakey’s pullin’ a Natalie Portman, choosing to hang with an Austin doppelgänger just to throw us snit-snoops off the mark?) for several blocks. Too fun for the ab-perf tum! D.S. embarked on an intrepid block-by-block Jake-athon, stealing close behind just for us, too kind.

“They could have walked to the ferry, and I still would have followed them,” admits our pavement detective, so refreshingly honest (see, always loved those NY types, this is only one reason why). “All the while, they kept walking close to each other, like they were purposely trying to bump into each other, ya know what I mean?”

We do, you baddie bro, we do! So, do continue: "At one point they had their heads briefly touching each other,” D.S. practically breathlessly relayed. “A short time after that came the friend's arm around Jake and the whisper to the ear. Then, the whole block before they got to West 12th Street," said the onlooker, J.G.& A.N. did a little digital dance. "Oh so cute!”

He makes really smart choices.
He knows what works for him. And the kid can sing!"

September 19, 2007

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker worked the pink carpet, hand in hand (rather Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols-esque, too divine!)....

"I have had three incredible teachers along the way; Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Bettany, and Markus Flanagan."

December 11, 2009

These are heterosexual bros with whom Toothy loves to shoot the shit, have a few brews, talk about the broads, all that 100-percent-cotton American man stuff Toothy just can't seem to let go from his, like, totally gay life.

OK, it's cool, I have tons (maybe a few) gay friends who are completely into the SUVs/watching sports/unshowered thing, maybe it's not so completely weird that Toothy's wired that way a little, too?

But what's wacko is when these boy-buds o' Toothy's start, shockingly...

...coming to the put-upon pooftah's defense! At parties! At bars! At ball games! At beach barbecues! It's getting friggin' hi-larious!

And no, these dudes who actually do know Toothy rather well are not defending Mr. Tile's very publicized fauxmance and whether or not it's legitimate, hardly.

Nope, instead, they're busy saying, as of late, that Toothy and his man are doin' just fine, thank you, and further more, "They're the real thing." These het amigos like to tell this to anybody who starts talking crap about their good friend.

Backstabbing gossip gets these hetero friends of Toothy's so very riled up, they've lately been stating how "in love" Mr. and Mr. Toothy Tile happen to be right now

BTW - What is it about Austin and Jake's shoes?

"The only people who can help you are
those who stay by your side
in hard times, those who really love you,
not stopping at saying so."

Here's to looking ahead and looking forward to much much more. OMG is here and staying around and we continue to have fun, share our thoughts, respect each other, laugh alot, find new friends and find the best in people and hope for the best for our favorite love story.

Happpy New Year!


Special K said...

Sorry for the delay. It might not look like a lot but today's post felt like labour trying to get it done and posted. Hours of a slow machine that dragged, as I yelled for it to hurry up or it would find its fate on the side of the road. But it knew it had the best of me and took it own sweet damn time for each slow step it took.
But we will be back together again tomorrow.

Happy New Year to everyone here at OMG! Hope 2010 will be best it can be for you and yours!

Jersey Tom said...

Great review Spesh. Love those ring pics baby.

There will be a game at Fenway tomorrow but it wont be baseball.
GO FLYERS.................

Special K said...

Here's you chance to spend Spring Break at OTH. (Check out Mr. Nichols)

Spring Break at Tree Hill?

destiny said...

Wow, an epic post today. I can't wait until I have time to dig into it.

Happy New Years Special and to everyone at OMG.

Jersey Tom said...

Ted certainly did out Jake and Austin in that epic NYC walk. Without a doubt.

TMZ certainly outed Jake and Austin that epic day they spent in the trailer on the location lot of JFC.

Lets hope in 2010 we all can say that Jake is Toothy and Austin is The Grey Goose once and for all. It will be sweet when we finally have that proof that we are all asked to present. So So sweet.

Rattler said...

...hope for the best for our favorite love story.

Happy New Year!

m said...

Happy new years eve to all. Today's post is one of the all time greats. A good recap of the clues that brought us here in the first place.

bo said...

Brothers Domestic Total as of Dec. 30,2009: $26,070,302
Box Office Mojo

Jersey Tom said...

Happy New Year to everyone at OMG.
Lets hope the year ahead brings good things.

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Happy New Year!

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Definitely watching the Winter Classic from Fenway Park.


Rattler good clip and good lesson.
Waiting for the fish.

Happy New Year everyone.