Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bravo ....

Jake's friends have been on Top Chef - Natalie, Zooey, Adam and the rest of the Maroons and now it's a Real Housewife. Kelly Bensimon.

Jason's class was awesome, and my kids loved seeing jake gyllenhall with a scruff.Seriously Jake when are we going to see you sitting down with Andy Cohen on Watch What's Happen and play "Smaller or Taller with Jake Gyllenhaaler" Where Jake has to guess if the reality stars of Bravo and everyday objects are shorter or taller than him.

There's always a secret word of the day for the drinking game for the show. Would Andy go for broke make it toothy?

Could it be that Andy's never asked to see if Jake would come on the show, then again they might have too much fun on live TV. Can you imagine the call ins for that show?

What would Jake's drink be? Grey Goose? Wild Turkey? Hey it's live. What could his people do?

Then of course a typical Andy exchange, "So Jake what's up with the beard? What that liiiiiike? Is it scratchy? I mean it looks like you could scour a pan with it. " And if Jake says it's soft, Andy proceeds to pet it and says it feels really soft and reminds him of a cross between the underbelly of baby goat and Real Housewives of Alanta's Kim Z wig from season one.

And who wouldn't want Andy to give him the Mazel of the Week complete with Andy's crazy eyes.



say what now? said...

I could be that Andy's never asked to see if Jake would come on the show


Special K said...

That's what I get when I post without sleep since Thursday. Well's it's fixed now so you can go back and find something else that's wrong.

Special K said...

Now I am going back to bed and catch up on all the sleep I have missed in to two days.

lol said...

JoeyPlot03 J2ThaOE PL0T
Pet Peeve: It's Jake Gyllenhaal NOT GyllenTHAW, He isn't a pack of frozen chicken!!
7 hours ago

Boston Herald said...

That showbiz bible Variety has named Wellesley homey Kevin Walsh one of the 10 Producers To Watch out in Tinseltown. Kevin is a former personal assistant to Hollywood heavy Scott Rudin, who once threw the Belmont Hill School and Lafayette College grad out of a car on a London highway! Um, difficult ... Anyway, Walsh worked with Rudin on seven films, including “The Hours” and “The Royal Tenenbaums” before setting out on his own. He’s currently producing the coming-of-age dramedy “The Way, Way Back” and is in talks with Jake Gyllenhaal to star. He’s also producing the political action-thriller “Patriot Down” at New Regency and talks are ongoing with Tom Hanks’ people for the starring role.

Special K said...

Looks like Jake was out getting something very good to go with bagels.

jimmypotsandpan jimmy carbone
@loxpopuli standing next to jake gyllenhaal at russ and daughters @JimmysNo43
3 hours ago

Lox, Gravlax, or Nova?

NY Daily News said...

JAKE GYLLENHAAL is a sucker for a certain type. An eagle-eyed source tells us the hirsute hunk had a low-key dinner at Prune on Tuesday night with a “fashionable, tall, platinum” blond in her 20s who called to mind Gyllenhaal’s ex Taylor Swift. They arrived around 7 p.m. and dined in the front corner of the intimate eatery. According to our source, the two were “very giggly” and “touchy” and ordered Champagne. Swift, 21, and Gyllenhaal, 31, were linked for approximately four months until he reportedly dumped her by phone in January 2011.

twitter said...

nicolejacek Nicole Jacek
En route to Fat Radish. There's nothing better than a nice brunch on a Sunday with friends. And Bloody Marys;-]
5 hours ago

nicolejacek Nicole Jacek
Stopped counting the rounds of BM's, but Jake Gyllenhaal made it to the table right next to us. Ha!
51 minutes ago