Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After the Turkey

There were lots of leftovers we need to spread out and find the rest of them.
I found the turkey and the stuffing and sweet potatoes, but I don't know what happened to the brussel sprouts and my kale. Maybe someone just thought they were so delicious they snuck back in the kitchen and ate them as a midnight snack.
I thought of that, that's why I made extra. But all of my healthy stuff went poof!
Is it over there? Is that it?

(Please don't let it be that someone found them and stuck them here)

Do we need this many people looking for vegetables?

(Hopefully no one will discover I "accidentally" got them mixed up with our composting.)

Hey I found some organic carrots.

(Maybe that will get him off the hunt for the kale, I am all kaled out.)

If they're here .... we'll find them.
What's that over in the corner?

(Please say it's a bag of Fritos)

(Fritos, Funions, Doritos, Chips A Hoys, Poptarts anything...please, Peter must have hidden something when this happened during the fall, when I was working)
Wow, how lucky are we. I found the extra sprouts and kale I bought. But why would someone put it all the way down here, marked garden supplies?

(I just can't win)


the real m said...

I think the 88% really is more like it, as Ted says.

Just polished off leftovers for lunch. Tasted even better today than yesterday. And good news, by the time dinner was ready, my husband had rallied and was hungry enough to eat.

Funny Special K, I've been craving martinis lately. Been on an espresso martini binge but today I picked a Meyer lemon off the tree and told my husband I'll want a Lemontini later this evening. Yummy.

twitter said...

LoisEastlund Lois Eastlund
jake gyllenhaal walking around the LES, walked past my shop about 20 minutes ago...
1 minute ago

;) said...

Austin is so good at disguising himself as a street lamp LOL

jig said...

Royal Rant: The Jake Gyllenhaal Gay Theory

prairiegirl said...

So glad to hear your husband was feeling better, m. That is too bad he had that experience - not fun at all. But hopefully things are back to norm now.

Very productive day yesterday. Very productive! And the tree is up.

twitter said...

Breakfast with Jake Gyllenhaal. I read The Guardian,he listened to a Democracy Now podcast. A lefty match made in heaven...except he left :(
1 hour ago

@missy__m Was this fantasy or was it real??? LOL! Where did this fantasy breakfast happen?
1 hour ago

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@BJPsez real! Although I was only sitting a few inches away, I was at a different table :(
1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal - Just ran in to Jake Gyllenhaal on Orchard.
1 hour ago

Jersey Tom said...

How in thw world did we survive before twitter.

tweet said...

Mizz_Viviene VIviene
#ThingsThatAlwaysRuinMyMorning : Hot gay guys running down my block. Like wtf, why are you gay!?
44 minutes ago

R. G. Boswell III
Bossman_1975 R. G. Boswell III
@Mizz_Viviene why are they running?
32 minutes ago

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@Mizz_Viviene VIviene
@Bossman_1975 I guess someone told them jake gyllenhaal was down the block
9 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone