Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Counter Clockwise

Last year Jake was getting ready to head down under as part of the promotion for LaOD.And while on the whirl of media trip he had lunch with U2. New pictures from IHJ show that they were in high spirits. Or is that taking in spirits?
Disaronno? Did they watch too much BravoTV and the constant Disaronno commercials that ran on it?

Now, today it's like a twist of last year.

Jake's not down under but undercover with no one sure where he has been since Thanksgiving. And Austin is said to be seen wearing a hoodie.

Hmmm Does that mean he's listening to U2 and drinking Disarrono?

You run like a river, on like a sea
You run like a river runs to the sea


destiny said...

I've spent a lot of time in Southern California. For many many years I had family living there, and I still have good friends in LA. So yes, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to LA.

Sheesh said...

LOL Hoodies and how they are worn are not unique to LA or the US for that matter

two cents said...

No, but the point about the hoodie stands. As already mentioned, Austin is not known for wearing that kind of attire. Plus, and this is the most significant aspect of the real point being made, there would be no reason for Austin to try to hide if he were out with the fake girlfriend. In other words, he would want to be seen. That's why that tweet is highly suspicious.

;) said...

If there was actually a pic of Austin, the choir would be squawking "Oh look how uncomfortable Austin is around his beard...he has to hide under his hoodie."

The choir screeches what ever fits with their J&A slash fantasy LOL!!

two cents said...

Obvious troll because there is no choir here. Once a poster starts attacking/starking at posters that is a dead giveaway of their troll standing.

Sports Authority said...

My goodness, this Austin hoodie situation makes most of you sound like 50 year old ladies-mothers who know nothing about younger peoples fashion / recreation / sports attire. Young men wear this stuff all the time and nothings unique about it. Just because you have not seen Austin in a hoodie does NoT mean he does not have any or wear them occassionally.

It's not a big deal.

Plenty of hollywood stars hide themselves from paps and fans taking pictures even if they are gracious and ususally take pics for the paps. They're human and sometimes they don't want to be bothered. It's simple really.

;) said...

Obvious troll

^ Another choir favorite. Keep squawking LMAO

Special K said...

Stop talking to yourself Jack.

prairiegirl said...

Who knew it was Billy Idol's birthday? Only Special!!! LOL!

Aw, love Billy Idol. Rock it, Billy!! 80's music could be fun, couldn't it? Where's the fun music anymore?

Hey m, need for you to check your email, lady. Got something interesting for you.

mixologist said...


A drink largely marketed at the gay community, particularly in England. Gays drink Disaronno straight, but 'super-gays' drink it with coke, or, worse, DIET coke. If you see a man drinking Disaronno, and you're not in a gay, because you actually are in a gay club.

the real m said...

Sure plenty of young men wear hoodies. But Austin is not one of them.

You know the troll is desperate when they try to tell us that 2 straight guys will share a bed. Not gonna happen unless they are gay, or brothers.

Manka's said...

Refresh my memory, how do we know the cabin at Manka's that Jake was in had only one bed?

Jersey Tom said...

From my memory it was shared a room. I thought about this last week. Two good looking young str8 actors do not spend NY Eve's at a lodge with their family. NO WAY IN HECK. This was one of the things that totally convinced me that Jake was Gay. Of course wenever found out who the guy was. Just like Leadville it was Austin:-)

Are you serious said...

Sure plenty of young men wear hoodies. But Austin is not one of them.

What? Well what is he wearing right now? What color socks and underwear is he gonna wear today?
M you seem to know too much about someone you've never met and who don't know you. It's really kind of scary.

lol said...

M's not the sharpest tool in the shed...she been waiting for Ted's next "bombshell" for three years now LOL!

not surprised said...

Jack's back.

porcine said...

OMG's are amazing! They know what's in Austin's cupboard and exactly how many bedrooms Jake's cabin had.

Know your trolls said...

9:30am trolly, not even a nice try at deflection.

Special K said...

Manka Inverness
is very small, with the lodge (which burnt) and then small cabins. The cabins have one bed. There are two airstream trailers too.

Here are some traveler pictures of the cabins.

Trip Advisor

Manka's Inverness Lodge, a World War I-era hunting lodge that has been transformed into a woodsy, upscale inn of 14 rooms (rates from $215).

There are four free-standing cabins, a boathouse down on Tomales Bay that has two units, and some lodgings tucked away on a ridge.

Manka's is exclusive to the point of being secretive - on its Web site, you won't find an address, driving directions or a map. Prospective guests are also advised to make reservations months in advance, and the cancellation policy is punitive (14 days in advance or you pay the full rate).

But if you desire seclusion and an opportunity to fully unwind, you've come to the right place. Even the rooms and cabins that are close together are screened with riotous shrubbery, such that you're likely to feel like you're the only residents of the hillside.

Our unit (Room 7) had a Japanese soaking tub on its deck, one of four accommodations so equipped, and it provided a divine spot to decompress from a day exploring the countryside.

The historic lodge ambience was maintained in every corner of the room, with leather chairs, dark-wood paneling, red-plaid pillows, a trophy deer head mounted on the wall and a stone fireplace. Old, leather-bound books lined shelves - the poetry of Wordsworth in multiple volumes, for example.

You might be stunned at how late you sleep here, which can be attributed to the dark canopy of mature oaks, the setback from the main road and a supremely comfortable bed, outfitted with a generous featherbed pad, like a detachable pillowtop.

The bathroom furnishings are true to the historic period, though everything works. There was a claw-foot tub, plus a massive walk-in shower with a rain-pan showerhead directly overhead. The time warp is so thorough that even the hair dryer is hidden away in an antique box.

Great Escapes

Here's a look of the Boat house lodge and a peek at one of the cabins. GreenBicycleDesign

Manka's in Inverness, California
At Point Reyes, the fabulous Manka’s Inverness Lodge is once again in full operation following a fire in 2007 that burned the main lodge (Jake Gyllenhaal, a guest that night, helped firemen douse the blaze; Joel Cohen and Frances McDormand were also apparently there, but no word on whether they grabbed hoses). The outlying rooms and cabins remain standing—good news because these are some of the most sumptuous hideaways in Marin County, all styled in woodsy Pendleton-chic with log furniture, heavy wood paneling, and delicious float-away beds. Most have fireplaces too. For rooms that sit on Tomales Bay, ask about the boathouse where upstairs guests should opt for a "secret" outdoor shower.

Setting: Small town, woodsy, bayside

Vibe: Woodsy Pendleton-chic, romantic, intimate

Perks: Fireplaces, deep chairs, woodsy style

Nearby: Point Reyes Station, Drakes Bay Oysters, Tomales Bay


It is billed as an extremely romantic and one of the best places to kiss in Northern California.

The cabins are single romantic suites.

mv said...

I always assumed that it was Chris that was with the Gyllenhaal family at Manka. At the time he had quit his job at Babbo (sp?) in NY and seemed to be just hanging with Jake and his family that year until he finally went back to MV. He was seen with Jake in LA and NY then and I seem to remember that there was a restauraunt there and speculation was that Chris may have been working there while in California.

He seems to be a member of the family and has travled with them so I just assumed that was the friend that he was talking about.

The Gyllenhaal family have spent the holidays there more thsn once.

Jersey Tom said...

Good work SK. Again two str8 guys would not spend NYs eve with one of the guys parents in a romantic lodge. They be out drinking and chasing girls. Get real.

Special K said...

If it was Chris staying him, why was there no mention of him helping Jake and the firemen put out the fire, or mention that Jake was there with a friend when it happened.

The lack of any mention of someone staying with Jake and then him bringing it up in an interview with Letterman, with the word friend, instead of best friend which he usually calls Chris, tells me it was not Chris there.

And sorry, Chris does have his own family, why wouldn't he want to spend the holiday with them?

Jersey Tom said...

It wasnt Chris SK. Jake would have mentioned him if would have had stayed to help. Either Jake did not wanna mention Austin's name or Austin got the hell out of there before his name got recorded as being there.

Special K said...

I agree Tom, it is Austin.

I said that when it happened and have stuck by that for the past five years. My questions were for the person trying to make it about Chris again.

Gawker said...

Well, thanks to a Defamer operative in the vicinity, we can now report that Maggie and family have emerged unscathed, with sandwich-eating appetites intact:

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Pater Sarsgaard, their cute baby and Maggie's mom (I'm guessing) were all eating sandwiches at the Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station around 2pm this afternoon. They looked like Marin Country natives in fleeces and hiking boots. Must have been recovering from the Manka's fire (damn shame; I spent my honeymoon there and the food was amazing). No Jake in sight. Maggie was complaining about how cold it was and Peter was taking pictures of the baby.

We're in the dark about Jake's whereabouts—he could well still have been at the fire site, doing his menschly duty by helping Manka's chef and co-owner Daniel DeLong sift through the charred rubble. Alternately, he might be running for his life in his boxer shorts down a dirt road from a throng of female and Jake-friendly Bay Area vacationers and locals, waving autograph books in hand and screaming about how much extra bed space they have at their place.

Wrong said...

You're wrong Tom, Jake does not and did not have to say Chris by name was with him. What on earth makes you think he has to say Chris was his guess in his room that night to Anybody?

You making it Austin and Saying it was Austin does not mean it WAS Austin.

LOL said...

Of course it was Chris. Sorry the facts don't mesh with your slash fairy tale LOL!!

so desperate said...

OMG are Chris haters from wayback. We all know the reason why!

Special K said...

Jack stop talking to yourself. Maybe get out and do some Christmas shopping.

prairiegirl said...

Way to go, Special. Excellent job.

Don't even mess with Special and M&M. Sit down.

Special K said...

Thanks Gawker for the mentions about Manka. It was mysterious how no one saw Jake after him helping put out the fire.

^^^ said...


Your Turn Today said...

I see UV and Jack are tag-teaming this week.

Your Turn Today said...

Oh, and we can't leave out Prophecy girl

Paradise Found said...

That Manka place looks like paradise. Hope it was much enjoyed. :)