Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last leaves of the Tree

With only two days left of filming, the cast continues to shrink, with the very last scene to film and pushing the tree over is left to Julian and "I deserve it BrookeDavis(TM)."

Is this a picture of the future forest?
Top Ten Things about the Crazy Tree Saplings.

10. They're actually police evidence in Tree Hill vs. BrookeDavis(TM) after she decided to make it look like she had enough for the carpool lane. 9. Cheaper to hirer and easier to negotiate with, and working with The CW's new target demographic Schwahny tried a new direction with casting for Season 9.
8. Not enough to have her name everywhere BrookeDavis(TM) had the twins turned into the Baker Brigade dolls to infiltrate children's retail everywhere. Take that Brangelina!

7. This is what happened when the child actors saw the show's dailies.

6. Julian figured out that this was the only way he and the kids could get out of the house without matching BrookeDavis(TM) outfits.5. A little too late Schwahn finally figured out how to keep the show from needing another time jump.4.When discovering the real secret of Tree Hill Det. (Julian) Thorn revealed "It's trees. Tree Hill is made out of trees."3. The CW finally found a cast that would stay out of The Awful Truth.
2. Wanting Austin to feel more at home for his last season, they brought in some more stand ins.
And number 1Pretending to be the dog who ate Dan's heart Austin taught them how to roll over and play dead, when the writers came back with a script for a spinoff called "It's all Brooke!"

Two Wheel Tuesday: The Next Generation.


destiny said...

Cheaper to hirer and easier to negotiate with, and working with The CW's new target demographic Schwahny tried a new direction with casting for Season 9.

LOL, my favorite out of the very funny post today.

Special K said...

Even with it wrapping up there's always time for smores.

GennaPoletti genna poletti
5am s'mores on the grill. @TylerHilton @StephenColletti @SophiaBush @AUS10NICHOLS lockerz.com/s/156470562
20 minutes ago

twitter said...

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Columbus Circle. Still prefer his brother in law.
2 minutes ago

twitter said...

Billy Gaffney
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal getting off the 1 train on my way to work!!! So beautiful!
18 minutes ago

AUS10 said...

Last day of work for Lee Norris. I was there for his final scene. Great actor. #GoodnightMouth
38 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLLLL!! The Soup Nazi. Elaine has found the secret recipes of the Soup Nazi. Elaine, who was banished by the Soup guy himself but now will return to taunt him with the recipes in her possession.


prairiegirl said...

Counting down until the annual trip down to Osage Beach MO for chicks weekend of shopping. 2 more days of work. It's torture.

The Happy Fisherman is the restaurant we go to without fail. Same night every time. The Happy Fisherman is every campy, corny, typical vacation eatery with large wooden planked floors, over-priced, sub-par quality food, tacky checkered vinyl tablecloths, dim lighting, customers in shorts, flip flops and tank tops, cheap souvenirs at the check out counter, and the salad is in a boat, an actual fishing boat. It's the Salad Boat!!!! LOLLLLL!!! With a big ol' honkin' slab of cheddar cheese at the very end of the line that people shave their slices off of along with dry, tasteless strips of bread that border on croutons . Arcade games out in the waiting porch and outside, large cutouts with holes where you stick your head in and have your picture taken. LOLLLL!

We wouldn't eat anywhere else. Must eat at the Happy Fisherman. It's tradition. Gosh, I can't wait.

prairiegirl said...

Hmmmm, trying to picture Jake partaking from the Salad Boat...


You know, we're still having 60 degrees here; not sure how much longer it's going to last - hope it'll last through the weekend, though. Our trees are still turning, too. It's got to be the latest fall I can remember in a long time.

sad said...
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;) said...
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tweet said...

Dawn Spinner Davis
@laneycrowell & I just had a Jake Gyllenhaal run-in at CVS. All I kept thinking was "why couldn't this have happened on a good hair day?"
3 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Boy, I don't know but Austin looks darn rough in that Smores on the Grill pic. Darn rough. As in "no sleep" kind of rough. Hope the other cast members were there in case his head started to drop down onto the grill. LOL

This flying back and forth business has got to be killing him by now. He must be meeting himself coming and going. And it's not as easy at 30 than when you're 23, is it?

You know, I'm looking at those snappy shoes of Jake's in that train station pic and those look to me like some kind of walking shoes. Just casually observing the thick rubber soles, they look kind of like "old people's" LifeStrides walking shoes except with a hipster "hiking" look to them.

I could be wrong but that's what they look like to me. With all of the walking Jake is doing traipsing here and there all over NYC, that concrete will wear down your feet after awhile. You can't be wearing flimsy flip flops or worn out athletic shoes. You need a good pair of shoes, right Dest? And Jake has his share of foot problems like I do and you do have to invest in good pairs of shoes so that your feet can carry you around in good shape.

They're nice looking shoes.

prairiegirl said...

There are a couple of interesting tweets out there. Here's one:

Annabel_xD Smile. Be happy ☺
Omg ! So I just found out Jake gyllenhall went to book a facial at my school fuck my life I graduated too early ! I cuda gave him one !
1 hour ago

I like this next one because 1) she calls Jake "Spiderman" and 2) she has a twitpic of Jake, who apparently can't eat or drink at outside establishments unless his back is against a brick wall.

amykrause Amy Krause Fulford
Had lunch next to Spiderman!!! Best shot I could get of Jake G. Without being obnoxious instagr.am/p/TTtuu/
8 Nov

Poor guy. People are snapping pictures of him from behind as he's going up stairs and leaning against brick walls, eating and drinking. LOLLLL!! And notice the trusty backpack!backpack! on the floor next to his chair, stuffed to the hilt. And I love how you can see someone standing in front of her as she snaps her cameraphone pic. LOL.

prairiegirl said...

Just wondering if NYC has Costcos or Sam's Wholesales?

Because at the rate things are going, these guys really need to be considering a membership at one, heck maybe both places.

Where they can buy in bulk. En masse.

prairiegirl said...

Because this is how groceries and personal care products are going to start being loaded into that family truckster. Via forklift.

prairiegirl said...

Do Whole Foods have Truckload Sales?????

Sell in Family Packs?

LOLLL!!! Sorry - I couldn't stop.

All right, I'm done.

destiny said...

I think good walking shoes are essential in NY, but the number of people who stumble around in bad shoes, mostly women, is unbelievable.

They do have Costcos in NY PG.

Wonder why Jake would go to a school to get a facial, and not some upscale spa.

AUS10 said...

Today is the final day of shooting for One Tree Hill. Saying goodbye to all these talented folks. Unravelling a bit.
6 minutes ago

AUS10 said...

Peter Roth, El Jefe de Warner Brothers, sent a great video congratulating us on being a part of TV History. Incredible man to work for!
2 minutes ago

tweet said...

Randy Blake
"Bradley Cooper named sexiest man alive." You spelled Jake Gyllenhaal wrong.
6 minutes ago

twitter said...

FlavaboomNYC FlavaboomNYC
CELEBS LOVE FLAVABOOM! Jake Gyllenhaal spotted at Flavaboom getting fro-yo on Friday and came back for seconds on Monday.
16 minutes ago

spotted said...

onlocationtours On Location Tours
Spotted! Jake Gyllenhaal walking near the "Friends" building on our New York TV & Movie Sites Tour yesterday. He's so dreamy!
1 hour ago

gyllenfan said...

Happy Birthday Maggie.