Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caption It

10. "I don't know Nancy, I'm thinking his hat is saying prince but the glasses are saying Bel-Aire."

9. Scarlett for Men by Rhett B.

8. "Pearl do you think Madame Tussauds would make the Prince of Persia holding a Smart Water?" "They might not. But Bruckheimer would."

7. "Don't you just love an A-line? Don't worry dear, it doesn't make you look short or hippy."

6. "Like they say, 'They did do the nose, and the hat.'"

5. "Do you think this could work for those new drapes in the living room? And the ottoman? What? Too much?"

4. "Wow Nancy, these doorman really get into the holiday spirit here."

3. "Do you really think he's a real Nutcracker?"

2. "I just have to ask, did you get this at Chico's?"

and 1.

"Excuse me sir, is this the way to Disney's Holidays on Ice?"


Data Lounge Thread said...

My gossip is that I think Olivia Wilde is going thru a lesbian "phase." She has a very attractive blonde "roommate" and they go everywhere together in L.A. Yes, in plain sight.

"Roomie" tries to walk a few paces behind with her head down or a hand in front of her face, which isn't TOO obvious!

Sometimes the paps don't photograph her since she's a civilian, but they have managed to catch her. They've been seen out at the farmer's market, they go clothes shopping, and flea markets, etc. she accompanied OW on her recent film junkets, they eat out together, etc. All very couple-ish. I know. She was married and she's been seen with a lot of high profile actors.

When you read between the lines of her comments about how young she was (18) when she married, and that she and her husband spent a LOT of time apart, and how she knows herself better now, etc. it all makes perfect sense.

I was especially intrigued given that she's spotted with a Ryan Reynolds or a Bradley Cooper or Justin Timberlake, all of whom she is making movies with, and immediately offers a disclaimer that they're just friends.

The disclaimer works well, because there are a lot of tabloid queens in beautyshops who read and say, "riggght!" because they believe the opposite.

They think Olivia is getting laid by all these hot, famous guys. But the reality is the truth. They are just friends...often in mutual bearding situations.
by: Anonymous reply 248 09/29/2011 @ 10:12AM

Differing View said...

I really don't believe that Olivia is going through a lesbian phase- I've worked with her. She has what people would call "masculine energy". She's been with her ex since she was 17, so she's been in a relationship for her entire adult life. She probably isn't used to being alone, and needs someone to buffer everything, esp being in public. Women can have very close relationships that appear to be romantic, but isn't-unlike men. As far as being a beard for those guys- she's merely friends with them. She's super flirty with (male) actors, directors, producers, regardless of sexual orientation.

by: Straight woman with a masculine energy too. reply 361 10/01/2011 @ 08:17AM

Data Lounge Volley said...

OK, I can buy the "not used to being alone" thing, and I can even buy the need to have a buffer, but I'll stick to my own impression, [R361]. There have been too many times when someone comes on here who suddenly knows the person in question, or worked with them, etc. and has a reasonable explanation for someone who is really hiding in plain sight.

Olivia is almost always pictured with her "buffer" and the give away for me was the girl walking behind her, with her hand to her face on a day time shopping trip, or the girl conspicuously with her head down another time, and the deliberate positioning out of the frame in several shots coming out of a nightclub.

Everytime Olivia is around a famous guy at some industry event, movie premiere, etc. she makes a beeline for the cameras, and her PR comes along as an anonymous friend, to make sure people know, "they left together" "they were close all night," "they were holding hands," and then nothing. It's happened with Timberlake, Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds.

Everyone who was at JT's afterparty for his movie saw, and was unpleasantly surprised at Olivia trying to push her way into photos with him for attention, when it was Mila Kunis' movie and she was supposed to be front and center. For that crowd to be shocked is saying a lot.

Olivia has sharp elbows, and that "masculine energy" is used to promote her public image as someone who is very desireable to men. She's trying too hard. We'll just have to disagree. Olivia isn't the only one. Celebs do it all the time. people see photos or read the tabloid rags and are told what they're seeing or told something that never actually happened.

Most consumers look at photos in a pre-defined context, and as a professional, I look at photos for themselves, ignoring the spin and the copy. I don't work with these people or know them, and Hollywood is a world away from my life, but I do work in advertising and PR ( we handle business accounts, very low on glitz) and I do know about setting up photos, and public imaging, and social events and bad behavior. I know the difference between "candid" and candid.

by: ThatLesbianFrombefore reply 365 10/01/2011 @ 09:30AM

twitter said...

Alex W Kale
Omg. I'm totally walking next to jake gyllenhaal on my block in front of Michelle williams house!
4 minutes ago

How convenient said...

Michelle Williams house? Riiiight.

^('o')^ said...
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pantyhose said...
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Special K said...

Nice try with the rhyming, but sorry no dice with that name.

Amy Slutface said...
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Special K said...

Just an FYI. The comments will be on moderate for a while.

prairiegirl said...

10. "I don't know Nancy, I'm thinking his hat is saying prince but the glasses are saying Bel-Aire."

LOLLLL!! How true.

Alex W Kale
Omg. I'm totally walking next to jake gyllenhaal on my block in front of Michelle williams house!
4 minutes ago

I'm sorry but this tweet sounds so forced to me. If she sees him walking in front of Michelle's house, then why doesn't she tweet that he's coming out of the door, down the steps or going into the door? If he's walking on the sidewalk in front of her house, I take it that Michelle lives in the city so why doesn't she tweet that he's pulling out of the driveway on his bike? Or via taxi? If he took the train, why doesn't she comment on the proverbial backpack?

She doesn't approach with a hello? A wave? No comment on the massive beard? What he's wearing? Did Michelle & Matilda not see him out? Wave from the door? Greet him at the door? If he wasn't near the door and thus only walking on the sidewalk, why does she say in front of Michelle's house?

Not saying it can't be true, but, man. There's just all kinds of fallacies in that thing.

Methodical Muser said...

I think the poster is a guy, PG. But, I agree with your assessment. Plus, he's from Brooklyn, is a cyclist and musician who plays in the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra. Probably, a friend helping him out like so many other "friends" who facilitate Jake being in the closet.

Methodical Muser said...

Also, isn't it funny that we've been talking about Jake's obsession with kale and now someone posts whose last name is Kale. You can't make this stuff up. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

Kale. LOLLL!! How ironic is that? Like you and Special always says as well - you can't make this stuff up.

the real m said...

Oh my, I almost missed this post entirely. The photo is a classic illustration of why Jake and the Prince of Persia just did not work.