Thursday, November 17, 2011

In the eye of the beholder

He's made their most beautiful and sexiest lists before, but this year they just focused on one of his attributes. People Magazine says Jake's got a chest to be thankful for:
And while there's not much argument in that, there's a lot more that make up the man.

One thing is his kind heart and giving back to others.Back in March when Jake was promoting Source Code in NY, he took time off in the middle of the media blitz to help host and play Master of Ceremonies for New Eyes' silent auction.

The auction raised $15,000 and the chance to give more people the gift of sight.
It's not all just show and go for Jake. In the spring of 2010 he became a member of New Eyes' board.

With all the time he has spent on the East Coast he can definitely make the meetings.

Check out New Eyes' new look if you haven't lately.

New Eyes for the Needy

If you do have some old glasses or frames, think about donating them to someone who could use them.



Tweet said...

Indagare braving rain for @PleinSudNYC & @ilovebuvette tonight. Excited for tarte flambee at former & Jake Gyllenhaal sightings at later.

2 hours ago

Special K said...

Hope people get a chance to watch the short clip of the New Eyes event.

I wonder how many pairs of glasses he had if they were stacking up at home. I can only imagine how many pairs lost and then found growing up and back up pairs he needed.

prairiegirl said...

I didn't see that mention by People. I would have to agree on their focus.

I've said before that I think Jake has the sexiest looking chest in HW. Hands down. No question. No doubt. Without hesitation.

lol. Ah, but how do I really feel about it?

Now, I would have included these pictures, Special. For sure, the bike riding pic with the jacket flapping open in the wind. You forgot that one. Martha Vineyards white swimtrunks pic? Poolside in the light blue swim trunks, sans Kiki? Screencap shot in bed from Zodiac? (that was Zodiac, wasn't it?) How about the light blue trunks in Hawaii one?

Oh. And how about the Prince of Persia standing in the open white shirt pic? Speciallll!!!!!

We could have a Oh chest, you so silly! montage. LOLLLL Hey, you would get noooooooo protest from thee.

prairiegirl said...

The hotel poolside, blue swimtrunks sans Kiki pic is a stupendous 2 for 1. You get an incredible shot of his bare feet.

That picture Goes. Through. The. Roof. Yeah, you know the one I'm talkin' about.

Special K said...

Well I had to use a little restraint PG. Look at what just typing about it does to you.:D

prairiegirl said...

A children's show challenged person I know thought my avatar was just to indicate a troll.

LOLLLLLLLLLL!!! NOOOOOOOOO, that's not a troll. That is Papa Smurf!!!

A troll. That killed me. That is another 2 fer 1. The out of control beard and because it is Papa, I thought it very apropro. Well, guess it's not exactly out of control, but that one person's tweet kind of scared me.

prairiegirl said...

Well I had to use a little restraint PG. Look at what just typing about it does to you.:D

I know. It's like Jekyl and Hyde.I become a crazed woman. The fingers are even kind of jumpy on the keys.

lol. Well, gotta give equal time to Austin. You know, I think Austin's long legs are a real jaw dropper and eye popper. That picture from Wilmington couple of seasons ago, in the blue jeans and blue shirt. Who could ever forget that one? Incredible.

You cannot beat long legs in denim. All kinds of incredible things in the turning globe view of denim for Aust, allllll angles. He does denim proud.

prairiegirl said...

And has anyone seen this commercial on TV for this thing called the Forever Lazy? LOLLLLLLL!!! The Forever Lazy. It's a humongous sleeper for adults, complete with the footies, zipper and this one has a hood so that you can go outside in it. And they show these people at a tailgate party at a stadium, eating and standing around in their Forever Lazies, hoods drawn up.

Oh, and they come with special front & back openings for those "rush" trips to the bathroom. LOLLLL!!

I suppose it's better to watch the Forever Lazy commercial on The Weather Channel than the Life Alert one with the lady on the floor. I am so tired of that thing.

Well, it's about time to take the ol' Dramamine. I have to take a couple because of the hills we hit as we get close to the Ozarks. That road winds around and goes uppppp and dooowwwwn...Sometimes it can get a little ugh. And something fantastic to look forward to, Lord willing, on the return trip, which will be sad, but, but, but...the return trip home does mean a stop at......The Osceola Cheese Factory!!!! The cheese heaven store.

Methodical Muser said...

Love the video of Jake. Children and family, huh? I think we have a theme emerging here from the man who says he's too selfish to be a father.

Methodical Muser said...

A children's show challenged person I know thought my avatar was just to indicate a troll.

How could anyone not recognize Papa Smurf! Surely, they are Un-American.

Methodical Muser said...

Have fun, PG!

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, M&M! Dramamine is in me so we should be cool.

I enjoyed the video. I think that's a great organization to get involved in. I'll never forget when my super loaned me her pair of readers because I had somehow gone to work with only one of my contacts in my eyes. Whoa. Everything is just so crystal clear and it's sad to think of little kids or seniors who are unable to afford glasses and go around not seeing everything very well.

prairiegirl said...

Adam looks great on JJ at an Out event in NYC. And he and his boyfriend Sauli look cute together. I remember on twitter not too long ago when Adam wished Sauli happy anniversary. Awww.

And I really wish Demi Moore the best. I hope she starts looking out for herself and her health. I used to like Ashton Kutcher too - thought he was funny in a couple of movies I've seen but I don't think I'll be watching those anymore. I can't stand the sight of the guy right now.

Methodical Muser said...

Here you go, PG:

Jake flapping in the breeze

Paddling Jake

Jake with blue trunks on the beach

Jake Poolside

Jake and PoP