Monday, February 13, 2012

A Pair of on stairs

Sunday night Jake attended a reception by the German President Christian Wulff.

But he didn't attend it alone.
Who is that tall fella behind him heading up those stairs?

Now who said they wanted them on the red carpet together? Another step closer.

Keep it up guys!!


Thrilled said...

Wow, oh wow! That is Austin. And, you're right Jason. Austin is running up the stairs to avoid being in the shot with Jake. They don't seem to be ready to come out just yet with official pics, but that's okay. Little changes.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I'm certainly not going to fuss. I'm ecstatic that Austin tweeted he was at the festival. That was huge for him.

This is fantastic.

Special K said...

Jason made a great point about the guys. Little steps. Great to see each little step. And they all ad up.

It is so nice to see them sharing this week together.

Methodical Muser said...

Is that a dachshund, M&M? LOL! Another German themed avatar. I love it!

You noticed! The Beer-Pretzel guy was for Austin. Now, I'm introducing a cute Teutonic doggie breed for Jake. I thought the German Shepherd pic was too obvious!

Methodical Muser said...

"To lead a better life I need my love to be here..."

Even though it is McCartney, a great song selection, Special. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

These pictures are a serious blow to Sophin believers. I would call it a final blow to those who refuse to see the huge grafitti on the wall.

There's no other way to explain this.


Jersey Tom said...

It sure looks like Austin. I believe it is him. I can't wait till he doesn't run anymore. Maybe soon.

prairiegirl said...

He's a great choice, M&M. Rather demure and quite silky looking.

Whereas mine is quite wild, nekkid & ceremoniously carefree.

Too bad we can't combine the two and then it would be the perfect Jake, LOL.

Methodical Muser said...

Too bad we can't combine the two and then it would be the perfect Jake, LOL.

So true. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

I can't wait till he doesn't run anymore. Maybe soon.

We don't know that he's running. The photographers are not there for Austin - they're there for Jake. There's no need for Austin to stand there and demand to be included in the picture.

Let's cut the guys a break and be happy about this. They have made huge strides in a matter of just several months. Rome was not built in a day.

They need positive reinforcement in situations like this, not constant comparison to anyone else. They are on their own timetable.

pic said...

It does look like Austin is scurrying away into the building.

very happy said...

I don’t think Austin is running. He just kept walking. Jake stopped to face the photographers. It’s just incredibly beautiful that this is actually happening. Them being together without hiding and even saying it themselves (Austin’s tweet- attending together a formal event- pics). Small steps that are in fact huge and at the same time it feels like a natural flow. Just living their lives together more openly and not making a big deal out of it. It’s just wonderful :D

twitter said...

MaddyProbst Madeleine Probst
Having tasty Italian dinner with a view on Berlinale jury members jake gyllenhaal and mike leigh #shedbff
34 minutes ago

Jersey Tom said...

I am not giving the guys a hard time. I think it is great what we are seeing. I certainly am enjoying what is happening. I have waited a very long time. I am doubting Thomas though and we have waited a very time together for this. I just still have a little fear that they won't take it all the way and until they do I am holding my breath a little. I felt like Jake was so close before. Then boom. I kept coming around though and hopefully this time he will take it all the way. When then happens I will be grinning from ear to ear.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe there is a video.

london tb said...

This is lovely, I can hardly believe these pictures.

prairiegirl said...

It's just that this is not the venue. This is not an event for personal attention.

This is business first and Jake has business responsibilities. It's imperative to remember that.

And it's about being content and happy for what is happening before us without wanting & needing anything more.

Jersey Tom said...

I respect your opinion PG. We happened to think a little differently though.

Special K said...

Hey London - this could be habit forming. ; )

It is lovely indeed.

Special K said...

Tom we will have to keep our eyes peeled if there is any video of the guys going to the reception.

Jersey Tom said...

It definitely could be a little habit forming SK:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I know you will SK. I bet that video is out there.

Jersey Tom said...

Jake look hot on the red carpet PG. Wow sa.............

Special K said...

OTH fans are upset with The CW. Why?

Because they did Valentines with the men of The CW, and there isn't one with Austin.

The CW Valentines

Funny how James and Rob made the cut but not Austin.

fb said...

Only one fan complained and one complained about Lucas Scott not being there, also from OTH.

Most of the complains are about CW not adding the women of CW.

Special K said...

Actually there are people tweeting the CW about it.

sass said...

Afternoon everyone,
Of course I had to blow up those pics of Austin going into the venue and Jake being interviewed from afar. U nay remove them as you wish...I have my three:)

I have no desire to believe or not believe they have children...from my experience as a Mom...I would sooner cut my heart out with a butter knife than leave my son, but my Mom was able to leave me with my grandparents and go to work.

My heart is broken with Whitney's death...I say to future performers... Sing The Star Spangled Banner as she did 21 years ago at Superbowl 25 or Do NOT sing it at all.

As for me I have much more wrong with my brain than I ever imagined and I now choose to make myself happy happy and content with my truth.

For the rest of this post I did blow them up a little but the originals were quite large.
And, I never ever had to have Ted C confirm whatever about Jake/Austin.
I have the Basketball pics which even my son, when he looked at them asked me 5-6 years ago, "Mom is he going to get in trouble?" He loves Jake as much as I do. I told him no and gave him a huge hug.

Jake Austin German Reception

Jake Austin 2

Jake Austin 3

I am happy for them that they can be with each other in Germany. Maybe Jake's acting will get better... perhaps that's why Source Code was back up to the Jake standards I was accustomed to, from him, since his early years of October Sky BBM etc.
He's made his decision. God bless them both and God bless Whitney and all of us fighting for our happiness and our truth.

destiny said...

LOL, I was hoping Michael K. would post about Matt, and he has. I especially love it because of course there were people out there at various sites saying people wouldn't know what Matt was talking about!

Matt Bomer, who has the exact genetic makeup of a brown haired Ken Doll, hasn't exactly been playing a game of spin the dildo with John Travolta behind a stack of business cards for Renee Zellweger's Beards 'R Us in the deepest part of the closet. Matt Boner fans have known about his partner Simon Halls and their three chirruns since the beginning of White Collar time, but he hasn't exactly been running through the streets in a rainbow thong while waving a peen flag. In past interviews, Matt would just wave away the personal questions and derail the interview's train of thought with the twinkles that jump off of his white teeth and the shiny rays that shoot off of his extra-soft puppy fur hair. But at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, Matt thanked his family while accepting the New Generation Arts and Activism Award. Towleroad transcribed Matt's words so my lazy ass doesn't have to:
"And I'd really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment."
Some of you sluts might be confused by Matt's words and are trying to figure out exactly what he's trying to say. Let me translate it for you into a language we all understand. Matt basically said that HE LOVES PEEEEEEN and he loves his kids too. Yes, so we should celebrate the only way we know how: by fapping to these pictures of Matt Boner's nipples TOGETHER! Don't worry, I'll keep my eyes on Matt Boner's nipples and I won't look down. We don't know each other like that.

jake tweet said...

Jake_Gyllenhaal J Gyllenhaal FanSite
4 minutes ago

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Andrea Hesselein
@AndreaHesselein Andrea Hesselein
@Jake_Gyllenhaal it's in his kiss sweetie!!
1 minute ago via TweetCaster for Android

prairiegirl said...

Nice job on the pics, Sass!! I liked your story about your son and the Laker pictures. Very cute.

Well, Tom & I carried our conversation onto the phone. Twice! lol. He caught me at Walgreens and I was a little distracted trying to find a decent card amongst the scraps that were left. Valentine's has snuck up on me this year - I'm totally unprepared.

Anyway, we had a lot of laughs. We can disagree on stuff but still have our laughs.

Twitter Berliner said...

paula varjack
on way home I get a nightcap at tiny bar in my kiez. see a guy that really looks like jake gyllenhaal... because it *was* jake gyllenhaal
7 minutes ago

tweet said...

@AUS10NICHOLS If you breakup with Sophia, you're right, sorry dude but you deserve better! #teamAustin
47 minutes ago

Nice said...

It does look like Austin.

Not a Babytile beleiver at all, but it's good to see them hanging out together on the other side of the world. I love it.

As I have stated before, If they are "Really" together, I am elated and wish them the best. I don't believe they are married either.

If they are, I will have egg on my face and I will have NO Problem admitting I was wrong and the gang here was Right. No problem at all. Just wondering if the gang or some here would be able to do the same. hummmm, I don't know. LOL

the real m said...

I was hoping for a side by side, arm in arm photo, but the one they gave us will do. Still more days left for them to be seen together. Cant help but notice how the pictures and tweets dried up once Austin arrived on the scene. I am enjoying the baby steps regardless.

sheesh said...

We got it the last 5 times you said it, 10:29, you are a bigger person than everybody else here. We all bow down to your superiority.

For someone that is so willing to admit when they are wrong, you sure are insistent on letting us know what is the truth according to the gospel of YOU, though.

tweet said...

Photo: Matt Bomer comes out as gay .Well who’s gonna be next? Jake Gyllenhaal?
2 hours ago via Tumblr

tweet said...

Ben :)
Just me that doesn't see the appeal in Ryan Gosling?
2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

replies ↓

ellenmulhernx Ellen Mulhern
@benjii_O8 wot is wroooooooong wit chu :o
2 hours ago

Ben :)
@ellenmulhernx he not my cuppa tea :( prefer Jake Gyllenhall, now that is one hot momma
2 hours ago

To Sheesh said...

No, I'm no bigger than anyone here. But I will say I'm under no illusions and I will state I'm wrong when I'm wrong.

Will you do this? Could you do this? CAN you do this?
Only you know... but I'm thinking NO!

We got it right 5 times?
Have you counted the many times you've gotten it Wrong? Let me tell you, there have been Many since you don't seem to remember.

Not my gospell at all, just rational and reasonable thinking, instead of "wishful Thinking".
That's all.

tweets said...

SingleGayLife Single Gay Life
Who'd be your dream celebrity Valentine?
1 hour ago

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@socheathsun Socheath Sun
@SingleGayLife Jake Gyllenhaal
58 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

Oh brother said...

Who is this Sheesh? Give it a rest. These guys/ladies have gotten it right more times than you care to remember. I think the theories put up here are quite reasonable given how things have and are playing out. The guys are still together, Jake appears to be moving on past the bearding crap imposed upon him by CAA. Jake never got engaged to Reese. Austin never got engaged to Sophia. And, yes, I believe there's a brood of Baby Tiles waiting in the wings. And, Jake was the one who called himself a married man. You can take that up with him.

from dlisted said...

Congratulations to Australian actress Magda Szubanski from the show Kath & Kim on coming out. this is what she said:

"It's not like I was running around hiding it, but there's a difference between living life openly and living life absolutely publicly. How do you communicate to someone what it feels like to be on the receiving end of prejudice? I was so nerve-wracked yesterday, I demolish a whole packet of Tim Tams.

I am absolutely not straight. I do not identify myself as bisexual either. I identify myself as gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. If there's a tablet you could take to cure it, I wouldn't take it.

I love my work ... You almost feel like you have to choose. I know you are going to ask me if it would have been hard (to be gay and an actor), but it's only recently that things have changed. It's only in the last four years things like civil unions have been granted."

sheesh said...

Just wanted to say that I'm not the resident "I know reality, you don't" poster.

And I never gave a number of times we were "right", I said that we understood your rant the last 5 times you posted it. Make that 6 now, since you obviously couldn't let an opportunity slip to let us know that you are so mature that you would immediately admit if you were wrong.
It's just that you are rational and we're not, so you'll never actually have to admit you were wrong, cause you simply can't be wrong, got it.

You totally convinced me that your version of things is way more likely and rational now.
Of course it makes more sense that Austin went to Germany because he was just so incredibly interested in hearing a speech - given in German - during an event that was shunned by a majority of German actors due to the recent controversies surrounding the president than it does to think that he wanted to go there because he and Jake are a steady couple.
We will now all agree that you have a much better understanding of reality.

Truth said...

^^ And, Jake was the one who called himself a married man. You can take that up with him.K

oh, and just forget the comments Jake has made about marrying the right woman that caused a tsunami on this site. The comment about not having any children from Jake and Austin at different times by different interviewers.
The Austin "junk and shit" comment.

Yes, you can choose to forget these comments and make excuses to fit what you want, but they were said and came from "their mouths".
That's the truth.
They Said them!

And the many years of J/A "NOT" being together while you specualted that they are when they were nowhere near each other and with different people.

Make all the excuse for these realities as you wish, and I know YOU WILL.

Again, still glad to see them together. It's great.

Special K said...

You have said this many time and every gets the point you've made, there is no need to continue reiterate it.

crystal ball... said...

I don't think Jake and Austin are going to come out arm-in-arm on some red carpet in Berlin. If they do, when they do, they would be smart to do it with fanfare. Matt Bomer is different - he was never bearding, so a big "coming out" moment on Ellen or on the cover of People isn't going to happen. I predict that Jake and Austin will wither opt to go the way of Bomer pre-weekend (not in hiding but not out either) or they are testing the waters right now for a coming-out party. I hope it is the latter :)