Thursday, November 8, 2012

Texy Train?

Is that a little bit of Texas trailing Jake?

Source: Ajmukamal

Now who has learned over these years to cover his ears?


Reeeeeaaaaccccchhhh said...

Now who has learned over these years to cover his ears?

Um, any of a million+ New Yorkers out in the cold? Thinking that's anyone other than random subway rider is a stretch.'s what you do to make yourself feel better. So be it.

Now who has said . I don't have kids on my own? said...


prairiegirl said...

No, it's more fun to watch you spin like a top, Troll.

I don't have to lose an hr out of my day which I'll never get back to hear or watch Jake dish his outright lies. He's taken the image of Paul Bunyan to a new level.

Nothing surprises me any longer about what he says because he has reached that point now of no return - he can lie without blinking an eye.

Doesn't matter what he spins and knits anymore.

Jake is married to Austin.

Jake has also fathered children. Austin has fathered children. And together they are hiding their children because their careers and earning big money to support their family in the comfort they are now accustomed to is more important to them than acknowledging their family's existence to the public. That's pretty much basically what it has boiled down to.

This is alllllll on Jake and Austin now. A Toothy and Grey Goose Tragedy in the making.

prairiegirl said...

I think that could be Austin in the picture. Impossible to say for sure, of course.

It would be hilarious if it was.

I await for the slip ups now. The big oops and the dammits.

Well, gotta run. Work is such a bear right now. Corporate America at its backbreaking best!

prairiegirl said...

And as I went to Twitter, I have to laugh. Because what is the big fish story making the rounds as EOW makes its UK premiere?

NOW the man is murdered right in front of Jake as he opened the car door on his first patrol. I don't know how many more different ways that guy can die before Jake's eyes. Guess I'll find out with the next interview.

;) said...

Dear OMGers,

we value your precious time. Jake is talking about not having kids on his own at @ 29:30 so you only need 2-3 minutes for that video.

You're welcome!

Special K said...

Looking at the picture, it looks like Austin, and it's not just the hat pulled down, but the height, the build, and the style of clothes too. And why wouldn't Austin be in NY, especially after it looked like he was in LA,no one would expect him to be in NY, even more so while people are in the aftermath of Sandy. But it actually makes sense, that's when he is needed more there, to help while everything gets back on their feet.

Jersey Tom said...

Could be.

destiny said...

There's not enough for me to even say it might be Austin. Whoever it is appears to still be on the subway platform, not the subway, and he's not looking towards the door, which suggests he's not planning on getting on the train.

It's Possible said...

Or he could have been getting on the train but when he saw the phone camera going up, hung back.

Special K said...

There could be trains going to difference place using the same platforms and they were together but were heading different places afterward.