Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Nichols

Hey big guy,  It's all a numbers game now .

 so here's a few things to help you out Austin

 33 is a significant number in modern numerology and is one of the master numbers along with 11 and 22.

In French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese, the word a patient is usually asked to say when a doctor is listening to his or her lungs with a stethoscope  is 33 (Trente-Trois, Trentatrè, Treizeci şi trei, Treinta y Tres and Trinta e Três)

In Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" the number 33 was discovered to lead to the essential meaning of life (the Bible)

Alexander the Great  died at 33 -- wait wait scratch that.....there are lots of other good things that are 33


Rubber - as in 33s for your Tacoma

Highest Levels in Masonry

The secret members only club in Disneyland - Club 33

The  Uruguayan Virgin of the Thirty - tree  (hmmmm... that won't really work for you will it)

Al Bundy's Polk High Football Jersey 

But sure to be your favorite - you're the same age as the mysterious 33 on a bottle of Rolling Rock.

But you sir make 33 look even better

 Happy Birthday Austin!  

Here's wishing you a great birthday and getting share it with those who love you the most!


AUS10 said...

Thank you all for the great birthday wishes. I'm overwhelmed. And I'm a lucky man. Come party with me.

:) said...

Hppy berthday Austin !:)

prairiegirl said...

Congratulations to Rhode Island!

When do you guys think the state of Kansas will get with it? lol. Why do I live in such a conservative state. Sometimes it's a good thing, but sometimes it is not.

Anyway, that's great news to hear. Glad to see also that there are some politicians actually working out there.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, they are saying everything but the Revealed, aren't they? This video is excellent. Very well done and the music they chose is awesome.

[Blind Gossip] A very clever Blinder out there turned one of our blind items into a movie-trailer-style masterpiece!

About a year ago, we wrote an item titled Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret. While we are not ready to solve the item yet, the person who created this video seems to be pretty convinced that they know who it is about. We can’t confirm or deny, but we can enjoy. You will too.

Sincere thanks to MissAllisonLoves, the creator of this video. We absolutely love it!

Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret

prairiegirl said...

I was at a visitation last night, my long time Avon lady lost her husband of many, many years. And it was interesting to watch the memory video as it played while standing in line to pay respect to her and the rest of the family. Alot of people do that now, put together a video, sort of a This is Your Life.

And I got to thinking it's too bad we don't all do that for ourselves while we're still alive, lol. We would see in actual pictures condensed into one setting, all the memories, all the people in our lives and how rich and blessed. Because we all will have a fleeting recollection that will give a good feeling, a cause to pause.

But to see our lifetime of blessings would remind us of how good we have had it. How much we "have", not in terms of accomplishments or how much we own, but in terms of who we shared our time with, who was there with us at the best times in our lives.

It's too bad the honoree never gets to see these videos.

Just thinking! Mind is always thinking, lol.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry, one more and then done. LOL

One of the pictures in this husband's video besides all the wedding, vacation, grandchildren, Christmas memories was a picture of my Avon lady and her husband standing at the kitchen sink while he was plunging it. LOL! I thought that was funny and it has stuck in my brain.

But you know, it's those times. Those simple moments which occurred every day, those are the ones that are missed the most when we lose a loved one.

And so don't stop taking those pictures!

Methodical Muser said...

Love the Boy Banders Video, PG. It comes off as massively epic and builds very nicely. Including the plastic formula she outlines of how the entertainment industry tries to sell each member to maximize profits.

Of all the quotes to include between the boyfriends, I love that she selected the one where Harry turns to Louis and says, "Lou, can I give you a blow job?" and Louis says, "I would love for you to. Just wait." LOL!

"Open Your Eyes" is right. She could just as easily have used the phrase, "Pay attention, people." Louis and Harry make a beautiful couple. They may have contractual obligations, but they always make sure to send out clues of who they really are.

the real m said...

SAending out clues, just like Jake and Austin.

Great pictures of Austin and I hope he had a good birthday. I had never heard any of that about the number 33 having any significance. 8 in chinese culture and feng shui, but not 33. We always learn new things here!

Marcus and Jake fan said...

"Marcus, unlike Jake is a married man."

Well even I would say this doesn't guarantee heterosexuality nor fidelity, especially in Hollywood where marriages are often used to advance careers or hide true preferences/indulgences. I'm sure people have said "Well, he's a married man" about John Travolta.

you got a friend said...

I seriously doubt that Carey Mulligan,married Marcus to cover his sordid gay relationship with Jake, Jake introduced Marcus to Carey, Jake was one of the few guests at their very private wedding and a year later just in time for their first anniversary Jake was still with them, to the presentation of a film by Cary at Tribeca film festival. Carey wrote a touching article about Jake for SAG just a couple of months ago, they are friends.

Seaweed said...

One of the things I like about Jake and Austin is the fact that they elicit so many favourable responses from their friends and aquaintances.

We don't always agree on how these two choose to share or hide their private life together, yet there is an inherent goodness to seems to come from them or is often shared by others when speaking of them.

There can be no doubt about their long-standing relationship when you take all of the many images that we see of them over the past years.

Once again.... Happy Birthday Austin, you're one top knotch Texan, and I believe your Toothy is the luckiest one of all to have you in his life.

Seaweed said...

"there is an inherent goodness THAT seems to come from them, or is..."

I hate it when I skip my final edit opportunity then find even the smallest mistake!

OCD much? Ha.

Marcus and Jake fan said...

'I seriously doubt that Carey Mulligan,married Marcus to cover his sordid gay relationship with Jake,'

I never said I believed Marcus was in a relationship with Jake. You quickly jumped to that conclusion and subsequent defense of the nonexistence of.
But since we're discussing possibilities, what better way to conduct an affair but in plain sight? Jake seems to have developed an extraordinary personal relationship with the band and in particular with the lead singer.

Let's just say I'm keeping a close eye on this one.

99 problems said...

well,then someone tell Byonce to back from the turn as soon as possible because if Jake and Marcus are tied what to say about Jake and Jay Z?
people have friends, even close friends, it happens all the time without there being something sexual in

tsk tsk said...

turn I meant tour lol

Methodical Muser said...

The official “love” story is that Mumford and Laura Marling "dated" for a few years and suddenly broke up, interestingly enough, around Christmas in December 2010. I use the term "interestingly enough" because it was around this same time that Mumford & Sons were being nominated for awards in the US and trying to take hold in the lucrative American market.

Just a little over a month later we get a splashy, real time story on February 5 (the day of the jam session) about the “secret” live show at Mike Harris’ “Granny White's” house with his band, The Apache Relay. Some thoughtful minds might observe that this jam session was not so secret, if a full length, PR generated story is released the very same day of the gathering.

One might even go on to suggest that this story was conveniently leaked just before the Grammys’ ceremony on February 13. Ah, yes. Mumford "meets" Carey Mulligan near Valentine’s Day and supposedly they fall head over heels for each other. Of course, the public knows all about every inch of their courtship because what would be the point of trying to make sure all your fans know about your instantaneous love connection with a woman, if you can't "sell it to the masses" when the spotlight is on you.

Furthermore, although we continue to be told how private the couple is, we learn, a few days later, from insiders via, US Magazine that Mulligan and Mumford caught a secret Arcade Fire show in NYC before hitting up a private members only club.

The conclusion is obvious. If Mulligan and Mumford are so private, how come the public knows all about their comings and goings? In fact, I read somewhere that in March 2011(just a month after they first met) they were enjoying such a whirlwind romance that she flew over to the UK and "enjoyed a romantic weekend together in Buckinghamshire after spending last week in the Orkney Islands." As that Boy Banders’ video reminds us, OPEN YOUR EYES.

If Mulligan and Mumford are so private, how come we know so much about what they're doing on these super private rendezvous’ that the couple enjoys in secret?

Alarms go off whenever I see the word canoodling (a classic publicists' term), because the descriptor often signals the couple is fake, fake, fake.

Given this background, Mumford could very well be gay and who knows about her, but take a look at Mulligan’s “dating” history prior to Mumford. Most of the guys she were associated with her over the years have had many gay rumors surrounding them, as well.

Jake was the perfect "matchmaker" or should I use the word, deal maker? He already liked Mumford’s music and it could very well be that he gave Mr. Chubs pointers on how to play the game right after the group was being introduced to the American market in 2010. In fact, many music writers concur that December 2010 was an important month for the group. As I wrote earlier, the group earned Grammy Award nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Song. Right afterwards, we learn that Mumford broke up with Marling.

Methodical Muser said...

...right after the group was being introduced to the American market in 2010.

To be more precise, right when the group was just about to receive lots of publicity/media coverage during awards season and be introduced to larger American audiences.

Because you should said...
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prairiegirl said...

Wow, when someone can only come up with a reaction like 18:09, I have to think M and M is probably onto something.

So I look at Carey Mulligan's online history of who she's been seen with, thus stirring up "are they or aren't they?" rumors or guys that she actually was in a relationship with and I find:

Eddie Redmayne
Tom Sturridge
Shia LeBeouf

Some of it very fleeting, very suspect and "very familiar" looking kinds of photo ops on Just Jared, the kind that Jake has done. All of these guys have gay rumors. And around the same time she is on Just Jared confusing people by being seen with Tom Sturridge and then Eddie Redmayne, someone comments on a thread, "She was said to be in Nashville Sat nite with Jake Gyllenhaal. What’s up with that?"

That comment came after this one, "aww. i love them. but wasn’t she just with tom sturridge? and aren’t all these brits friends?"

When I see that kind of confusion and she's walking down a sidewalk with her arm around Eddie's waist, his arm around he shoulder, that "are they or aren't they" kind of photo op, I see a lot of smoke swirling around trying to stir up a fire of a big nothing.

Very, very familiar pattern.

So yeah, I do have to take a second look at this weird, sudden "whirlwind" romance/marriage of ol' Marcus and Carey Mulligan.

So 18:09, it's a free country and this is a blog for discussion. Your comment is lame, ineffective and it only makes me think more about what M&M said.

Looking at the troubles One Direction encountered after they came to the States, it is interesting that Mumford got married around the time it seems they really hit the big time over here.

producer said...

Variety ‏@Variety 11m

Jake Gyllenhall to play crime reporter in the indie thriller 'Nightcrawler' (EXCLUSIVE) |

prairiegirl said...

lol. Man, did that comment smack of jealousy and fright issues or what? Someone's pretty intimidated by our M & M, looks like to me.

Btw, here's the link to that Just Jared thread. I don't mean to reference something without providing the source:

Carey Mulligan and Eddie Redmayne

And isn't it interesting that Jake is said to be the one to introduce them. Jake knows all about the closet, and has "blossomed" into becoming an ambassador for closet living.

Here's an article detailing this whirlwind romance, with a paragraph talking about how Jake was the one to "matchmake" the couple:

Jake Gyllenhaal was an accidental cupid for Mulligan and Mumford, when he took Carey to a secret Mumford & Sons show in Nashville, Tenn. They ended up outlasting all of the rest of the guests and turned the concert into a musical pizza party. “Jake picked up a guitar and Carey joined in on ‘Amazing Grace,’” a source said. The jury’s out on whether Mulligan and Mumford will perform a duet for the public.

lol, yeah, remember how "secret" that show turned out to be? This whole thing is beginning to kind of smell like a set up to me. I'm beginning to recognize some of the signs.

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Celebrate One Year of Marriage in New York City

And when I see this phrase "they both look music festival ready and completely in love", I know I'm being told what I am seeing.

And then, there's this:
These two aren’t much for gushy public displays of affection, but that doesn’t mean they’re not one of Britain’s celebrity power couples – or one of Hollywood’s cutest. Here are the cutest things about Marcus and Carey’s relationship.

Hmm. Why not any gushy public displays? Aren't newlyweds usually all over each other, especially newlyweds who married after only months of discovering each other. Power couple? Is that what is beginning to be the 'in' thing? To become a power couple? As in $$$? As in a mutually benefiting business arrangement? I'm just asking after having observed JayZ and Beyonce, who are all about that.

One more good one from this article: They were childhood pen pals That's how they first met? I I don't know about that one.

prairiegirl said...

I kind of repeated some of what M&M brought, sorry about that.

And looks like Jake and Austin are continuing their non-stop production line of working, of accumulating money to support that huge, shared brood they put together. They both can't seem to stop working. Well, it is extremely costly to raise a family the size they have.

No wonder Jake's even doing audio books. Anything to put money into the piggybank. When a gallon of milk costs $4........

dark, indie thriller

**Heavy Sigh**

Producer said...

Jake is also a producer of the film. How to invest millions of dollars with the real risk of not earning anything, it would put money in the bank?
He is also a producer of MG.
he is obviously investing on his career and his talent, a risk that a real father would not run ever.

Special K said...

Being a producer give his more control of when and how he works. He makes the schedule, he decides who is cast with him. And he also has a say in how the movie is sold ( ie, no bearding)

He taking more control.

prairiegirl said...

a risk that a real father would not run ever.

Are you saying that his career and talent are a huge risk, then? That comment makes no sense at all.

How to invest millions of dollars with the real risk of not earning anything, it would put money in the bank?

Again - not a huge vote of confidence for Jake, lol.

I'm not talking anymore to you. You're from next door, you constantly badmouth me and my fellow OMG'ers over there and I have no idea why you're over here except to stir up trouble, and I'm not doing it.


When a gallon of milk costs $4 said...

He is not the only producer, he co-producer with others, does not have full control over anything, it's a big risk, which can go well as with EOW, but no one can predict anything, it is a big financial investment, and of image, a responsible father would never put at risk the economic future of his children, this open-mindedness is only of those who have not people who depend only from him.

Caravaggio said...

Are you saying that his career and talent are a huge risk, then? That comment makes no sense at all.

Do you know how many writers, painters, actors considered geniuses have died in conditions of absolute poverty?
this has nothing to do with Jake's talent but with business.

producing bug said...

Given what we know about Jake's sudden interest in becoming a producer on his film project I would suspect that because he wants more control over his schedule and the set. In other words, his dirty little secrets. Not because of artistic integrity.

Incredibly detailed and impressive insights about what could be going on with Mumford and Mulligan. Makes a lot of sense. If Jake's involved, you know there's something that stinks to high heaven.

Producer said...

Why if you have a so low opinion of Jake,keep in follow what he is doing? Your behavior has something pathological, and obviously you have no idea of how the production of a complex thing like a movie works, Jake is not Spielberg or Malick, he does not have full control of what happens, he must have to do with costs to find other funding, dealing with the studios, finding locations, find distributors, is an independent film is not a mega Disney production, which can buy everything and all, they should look for convenience, and I do not think that give up anything in exchange for confidentiality.