Friday, April 12, 2013

Rites of Spring

April showers might bring May flowers but first it brings Coachella

And music fests brings out the Austin*

Do you think Austin's got time from his secret "but I will hint at it" project for another "see who I see on stage" from Coachella this year?


*and sometimes Red Arrows too

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Seaweed said...

Hey... it must be the weekend, the paid staff are all off for a couple of days !

Must say that things certainly do get heated up at times and then you see all these new "instant names" appearing out of nowhere. I don't even keep track or bother to pay attention to them really. Will watch with interest over the next while as it always seems to pan out, there is a big reveal just after one of these heavy interventionist assaults.

Special does such a good job of moderating and providing us with glances back to old pics and images, and the discussion from our regulars certainly reminds us of our lengthening background and history here together.

Wishing everyone the best as always...