Friday, April 5, 2013

Type A Project

On Sunday Austin popped up on twitter to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hinted at an announcement about a new project.

I have some great news that I will announce next week. New Project. Happy Easter Y'all. - Aus10

And what better day of the week to announce it, than Austin Friday, because when you have your own day of the week you gotta. Even Jake doesn't have his own day.

Just finishing up week 2 of the new project. One of the coolest things I've ever done. But they said I can't talk about it yet. I will soon! - Aus10

Now it looks like Austin has been working for this project for 2 weeks.  What's  not sure if that's 2 consecutive weeks or two weeks total.

But that begs the questions: What is it? When did it start and when can you see it? Where is he when he is doing it?

And when there's questions there's a Top Ten List.

Top Ten Project Austin might be up to and can't talk about yet.

10. Ran away and joined the circus,  the Cirque du Soleil  O show at The Bellagio.

9.  At cooking school, so Jake might let him use the kitchen without adult supervision.

8.  Filming the next season of Splash.

7.  At the Bella Blue -School of Burlesque.  Week 2 assignment - tassel spins

6. Bat boy for the Texas Rangers

5. While the Duck Dynasty dudes are holding out for a new contract,  Dad, Austin and Rowdy are at the ranch filming A&E's new replacement Plugged Nichols.

4.  Second week of rehearsals for  Baywatch the Musical.  

3. Working as an intern at GQ - hoping to score good swag and snappy accessories.

2.  Wanting to be like Papa (Hemingway) Training for the running of the bulls

 and the number #1 project Austin's been working on

Zombie time - Season 5 Walking Dead

Happy Austin Friday!


tweet said...


Just finishing up week 2 of the new project. One of the coolest things I've ever done. But they said I can't talk about it yet. I will soon!

Willie Garson ‏@WillieGarson

@AUS10NICHOLS Once the surgery is finished, you will make a stunning woman.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin is way to hot of a man to change sexes. Funny i went to a gay club in Fort Lauderdale this week and there were several transexuals there that my friend knew. They all look good but the give away. is always the hands and feet. Just way tioo big for a woman. Made me think about those big ass feet wrapped around Austins neck ib the Matt Frost photo.

Jersey Tom said...

I may have lost some passion and obbsession with Jake and Austin but I will never losre interest. Fun folks to hang around here at omg :-)

Seaweed said...

I'm in agreement with you on that Tom !

prairiegirl said...

Make it 3. My muse is totally lost and floating off in space somewhere. But when you mentioned the folks, Tom, it made me think about community history. Personal ties can bind and withstand.

I must commend Special on this post. It is one of your funniest ever, Special. Your knack for memory of pictures and (I imagine) finding them in what must be massive storage is something to behold.

Tassle spins. LOL! The running of the bulls picture was perfect. Baywatch the Musical. Cooking School. And number 5? I couldn't believe you went there.

Excellent - one of your wittiest.

Can't decide which one is my favorite

Jersey Tom said...

I was thinking about Justin Timberlake this morning. How convenient was it that he got married before his new CD came out and before he signed a big contract with Target.

jinx said...

How convenient was it that he got married before his new CD came out

Not only convenient but very practical. Why would he get married just prior to or mid pr push/tour? Other than the songs he written about his wife I don't see him talking about and using the wedding to promote himself.

I see Brendan A. has backtracked his claim about 4 NFL players coming out. They're talking about it on Outsports.

prairiegirl said...

It was very interesting to watch how JT and Jessica Biel suddenly came out of the woodwork and they have been everywhere. Justin T has always been popular but Jessica Biel? She really hasn't been very relevant. Then here came the big collaboration for JT and JayZ.

It just all has looked very orchestrated to me. The other orchestrated looking push to me has been Alicia Keyes. While very talented, Alicia has never been one for the limelight. She gets pregnant and married, then the past several months have been a celebrity's dream - she's been everywhere, high profile duet on the Grammys with Adam Levine and singing at the NBA All-Star game halftime show.

I don't know, it just seems like a carefully carried out re-doing of an image. Ironically enough, she has a song out from her new cd called "Brand New Me", lol.

Cloud 9 said...

:) The kitchen photo cracks me up. Wonder what the project is that Austin is going to announce?

Special K said...

PG, Now I don't know what you are thinking of but there are all kinds of things that could be. Plugging a a project, hair plugs, and of course the word plugged can go with guns which they shoot on the ranch.

And plugged nickel:
"Some early United States coins (minted in the 18th and 19th centuries) were made with a small silver disc added to the center of the coin in the planchet (blank metal) before striking. This was done to increase the value of the metal in the coin up to the coin's face value. A plug nickel or plugged nickel is a nickel (now a five-cent coin, but originally a one-cent coin and later a three-cent coin) where the "plug" (center disc) has been removed, thus decreasing the metal value of the coin. People would often examine their change after a cash transaction to ensure they did not receive such a coin."

Jersey Tom said...

Brendan did not retract. He said that talks are underway for 4 players to come out. He did not say it was defimite. He also did not say where his info was coming from. For this to have any interest from ESPN gives it more credibility

prairiegirl said...

The other thing could possibly be with buzz going on, maybe there's an additional player or two who were interested in coming out when they heard the rumor.

If that was the case, that could cause a delay, just a thought.

I know it seems like a dream, but could you imagine. There's power in numbers and there's strength in company. I think it would be an incredible thing to happen and I will keep these men in my prayers.

prairiegirl said...

lol, Special, I was thinking follically. Is that a word?

Company coming tonight so I am doing some intense cleaning in between jumping on the laptop for a quick peek at things. Trying to get my new chapter finished up. It's coming along quite nicely.

Time to put away Easter and just go with spring. The bad thing is in the course of things today, I have found a St Patrick's spoon rest that was missed. A winter blue votive holder, there was the Christmas mini ivy tree in the I used to be so good at this. One holiday over, it was on to the next the very next day! Not anymore.

the real m said...

Great post today. I am vey curious to find out what the project is. Not a movie or TV show, as I cant imagine why that would require secrecy. I hope he does not keep us waiting long.

Jersey Tom said...

I like 4, 5, and 6:-)