Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thumbs up Thumbs down

The late Roger Ebert usually gave Jake's movies good reviews (ok, so not Bubble Boy) overall Ebert liked Jake's movies.    But there is one that Ebert was not a fan of and it might be a surprise.

It was Donnie Darko.

 It might be a cult classic, and at near the top of many movie lists, but in the Chicago Sun-Times he only gave Darko 2.5 stars,  which in thumbs that's a thumbs down.

" Richard Kelly, the first-time writer-director, is obviously talented--not least at creating a disturbing atmosphere out of the materials of real life. His mysterious jet engine is a masterstroke. He sees his characters freshly and clearly, and never reduces them to formulas. In Jake Gyllenhaal, he finds an actor able to suggest an intriguing kind of disturbance; the character is more curious than frightened, more quixotic than eccentric, and he sets a nice tone for the movie. But somehow the control fades in the closing scenes, and our hands, which have been so full, close on emptiness. ''Donnie Darko'' is the one that got away. But it was fun trying to land it."  (Review)

But Jake shouldn't be too worried, look at the company Darko's in not being liked by Ebert.

 "A Clockwork Orange"
 "Dead Poets Society"
 "The Fight Club"
 "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
 "Reservoir Dogs"
 "Full Metal Jacket"
 "Straw Dogs"
 "Blue Velvet"
 "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
 "Harold and Maude"
 "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"
 "Leon: The Professional"


prairiegirl said...

Wow. You know, whatever your opinion/belief was during the whole Easter weekend discussion and the why/

Imagine the amazement when one sees a 13-picture non-story photo-shoot on the entire Sarsgaard family complete with Grandpa Stephen Gyllenhaal enjoying a frolicking time together in California in a big UK spread yesterday.

The wondering power of a tiny blog discussion.

Wait said...

Meggie get the nom for Crazy H, not for batman.Jake get the CC nom in a leading role not in a supportin role,and if you can pay for this things why Dicaprio is still without any awards?

paying attention said...

The discussion was about buying a nomination, not about winning one. Money flows like wine during awards season when it comes to nominations.

It's almost like magic said...

LOL! I saw that photo spread this morning too. I have to admit this kind of staged rapid response has happened several times over the years because I've been around long enough to know. The pattern is unmistakeable because it happens at other fan sites too whenever bloggers get too close to the truth. That's how you know PR is watching, waiting and reacting. They think fans are stupid. Don't think for a moment that PR doesn't care. They do.

Get Your Facts Straight. said...

paying attention : Maggie never got the nom for Batman but for Crazy H,Roger Ebert given EOW 4 stars, for Jake and Michael's performances, Even Mr Ebert was paid?

The real world said...

Oh yes It's almost magic an Easter reunion, and a Granpa with his grandchildren..... get real

Special K said...

I never said that Ebert panned EOW, in fact the majority of Jake films had gotten 3-4 stars from Ebert. He thought Jake was a good actor. I was just pointing out the movie that made Jake famous was one Ebert panned and that it was in great company. Look at the rest of that list.

Anonymous Get Your Facts Straight said...

Special K my post wasn't for you but for 9:21 AM.

once again said...

Even Mr Ebert was paid?

Don't play stupid. The discussion was about buying a nomination. The Golden Globes are notorious for that, but so are other awards too. Ebert has nothing to do with it. Geesh, some people are slow. Maggie was nominated for Crazy Heart and her performance was about as mediocre as they come. I wouldn't be surprised if that nom was for her playing the game and protecting little Jakey during Reeke.

Jersey Tom said...

looks like at least 4 NFL players will be coming out at the same time soon. The process is underway. This is so amazing. But pleas dont forget there are absolutely no successful current screen actors that are gay.

Jersey Tom said...

I really thought that an NHL player would be the first This should open the gates for many more athletes to come oit until it is no longer necessary.

destiny said...

So sad about Ebert. I didn't always agree with his reviews, but I liked the way he was so enthusiastic about films, and the way he carried on after all his problems.

Tom, is that really a done deal with the NFL players. Coming out as a group is a great idea. I always thought if a group of A list stars came out at once it would really make it difficult for studios to blacklist all of them.

Special K said...

Tom, I saw the story over on ESPN.

Here's a link for those who haven't seen it yet.

Brendon Ayanbadejo says four players considering coming out as gay

It is a great plan to come out together, power in numbers.

destiny said...

Thanks Special.

Jersey Tom said...

I sure hope these players do come out. Not definite but sounds very promising. I doubt it will be any star olayers. Too much endorsement money at risk.

Jersey Tom said...

Screen acting only attracts str8 men. Just amazing huh.