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With Opening Day today, it's a good time to look at all baseball teams Jake's tipped his cap to:

There's the Dodgers

Well he grew up in LA

Then there were the Nationals when he was in DC

Of course the whole Yankees things

Well since the buzz now is how Jake is a New Yorker now

After he was in Pittsburgh he went Pirate

And now since filming in Atlanta he's popped up on Sunday in a Brave's cap.

But come on Jake you aren't fooling anyone, you're a Sox fan, so just stop the Mad Hatter thing, and stick to your Sox.


CDAN said...

Friday, March 29, 2013
Blind Item #6

This month marks the 9th anniversary for this gay couple. 9 years that this B list mostly television actor who is one of the very few actors to continue having a career after this hit network teen type show went off the air a few years back has hid his boyfriend. That is a long, long time.

Posted by ent lawyer at 11:30 AM

VIPblonde said...

Grey Goose and Toothy Tile 4-ever!
11:40 AM

Lila said...

Austin Nichols fits perfectly except One Tree Hill was not on a major network.
12:48 PM

Lisa Hathaway said...

Totally Mario Lopez. He dated my friend's brother for years in the 90's.
5:19 AM

prairiegirl said...

Toothy and Grey Goose are "forever" only to themselves and within the barricade of four walls. Hope they enjoy the view from their porthole is all I can say.

I can say at this time that Jake and Austin have officially lost whatever support I had left for them.

Do I still believe they're together? Oh heck yeah. They are. Do I believe they still have children? Oh yeah. They do.

But do I still like them? No, neither one. Is Prairie Girl quitting? Going away?

Hell no. I'm here until those 2 guys either break up or they come out, as long as I'm still breathing on this earth. And at the rate they are going, a break up wouldn't surprise me at all as happening before they ever came out.

Jake and Austin would rather have paid twitter followers and fake tweeters going on about how "hot" they are and how "badass" they are, then real people who liked them for what they have in real life, which was each other.

They have lost so many good fans in the past several years and perhaps one of the most telling and ultimate was Spooky.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Austin had a real fan in Spooky. She was following him before he ever hit One Tree Hill, when hardly anybody even knew his stinkin' name.

And he lost her. Now her journal is gone. Purged. The goat.

Gone are all those posts. All those pictures. All the comments. The sharing of intrigue, fun, and love.

It's all gone now.

Look what happened next door. It's gone to ashes over there.

So many fans disgusted. Given up. Moved on. When I came here, gosh, I don't even know when that was, 2009 maybe? It's too bad we can't do a memory lane reel and look at our comments back then and then look at the pattern over the course of time for the past 1-2 years in a timeline study.

Amazing how comments and emotions can mirror the path taken by the party whom they have always been intended for. When those emotions begin to lose their vibrancy and the voices become weaker and further away,you know the leaders of the path have taken a road that their faithful followers don't wish nor are they going to take. The followers stand at the fork in the road unmoving and watch sadly while the "leaders" continue on their chosen way.

Jersey Tom said...

I really donr think there are many people who still believe Jake or Austin will ever come out or even care. I guess that is what they wanted so hopefully they and the people who have helped them are happy.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sure they are happy when they are within the four walls of their house. But you know what? After a couple of hours, it has to return to reality. It's back to hiding. Synchronizing all watches. You go that way, I'll go this way and we'll meet at such and such time at this place. Kids, you go with the nanny and Daddy will meet you at home. No, we better not go there, we better go at this place late at night.

And Jake is with his mother on Easter Sunday because he had to be seen. That was a Dead Man Walking photo op.
He had to show she was his family, he has no husband, no children.

Look at those pictures. Cap on. Hood up. Head and face down in the majority of those pictures, particularly the straight ahead shots.

He did that photo op because he had to.

But hey, no sympathy here. He has made his choice. And he and Austin could care less about their fans. The fans were to provide the money via ticket and video sales in order to provide them the family they wanted.

Now that they have their family, the fans are dispensable and no longer needed.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

One has to chuckle at that Jake/Gemma gaffe. Here's another prime example of quite the uncoordinated effort. A whiff, if you will.

On February 1st of this year, you had this posting on Facebook:

Marcus Trail
February 1
I saw Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday at Yeah Burger.

The poster, Marcus Trail as well as the mentioned eating establishment "Yeah Burger" are located in Atlanta. So this post is close to the time Jake was beginning Prisoners filming.

Notice the date - it's important. The post was on February 1st and our friend Marcus Trail said that he saw Jake "yesterday", which would make that January 31.

Oh boy said...

PrairieGirl, with all due respect, your obsession is out of control.

prairiegirl said...

On February 6, the infamous peachyscoop tweeted this:

Peachyscoop Peachyscoop

Thanks to one of our insiders for this "peachy scoop": Jake Gyllenhaal at Yeah Burger in Atl! @PerezHilton @olv
Jake and young girl later identified as Emily Didonato at Yeah Burger
February 06, 2013 1:56 pm

Unless Jake was prone to eating at Yeah Burger all the time, there was one problem with this scenario. Emily wasn't in the States at the time he was spotted at Yeah Burger on Jan 31.

Emily DiDonato ‏@emilydidonato1 29 Jan
Good morning Paris!
View photo

Emily DiDonato ‏@emilydidonato1 2 Feb
Last morning in Paris


prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

PrairieGirl, with all due respect, your obsession is out of control.

Irritating you, am I? Too bad! You are not my concern.

that's a wrap... said...

I missed what happened on the internet this weekend that you alluded to in your earlier post, PrairieGirl, besides Austin's PR picking up his DM'ing... what else was there? And what happened Jan 31?

I did notice that there was an instagram photo (looked posed / setup) of Jake outside of Yeah Burger with Emily the swimsuit model beside him. Can't recall the date on that but it was before the US Weekly story. So that means she actually flew into Atlanta for a teaser photo op before the US Weekly exclusive broke. I surmise this was to have legitimate evidence in place in case PR decided that the Jake / Emily pairing was a good idea to move forward with after the US Weekly story ran. The coverage was tepid at best, with very few comments posted. If I were PR, I'd call that a day. That's why I don't expect the Jake / Emily thing to continue into a bearding situation - I'm sure PR like to test the waters before a contract situation. I think they did the same thing with Minka Kelly last year.

Jake hasn't had a believable beard since Kiki. Almost ten years.

With both Jake and Austin single and Jake having two movies out in the next year with Oscar-worthy roles, I do suspect he will beard up to some extent (as in mostly rumored via US Weekly) in the next several months.

Jersey Tom said...

I wouldnt be surprised but csnt believe he put himself throgh anything like reeke again. Only embarrass himself again.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, that's a wrap. Cool to hear your thoughts. Yeah, that picture from Yeah Burger is not dated. It was used by peachyscoop (the original tweeter I believe) on February 6, but they do not say it took place on Feb 6.

It's very interesting to note the wording used sometimes to mislead and aid, but not necessarily come right out and say. Austin's gotten very good at this, so that he's not always necessarily outright lying.

Without going into a lot of detail that would only please Jake's people, this story came out shortly after midnight on Sunday the 31st, in the Daily Mail.

No wonder he's smitten! Jake Gyllenhaal's 'new love' Emily DiDonato shows off her stunning looks as she shoots make-up ad

No Wonder He's Smitten! said...

PUBLISHED: 00:20 EST, 31 March 2013 | UPDATED: 04:42 EST, 1 April 2013

She's a natural beauty who also hails from his native New York.

And in her latest commercial for Maybelline, it's no wonder that young model Emily DiDonato has stolen the heart of Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 22-year-old strutted her stuff in front of the cameras during Thursday's shoot, which features Emily stepping out on the streets of New York in a matching white ensemble that bared her midriff in the chilly weather.

Her glossy brown hair flows behind her as she races down the street to catch a taxi in a pair of nude heels.

The 22-year-old shared some snaps from the high energy photo shoot, including a few Vines of herself playing around in the back-seat of the cab.

While Jake has dated a series of blondes in the past - Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst - the brunette beauty reportedly caught his eye at a spinning class in Manhattan earlier this year.


destiny said...

That makes me sad that Spooky purged everything. I hadn't been over there in awhile so I didn't know.

That article on Emily and Jake sure is something to behold. I had hoped those sort of stories were history. More and more Jake just feels like yesterday's news what with all the changes going on. I know we still don't have big screen leading male actors who are out, but still, all the bearding that goes on feels like the last gasps of an endangered species.

Watch that burger doesn't get cold said...

The high temperature in Atlanta GA on January 31st was 46 degrees with a low of 34.

Yet Jake and Emily were pictured smiling, talking and eating outside on the picnic tables.

prairiegirl said...

That makes me sad that Spooky purged everything. I hadn't been over there in awhile so I didn't know.

I was on the phone with someone, Destiny, at the time a little while back and I was going through my Friends list in Live Journal and I saw the slash through her journal name. I clicked on it and sure enough, got the goat.

Very, very sad. All of that just gone. An entire journal/blog devoted to Austin and every little thing he did even before he ever came close to doing OTH.

When he started showing signs of bearding with Sophia, is when her posts grew less and less until they just stopped entirely, that's all I know. We'll never know what happened probably but what a loss.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

he last gasps of an endangered species.

Hence, the two dinosaurs, Destiny.

That's the boys.

Methodical Muser said...

Unless Jake was prone to eating at Yeah Burger all the time, there was one problem with this scenario. Emily wasn't in the States at the time he was spotted at Yeah Burger on Jan 31.

Bingo! That's a big find, PG. PeachyScoop, PerezHilton and US Weekly were all brought into sell the Jake with the wo-man, but what they forgot is that models aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. And, we certainly know that PR is as dumb as fence posts. The Facebook sighting indicated that the two noshed on gluten-free cuisine on January 31st in Atlanta, GA. Yet, old Emily made the mistake of tweeting that she was in Paris, France from January 29-February 2. Big faux pas. Hard to be in Atlanta and Paris at the same time, don’t you think?

The Emily Extravaganza was not about a beard rehearsal. It was about setting the stage for the upcoming March Spring Break, Seder Meal and Easter egg hunt for the kiddies. Whenever Jake is with the family, PR has to provide cover with a fe-male to remind everyone that he’s footloose and single. Marcus must have been unavailable for one of those bromatic railroad travelogues. Oh, that’s right he’s on the European leg of his tour and was in the Netherlands over the weekend. No peeps for you Marcus!

Methodical Muser said...

Wait a second. Did you guys notice that link up there? The Watch that burger doesn't get cold said...

I don't know what that link has to do with Atlanta, but it certainly has to do with Jake today. Apparently, he was at the SeaTac Airport in Seattle, and this girl got a pic of him there. Hmmm. Now, why would Jake be in Seattle when PR wants us to think he was in NY over the weekend? Sounds like the 101 sightings of Jake in NY on Saturday and the Mommie Dearest Walk of Shame of Sunday was all for naught. Isn't Peter filming in Vancouver?

Jersey Tom said...

You guys are good. PR sure is making themselves look like idiots. Once athletes start coming out the closet queens in HW will be an endangered species.

Jersey Tom said...

There are NO gay men in HW. Jake is 100% str8. No doubt in my mind.

prairiegirl said...

Well, isn't that interesting. Hmm. Well, well, well.

What do you guys think?

Was Jake in Seattle today?

Boston Red Sox cap.
Gold aviators
Long, tapered fingers w/manicured looking nails.
Ear buds.
Plaid, button-down shirt similar to shirt worn in My Mama The Companion stroll.

When asked by a twitter friend if she was sure who she was seeing, let's see what she said. Let's begin with the very first tweet:

Mαddie Minor ‏@maddzminor 5h
Jake Gyllenhaal... 5 feet Way from @Kaitlinbbyxoxo and I... #peeing
12:48 PM - 2 Apr 13 · Details

Mαddie Minor ‏@maddzminor 5h
Aholy crap jake Gyllenhaal.������
12:53 PM - 2 Apr 13 · Details

Stephan Millard ‏@stephanmillard 4h
@maddzminor @Kaitlinbbyxoxo are you sure that's him hahah
1:16 PM - 2 Apr 13 · Details

Mαddie Minor ‏@maddzminor 4h
@stephanmillard @kaitlinbbyxoxo yes
1:21 PM - 2 Apr 13 · Details

Good work! said...

Oh my gosh. That is Jake. In Seattle. LOLLLLLLLL! That means those photos of Jake in NY were taken at a different time and then rolled out this weekend. Just like Emily DiDonato was not in Atlanta on January 31st.

prairiegirl said...

Looking through this girl's twitter, she seems like the real deal. She's a minister/pastor's daughter and she was leaving with a girlfriend to go to Disneyland today.

She is very up on celebrities and tweets at and about many current young ones in the industry. So she knows and recognizes them.

The other thing I noticed is she says she is only about 5 ft away so she is very close.

Where will Jake pop up now said...

That does look like Jake. WME is not going to be happy. They will probably place Jake somewhere else now.

prairiegirl said...

And for whatever reason could Jake be in Seattle for? Well who is nearby Seattle?

Peter Sarsgaard, that's who. He's currently filming the AMC series The Killing in Vancouver. Vancouver not too far away from Seattle.

Jake was most likely in L.A. for Easter because why? That's where Maggie and the girls were, had been since the weekend prior to Passover week.

that's a wrap... said...

Jake is eating at SeaTac, he could have had a connecting flight to Vancouver, a layover. It's common for flights to Vancouver from far away (like NY for example) to go through Seattle.

Jake's Dad has ties to Seattle but I don't know how. His movie (Grassroots?) was set here and about Grant Cogswell, an openly gay political activist. Also, the head DJ at KEXP John Richards has said a few times on air that he has become friends with Stephen but I've never heard him elaborate.

Now I see the connection said...

I didn't pay much attention to this Freddy Liu tweet when I saw it back on March 30th because the guy's from Seattle. But, now I'm thinking maybe he does know something. He's tweeting at the fake Jake account, but he writes about Jake and Maggie's kids. That's right Jake and Maggie's kids. The imposter Jake jokes about combining April Fool's Day with Easter and sending the kids out to look for eggs that he hasn't hidden and Freddy responds with:

@Jake_Gyllenhaal Hopefully just yours and your sisters' kids ;)

prairiegirl said...

That does look like Jake. WME is not going to be happy. They will probably place Jake somewhere else now.

Here was the first reaction via Facebook:

John Jorgensen
4 hours ago via mobile (Tues, April 2, 2013 at 1:19pm)
On the set of Prisoners again today for a call back. (somewhere in Ga.) Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal are both here. I am one of only 2 extras today soooo.....everyone pray they ask me to say a line!! If not, still feeling very BLESSED!

huh. Atlanta? Seattle? Make up your mind.

WTF??? said...

are you blind people?

The guy is not Jake,he is 10 years younger at least.

Home sweet home said...

Jake pics, Easter day in NY (greenwich) with his mother.

Do your homework;)

prairiegirl said...

Now try to get your head around this.

Maggie flew into LAX with Ramona and Gloria on Friday, March 22.
Maggie and Fam arriving at LAX on Mar 22

She is there in L.A. the entire Passover week, solo-sighted via tweets, then with Peter also being seen in L.A. with her during this past Easter weekend:

CineFile ‏@cinefilevideo 30 Mar
Thanks to Maggie Gyllenhaal for supporting the store tonight!!

Emily Kirk ‏@GettinKirked 29 Mar
Oh hey there Maggie Gyllenhal. Yes, I'll talk to you about our Easter Baskets and TRY to keep it cool
9:03 PM - 29 Mar 13 · Details

If there are so many one-stop flights from say, NY to Vancouver, why wouldn't Maggie fly with the girls from Brooklyn straight to Vancouver?

The question is what drew Maggie to L.A. on March 22 and had her staying through at least Easter, Mar 31 when we're made to think that Jake and Mama were in Brooklyn. That means the family was greatly separated over Passover, right?

If Peter came down to L.A. over Easter weekend as he was sighted to be doing, why would Jake be seen nearing Vancouver now?

It would just appear to be a huge mess if you sit and think about it and try to get your head around all of this traveling.

prairiegirl said...

WT*??? said...

are you blind people?

And you have the utter nerve to cry and whine next door over how you're supposedly treated over here and why would that be?

Look at that comment; that's precisely why. We've been discussing on here all day quite civilly. No rudeness. No cursing.

You get your back hairs up over our discussion because you don't like what you see and look how you enter the conversation.

Set it to music.

Are you sure? said...

Unless Jake was prone to eating at Yeah Burger all the time, there was one problem with this scenario. Emily wasn't in the States at the time he was spotted at Yeah Burger on Jan 31.

Jake eaten at Yeah burger several times.And you know it.

prairiegirl said...

No surprise either on the Greenwich restaurant pic. Already seen it.

Doesn't matter.

Spin Spin Spin said...
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PR Orange Alert said...

Everyone, PR is in the building. Repeat, PR is in the building.

Sayanara, PR. Read it and Weep.

Signing off.

Enough Is Enough said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Jake eaten at Yeah burger several times. And you know it.

And, your point is? Oh, that's right your not here to contribute to the discussion. Or, to make sense, for that matter. You're here to disperse and distract.

Let me write the text slower to see if you can grasp the concepts involved:

1) The photo of Jake and old Emily at Yeah Burger was from January 31, per the Facebook poster.

2) The poster indicates the picture was taken in Atlanta. PeachyScoop confirms the sighting.

3) But, Emily tweets she's in Paris from January 29 (arrives) thru February 2(departs).

Conclusion: PR screwed up again.

Methodical Muser said...

Shut up PG Jake was in NY, sorry If I spoiled your Easter fanfiction, with pics and fact, but just deal with it

Another cogent argument, I see. I'm literally dazzled by your brilliance.

No no no ;) said...

1) The photo of Jake and old Emily at Yeah Burger was from January 31, per the Facebook poster

.No way the pic was posted on 6 feb, The facebook poster, posted just a Jake sighting at Yeah burger, and he eaten at Yeah burger several times before and after that day with "old Emily "

Methodical Muser said...

What really makes this whole set up pathetic is that CAA and WME had already established a pattern of the whole family being together during holidays, including Jewish observances. We have untold Thanksgivings and Christmases, Yom Kippur in October 2011. Easter Sunday in 2012 and now we're to believe the whole fam disperses during Passover week and for Easter. Only Jake and his mommy stay together. How sweet AND creepy.

Settle this? said...

What is the wording of the January 31 Facebook post?

Yes, Jake could have eaten at Yeah Burger multiple times. Probably did. But if the Jan 31st sighting mentioned Emily or a girl that looks like her, then... PR screwed up.

Ducky Dale said...

I don't understand why it is creepy? Because ad adult son is spending a Sunday with his Mom? I'm missing something.

Point of origin said...

No way the pic was posted on 6 feb, The facebook poster, posted just a Jake sighting at Yeah burger, and he eaten at Yeah burger several times before and after that day with "old Emily "

That isn't right. If you look carefully at the blurbs they are actually referring to the same sighting. Note how they even get the time of day wrong. If you count backwards, this article is still referring to February 1. In other words, the original Facebook sighting was the origin of the couple of other mentions that followed.

From February 8, 2013:
But! Jake Gyllenhaal did also stop by YEAH! Burger Westside last Thursday night, and noshed on a bun-less Bison burger (and someone took a cheeky pic).

There was another pic of Jake with a guy, from inside Yeah Burger, but that was from March.

the real m said...

Well, I always know something is up when the comment count is way higher than normal. Someone stirring the pot and arguing just to argue.

Speaking of closed blogs, the whole tone of IHJ seems different now. I would not be surprised if some PR firm bought it.