Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Can't forget Austin.  He might not tip his cap to every team in Major League Baseball, but he's done his time playing .

On the small screen 

And in  the big show too.

 Here he is action in Full Count/Lenexa One Mile

And while he was making Full Count Austin hit the majors.


Jersey Tom said...

I love baseball. Got to wonder at this point about anyone who would relay believe Jake is dating this girl.

burger king said...

Yes, Jake could have eaten at Yeah Burger multiple times. Probably did. But if the Jan 31st sighting mentioned Emily or a girl that looks like her, then... PR screwed up

But that never happened, the facebook sighting never mentioned Emily or a girl that looks like her, just Jake, and Jake eaten at YB, several times before and after.

burger king said...

That isn't right. If you look carefully at the blurbs they are actually referring to the same sighting. Note how they even get the time of day wrong. If you count backwards, this article is still referring to February 1. In other words, the original Facebook sighting was the origin of the couple of other mentions that followed.

No that is not true, one more time,Jake eaten at YB several times, there are several sighting of him before and after Emily, the seme for The optimist, the facebook poster never mentioned Emily or any other girl.

dating rituals said...

The contrived media construction that has become Jake Gyllenhaal's image is not even up for debate among those who have watched Jake's career crash and burn since Reeke. I agree with the person who called the whole thing pretty creepy and I'll add that it's offensive too.

How many women has his PR team paired him with over the past two years? Certainly, far too many to count or to care. It's obvious that he's gay. But, he is so ashamed of anyone even thinking that he is, that he can't live quietly. Oh no. He has to make sure that we continue to be assaulted with flimsy stories about his heterosexual love life every three to four months. The new pattern is that paid celebrity sites and manufactured tweets (sometimes supplied with carefully posed pics on twitter or FB) tell us how he met these women at some known public place we had previously been told he frequents (e.g. the subway, Soul Cycle). Maybe next time it will be an airport somewhere. Or, a coffee shop. Regardless of the next venue, the painfully obvious point of this nonsense is to gin up a a flimsy/bogus credibility to the "love" story. Then the article informs everyone that they've been actually secretly seeing each other for a month or so; then they disappear. I believe this technique started with Rachel Bilson right before the infamous, and laughable Taylor Swift arrived on the scene. We saw it with Minka Kelly too.

Overpaid publicists think we're so stupid that we believe Jake expertly hides these women for a month or two and then suddenly -- oops! -- the "relationship" becomes public (leaks out) in some kind of big way. What a joke. Sort of like Jake himself.

Maybe said...

come on Tom, he may be or he may not. Not a big deal.

The rest of the world said...

It's obvious that he's gay

Hum No it isn't obvioud at all.

Dining Out said...

If one looks closely, there were probably two, certainly no more than three times that Jake was seen eating at Yeah Burger. That first instance, from February 1, was repackaged many times over, for several weeks, by folks like PeachyScoop to make it seem like Jake was there all the time. PeachyScoop is nothing but a gun for hire who is, and continues to be, on speed dial while Jake is in Atlanta so she can convince the public of his "whereabouts".

Then, in March, there was actually a separate Yeah Burger pic of Jake with a guy. But, notice that the man's back is to the camera, which is more normal (natural). Completely, different that the Emily photo op, which is obviously staged from the get go.

She is posed at another table on the same side as Jake so the camera can get a clear shot of her face. Also, it's interesting that Jake is eating outside in the dead of winter. Yet, in March, which is much warmer, he's eating inside the joint. I think that's what the person meant yesterday when they noted that the temp was only a high of 46 degrees. Get a load of the soiled napkins and used beverage cups arranged in the foreground of the photo yet, conveniently, no one is outside to block the view of the camera lens. As arranged beforehand, there's just the paid photographer (who neither Jake nor Emily apparently notice) with a direct line of sight to supply an HQ pic of the two for later mass distribution. This was no date, but rather a one time staged "coupling" calendared for the March roll out of Jake's new "rumored" girlfriend.

That's why, even though Emily was in NY during Easter weekend, Jake was not seen shopping with her or at the restaurant, but rather with his mother. Emily was hired for a one "night" stand, if you will. Just like all his other recent "beards." Actually, that's pretty much been the set up since contractual demise Taylor Swift.

Jersey Tom said...

No maybes. Get real.

Jersey Tom said...

I have to disagree thay Jakes career has burned and crashed. His popularity it not what it was before BBM but he has done ok. Not gonna be a superhero but he has certainly got and done some good work after POP. That movie made him and Reesr some money. Thank God the movie and reeke didnt ruin his career totally.

A brave new world...only not so much said...

Jake is a liar. In my books, that's still a big deal, regardless of who is doing the double-dealing.

In fact, how Jake has been behaving over the past five years or so, is what has finally convinced me he does have children and that Austin is still in his life as his partner in crime. We all know Jake has no spine and he has no problem with deception or guile. So why hasn't he involved himself in a sham marriage yet? He has the ethics of a cockroach, after all.

So yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal has kids and a boyfriend/husband/partner/soul mate (whatever the heck Austin is to him). And, he's continuing to raise those kids in the shadows as if they are some kind of social experiment. What's even more despicable is that there is a whole media apparatus out there to help him do it. All kinds of crazy and sobering.

not really said...

The movie Jake made with Reese was an utter disaster at the box office. I believe it made only 9-10 million dollars. Worldwide only 27 million. Rendition ranks like 51 on the all time list of WORST OPENINGS ever! Up until that crash landing, Jake's career trajectory was only moving upward. Afterwards, not so much.

At best, Jake has a mediocre acting career going for him. He is very much a working actor. Nothing more. Nothing less. And, certainly nothing special.

Jersey Tom said...

Should dave been right after BBM

McDonalds said...

no there are at least 4/5 sightings of Jake at YB, the article that you quoted said

"But! Jake Gyllenhaal did also stop by YEAH! Burger Westside last Thursday night, and noshed on a bun-less Bison burger (and someone took a cheeky pic)",

but the Emily pic was taken in the morning as you can see. So no the same sighting.

never, ever said...

@Tom is your meaning that Reese received some of the money from PoP (part of the contract), or that her association with Jake got her publicity and PR gigs (like the Avon thing.) I wouldn't be surprised if she got some of the money because she helped land him the gig.

On the Emily thing, I agree that this is like a Minka Kelly thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they were paired up one more time publicly to make it look like a 2-3 month relationship actually took place before breaking it off due to their "busy schedules."

Sigh. Jake's never, ever coming out on his own.

prairiegirl said...

PeachyScoop is nothing but a gun for hire who is, and continues to be, on speed dial while Jake is in Atlanta so she can convince the public of his "whereabouts".

Isn't that the truth.

She is posed at another table on the same side as Jake so the camera can get a clear shot of her face. Also, it's interesting that Jake is eating outside in the dead of winter. Yet, in March, which is much warmer, he's eating inside the joint. I think that's what the person meant yesterday when they noted that the temp was only a high of 46 degrees. Get a load of the soiled napkins and used beverage cups arranged in the foreground of the photo yet, conveniently, no one is outside to block the view of the camera lens.

Excellently pointed out. Exactly.

For all of the grainy, fuzzy, cut-off pictures we always get of Jake anymore with his assumed meal companions, for this picture of him and his "new love" Emily, you couldn't have a clearer, direct head-on shot.

The whole thing was set up and staged. Anyone can and should be able to see it.

Just about everything concerning "public" Jake is staged and set up. No one identified the girl as Dido at the time this photo was released, although I'll admit I wouldn't have known her from Adam. Only at a later time, after the splashy US Weekly revelation, was she identified as his fellow burger chomper.

Perhaps this was the ever "brilliant" WME's way of making it appear more natural and believable, who knows.

Some fans need to get a clue. Just like another point made, if Dido was filming her Maybelline shoot in NYC on Thursday, there should be no reason why Jake would be dining, shopping and strolling alone with his mother on Easter Sunday without her coming along.

Why wasn't Dido in the Greenwich meal pic? How come their one picture together has to come in Atlanta of all places when it was allegedly NYC at Spin Cycle that they met? Heaven knows, there've been tweets now of him spinning away, but no one has mentioned him tandem spinning with his new love.

Very, very poorly and haplessly executed by Jake's WME Team. Like they could care less how believable of a job they do. It's an insult to the intelligence of the human mind.

We won't even get into how they let the college student girlfriend dissipate into thin air before they rolled onto this new chick.

prairiegirl said...

And yes, it is creepy to see Jake alone with his mother so often, I'm sorry but it is.

When he was 22-24, it was sweet. It's part of what attracted me to him, I thought what a nice guy. He's so family oriented.

Well, at 32 years old, it's not so endearing. It might be if he was married and the whole family unit was walking together or he just did it once in awhile. But his mother continues to be frequent meal companions and escorts to public venues.

If I didn't know he needed her as a cover for Austin and the kids, I would think he was Norman Bates reincarnated instead. And if you don't believe he's married in private, this outing really ought to be sending out all kinds of red flags and bell ringing.

prairiegirl said...

Whether or not that is Jake in Seattle, and I have to say I'm not 100% convinced although I'm leaning towards it being, the biggest question remains why was Maggie in L.A. with the girls for so long while her husband was filming. Why were Jake and Mama G all the way over in NYC? It certainly wasn't to make it look like he was there to be with Dido because she and Jake weren't ever spotted together.

It is a glaring issue because of the way it pertains to Jake, the family and Easter weekend. As M&M said yesterday, CAA and WME cooked their own goose by sending the family out together on Yom Kippur and Easter Sunday photo ops as well as sending out splashy stories from movie directors who were awed by Jake's sense of family and Judaism tradition with his enthusiasm for cooking the Seder meal.

For whatever reason, the intent was published to make it look as though the family was just all split up over the holiday. Myself? My belief is that Jake doesn't want to be seen anymore in full Gyllenhaal family photo ops with Ramona and Gloria in the pictures if his own children aren't going to be in the picture as well. There's no way he could ever explain that to BT.

Why so bitter? said...

At best, Jake has a mediocre acting career going for him. He is very much a working actor. Nothing more. Nothing less. And, certainly nothing special.

Oh please cut your bitter c**p:


Winners of the off-Broadway honors will be announced on May 5

...this year's ceremony will take place on May 5 at New York University's Skirball Center...
Nominees in acting categories included Danny Burstein (Talley's Folly), Jake Gyllenhaal (If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet), America Ferrera (Bethany), and Vanessa Redgrave (The Revisionist)

Broadway News ‏@Broadway_News

Lucille Lortel Nominees Include The Flick, Murder Ballad, Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Redgrave:... http://q.gs/3uAH2 #broadway

Paris Match put An enemy in the most interesting movie of the year, and a possibe contender for Cannes. The prisoner was in the hw black list for years the director is an Oscar winner and he wanted jakeso much that he also changed the script for him ,EOW was one of the best movie of 2012. And the play was an Off Brodway hit.

can you tell me more said...

I'm interested in what Denis Villeneuve change in Prisoner's for Jake.

718 pm said...

I don't know but there is a Variety article about that.

Seen This Trick Before said...

Interesting attempt to steer conversation away from an undesirable topic.

Is Jake off topic? said...

Sorry but what undesirable topic?

All your mistakes and fiction?

Special K said...

I'll have to look up the Variety article. I can't remember it at the moment.

I find it interesting how many directors have made changes so they can work with Jake.

Special K said...

As for the whole Easter thing. There was something very pointed about it. Jake made sure to be seen which is not his M.O. recently. Usually he wants to be under the radar. He definitely wanted to be seen and seen in NY. It was a very coordinated move. Like I have said in the past, when need to cover something big, you go big. This was Jake going big, that tells me it was a family celebration with Austin and the kids.

He doesn't have to spend every holiday with his sister, but it doesn't make sense that she went to LA with Peter in Vancouver and then Jake in New York. And then Jake possibly popping up in Seattle. Is there something going on with Maggie and Peter and Jake's the go -between?

big modern family said...

Jake and Maggie's dad live in LA, nothing strange about Maggie and the kids in LA with granpa for Easter holydays. But You can't leave Mom alone in NY, So Jake was in NY with her. Very simple to me.

big modern family said...

With kids I mean Meggie and Peter 's kids.

Special K said...

I think both Maggie and Jake's relationship with their dad is not close as it was before. It is clear that have chosen their mother, as you have not seen them with their dad at all, except for his wedding. And it seem like Jake's and Maggie's presence gave Stephen want he really wanted press.

I can also see how thing could be estranged now that Stephen now has another family, his two young step sons.

Twitter said...

Why would Maggie be checking into a hotel on Easter weekend if she was there to spend Easter with her father?

Nicole Marino (@nicoleebabyy10)
3/29/13, 12:37

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rachel in The Dark Knight, just checked into my hotel!!! Omg favorite movieeeee

And where was she in L.A. between the 22nd and the 29th?

MF said...

But he is stil Jake and Maggie's dad, and Ramona and Gloria's grampa,Family is family, no matter what happened, you just have to deal with it.

MF said...

Because her father have another family? And Maggie have jake's House in LA, no need foe any hotel.

Oh, I just remembered 24 hours later said...

CineFile (@cinefilevideo)
3/30/13, 0:14

Thanks to Maggie Gyllenhaal for supporting the store tonight!!

CineFile (@cinefilevideo)
3/30/13, 12:37

thanks to Peter Sarsgaard as well for stopping in with Maggie Gyllenhaal last night and supporting the store!

Hum said...

So what?

Another Peter after mention said...

Emily Kirk ‏@GettinKirked 29 Mar

Oh hey there Maggie Gyllenhal. Yes, I'll talk to you about our Easter Baskets and TRY to keep it cool
9:03 PM - 29 Mar 13 · Details

Emily Kirk ‏@GettinKirked 30 Mar

Just bagged a shit ton of groceries and an Easter basket for Maggie Gyllenhal and her hubby. Whoa. Good thing I played cool!
8:17 PM - 30 Mar 13 · Details

Jersey Tom said...

Yes I do think Reese got paid for reeke.

??? said...

I don't get your point, Maggie and Peter were in LA for Ester holidays so?

prairiegirl said...

Totally agree Reese was paid for Reeke. I wonder though if she was docked some because she cut out early, LOL.

read up about her said...

I can also see how thing could be estranged now that Stephen now has another family, his two young step sons.

Stephen isn't a stepfather. His wife doesn't have kids. Those kids in the wedding photos were most likely her nephews.

Special K said...

She is younger than Stephen and I'm pretty sure they are her boys.

Wiki said...

according to Wikipedia Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal, born Kathleen Kwai Ching Man,doesn't have kids

Occupation Filmmaker
Years active 2000-present
Home town Oahu, Hawaii
Spouse(s) Stephen Gyllenhaal
Family Maggie Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

destiny said...

Lots of interesting conversations to catch up on.

I haven't always believed Jake plays so many games with where he is, but I'm beginning to think he might do it more than I think.

I believe Maggie and her family probably did spend time with her dad for the holidays, after all even if kids and parents aren't getting along, grandparents often still spend time with grandkids.

I would be surprised if Jake still has his house in LA.

I agree Dating Rituals, except I think most people have no idea how they are being played, because they are just not paying that much attention.

destiny said...

LOL, PG, I didn't get your dinosaur avatar.

I agree that Reese was paid for Reeke, probably a cut of POP.

acting chops said...

If Jake is such a great actor then why did Michael Pena get nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor and NOT "badass" Jake Gyllenhaal? And, I wouldn't be surprised if Jake's Critics Choice nomination for Best Supporting Actor in an Action Film was bought and paid for by WME. Why? Well, because there were only 4 nominated movies for Best Action Movie this year, and all the actors who were nominated were in those four movies. Except, of course, Jake. Who stood out like a sore thumb. In other words, the only actor in the category whose movie was not nominated.

Winner: Skyfall

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises

Winner: Daniel Craig – Skyfall

Christian Bale – The Dark Knight Rises
Daniel Craig – Skyfall
Robert Downey Jr. – The Avengers
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Looper
Jake Gyllenhaal – End of Watch

Academy said...

acting chops you are getting Ridiculous, cut this bitter crap.
Go on Rotten Tomatoes or read some Reviews about EOW and Jake's performance, or about Jake in the play.

the real m said...

I seem to recall ent lawyer clearly stating that Reese got paid for the bearding contract. And it was a lot. Over a million. If not a reveal, then it was an obvious blind at the time.

The troll would be a lot more interesting if they paid more attention to their spelling. But then it may be a PR tactic to look like a fan. At least it has everyone fired up and interested in Jake again.