Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Dirty Dozen

Get out your red pens and scorecards because it's Red Arrow Time

And it's all about the alleged picture of Jake and Anna K.

Ready set go.....

1. Why is there a perfect subtle line down the middle of picture - to the left it is out of focus and fuzzy and to the right, clear and sharp?

 (working clockwise)

2. (Right lower corner) From the angle of the camera how can the person (who is left handed btw) drinking the beer be sitting so close to the photographer, who used his right hand to take the picture?

3.The table and the glasses.  It looks like a picnic table but actually it look more like  long tables at a beer garden.  Also look at the size of the glasses - they are larger than the ones that are used in the US.   Why does the the picture make you think Europe  more than NYC?

4. Hand with the glass (left side of picture).  Look at the picture.  Why does it look like that hand is resting on the girls shoulder. Who would put a glass that close to someone's face.  And for matter How freakin' tall must that person be if it is over 5'2" inches ( the height of the Anna K if that is who they are claiming it to be) and they're still not anywhere close their mouth.

5. Speaking of height - how can Anna at 5' 2" with her head bent down be the same height as Jake who is 6'.   And don't say they are sitting because look at the guy to Jake's right - he's standing and so are all the people standing behind them.

6. Why is the girls head too small for her body?  And if you say that's her pony tail, look again you don't see a neck and look at  the hand to the left there is a distinct line between the knuckles of the hand holding the glass and the side of her hair.

7. Speaking of hair - it can't be Anna.  Why?  Because Anna doesn't have red hair at the moment.  She's gone blonde for a role.  She put a picture up of her with blonde hair on her instagram April 11 that was Thurs.  How did she have red hair 2 days later  (Source)

8. Grey sweater/ Jake's Hat. The person in the grey sweater is out of proportion. The shoulder if too big and round for a person who has a torso that trim.  Or should that be "thinned" as in Photoshopped.  Also the tip of their chin is cut off.

9. And Jake's head is known to be big, really big, but it looks small in comparison to the upper arm of the person in the grey sweater.  Something stinks and it starts at the head in this arrow.

10.   Speaking of stinking from the head down.  Check out under Jake's chin.  If you are going to fill in the space underneath after you dropped him in the picture at least make the pixels the same color. It's a shade or two off, and it shows!

11.  Look how sharp the line between Jake's back and the person in the black shirt behind him is... it lends to the argument that Jake was dropped into the picture.

12.  Look at Jake's lower back. What is that supposed to be pushing up his shirt?  If it was a glass it is smaller than anything else in the whole picture and any of the other glasses.  If it was a can, it would be more likely tipped over than pushing up a shirt.

Think a dozen is enough?


Not Anna said...

I don't see the line.

This photo looks to have been cropped, perhaps significantly, from its original size. There are a few reasons I suspect this, the most obvious being that Jake was likely farther away than he appears and the photo was cropped to display the celebrity. The focus was set on the guy in the glasses, thus things closer are out of focus.

Was this posted in Instagram? If so, the poster may have applied additional filters.

I don't know why anyone would conclude that the woman seated/standing next to Jake is Anna Kendrick. That isn't her hair color when it is dark or newly blonde, and I would hope she's have better taste in clothes.

Not Anna said...

Jake's ear is in crisp focus. Was his ear photoshopped on?

Honestly I think this is just a crappy mobile lens.

Special K said...

To add to what you are saying:

A filter would filter the whole picture not half the picture.

The proportions are off and not just due to cropping. The proportions are off in relation to other objects within the picture itself.

But why are things filled in under Jake's chin? Why is someone else chin cut off?

Special K said...

Jake is in focus. Because he was dropped into the picture.

The whole left side of the picture is out of focus. Jake is like the line of demarcation between the two sides.

prairiegirl said...

Another question regarding the girl's hair is if it's Anna K, did she get a pixie cut because her hair totally disappears under her shirt collar. What is that all about?

That picture is all kinds of screwed up, man.

Who is so desperate to try and start stories about Jake and his former co star? Talk about desperate. lol.

And btw, isnt it about Day 41 of The Search for Emily Dido?

yom kippĆ¹r epic fail said...

Omg you really need some help

if you want to be taken seriously or at least not mocked stop with this nonsense.
BTW, check out the restaurant pics, that is the desk of Spotted Pig.
Anna is sitting on a stool, and the photo that she posted on twitter is in black and white.
All the problems of perspective that you point out are non-existent and ridiculously forced.

Special K said...

If you check the link I gave it's from US weekly. It is about Anna changing her hair color to blonde for a role and posted on Instagram.

And as a now long time blonde who started out life as a more strawberry strawberry blonde I know the difference between what a b&w pic of red hair looks like vs. b&w of pic of blonde hair, because I have my own.

That's blonde hair. The picture in the is red. Does match up.

And oh here is the link to US Weekly one more time.

It might be Spotted Pig but that picture is all kind of Photoshopped and you know it.

(Just check under Jake's chin)

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh, we are taken very seriously, 12:26. That's why people like you hang out here looking to see what OMG is talking about. You're one of the many. "Mocked?' You could only wish.

Here's something for you to chew on. I've said this before but I think it bears repeating. OMG has not lost blog followers despite Jake having lost online fans.

No, OMG has only gained followers. Special has more hits in 2013 on a monthly basis than she has ever had.

She'll never get on here and brag about it so I'll do it for her because people like you need to know. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you were from his team.

So know this. We may miss some but we're hitting the mark more than we miss. We know the basic secrets and we're onto the games and the charades. And people like myself aren't going anywhere. I speak only for myself by saying I fully intend to keep contributing by pointing out what I see and observe as long as I'm physically able to do so and as long as the blog is up. And I believe Special just said yesterday or the day before that she has every intent of keeping OMG alive.

So you can try and verbally intimidate all you want - it's futile.

prairiegirl said...

lol, got a little carried away so I had to redo my comment. I think it was the remnants of this morning McD iced coffee. Geez!!! Only now, a couple hours later, is it fit to drink after having watered down. I mean, what in the heck did they do to that coffee? That stuff about made me stretch up 4 inches taller.

Blondy said...
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ID said...

About the smoking a joint picture, tall guy facing Jake (back to the camera)=Austin? Height, ear, stubble and clothes match.

Who knows? said...

Austin, David Modigliani, Jake's assisten for the play, Marshall guy from Mumford and sons,can be any one of them or none of them

SP said...

Under Jake's chin what? It seems JUSTa glimpse of the gray sweater of the person next to him, no cig.

Jake in Utah last week said...

I don't think anyone brought this tweet up. The person seems legit. And, interestingly enough, Austin has relatives who live just 15 minutes away from Murray, Utah.

prairiegirl said...

Honestly, the joint picture is not of much importance to me. I am not necessarily buying that Jake was even in NYC last weekend. That Spotted Desk Pig picture is all kinds of cut and pasted. And there's no way to positively identify that smoking pic as being where they say it is nor the date of it. You can't see anything but bodies, there's no surroundings whatsoever.

It's not enough, sorry. But that video from The Hollywood Reporter? That was hands-on, in full view, in HD 3D.

Blondy said...

What you say does not have the slightest sense, or semblance of verisimilitude, or you think you are the only dyed blonde in the universe?

Obviously that is Anna kendrick with her new hair with Jake in NY.
What does this mean? Nothing, so there is no need to put on all this inglorious farce, which has been the only result of making yourself ridiculous.

Got a question said...

What day was this supposed Anna Kendrick sighting?

Btw: That is a Photoshop job, if I've ever seen one.

Obvious said...

Obviously that is Anna kendrick

How is that pic obvious that it's Anna Kendrick? That tells me someone's desperate. I just showed the photo to my friend and she laughed when I asked who that back was. They said, "Are you kidding me? No one could tell who that is."

FYI said...

f that's a photo shop job I'm superman, the joint photo, the date is Saturday, April 13, and we also know the place Radegast Cheers.
The photo with Anna instead of Friday, in addition to the photos there is a tweet of a different person of course

@alxVoorhees: @PerezHilton Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick at Spotted Pig together…just sayin

but they were also together the morning after for lunch

The Frenemy Online ‏@The_Frenemy 13 Apr

Ate wontons, saw Anna Kendrick and Jake Gylenhaal, did not get to butcher his name to his face, life isn't perfect

4:03 PM - 13 Apr 13

Special K said...

Well the picture dated the 13th proves it's a photoshop. Because Anne had blonde hair on the 11th for an upcoming movie. You can't go back to your natural hair color in 2 days after you bleach it.

Occam razor said...

We know that is Anna because other people have seen them together in that restaurant, different people than those who took the photo, and we know that she is now blonde for a role because she has posted this information and photo, and because the characteristics physical fit perfectly.
Occam razor

NOPE said...

no the photo is dated 12 April, Friday April 12.

FYI said...

The next sighting at lunch is dated 13 April.

Special K said...

If you call that blonde, you don't know blonde is.

Anna posted a picture of her with lighten blonde hair on THURSDAY APRIL 11th. GO LOOK AT IT.

That picture of them is said to be from Friday the 12th. And that person has red hair.

Hair color doesn't work that way.

had my share of hairdressing said...

Please Do not continue with this ridiculous story I know what is blond and what not, those are not red hair, but dark hair just dyed blond, we all know that it takes a bit of steps before becoming platinum blonde ;) come on.

B&W said...

yet the photo is in black and white with the headlights pointing is impossible to assess the degree of staining

Special K said...

Dying darkens hair. Bleaching lightens hair. It's bleached and it light and it will appear lighter in a B&W picture than her natural auburn hair.

And I'm not the one who needs to stop going on about it. I wrote the post.

You have dug your own hole trying to argue that that's Anna with red hair the day after she bleached it. Give it up.

gentlemen prefer blondes said...

I'm sorry but it is not this way, the hair of Anna are not red, they are just dyed blond, the color is just done and as always when you go in one step from the dark to blonde hair color remains yellow wet straw. Probably the choice of black and white photos is for not too bring out the color gaunt.

tsk tsk said...

hey Special Give it up!;)

well, it looks like the hair of Anna are the same as the picture taken at Spotted Pig with Jake;)

Special K said...

Here's the instagram pic that you should be looking at.

Red hair does not photograph like that.

And you still haven't any touched any of the other points that it is Photoshopped. Like why her head is too small for her body. If we just want to focus on your Anna fixation.

OR the fact that peoples' chins were cut off. Or why the picture is half in focus and half out of focus right down the middle. And don't call it an instagram filter. No filter does that.

Special K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

This is extremely fascinating, everyone, isn't it? This is much more than blond hair vs strawberry. Someone is bound and determined to have the final say that that is Anna Kendrick with Jake at the Spotted Pig last weekend. Notice they're not saying anything about a possible relaysh. It's all about Jake needing to be in NYC last weekend.

That needs to be Anna. That needs to be Jake at Spotted Pig. That needs to be Jake at Ratatouille last
weekend too. It's imperative these pictures be true so that Jake's whereabouts be accounted for.

Because there's been a little issue floating around out
there of Jake being seen in Utah last weekend.

Utah, you ask? What in the heck Utah, you say? No way! Well maybe not that far off. The grocery store Jake was spotted at was pretty darn close to where a relative of Austin's is. What kind of coincidence is that?

And for me, that knowledge gives this obsession over two pictures all kinds of bells and red flags.

No said...

Actually I answered all the points, I saw that picture, but it is in black and white and there is no way to assess the gradation of color. I do not find that the Anna's head is smallest, she has a sort of raised tail and head bowed forward, shoulders collected for the awkward position, this creates the effect, you are saying but it is really forced, Jake is leaning against the counter with his legs and pelvis moved forward, this position lowers considerably compared to Anna which is rather straight on the.

what bullshit said...

His pelvis move forward? Pelvis? Who says pelvis? That's how he's almost a foot shorter?

And you didn't answer Special about the picture being half in focus and half blurry. Even I can see that and I don't know crap about Instagram

Link please:) said...

for wat I know Jake was in ny Friday,

while yesterday was with Marcus and Carey in this place for this Carey's movie:

TriBeCa Film Festival in NYC - 'The Pretty One' Screening, April 20 2013

Norman Brannon ‏@nervousacid 13m

The guy from Mumford & Sons is hugging Jake Gyllenhaal right now. I’m sitting adjacent, politely live tweeting their bromance.

melissa ‏@cybermelli
jake gyllenhaal is here talking to real carey. we found her.

Today, instead of IHJ there are some photos of Jake walking through Soho, from Yesterday I suppose.

but if Jake is instead in california and you have the proof is fine with me if itis the truth.

pov said...

I've already answered frankly I find ridiculous arguments, and all the problems of perspective that you point out are actually non-existent or ridiculously forced. In that pic There are not problems of perspective or focus.

Not me said...

I'm sorry but the only one who needs to prove that it was not Anna and it was not Jake, and not in NY are you.
You are the one who, put on this show full of red arrows.

Methodical Muser said...

Is that you, UV? Are you trying to pretend to be an intellectual like Jake, with all those polysyllabic words?

LMAO said...

no no I'm just Jake LOL

boring said...

The picture is Photoshopped. Can we move on?

Methodical Muser said...

Okay, so now UV is suffering from multiple personality disorder.

prairiegirl said...

Nope we're not the ones who went outside the blog about these pictures. Remember it was someone else who brought them here. So since the pictures were brought here, we're reacting.

Just like the Hollywood Reporter video. Someone brought it to us to make a point about Jake saying he had no kids. I watched part of it and pointed out a few interesting moments.

Don't come here acting like we're going door to door with our findings and speculations.

You. Came to us.

And no we are not stopping. Too bad so sad.

Spoiled another fiction said...

Ho ho but is not that boring or that photoshopped hu?

lame said...

We know that is Anna because other people have seen them together in that restaurant

I'm afraid that kind of testimony would not hold up in a court of law. "Other people?" lol. That persuades me.

hOLY SHIT said...


Special K said...

Here's about Reese's arrest via TMZ



Stupid drunk idiot.

the real m said...

Great sleuthing. That photo reminds me of the deck photo at McCanuaughy's party where people's arms and clothes were on the next person or two over. Jake's PR gets a major fail for their photoshopping skills, for which we are enormously grateful as their mistakes are what keeps us confident. As do the paid flacks who argue endlessly when faced with clear evidence. That is what makes it fun. They will argue that the sky is green when every one sees blue before they even look at the picture themselves.

Emily DiDo was in Utah said...

The dates don't match up, but my guess is the "Jake is in Utah" tweet is a placecard to place him in roughly the same place as Emily D. in roughly the same time period.

There will probably be a breakup story in US Weekly, you know.... they both worked too much, their schedules didn't allow for them to spend much time together... blah blah blah.

DWitherspoon said...

I feel like I've heard rumors that Jim Toth is an alcoholic for awhile. I KNOW I've heard rumors that Reese drinks a LOT.

I'm not a prude and it's fine if people want to party, but it is never fine to drive intoxicated and these two can afford limo service 1000 times over!

Also, two parents that have a family with kids, both in the same car driving drunk? What if they'd been killed? SO irresponsible.

Everyone knew that Reese's image was totally manufactured - now we have plenty of proof.

Guess she finally got to WALK THE (yellow) LINE.

Now you're just being silly said...

Don't think so. Because why would PR intentionally place Jake in NY with Anna Kendrick at the same time old Emily was supposedly on a girls' road trip somewhere in the southwest. PR certainly wouldn't intentionally place Jake in NY when he was supposed to be with her in Utah.

On the other hand, PR most definitely would lie about Jake being in NY (hence the Photoshopped mess with Anna Kendrick), if he was sneaking off to be with Austin in Utah. So try again.

UTAH said...

It wasn't a girls road trip, it was a photo shoot with models and crew - a caravan. She was working. And her Utah dates were before Jake was tweeted there, like 2-3 days earlier. And long before Jake was supposedly in NYC with Anna Kendrick.

This IS the absolute best time of year to be in Utah so if Jake was there, he was probably on vacation, hiking or something.

Personally, I think PR places Jake in many places at once intentionally. The best way to hide something like his location is to conflate - easy peasy to do with twitter and it leaves a digital, date-stamped "paper" trail so there is always a contradiction out there somewhere.

Jersey Tom said...

Holy shit. Reeses ass is in the slammer.

Austin is the man said...

Personally, I think PR places Jake in many places at once intentionally.

It was not just 2-3 days. Emily was in the Utah/Vegas area with others (i.e., not Jake) a full 5 days ahead of Jake. It's pretty obvious that PR places Jake in NY to keep him away from the West Coast. So no. They don't want Jake anywhere near a certain someone, so there is no way they would place him in Utah. And definitely not somewhere only 15 miles from Austin's family.

Gee, I wonder why PR would never plant tweets placing Jake on the West Coast? Let's try two little words. Austin Nichols.

TMZ said...

TMZ has Reese and Toth's mugshots now

the real m said...

Personally, I could care less about Reese and her doings. I did not like her even before she bearded for Jake. But .13 is a significant level of alcohol. Most states have a .07 or .08 minimum for a DUI. So he was definitely too drunk to drive.

cops said...

Like most states, the maximum BAC (blood-alcohol content) permissible by DUI law in Georgia is .08 percent. Over this level, a driver is considered ‘per se intoxicated’ and can be proven guilty Georgia DUI based on this confirmed intoxication level alone.

‘Zero tolerance laws’ are intended to keep drivers under the legal drinking age from indulging in the risk of drinking and driving, and therefore there are stricter penalties and limits for underage drivers. A person under the age of 21 is allowed just .02 percent BAC limit by law before being subjected to DUI penalties.

Those drivers with a particularly excessive BAC – .15 percent above the legal limit of .08 percent – incur stricter punishment, as do drivers who refuse to cooperate with chemical testing of breath, blood, or urine to determine intoxication levels. Refusal carries the penalty of a suspended driver’s license for up to one year by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). In addition, for the first DUI offense the mandatory suspension of the driver’s license is one year; for the second offense, three years; for the third offense, five years.

prairiegirl said...

All I can say is they're lucky they didn't kill somebody. Weaving across the line.

As someone who drives every day on the highway, this is one of your worst concerns - the other driver. There's nothing you can do if somebody crosses that line coming the other way.

I don't care if someone wants to get slammered - it's going to be their issue to deal with the next morning, not my problem. But don't endanger me or anyone else on the highway by driving drunk behind the wheel.

That is all kinds of infuriating.

The whole thing is just wild, I'll say that. I never thought I would see ol' Ice Maiden's mug shot plastered on TMZ. Holy jujubes! I feel for her kids. They're going to hear all kinds of things from their classmates at school.

destiny said...

Very busy with family issues lately, so haven't had time to watch the video or closely examine the photos. I tried to skim all the comments, wow, I can't believe how many there are.

The thing that really got me about the Reese story is the attitude she had when they got stopped, expecting that they would get off because of who she is. Really does show what kind of person she is. The drunk driving is of course a terrible thing too.