Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Face Off

Jake doesn't only face off with himself in An Enemy, but now his two movies with have their own face off at Toronto.

It was announced today that both of Jake's new films, An Enemy and Prisoners, are official selections at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

So now Jake has the chance to be seen in Toronto, three times- Actor, Teacher, Detective

And oh... maybe as Kennedy fan. ; )


Kudos said...

I will say this about your blog, you don't delete what you don't like which makes this blog more believable.

My POV said...

I think comments should be deleted when they personally attack posters. It's one thing to have a difference of opinion, it's another that someone comes on and ridicules another one for their beliefs. That's what happened over at Waiting for Toothy. Two or tree harassing people kept trying to intimidate and shut down discussions. The blog now is an absolute joke. I like the fact that abusive responses are deleted here. Keeps the place civil and welcoming. The moderator does a great job in that regard.

the real m said...

I am sure that there is at least one Baby Tile. I would not stake my life on multiples, but if turns out to be more, I would not be surprised either. It makes sense that each man would want one of their own though. And that they would not stop at just one. They have been together long enough to have a brood. And if you can hide 1you can hide 3.

Kismet said...

As far as the idea that they'd each want one of their own, I disagree for a few reasons. Most importantly, having the kids be full siblings might be more important to them. Since the "Mom" isn't a parent, the kids would not have a common biological parent if they had different Dads. What about in the event of a parental split? With different biological Dads it would be far less likely that the kids would stay together, and the absolute most important thing in a divorce is that the kids stay together.

Think about your gay friends with kids - do they do that? Mine don't. The vast majority of my gay friends with kids have adopted, though. One lesbian couple I know used the eggs of one partner and the other partner carried the babies, which I suppose they did so both Moms would have a natural bond with the kids but it was much more expensive for them to do IVF than AI. Both their kids, therefore, are full genetic siblings. None of my gay friends who have kids have intentionally used different eggs or sperm for the kids that I know of - the kids are all full siblings (except some of the adopted ones, though surprisingly not always. My lesbian neighbors have adopted three kids now from the same teen Mom, all a year apart. They only wanted one kid, but she keeps getting pregnant and they want to keep the kids together).

^^ Interesting observation said...

A very valid and rational observation and, point of view kismet. I'm sure any gay couple that deals with those very unique situations are strong and have many interesting stories.