Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the Range(r)

With both Jake and Austin having movies at TIFF OMG kidded that Jake was ahead because there were pictures and a trailer for Prisoners and threw out the challenge to Austin to catch up and find the trailer to go with the promo pictures for Parkland.

Challenge accepted. 

Yesterday Austin tweeted: 

First look at PARKLAND. It took my breath away. WATCH HERE----->

Now pouring through the trailer like it was the Zupruder film,  is Austin living a Texas boy's dream?

 Up and to the Right...
Is he a Texas Ranger?

If so....

Watch out Walker


the real m said...

The idea of Batman and Superman is a total bore. But Parkland looks really good. Really looking forward to that one. Of course JFK was a big deal in my youth. We all remember the day he died so this angle to the story is of interest. Also can't wait for the next Ray Donovan episode. I think it's one of the best shows on TV right now. Almost as good as Breaking Bad.

No thanks on Parkland said...

Too much Zefron.

Jersey Tom said...

I will see Parkland.

Special K said...

Parkland looks really good and I like who've they've cast. Definitely on the the movie list

destiny said...

Parkland is the kind of movie I"m likely to see, but it depends upon the reviews.

prairiegirl said...

People are still fascinated by the Kennedys. If the movie gets decent/good reviews, it'll be popular.

I don't think I could watch it - too sad. But I sure wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Zac Efron as a doctor nor Austin in a Ranger uniform.

I still like Mr. Zac - he's a looker and I like his manner.