Thursday, August 15, 2013

Posting Up

With a just few weeks before all the festivals get into full swing, promotionals are starting  to roll out for both Jake and Austin.

Yesterday Austin tweeted a picture (that won't get him in trouble at home or with management) of Parkland movie poster.

And for other half of the dashing duo, there  several new pictures of Jake in Prisoners promo pics and the International trailer for the movie.

Jake's in front with more promos,  with trailers and pics,  but there's still time Austy for you to catch up, especially with a sneak peek of your 60's Texan look.


Jersey Tom said...

I definitely would see Parkland before Prisoners. I am so many years later still obsessed with that day in November. 1963.

Jersey Tom said...

Actually went to Dallas and toured Dealey Plaza and went up into the book depository museum. Looked out the window where Oswald made the shot from. Still have my doubts.

Jersey Tom said...

WWE wrestler Darren Young coming out is a huge story that is not getting the attention it deserves. The sport of wresting is about as macho and testosterone driven sport as there is. This kind of equates to a NASCAR driver coming out. I can't think of two sports that would be as redneck as these two are. Gonna be a big test. This guy has some real balls and has said some amazing inspiring stuff. I am so interested in seeing how the WWE and its fans handle this.

Jersey Tom said...

Incredible interview with Matt Lauer. I can't believe the class and intellect of Darren. God this really makes HW and its closet queens look like such losers and i am not just talking about Jake. What a sad world HW and its very sick way of viewing todays world is.