Monday, August 5, 2013

Whale of a Tale

Jake's been know to throw out a few Red Herrings over the years. But he might have been caught by the Net. this time 

Maybe he just wanted to celebrate Shark Week with his favorite Shark Week Fan at home?  Whatever the ever the reason, it looks like a fish taco in LA might have been what snagged him up. 

Suddenly after just being "seen" in NYC the day before.  Jake popped up and got "caught" strolling through LAX  yesterday and by nightfall was seen at the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros' show. 

And then  today was seen out and about shopping and driving the truckster around,  and almost ran into former whisker, Reese who was probably circling the same paps for them to catch her fresh new do. 

Maybe he thought well if I got found in LA,  I'm going to get seen in LA.  All over LA. 

And it looks like Jake had a case of the hungries while he was doing it.

 Food.  It feels like I haven't eaten in two months that's for sure. 
 Organic apple sauce or a healthy carob soy pudding snack pack?

 Jake looks like he's trying to eat all the good stuff before he goes home and has to share his snacks with Big and little alike.

 Granola Time?

 Some more for the road:

 Guess he's stocking up for when he has to journey east again.

 The family truckster can handle hauling from  little to big - cargo of course. ; )

Is Jake having a Way Back Moment after realize that he passed on a good thing? (The Way Back that is)


the real m said...

Tom's comment really hit home. It's wonderful that so many are now free to come out, but even better that they are role models for all those on the fence. And the number of role models is growing. I wonder how much longer it will take now for straight or gay to be like left handed or right handed.

Based on the amount of groceries, it looks like Jake will be there for a while. Didn't Austins film wrap recently?

Secret shopper said...

Who needs an assistant at the grocery store? Odd.

prairiegirl said...

The only thing that's obvious at this point is what a one-man show Jake put on in the span of less than 24 hrs. Gee whiz, lol. I'm sure he had a severe case of vertigo afterwards from all the spinning he did trying to act like he just touched down in L.A. BWAH!

Wonder what the encore will be for the next birthday in the line-up?

And what is so funny is he and his people met themselves coming and going. While trying to ride the coattails of the "grocery shopping stroll", you've got another grocery store story, hair salon, and concert citywide tour competing for the same social media space. It actually makes the GF look pretty bad.

Despite all the kicked up gravel and the tire spinning, one thing hasn't changed, Jake. You got caught yet again, buddy. You got caught.

His metabolism's gotta love it, though. LOL!

Jersey Tom said...

Not sure about the birthdays but Jake is in LA because Austin is there. The only thing that may happen now is that Austin will be spotted elsewhere quick. I do certainly now believe the power of social media when it comes to celebs. It is taken very seriously.

Jersey Tom said...

M I still think it will take many years if ever that there is no prejudice against Gay folks. America is still very segregated when it comes to race. As long as the law is fair is all we can ask right now. I do see change among the very young which is awesome.

Hilarity ensues said...

Daily Mail story on Reese / Jake is HILARIOUS.

Who wants to bet this one was 100% set up by both of them?

Anyone know who is representing Jake now on the publicist front? Is he still with ID PR?

The article stretches the demise of Reeke to 2010 and attempts to put them together from 2006 - 2010. Convenient.

Why did they break up?

'They needed time to figure it out and they were on different coasts, When they were finally together, they talked it out and decided they're not going to be together anymore.'

How STRANGE since they both lived in LA for that entire time.

memory lane said...

Maybe Jake is back in L.A. because of one of the little one's birthday? Didn't you guys say he and Austin had a kid in August back in 2010?

Special K said...

All signs pointed that way memory lane.

Jake spent a lot of time in LA that summer and remember Jake popping up at Busy Phillip's daughter's birthday party with Ramona and Maggie. And very tired looking Jake coming out in from a house in the Hollywood Hills to check something in his car for no apparent reason while it looked like paps were staking out the place.

It was also around the time Austin did a twit pic of a little baby t-shirt from The Biltmore Estate in NC when he was filming OTH.

prairiegirl said...

And so when Austin was discovered in Brandon Fuller's picture at Leadville a couple weeks later, the lovebird fathers seemed to be doing a little celebrating, a little chest thumping possibly????

Methodical Muser said...

That was also the summer where Jake was being planted in Martha's Vineyard and then he was found out to be in LA in late July, even though stories were still running that he was back East. Oh, yeah and Austin was tweeting about huggies and being loved up while Matthew Frost tweeted that Austin had too many asses:

@matthewkfrost Just realized I wasn't following my bro @AUS10NICHOLS . Miss you bro, ima #ff yo ass even if you have way too many already

prairiegirl said...

Ahhh the memories. I'll never forget that Saturday of discovering the ol' Leadville pic........

Fun times. **wink**

Kismet said...

I'm confused - how does any of that point to a baby? I'm not stupid, I'm actually quite smart, but I feel like I'm missing something so big here that I feel I have to ask before I spend anymore time here. Is this all just fan fiction?

lol said...
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opinion said...

Kismet, some posters do believe there are kids, some don’t. I think it’s ok to hang out here and express your opinions whatever they are. As long as posters are polite and not trolling, it’s a welcoming place and there is respect about different beliefs.

prairiegirl said...

If that really is you, Kismet, I don't think any of us have to explain anything. #1, Memory Lane was who the comments were in reply to. Memory Lane had recalled some things pointed out in the past and it was great to see somebody who recalled and had retained.

#2, any comment which defers to 'fan fiction' is going to get you immediately red flagged. No one said anything about a new baby, hence the references to 'memories' and '2010'.

It really doesn't matter whether you choose to "spend anymore time" here or not. There's so much history archived on OMG now, the revelations having come from a wide selection of commenters over the years, that the departure of one isn't going to break the bank.

LOL, boy the subject of children just does it every time, doesn't it? Eventually, some things will come to light.

It looks already like it's going to be another Moderation day.

prairiegirl said...

That was nice of you, Opinion, your kind words probably apply to every one here except me because while the other regulars are the tolerant and respectful ones, I lose it real quick the minute someone uses the words fan fiction. That's a deal breaker for me and always will be.

But you're right, I think everybody else here is quite respectful and patient.

Well, it's thunder storming this a.m. I don't think I'm getting my two little Shih Tzus to go out in that today. **sigh**