Saturday, August 3, 2013

Veni Vidi Venice

It won't be just Toronto for Austin' movie Parkland but the Venice Film Festival  too.

Parkland was announced as a competition entry after the initial slate for the Venice Film Festival was unveiled.  The movie will compete for the prestigious Golden Lion.

So Austy we know you love Italy so does this mean you will hop on over again?

"The Italians in the 60's were badass. I've always wanted to live in Italy and walk around the plaza wearing a tie and strange glasses, never caught without a glass of wine or some sort of cocktail"
Austin -Men's Health August 2007

And Jakey you've had a lot of fun in Venice too.

 But if you think you need a cover to be there,  you could say you were there to support your brother-in-law Peter for his movie Night Moves co-starring Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning that is also in the competition.  Don't know how many would believe it but you could try.

The Venice Film Festival runs from August 28th till September 7th.


I hate beardings said...

for the ones who care about following this bearding:

-new pics with the beard: Just Jared

super cheesy Daily Mail title for this set: "Don't let go! Lovebirds Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller keep their fingers laced on a romantic stroll: going from strenght to strenght" (main part of the showbiz site / direct link: DailyMail)

- bearding sightings:

Jordan Crystal @JordieWu ‏ 18h
Just saw Jake Gylenhall at ABC carpet sitting on a couch with some girl on his lap.
from Manhattan, NY

Amelia Teale ‏@lafillebleue 10h
Apparently Jake Gyllenhall & Alyssa Miller got off the subway in SoHo today. Apparently I was within touching distance of them.

- and the always PR reliable Page Six:

Sightings . . .
Last Updated: 12:34 AM, August 4, 2013
Jake Gyllenhaal and his model girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, in Central Park at Shakespeare in the Park’s production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” where an onlooker said, “So impossibly attractive, even if they weren’t famous, people would still stare”
Page Six

Jersey Tom said...

That sure doesn't sound like the way most people talk or write. Look like plants to me. Such detail also. So impossibly attractive. Within touching distance. Who talks like that. Plus how do people know who this girl is. She is not famous.

Kismet said...

PR stories - more of the same. Yawn. That JJ comment thread is a MESS - people falling all over themselves to impersonate posters from here. JJ needs to lock down their comments and require Disqus registration or something. It's highly unusual for a major website to have unmoderated, unverified comments like that these days. PrarieGirl's comment from several days ago was copied and pasted verbatim which is a violation of copyright. Impersonating another person is also against the law.

In other news...

Ted Casablanca ‏@Ted_Casablanca 1 Aug
Hey everybody sincere apologies 4 announcement delay but a certain HUGE Co. likes huge foreplay

Any guesses as to what BIG HUGE media company is in talks with Ted now that his year of non-compete is up? I have to admit I was really hoping he would start his own independent website. If hes working for a media company bigger than E! he will completely have his tongue tied.

Kismet said...

I really hope that Austin shows for those Parkland premieres. He is always staying in the shadows. Even at Berlindale, which was an opportunity for him to step out and be photographed or promote himself, looking at those photos again it is so obvious he intentionally takes a back seat to Jake. If they both have movies at the same film festivals, I worry that Austin won't show.

I know people are tired of hearing about the beard, but it's important to take note of something. After literally dozens of articles and several pap photo shoots, mentions in every major and minor gossip magazine or blog as Jake's girlfriend, Alyssa Miller has increased her twitter following by 4000 people. In 2 months. In twitter numbers for a celebrity that is nothin. Why does this matter? Because it is one of the few immediate, unbiased ways to measure the currency of this PR hookup when it comes to the general public. The Gyllenhaal beard economy is in the toilet, which I think is symptomatic of a lot of things when it comes to Jake's currency as a "star." I guess my conclusion is, from a PR perspective, that the bearding ain't worth it.

CDAN BLIND said...

This pap got a call this week to come take photos of this almost A list mostly movie actor and his "girlfriend." Twenty minutes later he got another call to come take photos of an A list mostly movie actor and his "girlfriend." He made them walk the same block so he would not have to travel all over to do it.

Pap: Pacific Coast News

Couple #1

Couple #2

prairiegirl said...

It's great that we now have additional contributors to OMG - it did fall on just a few of us and it's great to have other eyes; kind of helps to take the pressure off. It is much appreciated and the additional insight has been very beneficial and useful.

But it would be great if we can have eyes for everything, which includes Austin. Because this is a Jake and Austin blog and Special has shown time and time again how things Austin relate to things Jake.

So, I have a tweet which occurred yesterday which is very important but has not been published here yet.

prairiegirl said...

Tamara Bascombe (@TamaraBascombe)
8/3/13, 17:27

Standing in line with Jake Gyllenhaal getting some fish tacos ��������

Fish Tacos

And yes, she is in L.A. this summer. So this is two weekends in a row with tweet sightings of Jake in L.A.

Last week's sighting by @_peach_kelli_pop was promptly eliminated from Twitter before 24 hours was even up.

And now the fish taco tweet? Look at the time of that fish taco tweet - 17:27 CT, which is 3:27PT.

And then in the middle of the night, that sighting was counteracted by a post on Just Jared, placing Jake in TriBeCa.

prairiegirl said...

And I want PR to know that I'm calling BS on this Just Jared post. The Shakespeare in the Park sighting was crap. I don't think they were there, those pictures were fake.

Notice how that Theatre nonsense was isolated on Facebook until after the fish taco tweet and suddenly, it appears on Page Six where it was posted overnight around the same hour that Just Jared posted their piece.

This is no coincidence. Both of those stories were rolled out after PR had to react to the L.A. sighting.

Methodical Muser said...

And, we know that Jake was in LA on/off throughout May, as well. Here we are in August, and Jake is still hanging around Los Angeles. This is a pattern that cannot be ignored. In fact, maybe we haven't seen Atticus since early September 2011 because he stayed with Austin when Jake had the huge bon voyage to the East Coast.

No doubt a PR move to separate Austin and Jake on paper once Austin stopped filming OTH in NC. This tells me that the beard may be about Prisoners, but she also may be about providing Jake with a high profile distraction that makes it seem like he's on the East Coast the entire summer when, in actuality, photoshop, strategically published pics and the use of celebrity blogs and social media are aiding and abetting his ruse.

All Jake has to do is randomly appear from time to time to be in NY and MV to support this hoax, but he maximizes every visit to his advantage. One big example was the first MV visit when he later was seen in North Carolina after his well timed visit. There's little doubt that he dropped by to visit Chris F. and work in his kitchen, but then who knows where he went after that. Oh, that's right we do know: North Carolina. Austin's old stomping grounds.

prairiegirl said...

Right, I'm not saying that Jake wasn't on MV. I'm also not saying he hasn't been in NYC at times. But he's in NYC a lot less than how they're trying to make it look. And this past week is one that I don't think he was there.

Why is there no sighting of the grocery store they're coming out of? Usually when you see grocery store photo ops on JJ, they show the celebs coming out of the store or with the shopping cart, etc. And there's only a couple of things in his plastic sack (Jake, where's your recyclable bag, buddy, if you supposedly live in NYC and are visiting a neighborhood grocery store?) There was not one single tweet or FB sighting of these 2 at the store or walking along the sidewalk. What happened to all those sightings we've been getting? Just like the Yom Kippur photo op, how come no one saw that? You had the entire G-Haal fam walking down the street together sans the patriarch along with Peter Sarsgaard and no one saw them? In these pictures, you cannot see any other people around them because they're so closely cropped. Why is that?

The Just Jared thread is a WME nightmare. Those comments are not what you want to see for your client.
There are over 90 now with some of it being someone carrying a conversation with themselves & imitating others, but otherwise, they are very interesting to read and a real study on what is going wrong with Jake's professional image because the thread is monopolized by arguments over Jake's personal life.

Jake is torpedo'ing his public image right now, in my opinion. This thing with Alyssa Miller is a huge mistake because so many people just are not buying it.

the real m said...

I saw the ent lawyer blind and was about to bring it here but see that someone beat me to it. Glad early risers are on top of things. As usual, Jake is not fooling anyone and actually just annoying people at this stage. In today's environment, hiding that you are gay is worse than keeping it a secret.

covering for 5:18 said...

Anonymous said

Look at Linda Holmes twitter . There is a tweet about jake being confused at an airport. She was at the TV Guide Awards which was in Hollywood CA last noc.

August 4, 2013 at 5:18 PM

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Special K said...

Hi 7:11

Just to let you know there is no Anonymous posting here on OMG. I think you posted this before and someone covered for you. Give yourself a name, for the comment, the day or for good, your choice. But all comments need a name.

I hate seeing comments that add to the discussion deleted based on technicalities.

SK covering for 7:11 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you go to Linda Holmes npmonkeysee twitter, which is a verified account. You will see a tweet about Jake being confused in an airport yesterday. She was at the TV Award show which was held last noc in Hollywood CA.

August 4, 2013 at 7:11 PM

prairiegirl said...

Aw, thank you anon, but I don't see it now. Thanks for the tip though! That's pretty interesting. So I wonder if she wasn't leaving L.A. after having attended the Television Critics' Association Summer Press Tour where a lot of celebs have been participating as well as partying.

Wonder if Jake was headed out of town, then???? Ha!! Sending him back to NYC perhaps to film a few more sightings to "store in the freezer" for later thawing. lol

Yeah, it's great to have someone having spotted this and contributing because I sure missed it. Just make up a name and check that "Name/URL" option, that's all you have to do. I'm sure there are some people who have never blogged a comment before - hey, we'll help you out. Just shout out, OMG IT Support is here to help and serve!!! : )

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm wrong on that - the tweet's still there - and she tweeted it today, the 4th.

Linda HolmesVerified account ‏@nprmonkeysee
"Is it amazing being confused with Jake Gyllenhaal all the time at airports?" #tcas13 #questionsinmyheart
11:38 AM - 4 Aug 13

It seems she is still there at the Press Tour and plans to be for a couple more days so maybe she just happens to see Jake frequently at airports or something, lol.

Nonetheless, appreciate the tip as I hadn't seen this tweet yet and you never know when you find a gold nugget. Thanks for posting!

reading comprehension said...

That tweeter is still In LA. The tweet has quotes around it so she was quoting someone that said that its amazing that they get confused with Jake Gyllenhaal at the airport not Jake was confused at the airport.

Methodical Muser said...

She is actually asking herself a question at the TCAS show which she hashtags as a "questioninmyheart", referring to her heart. "Is it amazing being confused with Jake Gyllenhaal all the time at airports? Sounds like she sees Jake often at airports and she's confused by the constant sightings.

Socha, Michael Socha said...

LOL again, not understanding the context of her tweet. She's referring to a question she would love to ask Michael Socha who, in fact, looks like Jake. He's going to be in a OUAT spinoff this fall. He was at the TCAS panel today.

wonderland said...

Fish taco sighting? Probably Michael Socha. The cast from OUATWonderland arrived in LA yesterday.

prairiegirl said...

Not even a good try, 21:07 and 21:15. It's not even that close.


lol said...

Oh but that's who Linda Holmes was talking about. Did you not read her timeline? Socha and Jake are compared all the time.

rolls eyes said...

First off, the fish taco tweet has nothing to do with Linda Holmes. Someone is sure desperate and sweatin' bullets it seems.

Frankly, you should be nervous given that this is the second weekend in a row that Jake's been seen in LA when the whole world was placing him in NYC.

lol said...

Darlin' nobody is sweating bullets, but interesting that you are too quick to dismiss what could very well have been an actor often compared to Jake as the person that tweeter saw in LA. Makes sense does it not? Socha is in LA. Linda Holmes and Damian Holbrook think he looks like Jake, ergo could have been Socha getting fish tacos in LA.

But that won't work for you will it.

rolls eyes said...

ergo could have been Socha getting fish tacos in LA.

I guess it could have been a thousand other people, but I think I'll go with the person Tamara said she saw, i.e. Jake Gyllenhaal. You obviously flunked logic in school I take it.

atticus is dead and a coyote ate boo said...

Talk about desperate. He is in L A based on that tweet? Lol! It wasn't about him and I bet that taco sighting waa a look a like . I don't believe the tweets where there is only one sighting

Seems that there is a lot of anti ny sentiment here. Always angry that he is spotted there.

If Jake had a brother he would look like michael socha

rolls eyes said...

Or, forgive my manners. I forgot to say, "darlin'."

Methodical Muser said...

Does that mean that when Michael Socha is in NY that all those Jake sightings are really, Socha. Somebody better tell Alyssa that she's actually dating Michael Socha.

crap said...

Who the fuck is Tamara? Don't believe the tweets from this weekend or last w/o other tweets or pics. Hard to believe that one person has seen him and tweeted. Hanging out in Silverlake one weekend and buying tacos thw next would garner more tweets. At least in NY you get a bunch!

Methodical Muser said...

I'm not embarrassing myself, but you're doing a pretty good job of it all by yourself. In fact, Jake's people are so concerned about that sighting that they're making Jake arrive at LAX today. Just like the "niece" tweet on May 31st when Jake's people sent him to the airport on June 2nd to make it seem like he just arrived on Sunday when he had already been in Los Angeles for several days.

Save for LAX said...

Anonymous said...

Go to ihj there are pictures of Jake at LAX.

prairiegirl said...

Wow. That is hard to believe, isn't it? Another baggage carousel roundabout trip to LAX?

And where's the people? Boy, Jake can sure clear a terminal, can't he?! BWAH!!!!!

Oh. My. Dog.

PR, you are somethin' else, man. Making Jake take a ride out to LAX to make it look like he's just arriving.

And Jake? Buddy, that leash is awfully short.

Hmmm, now I wonder what reason they will give Jake for having "just arrived" at Los Angeles?

prairiegirl said...

22:03 it's been a clean, respectful thread all day. Take your rude language back to the blog from whenst you came.

That was totally unnecessary. It's not our fault Jake keeps getting caught in L.A.

rolls eyes said...

Who the fuck is Tamara?

So at least, you are admitting that you have no idea what you're talking about. You get points for being consistently clueless, I'll give you that.

Kismet said...

I was just going to say that while it would be totally possible for Jake to be in LA last night waiting in line for tacos somewhere, it would be a bit idiotic, considering. Why would he spend all of his time and money on a bearding campaign then risk it by going to a fast food joint in one city when he'd intentionally placed himself in another. I'd think he could find someone to wait in line for him, ya know?

Interesting that he's just arrived at LAX without Alyssa, whose parents live in LA and whose parents we all know from Hollywood Life he hasn't met yet. She instagrammed the dog from her "happy place" window 5 hours ago, so she is in NYC.

Supposed to be in NYC said...

Well, someone identified Jake standing in line for tacos in LA yesterday afternoon and even knew how to spell his name. I agree with the point that this sounds eerily like the woman who talked to Jake with his "niece" present. I also wouldn't put it passed Jake to have some high profile meeting with daddio now as the reason for his "visit." All Jake's people do is clean up these days. What a way to live a life.

prairiegirl said...

We're going to have to disagree on this one, Kismet.

Yes, I'm going to believe one L.A. tweet over a couple of lamea** NYC ones that are a dime a dozen, laden with #nbd's and #swoon and #omg's.

Jake has been caught before in Austin at bars and grills, remember? He was caught at the Abby gay bar in L.A. in mid-May this year. He got caught at a music festival in Austin TX either this year or late last year, I can't recall right now which one it was, I'd have to go back and research that one. He also got tweeted in Alabama earlier this year.

Jake has been caught at public venues many times. The guy cannot stay penned up inside 24/7. He takes risks.

I don't believe everything PR feeds us. No one else has to believe the same things as I do. I am not a "joiner" when it comes to going along with everything on social media and public consensus. I have been looking closely at this stuff for several years now and I know damage control when I see it.

Jake's not the brightest bulb said...

Why would he spend all of his time and money on a bearding campaign then risk it by going to a fast food joint in one city when he'd intentionally placed himself in another. I'd think he could find someone to wait in line for him, ya know?

Jake's known to be a risk taker and he is also used to people picking up after him if he messes up. He probably thought he wouldn't be seen or recognized, you know.

Save for LA sighting person said...

Anonymous said...

I think jake was in LA yesterday. They could of called the paps early afternoon, and he could of made the trip easily to LA and be spotted getting fish tacos. He is wearing the same clothes only thing different is the pants. I still can not believe how desperate people have to become to be famous. Calling paps, setting up a fake instagram picture last noc to make people believe that you (beard) and Jake are having dinner. When in reality jake is in LA. And to top it off to pretend to move to another apartment.

prairiegirl said...

Found it!

Austin City Limits in October 2012.

10/14/12, 22:39

The lead singer of Tennis and I just agreed to exchange progeny. I gave Noam Pikelny a beer. Jake Gyllenhal &Ryan Gosling are here. #aclfest

Methodical Muser said...

I forgot about that sighting, PG. That was the Sunday that Jake did not show up for the Q & A at the theater. Trolls argued that he was there, but what they didn't count on was that a bunch of OMGers were there that afternoon and confirmed that he wasn't there.

prairiegirl said...

I'm more likely to believe Jake standing in line at a fish taco stand than I would believe a tweet from yesterday that said Jake was at ABC Furniture with a girl on his lap.

I'm going to believe that Jake is going to sit in a furniture store with Alyssa on his lap? He couldn't even kiss her hand in front of the pap camera!

There were practically nil tweets/FB sightings of Jake in NYC over the weekend. Online chatter was dead. The fish taco tweet appeared and suddenly within 12 hours, we've got strolls and a "Oh yeah, we almost forgot the Shakespeare in the Park" trip down memory lane, and now we've got Jake suddenly "arriving" at LAX.

That's an awful lot of activity within less than 24 hours.

I cannot believe they sent him back to LAX again. wow.

prairiegirl said...

Before I depart, I have to contemplate just what is in that darn little travel bag of Jake's, you see the one. It looks like one of those old Pan Am flight attendant bags. BWAH!

What's in there?

Austin's bowling ball? A lawn ornament from the Gyllenichols home, temporarily yanked up from the dirt on temporary borrow?

A wad of the kids' dirty laundry from the hamper?

A bag of dog food?

Stuff from Sam's Club that was still in the Q7 trunk?


What's in there? lol