Friday, August 9, 2013

They're going baaack......

For some school is starting for others they have one last month of summer  before it's time to hit to the books.

It's an oldie but a goodie.

 So for an Austin Back to School Friday you might expect pictures like this:

 or this

or this

All would be fitting.

But there is one Austin outfit that combines the best of Back to School, Hipster Middle School teacher and Picture Day all in one.

Oh and Jake, don't for get an apple for the teacher.

Happy Austin Back to School Friday!


Jersey Tom said...

Gotta love cell phones.

Cloud 9 said...

LOL. Love that commercial, and Eraser head Austin in the suit looking handsome!

Jersey Tom said...

Oooops someone is not happy that Jake was caught in his PR lies. He for sure in LA. Looks like right in the middle of the Gayborhood:-) Jake whole life is a lie. Must create misery for everyone around him.

Jake in LA said...

What PR lies? Who has disputed that he was not in L.A. There has been pics all week of him there and the vid clip just confirmed the Twitter sightings of jim at Pinkberry which is where the video was taken.

Gayborhood Tom? Lol! Not too many gay ghettos anymore Tom especially in L. A. Where things are a bit blurred. You need to get out more and focus your hatred towards Jake else where.

Jake in LA said...

Jake looks awful. Looks years older than he is. Not aging well either.

Jersey Tom said...

Here on the East Coast we do still have areas which are known as the Gayborhood. In Philadelphia the street signs are rainbows. All are welcome though.

Jake in L A said...

Yeah but the young gay men and women today are resisting being forced to live in gay ghettos . Yes there are still gay neighborhoods where every one is welcomed but thank God that isn't the only optio today. How refreshing it is see gay people who have straight friends and are comfortable hanging out with them. So much better than the sometimes oppressive ghe mentality which was the norm back in the day.

Jersey Tom said...

With that I agree Jake. Especially among the young. I recently came out to some friends down here in Florida and the first person to come up to me after was a 17 yo. It was awesome.

Jersey Tom said...

I am so grateful that I have reached a point in my life that if someone would have an issue being close to me because I am Gay that I now believe it is their problem not mine. My job is to be just the best person I can.

Lot of great role models out there for everyone. I am sad that it is not Jake or Austin but that is their choice. I am happy for Brokeback and Prayers For Bobby but be nice to eventually see them come out.

Kismet said...

It's perplexing to me that Austin hasn't had a stronger (for lack of a better word) career.

He's gorgeous. He can act. He can do more than act - he can write and direct. He's supposedly totally professional (DUI aside, and although I am no tolerance on DUI and he deserved a citation, his BAC was .10 which is really the lower limit for triggering a DUI. It was poor judgement but in six years he hasn't repeated it.)

Seems to me that Austin passes on many opportunities for typical Hollywood self-promotion. He fled out of the way when Jake was being papped near the steps at Berlindale. With the exception of Sophia Bush (classic PR for the show - and it worked, oddly their fanbase still wants it to work) he doesn't do PR hookups, and he could. He could "date" people and show up to random premieres with people like Ashley Greene or any number of the single C list actresses who love a little arm candy for publicity. When it comes to Hollywood publicity, 1+1=3, and that formula applies to hetero relationships only. It could help get him roles - that's how the game is played. But he doesn't.

So... why? What is your perspective on why?

Jersey Tom said...

I think Austin would do the same as Jake if his star rose to a point where he was considered a major movie motion picture star. It is the studios that force Gay men to lie and Austin hasn't had to kiss their ass yet. He would:-(

the real m said...

I think one of the things holding Austin back is his height. He is so tall, it does not always fit the leading man role, so he gets the character actor parts, which are smaller roles. That, and he and Jake trade working so that one can be around to do Daddy duty while the other works.

the real m said...

There may not be a gay ghetto any more, but West Hollywood is still considered the gay mecca of LA.

pathetic said...

They are both tools and cowards.

Jersey Tom said...

In Philly it is Spruce Street m.

Jersey Tom said...

NYC, DC and Boston all have their Gayborhoods.

Chicago said...

Don't forget Boystown

San Fran said...

Don't forget Castro Street,

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha, hey what about Kansas City?

I know some don't want to think there has been some cover up going on with regard to L.A. but I'm sorry to say there has been. Let's relive this for a moment.

Two weekends ago, Jake was tweeted as being seen in L.A. by @peach_kelli_pop, a member of a local band. Before 24 hrs had even passed, she archived all her tweets except for a vine (as discovered very sharply by Kismet) and totally got rid of the Jake spotting tweet.

On May 31 of this year, Jake was revealed to have encountered @DevenGrey's mum during a brunch experience at the Ritz Club Lounge in L.A. @DevenGrey gave a distinct detail of the encounter from her mother by tweeting that his 'niece' had been quite fascinated by her mother's shoes. 2 days later, Jake made a big "splash" landing at LAX.

This past weekend, Jake was spot tweeted yet again at a fish taco stand in L.A. What happens? The next day (Sunday), Jake makes yet another "splashy" and noisy landing at LAX, complete with numerous photo ops of him stopping to "stock up on groceries" in the same LAX clothes, so as to try and lend some kind of credence to his just having landed. *rolls eyes*

All 3 of these times when Jake was spotted by these people, there were no airport sightings out of NYC or into LAX nor 'traveling on the same plane" tweets. All of a sudden, he's just magically in L.A., right? Funny how that happens when he needs it to. Because when he needs for it to be known he's going somewhere, there are a plethura of such travel encounters mentioned on social media.

One time of an L.A. sighting, you could say "okay, that was a bogus tweet". But 2 post-sighting LAX landings amidst empty terminals after sightings in L.A.? To not see that is just choosing to not see it, I'm sorry.

I don't need to be knocked over the head repeatedly with a rubber mallet. I know when there's a cover up going on right before my eyes. If people really don't see it, that's their deal. But man, you are being bamboozled big time.

prairiegirl said...

I do think more and more fans really do realize it now, though. They know there's a big bamboozling going on and they're being played.

That's why you are seeing more and more comments like 19:17's up there and like others I have seen on Just Jared. It's just become too much. You can only excuse and brush off so many oddities and coincidences. People aren't buying the Swift nor the Miller fauxmances. People realize there is something 'off' about his public lifestyle and his appearance. Too many years now of this.

And I understand their feelings right now. There is disillusionment when you realize.

I know I said not too long ago that I had no more hope for Jake & Austin - probably was a real low moment for them at the time, I'm sure, lol. They can be really trying at times.

I still hope they have plans to do the right thing. I still hope they will put up a fight like Louis and Harry. I know Jake & Austin are a couple of 'maturing' dinosaurs compared to Larry, but there is still time for them to choose to make a change.

Guess that's why I still have brief moments of optimistic, albeit blind (lol), hope. It's still there, I begrudgingly admit. Just can't give up on them, much as I have tried.

They can still be a shooting star in the sky. It's never too late, fellas. And I'm not going to give up yet on you.

prairiegirl said...

Eydie Gorme has died. She was 84. What a loss her husband Steve Lawrence must feel. They made so many appearances together on television and his statement is such a tribute and so romantic.

"Eydie has been my partner on stage and in life for more than 55 years," Lawrence, 78, said in a statement. "I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and even more the first time I heard her sing. While my personal loss is unimaginable, the world has lost one of the greatest pop vocalists of all time."

Eydie Gorme

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Just so beautiful.

My prayers and sorrow go out to him on his loss.