Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coming up a little short

My Outlaw status is intact. John Law wrote me a ticket today. The fish I caught was a quarter inch too small. - AUS10

Mine is 13 inches long. His is not. - AUS10

Still talking about fish there big guy?

But what do we know from this fish tale?

Well, the Outlaw lives.  (Austin a fishing ticket might not get you on Willie's tour, but you can buy a ticket next time he rolls into LA and live vicariously with your (fishing) pole)

Austin is living in a nice residential area with "great family home(s) in centrally located, highly desirable and trendy Melrose/La Brea within walking distance to houses of worship, schools and fabulous shopping/dining."  (Austy don't lose any sleep over it, we still have the top of the citation)

Austin's in LA.  (Wait Jake's in LA....that's not how it's supposed to work ; ) )

Johnny Law busted him Santa Monica.  (Were you hanging with the old guys fishing off the pier?  And how did know to bust you?)

And finally Jake if you need any ideas for Christmas gifts for Austy this year you can't go wrong with Ronco's Pocket Fisherman.


lol said...

OMG trolls hate talk about Austin. Nervous much?

Jersey Tom said...

It is crazy that Austin put that address on the internet. He needs to use his head sometime.

From previous post said...

The small and and getting smaller fan base you're talking about is right here. Are you aware of this small peice of info? The vast majority of fans or (non-fans/but simply movie goers) could care less about the rumors or his personal life, although he plays the same Publicity stunts that "ALL" HW celebs do, good or bad, like it or not.

"Most people" go to see a movie because of the movies theme / premise / subject matter. It seems a small percent of people go to see a movie and support it because of the actor that's in the movie. Example: Vin Disel's movies Fast and Furious franchise brings in millions nationally and internationally. The movie subject has a fan base just like scifi films. When Disel gained weight and tried to do a serious role in acting as a gangster, that movie almost immediately went to dvd. So, most are going to see the movie not for Vin D.
So Jake and most HW stars try their best to get it right with the right script/movie. If it sells big, then they're a big star again. It's a gamble. Not fans falling off because pro gay fans are upset because they think the star is hiding his/her sexuality from the public.
Most don't care who they're sleeping with!

Just asking said...

Is Chris Fischer gay? I thought he was but he has a girlfriend?

Afraid not said...

"Most people" go to see a movie because of the movies theme / premise / subject matter.

If that were the case then no actor would have to hide his sexual identity and lie/deceive the public about who they love.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

What's funny about Austin getting a ticket is that someone else he knows also received a ticket as well. From hotnewsgator.com comes a couple of pictures of the meter maid writing up a ticket during an outing yesterday before she must have slipped it beneath the driver's windshield wiper of the family truckster:

What're the odds? Jake got a parking ticket yesterday

Guess the meter ran out. Well great - there goes money from the kids' college funds. LOL

prairiegirl said...

And maybe Austin thought the writing would be too small/faint for anyone to see. I don't know, but I would hate to see the guy hammered for it. It's an honest mistake. I tell you what, it's easy to forget sometimes.

I have to crop some of my pictures very carefully and I have taken down a few of my own tweets after having second thoughts.

I like that Austin tweeted what he did yesterday even without the picture. It's been a long time since we've seen a tweet from the man himself. Not the actor promoting his shows & movies (something he should do, btw) but from Austin. It was great to see.

I missed the whole thing - I went straight from work to the ballgame and I was operating on 70% battery power from the time we arrived at the ballpark, so I had to conserve my power. It was a killer! So I found out about the tweet via email. grrrr.

PR better leave Austin alone, that's all I have to say. Leave him be and just let it blow over.

It was good to see him back.

prairiegirl said...

And in a two-fer kudo Wednesday, I have to be fair and issue another pat on the back for once.

Kudos to Jake!!! Kudos to Jake. He got some new wheels for that truckster - that is some mighty fine looking tread. There now, don't you feel better? Safer? Isn't that car stopping and starting better at the intersections? Thought so.

Well done, well done. Safety first, buddy; not just for you, but for those who ride with you and your fellow brothers/sisters you encounter on the road.