Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beard busted?

Is this one to dye for? Does Austin have Salt in Peppa?

It seems that Mr. Nichols may have more than just who he spends his weekends with to be secret about.

Just for Men might mean his beard too.

Back doing Deadwood, and around the time of Espy's/FNL Austin seemed to have a brown beard.

It was similar in coloring of his natural hair color just a bit deeper color.

We know that Austin does have some natural auburn to his hair.

And there was that time that he and Jake both had a reddish tone at the same time(what the heck was up with that?) Now we know that Austin has changed his hair and hair color for roles.

But when did go so dark? Even just since OTH.

Season 6
USO November 2009

Did he find Elvis trying out a recliner in Michigan, and the big E slipped him the secret dark juice, or did OTH say when Brooke Davis(TM) goes dark Julian goes dark?

Or could it be an actual cover up?

Cover up of what?
A case of the grays?

Now if people say he bleached the beard to match the feathers. Well that might not to help some of the arguments that some fans debate.

He shouldn't worry. We already know he's long in the tooth. Or is that Grey Goose? ; )


Special K said...

Happy Birthday PG!

lol said...

Have a great day prairiegirl

norwegian girl said...

happy birthday from me too,pg:)

sad news said...

Melissa and Tammy Etheridge Separate

ted said...

Dear Ted:
What a disappointment was to read the quotes from Jake Gyllenhaal's new GQ interview. I thought we could find a more mature, genuine and honest person, but instead we have the same image obsessed fake guy recycling his own three year old PR approved quotes from his previous 2007 GQ interview. Like "it's important for every man to find the right woman?" What the hell is this hetero-centric and homophobic statement? Is he still living in the 1950s? I know he is promoting a Disney blockbuster and wants a conservative majority to buy a ticket but come on! This is too much! Do you think this is the only Jake we are going to get post-Prince of Persia, too?
—Carrie Bradshaw

Dear Dark Ages:
Glad you agree with me. Was totally disappointed! Don't you think he needs to be in the edgier mags? Then again you aren't going to find the un-PC quotes in GQ, it's quite mainstream.

Bitch Back

Nice with a Capital N said...

What a great post, I don't know how you do it, Spesh.

Happy Birthday, PrairieGirl, didn't you say this is one of your favorite songs?

Enjoy your day,

destiny said...

Happy Birthday PG!

You sure were on a roll last night PG. Love it.

Every storm cloud has it's silver lining, and so has this one--finding out who are the friends that will stand up for us when we need it.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks to Special for the awesome song. You're right, I love this song!!

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.

It's been a great birthday so far! I've even had cake already, lol. We're having a special lunch today; deli sandwiches. And then, get out the wheelbarrow, because tonight it's going to be my mom's enchiladas with some friends, my aunt from the big town of Osceola, and big Sis. I must restrain myself at lunch today.

I got a hug from my lil buddy, lots of good wishes & even a card from Curley!!!!

Aren't birthdays just the best? I was pretty sad yesterday because I realized it would be my first birthday w/o my dad to wish me happy birthday, but I dressed up today just for him and well, I am blessed with so many friends and great family, and most importantly, my Savior.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Seaweed said...

Happy Birthday there PG !!!

If I could find a box of "cheese it's" then it would be consumed in your honour.

Have a great day.

Jersey Tom said...

Hey PG. Happy birthday buddy.
Many many more. Have a great day.

I am seriously beginning to doubt that Ted is writing his column and answering those letters. That lame answer to the question just does not sound like something he would say.

Nice, etc. said...

((((PrairieGirl))))) I'm sure your Dad is wishing you a happy birthday. I would do exactly as you did, think of him and make the day a good one.

I also liked that CT article about Jennifer Knapp, I thought it was very well written, Spesh. :)

m said...

Happy Birthday PG. I did not realize you were a fellow Aries. Have a great day.

I have lots to say about the GQ article, which I finally read late last night, but am late for work, as usual. Later.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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covering for 12:18 said...

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the part of the GQ article about the black diamond ring on chain around Jake's neck? I read the full article and thought it was great. I got what Ted complained about in BB, but it appeared to be a tone-down of a prior quote so didn't really bother me so much in context. Loved that he opened up about Heath! I'm dying to know more about that ring ...

April 15, 2010 12:18 PM

covering for 12:22 said...

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd pass this along ... the GQ article quote about the ring is: "Between courses at the Ravagh Persian Grill in Manhattan (his choice), he pulls out from under his T-shirt the two chains that hang around his neck. Each has a ring at its end - one is a black diamond, the other a pendant of Saint Genesius, patron saint of actors - and he starts rolling them between his fingers. But he almost seems alarmed when I ask about them, as though he hasn't been aware of what he has been doing." Jake's answer was never given - we're just told that a fan approached the table, and then the article moves on to other subjects. Hmmmmm.....

April 15, 2010 12:22 PM

covering said...

12:18 and 12:22 Word of advice Special deletes anonymous posts. Put a name on it if you want it to stay

ring said...

He bought himself a black diamond pinky rings severalyears ago and he used to wear it all the time along with other pinky rings, sometimes all at the same time. You can see them all including the black diamond ring on IHJ from 2005, he wore them during the promo for BBM, Proof and Jarhead.

I doubt that he bought another ring black diamond ring so it must be the old one.

I know nothing about the pendant.

thanks! said...

Thanks .... I'm new to this site and didn't know I need a name not to get deleted. I'll pick one once I see what people are using so I don't step on anyone's toes. I need to read back posts to catch up I guess.

Special K said...

Welcome thanks. Glad to have you here. Hope you look around and find something you like.

You can pick a permanent name or you can pick a name that you might want to use for a day or week or a month, the choice is yours. A name just give a better sense of talking to someone than just anonymous or a number.

Special K said...

About the rings.

Jake called that black diamond, an engagement ring to himself, but that ring came around the time Austin got his blue ring. Many of us believed that both rings were connected to each other and their relationship. I still believe that so, and it could have been a symbol of a promise/commitment/engagement and that Jake wants that close to his heart.

Austin's blue ring that he wore before getting the big gold one he has now, is probably not turquoise it's more likely larimar a rare blue variety of pectolite for a couple of reason. The intensity of the blue in stone has lightened over the years when you look at pictures when Austin wears it.

Larimar lighten after having prolonged exposure to sunlight. And it is only found in the Dominican Republic where Jake stayed in a very private resort in 2005. (alone or with someone we don't know)

Special K said...

Jake's black diamond didn't show up until fall of 2005 when he was in Europe doing the premiere of Proof, and then he wore it for Jarhead, and when BBM premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The first glimpse of Austin's ring was at the Lakers in February 2006. There were only two times before then that we had see Austin photographed with Jake. The U2 concert in LA (where he is walking behind Jake) and then at the premiere of Casanova, where Jake and Austin went together.

Austin has been quiet proud of that big blue ring and flashed many times, he has worn it for several photoshoots. And also when there were rumbles of they were still together that ring would pop up.

Austin has also been photographed with a plain gold band on that same ring finger. He has also worn a gold band on the chain as well. Jack was seen with a gold band on a chain inside one of shirts before.

BTW - If you read the quote again you will see that the writer said that Jake has RINGS on each chain, but only mentioned the black diamond one. It sounds like there is another ring on the chain with the patron saint medal that he wears too. I wonder if the other is the gold band that Jake wears on the chain.

Jersey Tom said...

What is the possibility that Jake deliberately pulled those chains to show that there was no wedding band on them. He knows about that npic where the band was seen under his shirt. I think Jake is always thinking.

Next think you know Austin will somehow show that he never stayed at the Sea Gull Motel. LOL!

duncan jones said...

@GeekSyndicate all good so far... and less than 2 weeks of shooting left! Today is Michelle Monoghan's last day! :( awwww about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to GeekSyndicate

Jersey Tom said...

Although I didnt like the answer to the letter today just the fact that the question was printed tells us that Jake G was bearding and may again. This certainly insinutaes Jake is Gay without Ted saying it.

Special K said...

Well if he was so startled when the guy asked him about them, and that the writer did not say what the other ring was my bet is the other was a gold band. You know what goes with an engagement ring? A wedding band.

And Grey Goose is no longer referred to as bf but hubby.

Just for men VS ms Clarol said...

hmmm. not a single word about Austin Graying.
Men usually start graying in their mid to late 30's.

But for some it's the early 30's.

Some, a little earlier. It looks like real gray to me and, and if this is the case, his facial "beard", not Sophia, will be mostly gray by mid 30's.

destiny said...
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destiny said...

I agree with Tom, it just sounds staged to me, including the being startled, which could have been done in an attempt to make it look like it wasn't, or an attempt to make us believe that the thing he's hiding and doesn't want people to see are these objects, not a gold band.

I've never seen Jake fiddle with his chains in any interview or while out walking. People who fiddle around with their jewelry tend to do it a lot--like the way Austin was always fiddling with the blue ring.

As for the talk of two rings, it's kind of strange to call a pendant a ring, but that's what the writer does:

Each has a ring at its end - one is a black diamond, the other a pendant of Saint Genesius , patron saint of actors.

leigh said...

ITA Just for Men it looks like real gray. Sounds like Jake has two rings, and a pendant.

Methodical Muser said...

How fitting that Jake was wearing a St. Genesius medal since he was surely giving the performance of his life as the absent-minded yet pensive heterosexual male, "alarmed" that he was publically caught fondling his precious "jewels.”

Hmmm. Wonder what the Jakester was “alarmed” about? After all, the awkward peek-a-boo show only revealed that he was wearing a well-known black diamond ring. Remember, Jake? You told the world, back in 2005, that you bought the ring for yourself as an engagement present? And, interestingly enough, the other ring alluded to, is conspicuously not mentioned at all. Only the pendant next to it that surely every good Jewish, Buddhist leaning boy wants to wear: a Catholic medal that memorializes a beheaded patron saint of actors, martyred because he wanted to be baptized. Wait a minute! Now, I know why Jake was alarmed. He was afraid his fans might find out he was a flaming AUTOSEXUAL CLOSETED CHRISTIAN! OMG!!!!

Jake either needs a better script writer or his PR must think the folks who actually remember what he says have double digit IQs. Try again. Sesame Street Word of the Day: LAME.

Still love you Jakie. Try harder next time. ‘Kay? Kisses.

Saint Genesius said...

I'm a patron saint of actors breaking their legs? WTF?

Methodical Muser said...

Synonym for Lame: weak; in cover story...or in this case as in Jake's feeble attempt to convince us there is no gold band on the end of that second chain.

Methodical Muse said...

Off topic: Happy Birthday, Prairie Girl! aka: The Pit Bull. Grrrrr. LOL!

destiny said...

"alarmed" that he was publically caught fondling his precious "jewels.”

Too bad it wasn't the family jewels, now that would have been cause for real alarm, and made for some interesting reading.

Austin's beard really is gray in that picture. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of actors don't dye their hair, gray or no gray, just to give it a more vibrant color on screen.

Special K said...

When I first found that picture of Austin at the Art of Elysium Halloween party, I noticed the gray beard. I had notice that his beard looked almost black on the show but wasn't sure if it was the lighting or the make up.

Austin done tons so stuff with his hair for parts so that wasn't a big deal. There have been stray grays but hey that happens. But the beard really struck me. So I went hunting around for a few weeks looking at his hair and his beard.

It's true and good point Just for Men vs. Ms.Clarol that some people go gray early. My aunt went totally silver at 20, and kept it that way, while my cousin (her daughter) who started going gray in 20's too has probably paid for her hairdresser's home at this point to cover it up. My brother started gray after he had kids. My dad's gray temples were blamed on a very adorable little girl. (blushes)

One thing I don't know if people noticed on OTH, ironically how Gregory Harrison (Julian's dad) has gotten grayer since he started. Guess father and son can't go gray together.

Methodical Muse said...

Too bad it wasn't the family jewels, now that would have been cause for real alarm, and made for some interesting reading.

*Snicker* Great minds think alike, Destiny. That's exactly what I was dreaming,...oops...I mean thinking about too! *wink*

Special K said...

New pictures from the set of Source Code from yesterday.

Nice right cross Jake.


The 40-Year-Old Fag Hag said...

Think nothing is worse than a 40-year-old virgin? Wrong. Mindy Cohn, the all grown up Facts Of Life star, headlines Violet Tendencies, a film exposing the conspiracy that men keep straight women around as commodities. Do not let heterosexual audiences see this film!

'Violet Tendencies' trailer

Jersey Tom said...
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thanks! said...

Thanks Special K and ring said for the info about the ring. I hadn't heard about it before, but it sounds like it's the same ring. I still think it must have significance far beyond something he bought for himself. You wear a ring you buy yourself on your hand - not on a chain around your neck. LOL at Methodical Muse's comments about fondling the family jewels! (Ok ... mind out of gutter now and onto the more innocent version of that double entendre) I think that's exactly what he was doing!!! My bet is that the diamond symbolizes his secret family, and he was unknowingly caressing it while talking about some very personal topics. Don't forget that the interview delves into his parents' divorce and Heath's death.

thanks! said...

oops ... I guess is was destiny who mentioned "family jewels." In any case, still chuckling ...

Jersey Tom said...

I bet our friendly loving little pitbull is out there having a good time on her birthday:-)

What does everyone think about the letter today. Is the answer what is important or the question?

thanks! said...

Jersey Tom, do you mean the Ted letter? I'm not sure which is important, but I think they got it wrong. The quote seems to be taken out of context. Jake didn't bring it up on his own - he was responding to a question specifically about the 2007 quote. Perhaps he would have been wiser to avoid using the words again, but my read was that he was trying to soften the original quote and move away from it without making a big deal about it. He could have done a better job, but in the context of the article as a whole, I see it as a small mistep. This was not my initial reaction to just the partial quote, btw ... this is my view after reading the entire GQ article. Maybe it's just me, but Ted's tone from his prior column to this BB Question/Answer seemed to have turned against Jake. Did anyone else catch the change in tone?

Special K said...

The whole section of the article were "the quote" was, when you look at it from a critical level, you can see that was monkeyed with and edited. As if the original was sent to Jake's team, and they marked up what they didn't want in the article, then writer and editorial team went in to piece back together. It's almost is you can the holes from the original copy. The flow and tone is totally different from the rest of the piece. The whole section is very clunky.

Oops! said...

California Assemblymember Mike Davis Positively Outed by Political Friend

power of twitter said...

Library to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archive -- ALL public tweets, ever, since March 2006! Details to follow.

Library of Congress

Methodical Muse said...

I agree, Special. I had the same jarring reaction to the tone of the text as well. Just like with the narrative related to the text about the "family jewels." Someone has reviewed what Jake has said and reworked it. Surely, a writer for GQ Magazine possesses better mastery of the English language than what we are experiencing in several passages of this interview.

Hmmm. Maybe Jake is not as much of a babbler as we think? Hard to be eloquent when handlers have a vested interested in mudding the waters. Remember, Robert Downey, Jr. described Jake as being clear. And, I do believe there is a purity and honesty about Jake that often gets lost in translation due to active obfuscation by others responsible for selling a certain image. :-(

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks I was refering to the letter Ted answered today. I havent read the GQ article only the clips. That just seems like some of the same olde JG BS. Jake comes off much better in TV interviews. His mag interviews seem to make him sound like such a strange guy.

I still think Jake pulled out those rings with a motive in mind.

Jersey Tom said...

I am with Destiny. No matter what Jake, Austin or anyone who is determined to convincce the world that both are str8 do I will hang in there and battle away. I so strongly believe Jake is Gay. Sometimes my remarks wont be very flattering and I am ready for the heat. But I want to be a part if OMG when the truth comes out. I hope more and more people jump on board and stay on board.

Special K said...

Tom, could it be if he wanted the writer to seem them and see if he could get away with them being seen in public, like I mentioned like another breadcrumb. And when his people saw the description they edited out what the other ring was. Like Methodical Musing said, everyone knew about the black engagement ring, so that could pass, the medallion was ok, but the words gold band was a no go. Look back at that section.

M. Musing also pointed out the "narrative related to the text about the 'family jewels.'" seems to be edited as well. What sticks out to me is that dash. It stands out like a sore thumb or is that a red flag? in that paragraph. The startle and then conversation stops abruptly and the someone comes up to talk about BBM? There is really no transition. It was like something was chopped out in between those two events.

thanks! said...

Jersey Tom, there's a giant difference between the pieced-together press-released quotes and the full article. Check it out at WDW - the pgs are scannned (click on them to enlarge). It's a great read. Jake doesn't come out with the man/woman quote in direct response to the how is it to be single question. It's in response to a question specifically about his 2007 quote about a similar quote. The context is different. It's sloppy and convoluted, but not the answer to the question that appears to be asked in the press releases.

Special K and Methodical Muse - I agree that both parts still feel off. They don't mesh with the rest of the article.

My gut tells me that Jake didn't exactly react as described about the rings, but that perhaps the author settled on that in lieu of whatever explanation Jake gave that maybe didn't sit so well with his people. It might have even been a playful tease that he thought could be innocently described away - an inside joke - but on reflection clearly became a minefield. Just a guess.

Jersey Tom said...

Quite possible SK. Jake does love to scare the shit out of his PR sometimes. I surely remember the reese grows an awesome beard press conference a few days before the reeke coming out laughable performance. Oh how reeke has so convinced me 150% that Jake is Gay. I wish more folks out there had payed attention.

How the hell are you fb? Got anymore pics for us. Looks like you didnt convince anybody here to convert to JIS:-) Nope OMG and
WFT2 are here to stay and my bet will continue to grow as Jacob becomes more famous.

thanks! said...

lol ... Special K, you and I are on the same wavelength about the rings. I hadn't read your response to Tom yet when I posted mine.

freeper tinhat said...

Then why not delet the whole reference to the ring/pendant. There was no connection to anything else in that paragraph. it could have been deledted very easily.

Jake babbles always has, I think he has ADD and should be on meds.

thanks! said...

Special K, do you run this site? I love it! Today's my first day posting here, but I'll probably stick around if that's okay (until now I've mostly stuck to just reading the gossip sites - not participating) I'm new to the JG topic, as you can probably tell from my lack of knowledge about the rings today, but I'm a fast learner.

destiny said...

I actually liked Ted's answer for a change Tom. By saying he's glad the question-writer agrees with him Ted is saying he found the comment homophobic and the whole interview and Jake's promotion for PoP bland and dull, as one might expect for a movie like that, and the magazine the interview is in.

I haven't read the whole interview, I'll be doing that tonight. But just looking at the pictures and the snippets I've read so far, my impression is that he's had the gay and the sexy beaten out of him because Disney thinks that would scare away the straight boys and the conservatives.

Methodical Muse said...

I still think Jake pulled out those rings with a motive in mind.

I agree, Tom. Jake is far from innocent. He's a grown man who is responsible for the choices he makes and the people he hires. I'm definitely not going to let him off the hook, completely. It's quite possible that PR had a checklist of things they wanted to be addressed in this interview. One was Heath, the other Michelle W., his single status, and those darn pesky rings he seems to continue to hold close to his heart.

For me, one reason Jake comes off best in TV interviews is because that format is less prone to sentences being edited out or words being deleted or reinserted somewhere else. One gets to see Jake, much more unfiltered, with a sincerity and forthrightness that is open and fun loving. Of course, he still can be frustratingly guarded as this quote from the GQ article reminds us:

"When he talks about the personal, it often seems as though, for him, honesty and a kind of obliqueness go hand in hand.

Boy, does that sound like Jake in a nutshell. A study in contrasts for sure. I suspect living in the shadows all these years, explains the dichotomy. Who knows, maybe, Adam Lambert is singing about Jakie in his song, Aftermath:

You feel the weight
Of lies and contradictions that you live with every day
It's not too late
Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play
Take a step before you leap
Into the colours that you seekYou give back what you give away
So don't look back on yesterday

Special K said...

Jake's being seen with chains around his neck and there has been countless speculation about what's on them. So maybe while Jake was trying to have a little rebel yell about them while his people were having a small aneurysm. They may have suggested cutting the whole paragraph the way it was written but the didn't have anything to stand on when GQ challenged, and settled on editing out only certain parts.

freeper tinhat said...

LOL!! Bubble boy a rebel?? Only in your fangirl dreams SK. Nothing was cut from that interview, just the same ramblings. He has worn chains with crap on them going back before the crack whore Kiki days.

His rep Carrie is best pals with Mama.

Since when has Mama visited Jake while he was filming??

I bet she went to check on Bubble boy new bimbo.

GQ challenge?? We are talking about some dumb men's magazine not the NY Times.

Jakes turn of the century comments about women may sound out of place and i don't think feminist Mom fed that to him but i can see his father thinking that even though he says he is a feminist.

When Jake first spewed that freeper shit, he was referring to his father for finding the right woman, his Mom, WHOOPS!! Mom and dad are divorced, LOL!!

Some ring from 2005 and some cheesey pendant, I bet Carrie had a good laugh over that.

CNN reports said...

President Obama tells agency to establish rule barring hospitals from denying visitation to gay, lesbian partners.

beauty school dropout said...

3rd picture from the bottom.
Austin, sweetie, scrub harder next time. You missed a spot.

Jersey Tom said...

I really do wonder why momma got her butt up to Montreal. I am convinced that she is in total control of Jakes public image. She can control Jake a whole lot more than she does Maggie. Momma knows the ways of HW and what it takes to make it big there. Momma may have smelled a good opportunity to hook her son up with a new beard. We all blamed reese for reeke. I blame momma more. Always have.

Jersey Tom said...

I dont know who momma fears more. Austin Nichols or KiKi. If Jake wont admit he was very close to Heath than momma dont want hin anywhere near KiKi.

Disney Dreaming said...

Jake Gyllenhaal And Jerry Bruckheimer Autographed Book Giveaway

A new Prince of Persia book has been released titled “We Make Our Own Destiny: Behind the Scenes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” by Michael Singer.

The book includes a forward by Jerry Bruckheimer and an Afterword by Jake Gyllenhaal AND we want to give you a special copy of the book that was signed by Jake Gyllenhaal, Jerry Bruckheimer, author Michael Singer, writer Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia Graphic Novel), and Director Mike Newell!

See it differently said...

I don't think anything was cut out of the interview and I don't think there was another ring along with the pendant when he pulled them out - but I do think he pulled those chains out on purpose. My take is that he was "proving" that there was nothing on the chains to hide - just the "self-engagement" ring and the saint medal.

freeper tinhat said...

Mama hates crack whore Kiki, damaged goods. She liked Reese, but the contract expired and Reese didn't want to renew! Mama and Reese are still pals, they are still friended on each others facebook, LOL!!!

There was a facebook sighting of Jake and Isabel at some club in Montreal on Saturday, then on Sunday Mama is in Montreal with Bubble boy and Izzy doing brunch.

I guess Mama wants to make sure Izzy isn't a party crack whore Kiki,

Special K said...

Tom, like to think that Mama G was up for some Bubbi(Grandma)duty.

m said...

There is no way in hell anyone will convince me that the ring episode was not staged. Back in the day when Jake wore his chains out, he was never seen toying with them, but suddenly he pulls them out after keeping them hidden the last 2 or more years. Whatever was on those chains that day was irrelevant. What is on the chain every other day the past 2-3 years is what matters. Wedding or commitment rings is more like it.

The biggest thing that surprised me about the article is how much old material was in it. I realize authors have a certain assigned word count to hit for magazines, but those stories about Martha Plimpton and making noise while Ed Harris filmed a scene have been told ad nauseum. They even included the obligatory mention of Paul Newman, though they skipped the learning to drive fairytale. Definite evidence of PR's involvement. More to follow.

m said...

I'm breaking up my comments so I don't have one ginormous comment.

On the positive side, the article was more personal in nature than we've seen previously. But it still struck me as off. In fact, the whole POP marketing campaign has been off to me. Like they cant make up their minds who they want to market to, so they are trying everyone but getting it wrong in the process. There are toys but the movie is pg13. They built up the romance angle in the POP story but that Jake is gay won't go away. They did Wonder Con to appeal to gamers but then they get a GQ cover and make Jake look and sound like an old codger.

freeper tinhat said...

More like Bubble boy is a complete bore and those stories that we here over and over again are rehearsed, the source is probably Mama the screenwriter.

He is better doing TV interviews where people are distracted by his babble because he is cute, althogh he is not looking good lately.

Jake doesn't have the attention span to si for a full interview, I bet the Heath stuff was pulled out if Carrie's ass.

Deluxe photo package #1 said...

When the hell are all these behind the scenes POP set pics on IHJ going to end?! Every week or two another collection gets posted. Shit. There must be thousands of them. But what's really telling about the whole catalog is that the Reeke POP pics of the two "lovers" walking thru the dusty outdoor set in 130 degree weather holding hands (remember those?) was obviously part of it, but "leaked" immediately. How come in these publicity releases we aren't seeing pics of anyone else visiting Jake on the set?! LOL the Disney Reeke silly PR machinations become even more blatant as time goes on.

freper tinhat said...

People that are going to see Pop are not going to see Jake is gay rumors image on screen unless they all lurk on internet gossip sites.

People, Us aren't reporting jake gay rumors. The closest was Star in 2006 and the NE in 2007 and they were noyt on the front page and were dismissed.

Google/Tweet/ONTD, etc are just a tiny part, the vast majority haven't a clue.

Don't worry Pop will make a shit load of $$$ and Mama and Carrie are busy grooming Izzy!

Jake sounds like he has ADD during that interview as per usual.

m said...

I did not mention it before, but watching some of the wonder con videos, I noticed a huge difference in the gamer reporters style vs the typical Hollywood reporter/interviewer. Intelligent, out of the box thinking, edgy, no respect for the Hollywood hierarchy. It was fun to see how they handled Jake.

Good catch on the change in Austin's hair. I am partial to Auburn hair myself, which is another reason I love the Lakers 1 pictures. They were both very Auburn then, with full, lush locks.

As to Naomi, I think that was just a visit to see her beautiful son. She probably spends a lot of time in Brooklyn so it would be an easy flight.

Special K said...

Did anybody catch Jake talking about watching Maggie in South Pacific and remember how Billy Crystal talking about his singing the whole score on the set of City Slickers?

Both Maggie and Jake have said there were competitive growing up, can imagine him being a real pain trying to out sing his sister while she was practicing it at home.

Special K said...

Love the pictures of Jake inside the article in GQ. I think my favorite is him standing on the chair in Katz's. It's the expression that kills me. He looks like an ornery little kid saying so there!

One thought about the cover. It's as if they don't want him to be a heartthrob on a men's magazine, but make him more asexual. Just the position of his body and how they covered/hid,as Jake would say, his junk. Actually pulling it further away from the camera.

Heath fan said...

If Jake wont admit he was very close to Heath than momma dont want hin anywhere near KiKi."

He DID admit he was close to Heath--he even said he was "kind of enamored" by Heath in the interview.

deja vu said...

him standing on the chair

I wonder if it was this, how he posed or joking about it, that he was showing the girls in that Canadian restaurant bar.

Special K said...

Hadn't thought of that Deja vu. That's an really interesting thought.

destiny said...

M, good observations about the marketing.

I suspect the reason why the interview seemed off and full of old stories is that Jake can't talk about his current life openly. Just one more way in which being so closeted I think hurts his appeal. People normally talk about their families--and by families I mean partner and children.

I don't think hearing old stories over and over gain about how you were when you were a kid like that humanizes you, the way say, I felt reading an old Rolling Stone interview with Jeff Bridges, I just got around to today. In that interview reporter visits him at his home in Montana, and talks about how he met his wife, and how he still carries around a picture of her that was taken the very first time they met.

Or even if someone talks honestly about single life, again something Jake really can't do if he really isn't single.

Hey, freeper tinhat, I have to give you some kudos for the honest name.

Methodical Muse said...

Could very well be, Deja vu. When I first saw him on that chair, hands on hips in total relishment of his I thought, "Geesh, Jake. If it's not tables, it's chairs." But, given Jake's spontaneous, facetious nature, I can definitely see him making fun of himself in that way. Self parody is something he draws on constantly. Good catch!

Methodical Muse said...

Oops! I meant to add, in total relishment "of his center of attention status"...

Methodical Muse said...

Destiny, I think you are really on to something. I agree with SK that GQ almost seems to be desexualizing Jake with that cover photo. But, if you carry that theme a little bit further, the interview, in some ways, dehumanizes him as well. Since Jake is not able to fully embrace and share with everyone what truly makes him a human being, we get no sense of what the nearly 30 year old man is like today. What and who bring happiness, love and joy into his life. How has he changed over these past three years? What kind of father do you think you would be? Instead, we hear about how he first fell in love with girls at 5 years old (rolls eyes), Billy Crystal and Lance Armstrong. Almost like he is frozen in time. It's gotta be getting pretty cold out there, huh Jake?

Special K said...

When I think about Jake on set for Running on Empty, I could see him crushing more for River than Martha hands down.

River had this spiritual center/peace to him, activism, a quality that attracted both men and women, and let's just say it he was gorgeous.

And looking at Austin, especially one of Austin's earliest pictures, and some of the other guys that have caught Jake's eye (talking about you guy at the fountain in Paris) there is a similarity to all of them.

Maybe its just me.

observer said...

The muddled, incoherent, professionally compromised GQ interview is a perfect reflection of a muddled, incoherent, professionally compromised man. Thats what the closet does to you. Just ask Ricky Martin.

Stop making excuses for Jake.

did he or didn't he said...

What do you think about the Rufus/50cent thing?

And I love, love 50 Cent. I think he's just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he's gay.

Q: What makes you so sure?
A: That cute little voice of his. It's okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert.


Methodical Muse said...

Yeah, Jake does have a tendency to be (what was that word GQ used?)...oh yeah, oblique AND obvious at the same time.

Special K said...

Tom Waits always freaks me out a little, it's the voice. I had to laugh that Papa G freaked Waits out and he moved the car to go eat his sandwich.

stupid babblers said...

Jake doesn't have the attention span to si for a full interview, I bet the Heath stuff was pulled out if Carrie's ass.

Stupid troll, you are full od shit.

prairiegirl said...

I don't think a blogger from Gyllenbabble would try to poke a hole in the Jake/Heath epic; quite the opposite it would seem to me. I think that was just someone who has a different take on it all. I don't agree with it but it's just their opinion.

In a sense, I fully agree that alot of that interview is nonsensical, puffed up garbo and other parts are like what Methodical Muse said. He's stuck in a time warp because he cannot talk about what is current in his life. That is the saddest part about that entire interview.

And I'll say this once and then I'll put the entire J/H interview thing to rest.

I love that he talked about Heath. But the timing of it all is what did not set well with me. I would have loved this thing had it come after PoP came out. Or long before.

I know there are explanations why, why not, what, when, how, etc. Fully understand that. That is just my feeling about it.

prairiegirl said...

Goooooood morninggggg!! I have b-day hangover this morning. And I'm on the Big V today and Monday. What timing.

Just a blast yesterday and last night. Mom's enchiladas never fail to leave people at the table totally satiated and blown up a la beached whales. Like one of our friends said last night and what I have always said, after eating one of those, it's impossible to find a good one at a Mexican restaurant.

A former co-worker & very good friend also stopped by and joined us; so it was a joy-filled table.

I'm going to post a couple things on my tiny blog today. I have a couple pictures of Jason's memorial tulips around the tree in the front yard and I also have one of this cool Edible Arrangement that my brother & his family sent. You guys oughta see this thing. It's a bunch of fruit done up in this flower arrangement.

Did you know that tulips close up at night? And then reopen during the day. I did not know that.

Uh oh. I hear rain.

prairiegirl said...

And lastly, there are alot of fun pictures over on IHJ newly added and one in particular I would say is pretty screen-licking worthy. LOL. And believe it or not, it's one of the PoP ones. Let's see if people can guess which one it is. And no, it's not the one where he's standing like Robert Conrad daring everyone to knock the battery off his shoulder, although that one isn't bad either.

I think after seeing the picture I'm talking about, I can see some little 10 year old girls wanting a Dastan poster on their wall.

But the hair.

Crap. I still can't get over that hair. At least this particular picture helps one to see past that.

Love the on-set pictures too.

Special, I can see you totally working that newly-sculpted little 7/8 ass into a post sometime soon. LOLLLL!

prairiegirl said...

Again, thanks to all for your birthday wishes. They made my day and every one was deeply appreciated.

Cool to see new visitors and even though I'm not really an official ambassador anymore since as was so appropriately & correctly pointed out that I was doing a lousy job at it, I still just as a regular commenter, would like to say welcome and thanks for contributing.

Special K said...

Oh i think I know which PoP picture it is, and it is totally poster worthy.

Hey, PG, last I remember you weren't relieved of your duties on this end. Trying to get out of it now huh? LOL.

Special K said...

About Obama's newest executive order is going to make a huge impact. First and most importantly for GLBT community and secondly in healthcare in the US.

Any hospital or medical center that receives Medicaid or Medicare, must extend visitation rights to the partners of gay men and lesbians.

But even more than that, the hospitals must respect patients' choices about who may make critical health-care decisions for them. If the patient has designated that their partner as who can make their care decisions, that must recognize and followed out by the hospital in the care and well being of the patient.

true love said...

Honk for Gay Pride!

prairiegirl said...

I saw that news, Special and thought that was awesome. Kudos indeed to Pres. Obama. I think that is huge news and a big step. There are strides being made.

Okay, well I will gladly don my duties again, Special. I thought I was being impeached by some, lol.

Yeah, forget the hair in that picture. LOLLLL!