Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best Recycling Ever

And I’d say, ‘OK, I’ll try it,’ and then I’d say, ‘OH GOD. OH, please.’ But then I’d get it, and we’d go a little further and a little longer and a little higher and just kept it up,”

Jake's latest quote is one of his best ever and because something this good it too good not to waste inspiration struck. And hey Jake's all about recycling.

The Top Ten Eleven Books for made for this quote:

11. Yo! GAH! Stretch for Success

10. Backseat Driver: Tales of the Tooth

9. Heating Up: My Baker's Secrets. Recipes for in and out of the kitchen

8. Know Your Texas Twisters

7. Second in the Series
Backseat Driver: Scenes from an SUV

6. More Advanced Duck Duck Goose

5. On the Road: Bike Buddies Backpedal

4. Basics Backgammon for Fun and Pleasure

3. Jakey G's Guide to Goosing

2. Third in the Series
Backseat Driver: Honk My Horn

1. No Games No Problem: A Survival Guide for what to do stuck in your set trailer.

And for those movie lovers an instant classic from Falcon
OPP:Sex of Times with a special preview from The DL : On the Bubble(boy) Waiting for Renewal


prairiegirl said...

As made up as my blogger name is, Dobie Gray, it is mine. That is me. If that seems like a joke to you, fine. Laugh all you want. But I use the same name every time I post on here. I'll take the heat or acceptance for all my own out of line, inconsiderate, selfish, nice, friendly, hot comments.

I live in Kansas, hence the name PrairieGirl; I made it up on my own before I made my very first blogger comment. I'm the same here as I am in real life and in LJ. What you see is what you get with me; warts and all.
April 7, 2010 11:44 AM

Sorry that has to be the first comment on here; darn the luck.

And sorry for the Easter eggs, I've been inactive so I haven't gotten to change my avatar.

Kali said...

And I'll do the same; people should be able to post however they like, as long as they are civil and polite to each other. I don't have a problem with that. OMG's rules allow for that. Some posters do abuse that, but it doesn't mean all of us who feel like using different names are dishonest. All of my different names are me as well. I agree the comment was out of line and rude, and it was rude.

Special K said...

New PoP featurette:

PoP Goes Parkour

The more I see the more I like. It's a perfect summer popcorn movie.

prairiegirl said...

I don't mind temporary names at all. It's when they're used to hide behind when attacking another commenter by their name that I don't like them.

I don't understand at all why all this got stirred up to begin with. I think underneath some of it is a disguised push by some who want to believe that Jake is not gay. Not that that is not a right to believe that. They can believe all they want.

But to try and bring that to the table here, well, don't be surprised when people start to catch on and see it for what it is. And choose themselves not to believe what is trying to be dished.

Kali said...

I think what stirs it up is when some dare to question that. I tend to think he might be, but I don't know for sure, I tend to wax and wane on it, and as time goes on, the less I care about it. I started coming here initially as a fan of BBM, and because I wanted to support Jake and Austin if they were a couple, and tbh, if I hadn't heard Ted's rumors, I wouldn't have believed it either. I come here also because I enjoy the posts, there's something great all the time. But I also like to be able to be free to speak my mind. That should be ok. Because I may or may not blindly follow doesn't make me one of "them" (fill in the blank, Babbler, Troll, PR, etc.) I think PR may take a swing through every now and again, but truthfully, I don't think they lose any sleep about what we say.

prairiegirl said...

I hear you, Kali. If you're being honest about all of that, that's cool, then.

On that last point about PR? I wouldn't be so sure that they do alot more than take a swing through. They do more than that.

Kali said...

You're a sweetheart, PrairieGirl, and I mean that. :)

Well off for another day of bailing and cleaning. I thought it was something when I had ducks swimming in my backyard, but some people have fish, who have jumped from the ponds and lakes to the large puddles in people's yards/streets. Life is beautiful, isn't it? Thank goodness these things only come around every 100 years or so!

Have a great day,

Special K said...

Great new clip of PoP with The Disney Channel's Movie Surfer crew. New stuff we've not seen yet.

Disney Movie Surfers

destiny said...

I still haven't watched all the Wonder Con stuff, I'll never catch up. :-D

SF said...

April 7, 2010

San Francisco Celebrity Sightings

Tablehopper alerts us to Jake Gyllenhaal's recent appearance at Café Gratitude, where he shared some vegan noshes with friends and was only accosted later, upon leaving, by a girl with a t-shirt that said, "Ask me about slow sex." Let's hope for Jake's sake that he didn't. [Tablehopper]

John Waters, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Dine About Town

Kali said...

That Disney Movie Surfers clip is truly beautiful - I really had no idea how beautiful this movie could be. Did you see Tamina's handpainting, like mehndi? *swoon*

m said...

Cute post today. Not much to add. I am enjoying the Jake overload and basking in seeing his cheerful nature back in full swing.

Netflix delivered "Moon" to me today so I'll be seeing that tonight.

Special K said...

Sounds like things got a little uncomfortable for Jake doing some of his stunts.

Rash of Pain for Jake

SC said...

found out its jake gyllenhall filming in river forest! may just go back
about 11 hours ago

its jake gyllenhall failming in the town over from me! might go back & get a better glimspe damn u rain
about 11 hours ago

Location CHICAGO

Ain't It Cool said...

Another great interview

Quint chats PRINCE OF PERSIA and SOURCE CODE with Jake Gyllenhaal!

Special K said...

Don't know if Jake is going to be in Chicago or it's the SFX scenes they're filming in Chicago. Guess we will have to wait and see, and hope that Duncan wants to tweet about it.

Great great interview from Ain't it Cool. Definitely cool chat about Source Code.

One think I did notice about his comment to Brothers question was,
"I’m really proud of that movie as a marker of sort of a new beginning in understanding of acting for me, so thank you."

I was thinking about what was happening in his life when he was making Brothers. Especially joy of being a parent, and loss over losing one of your peers.

Fraud said...

Sure Spesh that is why he was parading around with his very tiny little girlfriend making sure everyone thought he was straight. That is all he was worried about.

lawl said...

Sure Spesh that is why he was parading around with his very tiny little girlfriend making sure everyone thought he was straight.

Sure trolly...ever heard of PR

Reality said...

Yeah Reeke was all about PR and convincing everyone Jake was 100% straight. No one forced Jake to beard and do a million photo ops. Jake willingly bearded and took part in the photo ops. Maybe his epiphany in Brothers came from realizing that no matter what happens in life, nothing is more important than doing photo ops with his beard of the day and making sure the PR plan is stuck to. Jake couldn't have been to devasted by his friends death if he did a photo op 4 days later. Yes he looked sad in the pics, but he could have said no to the photo op if he wanted to. Instead he did it anyway so he could show how supportive his beard and her kids were. He was more worried about PR than a supposed friends death.

Special K said...

There are other reasons for Jake to beard, including the birth of Baby T in October and then the whole Rome thing starting within weeks of that.

No one here who can definitely say that there is one reason for Jake's bearding.


Because we are not him.

He is the only one who truly knows. Because he was the one to make that decision. We can only speculate and that's it.

I do hope that people will read the interview with Ain't It Cool news for what it is, there is a lot of great information in it.

Not over it. said...

You bet reality. All it would of took was a small note of grievance from PR. No Jake chose to ignore Heath's death publicly. It made him look like crap to a lot of people.

Also the finger he gave to his fans and non reeke believers at the concert when he had his arms wrapped around his beloved Reese was digusting. I sure lost a lot of respect for Jake. It will be hard to get it back.