Friday, April 16, 2010

For All the Saints

Austin has been seen a few times on OTH wearing a medallion looking charm around his neck.

Is that a St. Genesius medal?

When Austin has been seen with Jake he has a protective presence that comes out.

And we know that they often wear things of each other as a way to stay connected when they are apart.

So is Jake wearing Austin's medal? Austin's way of protecting him while they are parted. Or are both of them wearing the medals? Connecting them and protecting the other until they are reunited?

Could see either being true.

One thing it seems my Spidey senses are telling me Austin's the man behind the medal mania.

You know if Jake wants to add a little more Austin for protections he could go for St. Austin. The patron saint protecting those with bad eyes.


Crap said...

I zoomed in on it and it's a plain gold medallion, no Saints. Isn't that a OTH prop any way?

You can a good look at what Austin is wearing sometimes around his neck here:

This a fan pic so most likely it belongs to him not Julian like that gold medallion.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
You said "I never said Nevis had a beard per se" in a B.B. yesterday. However, in a B.V. from about a month ago on Nevis, you said: "Only problem? He can't decide whether his beard or ex-boyfriend is the perfect fit for him..." That looked like a beard per se to me. So, could you please clarify this for us: Is Nevis' GF his beard or the real deal, and how does she get along with the ex-BF? Are they perhaps more of a triad than a couple? Because that would be...interesting. Anyhow, you're probably going to get tons of crap about this, sorry about that, don't let it get to you. We B.V. sleuths are kind of obsessive about the clues you give, and the beard comment from a month ago about Nevis seemed like a big clue.

Dear Caught!:
Nevis and his lady have a quite...complicated relationship. And as always with beards, there's different levels. Whereas folks like Toothy Tile have a top-notch, no-nooky gal, Nevis's sometimes-GF is in-the-know and in-the-action, but it's still up in the air who he prefers: this babe or his boy. We should all have problems like this.

Bitch Back

prairiegirl said...

No-nooky gal. LOLLLLLLL!!

Well, didn't we already know that. And not only that, it was apparent as the light of day.

But it doesn't make Ted's plainer than the dirt in the ground statement any less funny.

What's bigger than a snicker or a guffaw? I'm at a loss.

prairiegirl said...

I know.

Howllllll! A howl.

Is that second sleep just the best thing or what? You know what I'm talking about. The kind where you wake up with all kinds of sheet/blanket imprints all yourself and you stumble out of bed in a stupor.

It's the best.

Special K said...

The medallion might be turned over. It is the same size as a saints medal. Wouldn't put it past Austin to to wear some of his own things on the show. I mean it looks like he keeps some of the stuff from each of his characters too. Maybe he brought home from the set to conveniently keep.

He's worn other little nods to Jake before on OTH, the most obvious was the sweater with a JG embroidered over his heart. And for the finale he is wearing a gray scarf like the one he and Jake have switched back and forth wearing.

I do think they do send little nods on film kind of like a scrapbook.

destiny said...

That's good news about Obama and hospital visitation rights, although I wonder why he didn't do it sooner, and why now. There has been some concern and chatter the past couple of weeks that Obama is backing off on doing anything about DADT this year. I hope what he did yesterday is not meant as a bone to appease the gay community for his inaction on DADT.

destiny said...

Awww, your Spuds dog avatar is back. I love that one. Those dogs always make me smile with their sweet and quircky faces.

destiny said...

quirky not quircky

prairiegirl said...

How about quacky? lol! Yeah, ol' Curley is back. Pretty soon I'll put my banana guy back on. LOLLL, makes me laugh just to think about it.

Love me some Wenty!!! Awwww, Wentworth looks so happy in those new pictures on the internet. He looks oblivious, he looks happy, he looks relaxed and very, very natural & Joe-Bloe-ish. I. absolutely. love. it.

Cirrus said...

OMG, could you try to ever just accept something postive?

You say you're tired of being blamed for bringing down OMG? If the shoe fits. Some are tired of your whining and ranting, all the time, Destiny. Can't you ever find the silver lining in any black cloud?

Raining on Parades said...

PrairieGirl has her namesake as her avatar, maybe Destiny can put a little raincloud in hers.

sheesh said...

10:52 your comments are getting monotonous and least you could try and live up to your rep as a trolly

Stubborn TB said...

I seriously have to wonder why some people get constantly shut up with cries of "troll, troll!", while Jack has been ranting without pause on the last 2 days completely unchallenged.
There's something really wrong when Jacks nasty rants are deemed okay and only challenged if he gives Jake too much of a breather, but other posts of people identifying as TBs aren't.

About the topic of the post: Both Jake and Austin obviously have worn many different things on the chains around their necks. But regardless of whether there was a gold band on Jakes chain during the GQ interview or not, one thing is pretty obvious.

Both the black diamond ring and Big Blue have been a very consistent thing for them. The fact that they got it at around the same time and Jake went as far as to call it his engagement ring and Austin treating his as if it is one says a lot.

Austin just recently got a new ring he wears in almost the same fashion, so I think it's very likely he got it from Jake. So I don't see why the medal he wore while shooting OTH shouldn't have somehow ended up on Jakes neck. Like Special said, it's not the first time Austin has done little shout-outs on OTH and it's also not the first time he took items home from filming. Like the coat with the frayed sleeves (which I wish he would wear again, because I loved it).

smile said...

Jack is nothing if not entertaining. :)

sheesh said...

I seriously have to wonder why some people get constantly shut up with cries of "troll, troll!"

Stop exaggerating.

m said...

I am always amazed at how fast somebody shows up to discredit information here. In this case the pendant. For claiming to not like this blog, they monitor it 24/7. And yet they claim we have no impact.

Love today's song. One of my all time favorites, no matter who performs it.

prairiegirl said...

No, there's something wrong when everyone wants to start nitpicking, biting & personally attacking rather than take a higher road and for once bring up a happy, heck, maybe even totally Off Topic subject. Heck, maybe even discuss the new pictures on IHJ like I tried to earlier this morning but unfortunately have been covered up with a new post.

Check out the very first comment today. Negative.

Someone puts up Ted's latest which is totally hilarious when it refers to Ice Maiden. Nothing.

Destiny discusses President Obama's latest move and gives her opinion and own thoughts on it.

And then we get the personal attacks on her. Do we hear what exactly you have to say about the topic itself, Cirrus?

Do you guys see the difference here?

This is exactly what happened to me when I was hatchet-jobbed two days ago. I gave an opinion. I didn't discuss or bring up any other blogger's name and directly speak to them. Yet I was the focus of personal, trollish comments, not countered with a worthwhile argument. No, the focus was on me as a person.

The very same thing is taking place right now. Instead of offering up something different, your own opinion on something, you choose to focus on the commenter themselves and muddy up the waters even further.

You guys better gear up because I'm home today.

prairiegirl said...

no-nooky gal.

LOLLLLL!! Still cracks me up for him to just lay it out there like that.

Kinda blows the whole cover, doesn't it?


prairiegirl said...

Unfortunately, I'm home and trying to finetune 42b with its SMEX but if I have to, I'll forgo it in order to help try and keep peace & order.




Sister Mary Elephant.

LOLLLLLLL!!! Does anyone else remember that Cheech & Chong record? Oh My Dog!!!!!!

I gotta go to the can, man.


Clockwork said...

The trollish behaviour has been gathering pace over the past few days. We all know that PR monitor this site, so they must be upping the ante because they got wind of something big that is going to be disclosed by Ted. Trolls names change, but the pattern remains the same.

prairiegirl said...

Could be Ted.

Could be the approaching coming out of PoP. PR would love sites like OMG and WFT2 to disappear during this time. Personally, I think that explains my own stalkish trolls, not all of them, but just my own.

And I've extended the olive branch and invited them into the loving circle. One can always use more sandbox playmates, you know.

© Infringement said...

Does anyone know if that site "I heart Jake" has permission to use all those images - borders on copyright infringement imo

prairiegirl said...

Gosh, I have no idea. I'm terrible at legalities of things. Wouldn't you think they'd have to pay a fee? Because the movie hasn't even come out yet and that seems to be an exclusive kind of thing they have going there.

They may pay a fee? I don't know.

I tell you what, though. They should've left Jake in that shredded-open like white shirt throughout the whole movie. That is better than anything else they have him in, lol.

prairiegirl said...

Forgive me if today I ever type "Jack" instead of Jake. Not because I confuse the two, but I am trying to finish my chapter today and to flip back & forth like this, well, it can get a little dicey. I almost started typing Jack in that last comment.


Special K said...

If I seem to recall IHJ has paid for or gets permission for all the images on their site. They have always done things on the up and up and Steph is very careful about permissions and usage.

IHJ has been the go to for Jake pictures for Jake's fan for year. They've put a lot of work into maintaining it.

If you want to know more about how they get the rights to all the pictures, ask over at IHJ, I'm sure Steph will answer you if the answer is not already posted there.

thanks! said...

I just checked the site IHJ site out and my take is that the pics also are all fully credited and appear to be widely in the public domain. She's not offering them for sale or in any way making a profit from them. I'm sure that if a publication has an issue with it, they'll ask her to take it down. Largely, it's free publicity for them. Let's face it - how many of us would really be interested in a lot of those publication before seeing the amazing pics she credits them with publishing? After viewing several of them this morning, I'd give their mags a 2nd glance!

prairiegirl said...

Is Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder not one of the most beautiful songs on the planet?

What an image. A ribbon in the sky. Thank heavens for songwriters who give us these phrases and subsequent images.

Speaking of music, I need to check out the story on Jennifer Knapp. That sounds like an awesome story. I believe I've heard of her - not sure which song but I know that I've seen her name.

And do you guys know that this weekend is....get ready to reminisce....

I dare say, this weekend is the 2010 scheduled time for....Cockroachella Festival!!!! The only reason I know this is because I was just on checking things out and I see where there is a delay for some of the bands trying to come in from Europe.

This volcano eruption in Iceland is really wrecking havoc with air travel overseas. I just hope everyone is okay in Iceland - a volcano eruption sounds awful.

But it also brought to light that the olllllll' Cockroachella musicfest is this weekend. Wow. Was it really a year ago to this weekend that we know. Ugh.

With All Due Respect said...

No, there's something wrong when everyone wants to start nitpicking, biting & personally attacking

Sorry to say, this what you do at times PG. Especially when you are taking up for Destiny or Tom.

I know they are your friends and it's nothing wrong with backing them at times, but this happens too often from you. There will always be differences of opinions.
And there may be some mildly heated disagreements. Destiny and Tom are big boys and girls who talk loudly and demand attention, I think they can handle it.
They Will be heard.

Lurker said...

With all due respect, Prarie Girl can defend her friends if she wants to.

I think there is a concerted effort going on to (a) run off some of the regular posters and (b) scare off anyone new who might find this site with the renewed interest in Jake PoP will cause.

Looks like we already have a few new posters. I think we should show that this community respects different viewpoints, and that we don't attack people--except for trolls and others out to destroy this site. Attack ideas yes. Attack people no.

I know you don't have a policy of deleting posts Special, and generally I think that is a very good thing. But I think you should seriously think about deleting posts that are just attacks on other's rights to speak. Like With All Due Respect, attacking PG for standing up for others.

Cirrus said...

^^This is what I think too - I think that these people can take care of themselves. No need to sway the court of public opinion and try to get everyone on one side. I agree that there's nothing wrong with sticking up for your own at times, tho. Me? I'm just happy with my 1/25th or whatever percentage I am of people who post here. Don't need more. I think you're a great Ambassador. Your posts are great and needed. I haven't heard Ribbon in the Sky in a long time, will have to give a listen. :)

Actually PrairieGirl, I was very happy to see the news about hospital visitation rights. This is something that has been sorely needed for such a long time, I'm just happy to see progress and don't need to look for ulterior motives of any kind. President Obama has done a lot, especially after inheriting such a mess as he did. I'm disappointed in his choice of Secretary of the Interior, however, and would like to see wolves back on the Endangered Species List.

Dionne Warwick said...

But I think you should seriously think about deleting posts that are just attacks on other's rights to speak.

Then you are infringing on their right to speak. Scroll on by, wasn't that the advice given?

scales of justice said...

Attacking and calling people out for bad behavior are two different things.

prairiegirl said...

With All Due Respect, until you drop the phony name and can bravely & directly speak to me like that with one that I've met before & know, sorry, not directing any response to your past-repeated comment.

Nope, sorry. Call me anal, I know it is, but that's how it works with me, lol.

prairiegirl said...

If you're going to call me out on something, have the guts to do it so I know who you are and quit hiding.

thanks! said...

I was happy to see the Obama article as well. I was surprised in light of how little he's actually done regarding don't ask don't tell. I'm hoping this is a step to show the admin is actually serious about gay-rights, not just using it as a convenient talking point. [BTW, I'm straight, but I'm a strong GLBT supporter]

I'm one of those newbies who just found her way here. Don't worry - I don't scare easily and I'm pretty good at overlooking muck. Every active forum seems to have that. Thanks for being welcoming yesterday.

Special K said...

I know that there have been long timer stirrers (we know who you are) as well as some new stirrers who have hopped in to mix things up here OMG.

There are also other who have been here around , some new faces and others who are writing again.

We have a lot off different people coming together but there is one thing we all want a good place to come together.

Something to remember, this is a community. We might not all agree on everything but bet we all agree on a couple things or we wouldn't be here.

It was the hope when the blog started that it was a community that could come together in place to talk about Jake and Austin. It is in our mission. We added in other relevant things for the people to come OMG, such as the Out Spotlight and talking about GLBT issues that are making an impact in the world.

I know that there are vast differences of opinions that came into OMG, and also have been formed over the years.

I have always hoped that people could still remain to have that community spirit and remember to be respectful of others and their opinions just as the want others to be respect full of them and theirs in our discussions.

There is no need for name calling, shouting, bullying and the like. Most people are here because they want to be here and they are probably as passionate in their feelings as you are in yours.

There are many times that people will have to agree to disagree, and other times, have to let things go.

If your not a fan of the conversation, bring up something you want to talk about, if others are interested they will join in. There is room for many different conversations here.

The one downfall about blogs is that you can't get the tone of what is written and that sometimes can open up a can of worms. People can write something innocently and someone take it in a total different way.

I have said many times that I might not delete all I should or delete what you think I should delete. I will make mistakes in that. I am far from perfect. I do delete and have, and please don't think if I didn't delete something that its means I agree with the comment. Sometimes I missed it.

I do delete malicious mean, and crude comments. Again I apologize if things slipped pass me. I hope you can find understanding and patience with me.

I know that I sound like a broken record, but those who jump in to troll want attention and if you ignore them and starve them of the attention, they grow bored and go away.

Deleting many times is giving them attention and then they bomb away. That is another reason I would rather let them lie farrow in the field to wither and die from lack of attention and then to pull it out. Sometimes when you pull a weed, it makes more of them sprout up all over the place.

But there are other times that people bring up points that are not agreed with by others and they labeled trolls, just because of a difference of a opinion. Please remember that just because they don't agree with you or you with them, doesn't mean they don't have the same right as you have to say what you believe.

There are many people who don't agree with my opinions and there are opinions of others I don't agree with either, it is giving that respect to each other to have their chance to speak.

I believe there is a way for all of us work together. But is work and is from all of us, we all have a responsibility here.

We have been through too much to be broken down by such picky little things.

I really hope that people will look for the good in everyone and what they can bring and contribute to OMG. Focus on their positives and let the negative fall away.

I truly believe that there is good in everyone and creating positive energy through finding that good in people and wanting the best for them. That's the kind of energy that brings great things.

Special K said...

Oh I do miss the coat with frayed sleeves, and the sweater with the hole in the elbow.

But have you notice that over the years how much Jake and Austin's style has slowly moved more in sync with other while maintaining their own individuality in their quirky ways?

Ribbon in the Sky is great song. I was jamming out to so really good funky Stevie Wonder to lift my spirits the past few days. That and some James Brown. (Can you be in a bad mood listening to James Brown? I say no!)

prairiegirl said...

Hey, there's a great new picture of Matt Bomer on Just Jared. He's in a white suit with a silvery blue shirt underneath. HOT!!

Living In the City - another great Stevie Wonder song.

And my friend, Little Dog's Mama, does a great imitation of Eddie Murphy doing the James Brown Hot Tub Skit. don't ask me what made me think of that.

I do like Jake's clothes in Source Code. Praise the heavens for form fitting pants!!!! Geez Louise.
I hope some of those chino pants make it back in the suitcase home.

Special K said...

Jake will be in that one outfit for more than 2/3rds of the movie.

Well you know Austin is all for bringing back a thing or two from his roles, and Jake said he has some stuff from some of his movies too. Imagine Austin would be telling him to wear a pair of pants off the set and bring them home after seeing Jake in them.

You know they PoP'd Jake into some good looking britches for dagger danger and adventure. Imagine that in Imax. Won't have to too much longer. : )

destiny said...

Just when I thought he couldn't get any hotter, my computer practically went up on flames when I clicked on those Matt Bomer pictures. Not many men can rock a white suit like that, and I love how his hair is done.

Sometimes he looks a bit like Austin, and I think he does in these new photos. Just makes me think all over again about how Austin just hasn't looked as good in the photos we've gotten of him recently, especially those Fashion week bearding photos.

Also couldn't help comparing them to the photo of Jake in his light suit on the cover of GQ. I just got the magazine, and boy, even on paper it is not a good photo of him. He looks stodgy and old.

prairiegirl said...

went up in flames. LOLLLLLLL!!!

Ah gah, that was funny.

I wasn't sure about all the hype but that picture on JJ is pretty darned hot.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, JJ says Ryan Philippe is co-hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow.

Special K said...

Saw Ryan's promo's last night during the SNL special. He should have fun he made the McGruber movie with SNL cast members Wil Forte and Kristen Wiig

Cirrus said...

Thanks for the great posts, everyone. :)

Many of us are still here, Special, so you must be doing something right. We, at least I do anyway, need a reminder like your post from time to time. Thanks! :*

I don't think we need to overdo it on the deletions either, just the rude and crude. Thanks again!

duncan jones said...

@rboulding very good! Just over a week to go!!!
about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
in reply to rboulding

@ManMadeMoon how's the shoot going?
about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck

Stubborn TB said...

Talking about the chains I just noticed something:

It's not just that they both wear chains, they wear the same kind too.
They both have one made from metal chains and one made from leather.

What's the chance of two officially single guys who are friends wearing the same kind of chains, one of them with "an engagment ring", the other with a gold wedding band on it (that we've seen clearly/they have talked about) and it not having at least a small meaning?

lure said...

LOL you better keep an eye on destiny. She might be migrating over to the Boners.

Methodical Muse said...

PrairieGirl says...I tell you what, though. They should've left Jake in that shredded-open like white shirt throughout the whole movie. That is better than anything else they have him in, lol.

OMG! I couldn't look at the IHJ PoP photo until now. Now, that's what I call entertainment! I particularly like how comfortable Jake appears half undressed. The look definitely "suits" him.

m said...

Glad to hear Ted confirm what we already knew re the lack of intimacy. It was readily apparent all along, but I like seeing it in print. It seems like Ted has become privy to new details about Reeke and is slowly letting it out. I am still waiting to hear the reason for you know who's sudden departure.

Great news about the hospital visitation policy. That is really something to celebrate.

prairiegirl said...

I particularly like how comfortable Jake appears half undressed.

LOLLLLL!!! Yeah, he does, doesn't he?

Don't ask me why I woke up @ 4:22 this morning. Actually slept in yesterday until 5. Why revert back to.....oh well!

You know, if I were a songwriter, which I'm not, but if I was, I would be inspired right now to write a song about Austin dropping off this side of the planet.

Yup. I would.

Some little ditty.....taps fingers......about Austin.....taps right toes, too....Austin plain out of sight....wrinkles brow....not even any current Sophin activities.....heavy sigh.....could mention JustJared in my ditty, work him in somehow because he was our Source, man. Our source for Sophin.....clenches gut in agony.....our source who has become Sophin-challenged and dried up like the Arkansas River that runs through Wichita.....

Hmmmmm. I'll have to think on it. Maybe a little ditty to the tune of...

Escape by Enrique Iglesias

Everyone's Gone To the Moon

Miles Away by Winger

Please Don't Leave Me by Pink

Please Don't Go by K.C.& Sunshine Band

Put One Foot In Front of the Other by Kris Kringle & the Winter Warlock

Ready, Set, Don't Go by Miley Cyrus

'Round Here Somewhere by the BoDeans

Searching by Change

Took The Last Train by David Gates

Until You Come Back to Me by Aretha Franklin

Walk In the Sun by Bruce Hornsby

Walking in My Sleep by Roger Daltry

Don't Walk Away by, take your pick, Toni Childs or Jade



prairiegirl said...

LOL - songs courtesy of my ITunes Library. Can't you tell - they're in alphabetical order.

LOLLL!! snicker

"('Θ')"~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prairiegirl said...

Awwwww, must've had a little visitor.

Time to hit the sidewalk!! It's 45 degrees out there, too. What in the heck happened?

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I love Peter Skarsgård and Maggie Gyllenhaal. They are both talented and seem down-to-earth. Have they ever been a Blind Vice, apart or together?

Dear Sweet One:
Wow, good one. Nope they have not. Forget about them sometimes! But, when it comes down to it, ultimately, just don't think these two have quite the sinful sizzle to get them into Blind infamy.

Dear Ted:
Have Toothy Tile and Saucy Bossy ever worked on a film together? If so, did any extra-curricular kinky activities happen between the two down-low studs?

Dear Hollywood is Small:
They're acquainted, yes.

^^Those letters were one after the other.

Dear Ted:
I have a question regarding an oldie but goodie Blind Vice! Was Oded Good-Head servicing some random dude, or an equally famous hottie?
—Mary in Cali

Dear Good Head Indeed:
The guy wasn't famous, no. But, Oded sure is, especially lately. More than ever.

Dear Ted:
You've stated that you don't use more than one moniker for the subjects of your Blind Vices—for ince, once Toothy Tile, always Toothy Tile. However, is it possible that a subject with a moniker was once the subject of another Blind Vice back in the day when your column was a weekly column and you didn't have monikers for your subjects? That is, could someone like Fey Oiled-Tush, who first appeared in your column in 2008, have yet another older Blind Vice attributed to him that had no mention of Fey Oiled-Tush or any other moniker back then?

Dear Outsmart Me Not:
Even though I'm far too confused at this point to follow you, exactly (the science you folks make this celeb debauchery out to be is pretty impressive), let me repeat: no Blind Vice member has ever had more than one name. Never has, never will.

Bitch Back!

prairiegirl said...

LOL, that last one's pretty funny. I was lost, myself.

I really enjoyed looking at those Source Code action pictures. They were pretty cool. Wish I could stop using that word "cool." It's so 70's but it's the word of the week, I guess. What I don't see on IHJ are these pictures where it sounded like Jake was bloodied up. I missed those but I'm sure they'll pop up or I'll just google them. Maybe they were really nothing and he just had a bloody lip or something.

Hey, I'm working on a surprise right now. Got a little action getting ready to go on in the writing shop. No, not that kind of action. LOLLLLLL!!!! No shed/shop action here. LOL BLAST-eroni!!!!

Oh gah, kill myself sometimes.

LJ said...

Chain silver, stone grey:

Special K said...

Lots of guesses for Saucy Bossy - Jamie Foxx.

The gossip was that Jamie has had naked basketball games at his place.

Now no one know if Jake ever dribble there. But we know that Jake and Jamie were in Jarhead together.

Special K said...

Austin has worn a leather necklace as along with his chain.

destiny said...

Wow, that is any impressive song list. It is funny how he seems to have completely disapeared, almost as if he doesn't exist. Do you suppose Austin likes being an almost non-existant person like that while Jake is gettin all the PoP attention and talking about everyone but him?

prairiegirl said...

Dang.....naked b-ball games?


lol. Boy, the verbal fun one could have with that.

PoP video said...

Jake finding out he got the role of Prince Dastan

Special K said...

In Source Code Jake gets blown up over and over again. So he's going to get a little banged and bruised.

Steph over IHJ put up some picture in the Community Board section, of him looking roughed up. She asks not to post them yet. It is about getting permissions for the pictures.

On the Set of Source Code 4/13/10

Keep your Garden Weed Free said...

I know that I sound like a broken record, but those who jump in to troll want attention and if you ignore them and starve them of the attention, they grow bored and go away.
Deleting many times is giving them attention and then they bomb away. That is another reason I would rather let them lie farrow in the field to wither and die from lack of attention and then to pull it out. Sometimes when you pull a weed, it makes more of them sprout up all over the place.

Sorry Special, but you are wrong.

You support trolls by giving them the place to post and by not deleting their garbage - I'm sure that is one of the reasons they love coming back and posting here.

Old TBs can recognise troll posts, but everyone else will presume that troll bullshit is just another comment.

know your trolls said...

Jack you're not fooling anybody.

Keep your Garden Weed Free said...

Jack The Troll wants his posts deleted?!

Clockwork said...

gasbags need to have their posts deleted

Special K said...

Hi Jack you look like you're talking to yourself this morning.

Horny troll said...

I bet Jake the troll is one ugly son of a b*tch. The poor guy has probably never been laid in his life.

Cirrus said...

I liked your music list PG. What ever happened to the BoDeans? Guh, I loved their harmonies.