Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pix Me I Must Be Dreaming.

Unnamed sources are saying that The CW will be rolling out several new shows at their up fronts this May to replace many of the underperforming ones that have been on the bubble for the network season after season.

"It's a whole new revamp and image for The CW. We are taking a cue from what we've seen online, commercials, and the gaming community and combining it into a show that's a little bit retro with cutting edge technology. It's a good way to help reacquaint new viewers with classic television but with alternative music thrown in. And it's great testing for those shows being considered for big screen remakes." "Ok basically this is cheaper than doing a bunch of pilots to find one that will fit into the mess that is our current line up"

The yet to be name series is about Matt Patton, a blogger who gained a huge following for his hip irreverent take on his favorite shows and movies, known as Pix to his friends both on and offline. A photographer at the local Sears by day, he spends his off hours hanging out taking ironic pictures of his friends at clubs, watching shows and movies, and postponing adulthood. In a freak accident while making PopTart tapas for a friend's white trash dinner party, he's shocked by his toaster oven into an alternate reality were he travels into the shows and movies he's blog to a great soundtrack.

Austin Nichols, who plays Julian Baker on The CW's soon to be cut down One Tree Hill, is set to star in the show, in fact he's the only cast of the entire show. "We think Austin is a perfect fit, he's got a now yet retro feel to him, a little quirky, a little hometown boy, an everyman with a little edge. We think that everyone will love him, the teens, the moms, and the guys. One thing we haven't seen Austin do is comedy and we think this is a great chance for him to explore it here."

"It's like Mike TV doing Quantum Leap with satire. I can go anywhere and be anything week to week. It's a great opportunity for an actor because I get to do all kinds of acting, and don't have to deal with the politics of a big cast. And I get to work with some of the best actors in the history of television It's like an acting class every week for me. " said Nichols.

"It reminds me of one of my favorite characters Chance Gardner in the movie Being There, who's whole understanding is based on what he's learned from television. "

"I'm really excited because they told me we are going to be doing a double episode where Pix goes back to the Andy Griffith show. I want to sit in at Floyd's with Barney and Gomer and shoot the shit. There's some really higher thinking there. I would love to also jump into Perry Mason, Maude, and fingers crossed Jake and the Fat Man. "

Basically The CW is saving boatload of cash using their old catalog of shows and movies from CBS and Warner Bros and just re-editeding re-cutting them and dropping in a hipster character to interact with the old show. They only have to pay one actor's salary, a couple of writers, bare bone crew, shoot it the cheapest and smallest studio space they can find, basically CSI's old crew bathroom and can outsource the rest of production.


True Blood's Anna Paquin: I'm Bisexual and I Give a Damn said...

I keep thinking everything's an April Fool joke, and I certainly hope this isn't. In a new PSA for the True Colors Fund, Anna Paquin, who is engaged to True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, says she is bisexual.

RadarOnline, which has the video, reports: "Our source tells us that people close to Paquin, who were at the shoot, did not know she was going to make the statement, and it was a surprise to them. ing they 'Give A Damn' about equality as they too publicly declare their sexuality, be it straight, gay or bisexual. The True Colors Fund is the non-profit arm of the True Colors Tour. Co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, the organization, according to it’s website, is dedicated 'to inspire and engage everyone, particularly the straight community, to become active participants in the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) equality and ensure a strong and vibrant LGBT community.'


Interesting said...

... he's got a now yet retro feel to him, a little quirky, a little hometown boy, an everyman with a little edge.

Great description -

Forgot to mention great post yesterday too! :)

destiny said...

Pop Tart tapas, LOL!

If this really isn't a show, it should be. Sounds better than everything they have on CW right now.

duncan said...

@ManMadeMoon Hey, don't feel bad! :) Any news related to The Source Code? How is Jake doing?
about 2 hours ago via web
in reply to ManMadeMoon

@gyllenhaaljake Jake is fantastic! Ridiculously in shape as well... I want to go on the Prince of Persia fitness regime after this film! about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck
in reply to gyllenhaaljake

fool said...

This is so real looking. The show, the quotes, Austin. LOL

Perfect song for today.

PoP said...

Have you struggled to get through certain levels of the PRINCE OF PERSIA video games? You’re not alone – it appears Jake Gyllenhaal might have had some difficulties while playing the games, too. Thanks to all the fans who asked if Jake had played PRINCE OF PERSIA!

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About Playing PRINCE OF PERSIA Video Games

Special K said...

Must admit I had a lot of fun with today's post. : )

Wonder if production is shutting down tomorrow on Source Code for Good Friday and Jake maybe gets an extra day in CA.

tweet said...

btr_fan: I found out from my sister that Nicholas Cage and Jake Gyllenhaal are in San Francisco and staying at the hotel my sister works at.
about 2 hours ago

Kathy Blackwell said...

Really enjoyed reading of Bud Shrake's last play last night. Loads of talent, from Austin Nichols to Jeff Nichols. Great to see old friends.
about 8 hours ago

Location Austin, TX
Bio Executive Features Editor for the Austin American-Statesman and editor of Glossy magazine.

destiny said...

You really had me going for a minute with the post today, until I got to the Jake and the Fat Man reference and remembered the fake Ricky Martin story.

Special K said...

PoP poster for Japan.

PoP Poster

Jersey Tom said...

Oh well so Austin is in Austin being a dad. Figured that. No way Jake is in San fran.

Special K said...

Jake will have to be in SF by Sat. And who knows if Austin will still be in Austin this weekend.

WoW said...

Me too, Destiny - it was the Pop-tart tapas, and then for sure Jake and the Fatman. Great post! :)

Special K said...

Actually there is a bar in hipster central aka Williamsburg that serves PopTarts still in the foil pouch during with the PBRs.

WoW said...

^^What do I know? :) It gave me flashbacks of Shelley's Duvall's dinner party in Robert Atlman's "3 Women"! :)

Special K said...

It gave me flashbacks of Shelley's Duvall's dinner party in Robert Atlman's "3 Women"!

Good one WoW

london tb said...

You had me until the third paragraph :)

Rebecca de Alba refuses to comment on Ricky Martin's confession said...

Google translate:

The Mexican driver Rebecca de Alba, who for some time claimed to be the girlfriend of Ricky Martin, declined to comment on his admission that he is gay and only said he made the disclosure in a very relaxed and will not answer anything about because "not applicable". In the Mexican program Ok W! Confirmed that the driver and Mexican model had answered a text message making sure that gay confession took Martin with "very quietly."

Although the driver and the Puerto Rican singer showed themselves in public as a couple, the press always doubted that and said it was a screen to cover up the homosexuality of Martin.

source in Spanish

Montreal said...

Started a blog about eating. I know, everybody's doing it. I hope mine is different. Check it out!
12:51 PM Dec 6th, 2009

In the maple leaf lounge with JAKE GYLLENHAAL!
7 minutes ago

Special K said...

Maple Leaf Lounge is the club/first class lounge for Air Canada

Meg said...

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Your posts have been really funny recently Special. I couldn't work out whether this was an April Fool or not (but maybe I was just being thick and was distracted by the super cute pic of Austin). Keep up the good work!

Jake said...

Maple Leaf Lounge is the club/first class lounge for Air Canada

Shit, I thought it was where the hockey team hung out.

Special K said...

Jake stunt designer. SFX magazine interviewed Jake for PoP and found out he made his own suggestions for stunts. From what? Playing the Game

SFX: Had you ever played the Prince Of Persia videogames?

“I played the original game. I then played The Sands Of Time and its subsequent spawn while I was preparing for the movie. With The Sands Of Time I would bring in the stuntmen sometimes and be like, ‘Check out this move! Can we figure out how we can duplicate this thing?’ They’d be like, ‘Sure,’ and it would get incorporated. So I played it then. I played a lot of videogames when I was a kid. I was stuck with the original Nintendo and all the games that went with it, like Metroid and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.” [Laughs.]

prairiegirl said...

Isn't it funny how even Jake can sound "old" when it comes to technology? Technology is always kicking out the door what we know.
We go from the 78 to the 33 & the 45. Then the 8 track. Then the cassette is where it's at. Then comes the cd. And now comes the IPod and mp3.

My nephew and niece are so into their Nintendo DS's and Wii. My sister in law still limits my neph into just how much time he can spend on them. But I liken that to how addicted to a computer I am so I understand his love for them.

My fingers & mind don't work that quick for video games, tho. I watch my nephew who is 11 now and it's amazing how he works those thumbs. He & his sister always laugh at their aunt who just doesn't do very well at Mario GoKart and always ends up crashing all the time. They'll tell me with all utmost seriousness that I just need to practice.

lol. Uh, well, I don't think all the practice in the world can get me any better at those things. But I just nod and say, "Oh okay!"

destiny said...

Shit, I thought it was where the hockey team hung out.


I'm sure there will be lots of cute boys in S.F.

Lainey would like Jake to beard again said...

Exclusive: Jakey G & Isabel Lucas

The McJakey campaign was born after Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal presented together at the Oscars. Unfortunately there will be no McJakey. Not yet. Because it looks like Jakey is tied up with someone else.

Jake is currently shooting a movie in Montreal called Source Code. Last night he was spotted at Garde Manger and I’m told exclusively that he was “all cuddled up” with Isabel Lucas. She’s the actress from Transformers 2. The one who was with Shia LaBeouf on the night he f-cked up his hand in that accident even though she was supposedly dating Adrian Grenier at the time. She is gorgeous.

Jakey was wearing a white shirt over jeans, apparently even hotter in real life. When he wasn’t wrapped around her, he was trying to get Isabel to dance with him. She seemed shy. And he didn’t seem to be missing Reese at all. Or, for that matter, Rachel.

Interestingly and awkwardly enough, Kirsten Dunst, who is also in Montreal working on a different movie, was also there with a girlfriend sitting on the opposite side of the venue. She spent a lot of time on the phone in the bathroom.

Thanks MB!

Special K said...

One thing to note about Lainey. She is based in Vancouver, so she got this from someone, who told her, she did not see this herself.