Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still in the Minors

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. But it might have to take awhile. Damn Yankees' got a ways to go.

While we've heard some of the changes in that director Todd Graff has in mind for the remake of Damn Yankees, from changing the Washington Senators to the Chicago Cubs, and adding steroids into deal with the Devil, it looks like Damn Yankees is still in the minors leagues, and no one's sure when they're moving up to the Big Show.

We've been hearing for a while about the remake of the musical story of a baseball fan who sells his soul to Devil has Jake and Jim Carey attached to it, but haven't really seen much since the 2009 baseball season.

"Man, this is–- this has been a conversation I don't know why I keep having," Gyllenhaal told MTV's Larry Carroll when asked about the project this past weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco. "I've definitely been fascinated by that musical for a very long time, but I guess it's still in development. Still being worked out. We'll see."

Part of the hold up might be that Carey was set to play Curly in the Farrelly Bro's remake of The Three Stooges. Carey was on a mission to gain the weight to be Curley to play in the trio with Sean Penn and Benico Del Torro, but the movie is another one seems stuck.

Maybe Gaff is just stuck finding word that rhyme with steroids?

Whenever they finally get to Spring Training, Jake won't have a problem with the singing. And Damn Yankees is not his first musical, being one of the contenders for Christian in Moulin Rouge.

"Yeah, I mean look man, I have been signing since I was a little kid. It's something I've done alongside acting–- probably singing longer than I was acting so I am confident in that," Gyllenhaal laughed. "My dancing, not so much. [But then] I never thought I'd swordfight either."

"We'll figure it out if need be."

Don't know about the dancing since we've heard tales of his dancing, from modern dance classes to dancing for Ellen, showing some moves in the clubs, doing his best Riverdance, and even doing a daring dance in the desert. Maybe if Graff get Madonna to do a song like Like a Prayer, or give him a Santa, it might help Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo.

Or it could be the Jake just wants to play a Washington Senator, instead of The Cubs, mean how could you not when one of their best plays was named Goose.
One thing, they better keep in mind, they keep holding this in the minors too long, The Cubs will finally win the World Series and then they've got nothing.

Wait a minute ... think they have plenty of time before that happens. (My apologies to any Cubs fans)


Anonymous said...
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BBMt said...

But the bisexual person, female or male should not be thrown under the bus just because it's convenient to lump the male bisexual in the gay column while the bi women get a column all their own.

That is your opinion and your perception. Other people will think something else and there is no way to prove who's right.

Special K said...

No anons

Special K said...

No news about OTH's status, their daily tweets are basically begging for the fans to keep voting on E!. Don't know if that's enough to save them. It is less than a month to CW has it's fall line up up fronts and it doesn't look good. Circling the drain.

Funny how the season is over and wonder of wonders we haven't seen co-stars who are supposedly dating anywhere. If your show was that on the bubble you'd think they'd would be out and about, and if their show got canceled would you stop dating? ; )

Deja Vu All Over Again said...

Are you joking? Who are you to determine other people's sexuality based on "something in my mind tells me"?

But isn't this gaydar?

Cute post today.

I'm not sure - I just saw Ennis and Jack as two different unique gay man experiences, both trying their best to get along in an oppressive society. I do believe that Ennis enjoyed making love with Alma, but more so with Jack. Perhaps if the world had been different back then, he would have been with Jack. Jack wouldn't have married Lureen as a convenience.

He seemed to be ready to have as many children as possible with Alma, and content to see Jack at intervals on the side. In the book, he does exclaim to Jack that he enjoyed doing it with women, but how it was never this good with them [as it was with a man].

BBMt said...

Perhaps if the world had been different back then, he would have been with Jack.

PERHAPS?!?!? Looks like we didn't watch the same movie nor read the same story by Annie Proulx.

Okay said...

He seemed to be ready to have as many children as possible with Alma, and content to see Jack at intervals on the side.

and when this behavior is done by a female, she is considered bisexual by almost Everyone!
Everyone. Why is this so different for the males?

BBM was not billed as the gay cowboy love story, I know this. I did not know of Annie's book, did not hear or see anything month's before the release of the movie. If I thought it was a gay cowboy movie, I would not have went to see it. The people behind the movie had to think smart about how to promote it and it worked for me. To men, who was straight but under certain situations and circumstances fell in love with each other that lasted for years. That' what I thought I was going to see from the pitch of the movie.

BBMt said...

Sorry Okay, your arguments are invalid. And Jake is gay.

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas said...

Yes, I say perhaps, because you never know how the story would have actually turned out. Ennis did grow to love Jack deeply over time, and Jack always loved Ennis, wanting to have a life with him permanently. Ennis was very conflicted. Alma is the one who initiated divorce proceedings, and if she hadn't the situation would have continued. If things were different, it might not have been this way, but things were not. :(

okay said...

Don't get me wrong, I have seen many gay theme movies and I own a number of them. Making Love and The DL Chronicles are my best.
I just wasn't for a gay cowboy movie. Don't know why.
I was pulled into it because it was supposed to be about two young male friends who just happpend to (fall in Love) due to their conditions and environment. That interest me. Of course I was blown away by the movie and the performances. Jake's performance grew on me each time I saw it.

Again, I knew nothing about Annie, her books or writing.

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas said...

I knew immediately I would love the story, something about it just grabbed me. And I had the book, unread, on the shelf. I loved the book, and the movie is one of my forever favorites. It was overwhelming. :)

Okay said...

Sorry Okay, your arguments are invalid. And Jake is gay.

Please forgive me, I forgot you know him personally.

And for the record, your comment above is about a gay agenda. YOURS

broke up said...

Talking about Jim Carey he and Jenny McCarthy just split.


destiny said...

BBMt, I agree with everything you've been saying.

Wanting children doesn't make you bisexual or straight. In Ennis' case, he was desperately trying (and failing) to prove to himself he was straight, or that he could stand down his homosexuality. Anyone who can't see that, well, you don't know nothing about it Alma.

And Okay, you've revealed yourself for what you are, a homophobe.

Only homophobes use the term "gay agenda".

You have no interest in having a real conversation about bisexuality. You're just here because you can't stand it that people think Jake is gay.

So no, you won't find me engaging you in any of your discussions about bisexuality. I've already more than I should have bothered with.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Having met many celebrities, I am confident that you can tell who is genuinely "nice" and who is blowing smoke up your ass. Who are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth celebs you have met?

Dear Dime a Dozen:
Reese, Angie and Jamie Foxx and smokers, Jake, Brad and that other Fox, Megan, are pretty cool. Robsten, too.

Bitch Back

Quizas said...

... he [Ennis] was desperately trying (and failing) to prove to himself he was straight.

Yes, absolutely. Not wanting to use "precautions" as Alma put it is a very macho man thing to do.

m said...

Ennis was happy to leave Alma alone if she wanted no more of his children. When he did take her, the movie made clear he preferred anal sex with the lights out so he could fantasize about Jack. Ennis did not pursue Cassie, she went after him. Same really for Jack and Lureen. They had to hide their true nature to survive rural Wyoming in the 60's, 70's. Let's not forget Laramie. That was not so long ago.

Canadian said...

Read the post yesterday as well as the comments. Jake was really good and I am exctied to PoP. He looked really relaxed, which surprised me, but he did a really good job.

I agree with Okay in some points. I have read the book and watched BBM and I never really identified with Ennis being Gay. Hell I didn't identify him as being anything. He loved a woman, he loved a man. He fell in love with the person, not the sex. Well at least that is what I saw. Jack I saw as gay becasue he made it pretty clear he was marrying because of the convience. You could see his character liked men. I believe he had 3 in the movie...

Destiny, I don't think Ennis married because he wanted children. I actually don't think anyone said that. Later in his life he was having problems identifying as being straight but I do not think that, that makes him gay or anyone gay. He wanted Jack, he didn't go to another guy.

Homophobes also do not only use the term "gay agenda". I use it for people like Perez. Believe it, I am not a homophobe. If you would like to call me one, go ahead but it will just prove why I hardly come here.

I hope to see more of Jake in interview. I'm also excited for his new movies. He looks happy and content , hopefully it continues. I should drive to Montreal and call him pretty lol (best moment).

Until next time!

quizas said...

I should drive to Montreal and call him [Jake] pretty lol (best moment).

Sweet. :)

Canadian said...

Oh I should also say I know Ennis said something along the lines of two men shouldn't be together (which would be a closeted statement) but...

you know what, I actually don't think there is enough background to find if Ennis was attracted to men his entire life or just to Jack.

I'm just talking now. Imma gonna leave lol

Special keep up the good work! I do like looking at your posts. They are very creative :)

destiny said...

Those are really classy statements from Jim and Jenny about their breakup. I always liked them together.

destiny said...

Ted thinks Reese is genuinely nice?

LoL said said...

Ted is getting lamer every day. What a wusp

Joke said...

Ted has either loss it or someone else id writing his stuff. What crap lately.

Special K said...

No. Ted is saying that Reese is blowing smoke up everyone's ass. She and Angie.

It is a weirdly constructed sentence.

Will work for Ted said...

I think Ted meant "are" instead of "and". Who proofreads his stuff, I volunteer.

Will work for Ted said...

Reese once said she "admired" Angie, this was after Brad split from Jennifer A who Reese resents big time.

Okay said...

You have no interest in having a real conversation about bisexuality. You're just here because you can't stand it that people think Jake is gay.

^^^ And you do I guess? Only if it's seen from Destiny's eyes is more like it.

I don't agree with your statement and you are wrong.

Destiny, you nor BBT answered my question about Anna Paquin's situation as a married bisexual woman. Why? Because there is no answer?
But if her husband Stephen Moyer would have admitted he was married and bisexual, most gays including you Destiny would have denounced his comments and you would have started with Destiny's spin of "he's an in the closet gay man struggleing with his sexuality".

But of course, you consider "Yourself a BISEXUAL WOMAN" but as someone asked you some time ago, if you consider yourself bisexual, do you have sexual relationship with men also, and if so, how long ago has this been.

You seem to only talk about your girlfriend. You as bisexual, never talk about a relationship with a man.

In my mind you are gay, just as you know (Jake is).

Just because you are a woman you don't get to tow the line and choose to pick and choose "YOUR" sexuality at will, Just because you Can.

If you have only been with a female partner for some years and your doing the do with the (opposite sex) is years at best, in most people book you are gay.
Please don't hide behind the Bi label.

Again, if you have NOT had a relationship with the opposite sex for years, and deal only with same sex for years now, You are just as Gay as you consider Jake. OK

But if you can have a long term monogamous relations with same sex because that's what YOU WANT for NOW. Then Why can't men do the same if that is your situation.
Something tells me you should start calling yourself Gay and not bisexual.

BBMt said...

Okay, please stop posting bullshit about bisexuality, it is obvious you don't know anything about the subject.

okay said...

this is now a question for all the gay people on this site, but anyone can answer.

This is a question for BBT. What if a married woman has sex on the side with another women when her husband is not around. What sexuality does this make her?

last comment of the night. I promise.

Special K said...

Everyone play nice, I don't want to have turn the car around, especially during a Sox Yankees game that's all tied up.

Quiezas said...

IMO, you'd have to know what the woman is thinking. She could be coming to terms with coming out as a lesbian, or she could be bi-sexual. Only the woman herself can know what's in her own heart, and what really turns her on sexually. If it's both men and women, predominantly men, predominantly women, or just women, or something she shares with her husband. I don't advocate carrying on, men or women, behind their partner's back. If the partner is ok with it, then it's none of my business.

Special K said...

Damn it the Yankees are ahead now. You walk into the kitchen look what happens.

gossip boy said...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Tuesday Blind

I was all ready to tell you about Justin Case and his latest antics due to trying to find love in all the straight places, however things changed.
At lunch today I caught up with some friends and an ex. As strange and awkward as it may have been, I

heard a story that you all are going to love.

It all started a couple of weekends ago. A young television star, Tri-Sexual Tony was conducting business for his show and promoting it to secure another season. When it was all said and done, he was sitting alone in his hotel room and had an itch for some excitement. He decided to explore the Internet to try and pick up something entertaining to do. Something that a lot of celebrities do, no matter how stupid it sounds.What website does he go to? CraigsList of course, the one everyone goes to for a quick lay.

He found a woman's ad and answered it. After 2 hours of emailing back and forth and trading very naughty pictures, she agreed to come to his room. TST lay naked in the bed thinking that anyone would love to stumble upon a naked celebrity and probably looked very cocky.

But you can never trust those internet pictures and instead of the 21 year old college girl showing up, he was greeted by a 23 year old college male.

Of course he put up an argument, but the guy had already seen too much and had pictures. Even though the pictures weren't of the star's face, he wouldn't want them leaked. Then TST offered to let the boy please him orally while he talked dirty. The boy happily obliged, but after awhile TST flipped the boy over and gave it to him hard. And the boy pointed out that TST didn't seem to be new to the whole situation.

After the sex, which sounded hot from all of the details, TST threw some money at the boy and told him that if he kept it a secret, they could keep hooking up. Of course the boy wanted to, everyone does. But TST should watch his back because the boy is already bragging to friends and showing the pictures. How much longer until we get a new candidate for Penis Monday. One that EVERYONE would love to see.

It's Not
Austin Nichols
Kerr Smith
Misha Collins

gossip boy

prairiegirl said...

Okay, you were way out of line with your comments to Destiny. That was personal attacking and uncalled for.
Something easy to do when you hide behind a temporary name.

Sorry, but some of the conversations & comments on here lately have been absolutely ridiculous, not to mention underhanded slams.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm not contributing anything to these conversations but I will not stand back and let someone take ignorant shots at a good person and valued friend. You do not know her at all.

lol said...

pg still telling people what to say (and not say).

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
People magazine goes gay said...

HegedusEricC: Quite a gay & gay-interest @Peoplemag this week: stories on RIcky Martin, Rachel Maddow, CA Proposition 8, & Catholic Church scandal. #lgbt
8 minutes ago

Special K said...

Not sure if people knew they were talking to East Coast fan. Who comes here and stirs the shit.

Classic ECF I don't know if (Jake) and Austin are gay, they might be straight. Or (maybe) they are bi, I'm one of those that think it doesn't "matter". I would still be a fan if Jake (wasn't gay) or (wasn't) ToothyTile.

The whole thing about the bisexuality was setting it up for ECF to say about them not being gay was a clue, and if you didn't see that as hint that it was ECF, all the brackets should of.

Dobie Gray said...

I didn't know it was East Coast fan, but to be honest, Destiny can and does make her share of disrespectful comments. I don't think she should always get a free pass. Usually, her posts are interesting, but she sometimes comes up with her own brand of wildly irrational things to post here, and condescending unless you are a so-called regular poster, and then anything goes. People need to be a little more objective about her behavior. The other poster was out of line, yes, but they did have a point about her sometimes overbearing posts. As alwasy, SpecialK remains fair to everyone.

yes said...

What if a married woman has sex on the side with another women when her husband is not around. What sexuality does this make her?

a tri-hausfrau

destiny said...

Thanks PG. And thanks Special for confirming what I suspected.

LOL, PG and anyone else on this board has every right to defend a friend.

People can disagree with my posts all they want or offer whatever opinions they want.

What NOBODY has the right to do is DEMAND that someone answer questions about their personal life or DEMAND that someone answer their questions.

And funny how those DEMANDS come from posters who refuse to say one word about themselves or hide behind a lot of different "names".

Dobie Gray said...

What NOBODY has the right to do is DEMAND that someone answer questions about their personal life or DEMAND that someone answer their questions.

ITA - people should have the same standard for others as well. The same standard you hold for yourself should apply to others' personal lives.

Names are a joke - people's styles are fairly obvious, and I don't believe for a minute that people uses their "real names" and never use a temporary one. I use a temp name depending on my moods for the day, and everyone knows who I am regardless because I don't use a "cloaking device" to hide my trails. Using a real name is a joke and we all know it.

Speaking of which, the original EastCoastFan from the old WFT days seemed to be a nice person, and posted with interesting posts. I think this new EastCoastFan may have just snagged the name.

destiny said...

If you agree with the statement Dobie Gray, then I'm confused as to what you think I should be called out on. Seems to me you were agreeing that I should have answered East Coast's questions about my personal life, because after all that is what East Coast was bashing me about, and what PG was defending my not doing.

And I'm here using the same name, as I do day after day.

nah said...

Using a real name is a joke and we all know it.

Not true.

User profiles - when blogger user has a blog (like Special or PG) then it's easy to check out if someone is faking blogger name (just click user name or picture).

Destiny doesn't have a blog, but she's blogger user since September 2007 - easy to check and impossible to fake.