Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mystery (without the) Science Theater

Besides the lady in the hood and the babe in arms there are always other mysteries that seem to PoP up

Like how can you sneak on up on your enemy with this much hardware on and not be heard?

How you do backflips and not knock yourself out with your all necklaces?

Who would want a dagger that been in a hot boot in the desert?

Is fringe in this fall?

Can Tide can get the stain out?

If that is a PoP up umbrella?
Is it going to rain or are you just happy to see me?

And how does a link to a picture show up here days before it gets tweeted and a week before a Tree comes back and tries to hang on by its roots?

Blah blah blah nothing to see here blah blah blah timmmber blah blah tree down.


destiny said...

LOL! Very funny post Special.

Cirrus said...

Cute post - love the song with it too. :)

Is Jake invited? said...

Been invited to see the Montreal Canadiens play hockey in playoffs tonight. Not sure on dress code. Bowtie or cravatte?
about 2 hours ago

different GQ cover said...

Jake Gyllenhaal on Russian GQ - May 2010

Special K said...

Like the Russian cover. The dark sweater brings out Jake's eyes. They look amazing in the picture.

Jersey Tom said...

I have been thinking about who is about to come out on May 5th and am pretty excited. For me this is why I come to OMG. I think it is awesome when someone who people respect and will be a good role model for the Gay community comes out.

Ive seen some of the names mentioned and I think any would be great. Of course I wish it was Jake more than anything but I know it wont be. I hope as more people come out and their world doesnt fall apart Jake will see that he can come out too. Thats why I enjoy OMG and I hope everyone gets excited about this. I wonder if it will leak out before May 5th or we will just have to wait till then.

prairiegirl said...

Holy moley, you guys ought to see Jake in a brand new Just Jared post. Talk about 6-pack galore.

There's enough near-naked Jake there to feed a gym-ful of eyes, LOL.

Holy crap.

prairiegirl said...

After seeing that, I wouldn't be surprised to see if he starts a new trend - the dirty hair look.

It'll be called The Crisco Look and it'll be huge.


just jared said...

Shirtless Jake

prairiegirl said...

Hey, British accent sounds & looks good on Jakey. Dang.

I really enjoyed that featurette that is included in the JJ post. I'm a sucker for a British accent anyway but it's something else to see it coming out of Jake.

I am really excited to see this movie - I know, I know! lol

But I am. After seeing that? Heck yeah.

So funny to see him now looking so slight & yoga-ish, lol. I don't like the hard biceps but the 6pack looks a little more real in these pictures.

I wonder if Austin has his own copy of the movie already? And has made his own 30th birthday request already?

Come to Papa!!


shallow k said...

Jake's "they ain't fake" abs. uh huh and ahh yeah


^^^ said...

Love that pink stone!

Jersey Tom said...

I cant wait till this is over.

Special K said...

Jake is looking really good and the prospects of all of that in IMax, oh my.

PoP is totally a summer popcorn movie - action and fun, and think deliver that and more. Not real sure if parent's will be happy with their kids trying their own versions of parkour and ending up in the ER, after seeing it though.

Sure Austin not only has his own copy but his very own special feature extras. ; )

prairiegirl said...


prairiegirl said...

Man, I'm sorry, buddy! I can't help myself, lol.

I want to know where the little dog is to pull at those shorts in that Coppertone shot.

Where's the darn dog???!!!

One Tree Hll said...

Has OTH been cancelled?

Jersey Tom said...

We owe all this joy to reeke.

PoP said...

No, we don't. Jake didn't get PoP because he was bearding, he was bearding because he got PoP.

Jersey Tom said...

Doesnt seem like a big difference to me PoP. Two years we had to deal with that nonsense and watch Jake make a fool out of himself. I dont know if I will ever feel the same about Jake. I hope I can soon because I wanna be here for the fun when he comes out.

National Enquirer said...

The National Enquirer reports on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marriage, saying Tom has made “shocking confessions” about male lovers and drug use.

The National Enquirer: Katie Discovers Tom’s Secret Life

Cirrus said...

Wow, he does look good in these latest JJ pics - delish. I love the Russian GQ cover. :)

I'm excited about who it will be on May 5 too, Tom. I know MichaelK will be happy if it's Anderson Cooper! :)

Vanity Fair said...

Two years we had to deal with that nonsense and watch Jake make a fool out of himself.

No you didn't. Nobody twisted your arm Tom.

because I wanna be here for the fun when he comes out.

Fun? I need to digest this statement.

Special K said...

Cue the Hockey Night in Canada theme music

Jake was the Canadians game tonight (they are also called the Habs).
TSN(The Sport Network)NHL reporter James Duthie tweeted Jake being there.
(I know Seaweed, Hockey Night in Canada is the CBC not the TSN but I couldn't resist)

Jake Gyllenhaal at the Habs game tonite. Oh crap. I just went TMZ on you, didn't I? so sorry.
about 2 hours ago via web


M and M said...

Alright ladies, put your tongues back into your mouth, take a deep breath and, remember, the man is taken.

(5 minutes later)

Alright, made the mistake of clicking on shirtless Jake link and had to take a cold shower. Man, oh man. He's definitely one courageously sexy stud muffin. Can't believe he has the guts to venture out into the public square looking like that. Must be dangerous to be him!

Tom: Please forgive our drool. I understand where you are coming from regarding this sanitized PoP promotion of family friendly Jake. I agree that it brings back a lot of torturous and irksome memories. Even a bit of nausea and unease. I'm trying to remain positive, though. Deep down I still believe that the approachable and accessible Jake that charmed and captivated all of us years ago remains inside his heart. Guess I'm still holding out that Jake will eventually reveal all, and I don't mean just the superficial (albeit gorgeous) bare-chested part of him, but the real person that lives inside and is dying to come out.

prairiegirl said...

Can't believe he has the guts to venture out into the public square looking like that.

The nerve!! The gall! The pluck.

lol. I'm sure there's a good pun or story somewhere in there with Grey Goose and "pluck".

M and M said...

Good thing John Ashcroft wasn't around. He probably would have tried to cover Jake up because he looked so indecently delish!

Cirrus said...

Cue the Hockey Night in Canada theme music.

Yay! Anytime.

ITA M&M. I still think it will happen.

austin said...

the man is taken

He's all mine.

Vanity Fair said...

I post here on occasion; that is not me above at 10:28. I would never say something like that about Tom.

Please don't use the name Vanity Fair.

m said...

It seems Disney is upping the sexual quotient as we get closer to POP. Never a bad plan. Jake's body looks great but that hair is still a major turn off for me. I do like that Russian GQ cover. Why didn't they use that one in the US. His blue eyes are winners.

Duncan Jones LOL said...

Ro and I utterly unimpressed with new I-phones...
about 11 hours ago

PR nightmare said...

It seems Disney is upping the sexual quotient as we get closer to POP.

But it has to be one with a straight flavour. Anything remotely suggesting that he is gay is a disaster.

Disney must be crapping themselves about the person who is going to come out on 5 May.

Highly unlikely that it will be Jake, but just the mere fact that his name being bandied about across the internet, the timing could not have been worse for Disney, PR and whoever else has a stake in keeping Jake's image as straight to the general public.

lurker said...

Why didn't they use that one in the US.

The US GQ cover is a new pic and was obviously taken at the same time as all the other pics inside the magazine. The Russian GQ cover looks like an old pic to me that they found and just placed on the cover.

shaved said...

ETCanada: Jake Gyllenhaal taking out time from filming to check out the game in Montreal last night.
5 minutes ago

Special K said...

Thanks for the twitpic link.

Jake looks good.

He must be done almost filming or filming the parts where Coulter is himself and not the guy he jumped into.

destiny said...

I'm surprised Jake as lost the facial hair even though he is still filming SC. He looks so much better without beards of any kind.