Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mind your P's

Updated: 2:19EST Jake at WonderCon.

pictures: Twitter Contentnow
PoP making it's presence known on The Streets of San Francisco (funny don't see Michael Douglas anywhere but Austin seems to own some of the wardrobe

It's WonderCon, and Jake joins Bruckheimer, Mike Newell, Jordan Mechner for an exclusive look at PoP. And there are a lot of tweets of people at WonderCon excited to see Jake.
Think there will be a lot of PoP appeal, and a good reception, because as great of clips that we've seen already, you know Bruck is saving the best for last, and there is no better place to show it off than somewhere like WonderCon.

Missed WonderCon because you were on line waiting for the new Ipad? Well Disney's got you covered there too. They have unseen scenes of PoP just for the Ipad, along with the upcoming Sorcerer's Apprentice, or read aps with the Bud and Woody. Wonder if Jake getting one in his Disney Easter Basket?

It's that time again, when Peeps, that marshmallow confection that you either love or loathe is back for the annual Peep Show sponsored by the Washington Post.

This is a Peep.

And this is a Peep.

And This is a Peep Show.
Slide Show Video

The winner is EEP!

Even video games have been Peeped.
Super Peepio Bros.

What about a video game that is going to be a movie? I'm calling it before anyone else! Next year look out here comes the Prince of Peepsia!

Now the Ostriches will be easy peasey, but Peeps doing parkour... there's a challenge.

Play Ball. That's right right baseball's back baby and it's Opening Day tomorrow. And what better way to start it off is the Red Sox vs. Yankees in Fenway.
Think these guys will agree.

Go Sox!

Wonder if Jake is getting some bunny duty in this weekend. You know reading Pat the Bunny, doing the Bunny Hop, helping the Easter Bunny, and oh yeah... ... like a bunny. ; )

...and the Q's ? That's up to you.


Special K said...

Murphy's Law of OMG

When the post takes minutes to write, the pictures take an entire morning to load.

Special K said...

There is talk that Jake's getting back together with Kiki.

Jake and Kiki

Honestly I think that rags and gossips know that people will read about Jake and there is no story if he's single so they are going to hook him up with anyway and with anyone they can. And it makes a good story now that Ms W. and her many are splashed everywhere.

Very good point Vanity Fair about Isabelle being in Australia.

Still think that Lainey's pushing herself and new this story would get some attention.

Wow- no ducks in the backyard here I was definitely so much luckier than others. Hope that all this great sunshine helps dry everything out for you. Incredible weather, it looks like we're grilling Easter dinner.

WoW said...

^^Thanks Spesh, things aren't too bad. I hope this beautiful weather keeps up too. Thanks for the reminder about the Peeps, I love them. Love that Red Sox/Yankees kiss and make up pic too. :)

Have a great Easter, all.

contact music said...

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to act in more comedies because he finds them ''challenging''.

Jake Gyllenhaal loves comedy.

The 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' actor insists he wants to make more movies that do not take themselves seriously, because it is such a challenging genre to get right.

He said: "Comedy is really what I enjoy the most. And it's what I find hardest. Earnest is f**king easy.

"Finding the comedy in a situation is always the hardest thing, and I think as an actor you should always try and find the hardest thing."

Despite claiming to find comedy difficult, Jake had no difficulty getting laughs with his 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' co-star Gemma Arterton, which she claims is because they forged such a good friendship off camera.

She explained: "We have this kind of banter anyway, as Jake and Gemma. So that kind of transfers to the characters. There's a lot of witty remarks, cutting each other down."

Special K said...

Duncan has his own PoP weekend.

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Going to see if I can try snowboarding for the first time this weekend! 5:26 AM Apr 2nd via TweetDeck

Went to very odd hotel/casino up in Quebec... had buffet for dinner... oh god! Have I time traveled to my life in 40 years time?!
about 15 hours ago via TweetDeck

Ro and I are the only sub 70 year olds here... except for 1 young Persian guy who's wearing all black, shirt open and a lot of gold chains.
about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck

@ManMadeMoon the REAL Prince of Persia!
about 15 hours ago via Tweetie
in reply to ManMadeMoon

@safesolvent lol! Indeed!
about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck
in reply to safesolvent

twitter said...

First Ricky Martin, now the iPad. Is anything not coming out this week?
about 2 hours ago via web

buckeyechick47: @sethmeyers21 Jake Gyllenhaal???
about 1 hour ago from web

twitter said...

Not great picture
Jake at WonderCon

Special K said...

Hey I just found a pic too.

Here's Jake Mike and Jordan at WonderCon.


first pic said...

contentnow: #wondercon Jake Gyllenhaal on Disney Price of Persia
2 minutes ago

Special K said...

At WonderCon: Jake Gyl is discussing a 35-foot jump he made on the Prince of Persia set.

IMDblive twitter

twitter said...

candicecd: I just asked Jake Gyllenhaal a question. He kept eye contact with me the whole time. I might melt. @Geekgirlotstree #wonderconggots
10 minutes ago from txt


Special K said...

Wow that was fast. It's all done. Now what Jake's going to do till he has to be back in Montreal?

heyuguysblog: just done the prince of persia press conference. Jerry Bruckheimer rulez! And Jake Gyllenhaal was cool too! Next, Sorcerer's Apprentice. 6 minutes ago from txt heyuguysblog

lol said...

Jake: "I keep the dagger of time and will use it if this press conference has any weird questions." #wondercon #wonderconggots
20 minutes ago

GGOTS photog just told jake he has a dreamy smile. #wonderconggots #wondercon
9 minutes ago

PoP conference was great. waiting for Nic Cage & Socerer's Apprentice #wonderconggots #wondercon
7 minutes ago

there is more said...

Wow that was fast. It's all done.

That was just the press conference, not the event.

PoP said...

taurenlegend: Waiting for the Prince of Persia panel. Heelloooo Jake gyllenhaal! #wondercon
half a minute ago

nervous? said...

Gearing up for wonder con- that's right. Will be covering the celeb angle of the event for my good friends site;
about 24 hours ago

Through sheer dumb luck I seem to have scored the closest seat to Jake Gyllenhall ;)
44 minutes ago

Jake Gyllenhall is reallll dreamy...but oddly nervous, knee rubbing, vein popping on head, nervous giggle, luckly his smile makes up for it.
10 minutes ago

Special K said...

I know there is more. But the press conference was quite quick, although Disney was shuffling them in and out of there for three movies.

Actually Jake has to do interviews and press after the press conference, but he will still have time to stay (in SF) or go(home?)before he has be on set Monday for Source Code.

"I keep the dagger of time and will use it if this press conference has any weird questions." LOL2

pinky said...

Pinky ring :)

Jersey Tom said...

Where would we be without twitter huh? I think soon we will cease to communicate any other way. Annoying as hell.

I love the Red Sox/Yankees kiss.

PoP Tweets said...

@candicecd just asked jake how was it to work w/ ben kingsley - amazing and swordfighting 1 hour ago

After PoP Gyllenhaal wishes he was British and always carries a sword. #Wondercon #PrinceofPersia 54 minutes ago

# Jake: I played the 1st one as a kid, recent ones more intensely for research#wondercon #wonderconggots 56 minutes ago

# Jake Gyllenhaal is super handsome in person! #WonderconGGotS #Wondercon #KateisAdorkable 56 minutes ago

pinky said...

Good look at the pinky ring

Special K said...

Saw that ring pinky thanks! And when you click on it you can see that Jake has his finger on it. Who else do we know who does that with his ring?

PoP tweets said...

geeksugar: Just talked to Jake Gyllenhaal! Very very nice. And quite funny as well!
6 minutes ago from Tweetie

Special K said...

Blame it on the P PPPP PPPP Peeps

Forgot that there was a press conference and a then a panel discussion with the preview.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - cute post, Special.

I gotta agree with you, Tom. While Twitter is definitely "in", it's useful, it can be insightful, I would say about 60%-70% of it is about as inane of blabber as alot of my comments.

What do I care of KateisAdorkable thinks Jake is super handsome? That sounds like something People Magazine would say. Is that like "super private"? or "super affectionate" or "best mood ever"?

It's fishing through all the yucky yellow Jelly Beans that no one wants to get to the red ones. It's biting through the yucky blah creamy Russell Stover chocolates to get to the Truffle one in the box. It's digging through the boring Nestle crunches in the bag of Hershey miniature candy bars to find the Mr. Goodbars. It's....

okay, okay!! I'll quit. LOLLLLL!

Hey Tom!!!! We went to check out phones today. I can't wait to get a new one. Gonna get the texting, too, buddy!!!

prairiegirl said...

In and out.

Boy, the weather is gorgeous today. I need to put my little Easter basket together for a friend and then we are out the door again.

Destiny, we looked at the Blackberry too and I told the guy I wasn't sure about those because I knew someone who blogged on it and I could always tell because there are always these little characters in the midst of her sentences. LOLLLL.

PoP Tweets said...

QU1CKF1X: Just watched a cool scene from the new Prince of Persia at #wondercon. Looks like its going to be a fun. Yay for not screwing it up. ;)
half a minute ago from OpenBeak · Reply · View Tweet

Nymo: Prince of Persia Sands Of Time clip from @disneypictures was nice. If only they also picked up @ubisoft's Assassin's Creed too... #wondercon
half a minute ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

gyllenhaaljake: RT @contentnow: #wondercon Gyllenhaal did own stunts, trained w Paltrows speech coach for Vrit accent, castle looks amazing, can't wait IMAX 3D
less than a minute ago from Echofon · Reply · View Tweet

loquaciousmuse: Prince of Persia tone is going for real, not tongue in cheek, not winking to the camera, but still full of humor and romance. #wondercon
less than a minute ago from TinyTwitter · Reply · View Tweet

BBQGrail: Prince of Persia looks like a great movie. #wondercon
1 minute ago from UberTwitter · Reply · View Tweet

buzznet: Just saw 5 minute clip of Prince of Persia. Looks amazing! #WonderCon
1 minute ago from Echofon · Reply · View Tweet

heyuguysblog: Just seen prince of persia footage @wondercon - Attack on Alamut. Looks so good and the score is awesome!! Cant wait to see the end result
2 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

saratpediredla: Btw Prince of Persia looks ah-mah-zing. Saw the trailers in the cinema earlier.
2 minutes ago from Tweetie · Reply · View Tweet

inoIgnacio: Prince of Persia is lit worse than a Xena episode. Looks cheap. #wondercon
4 minutes ago from Tweetie · Reply · View Tweet

contentnow: #wondercon Prince of Persia epic like LOTR and Potter
4 minutes ago from Echofon · Reply · View Tweet

Special K said...

From the tweets it looks like WonderCon liked what they saw.

And I love this quote from Jake.

brittnyelise: "It was just me and a baggy pair of pajamas" Jake Gyllenhaal. So fuckin funny.
1 minute ago from UberTwitter

Can't you picture Jake saying that?

Pictures from the panel
Panel pic 1
Panel pic 2
Panel pic 3

PoP tweets said...

xfsista: Prince of Persia looks fun. Strange to see Jake G. in an action role. #wondercon
1 minute ago from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

jenyamato: Prince of Persia footage looks neat. Like The Mummy + that one Harry Potter with Hermione's time travel thingie
2 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

BeingHuman3: Jake Gyllenhaal is talking about Prince of Persia. Preview was amazing!!!!!!
2 minutes ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

PoP tweets said...

lowroller36: Currently attending Prince of Persia movie panel w/ Jake Gyllenhaal & Jerry Bruckheimer. Preview was AMAZING #WonderCon
less than a minute ago from Tweetie · Reply · View Tweet

prairiegirl said...

Hmm. I never seen the word "amazing" used so often in the English language. Do you guys say that word alot in your everyday language? I can't remember the last time I used that word in a sentence to someone. Maybe it's big in twitterdom.

Tom, when I start texting, I'm going to start saying "amazing" alot. Get ready, buddy.

Tom, I'm enjoying a #9 at Jimmy John's right now. Amazing!!

lol. Aw, I'm just having some fun - don't nobody get all upset now.

prairiegirl said...

BTW, a #9 at Jimmy John's is the Italian club.

It's - It's....

Well, it's AMAZING, that's what it is. It's the only thing I ever order there.


Special K said...

Sounds like Jake his a big hit too and flirting with the audience.

contentnow: #wondercon Prince of Persia - Jake Gyllenhaal flirting w audience, great w fans, great w press but no flirting :)

Jenyamato: Prince of Persia panel gives me what I want most: Jake Gyllenhaal flirting with audience members while we all watch on jumbotrons

Special K said...

Hey PG here's a different word for amazing.

EricSCarp: Prince of Persia looks kinda rad...


Special K said...

Sounds like Jake had a blast answering audience's question.

Suhaila: Best part of wondercon Jake Gyllenhaal "If i could go back in time i'd go to my birth".

prairiegirl said...

Why is that no surprise, Special?

I think the guy probably flirts with his toothbrush at night.

Hey, I'm really laughing at that suit Austin has on. I mean, I've seen that picture several times before, but to see it right after that Streets of San Fran dvd is hilarious.

There was another great word up there, too, Special.


Alright, back to the Easter basket making. I need to make my mom's. Make it...amazing!!

PoP tweets said...

EdwinFabian: Prince of Persia looks dope!
1 minute ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

cyeoh6: Oh, & Jake Gyllenhaal was hot!
less than 20 seconds ago from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

cyeoh6: The Prince of Persia preview & panel was awesome! It looks like it's gonna be a great adventure flick!
half a minute ago from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

Pet3rBr0wn: During the Prince of Persia press conference the female reporters were all over Jake Gyllenhaal It was quite amusing. #wondercon
half a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

heyuguysblog: Prince of Persia panel was excellent... 2nd clip was Dhatan findout out what the dagger does. Now Sorcerer's Apprentice panel.
2 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

PoP tweets said...

DisneyPictures: "(The experience is) a little louder, a little bigger, and a little more fun." -Jake Gyllenhaal on working with Bruckheimer #wondercon

LOL said...

BicoastalBitchn: Nerd keep bringing up Bubble Boy at Wondercon panel with Jake Gylenhall. NERDS!
29 minutes ago

pic said...

Veronica: Jake Gyllenhaal in the press line at WonderCon!
11 minutes ago

Special K said...

It's exciting to see that Jake and the movie got such a great response at WonderCon. It had to be a little nerve wracking for Jake this morning wondering how it would go.

Special K said...

Tweet from Jordan Mechner, he pretty much sums it up about Jake.

jmechner: Just did Prince of Persia WonderCon panel in front of 4,000 people. Finally sunk in on me: Jake is a movie star.


destiny said...

Love the Peep Show. Thanks for posting the link to it.

Great analogy about Twitter being like the red jelly beans PG--the only ones I like too.

Special K said...

Here's IGN's write up about the two clips they showed at WonderCon. The first is the "Siege of Alamut" and the second is when Dastan finds out the dagger's power.

Eric Goldman

Jerry said...

BruckheimerJB: Footage from both PRINCE OF PERSIA and SORCERER'S APPRENTICE got fantastic response here at WonderCon. Women screaming for Jake Gyllenhaal.
5 minutes ago

LOL! said...

Carpe Diem!!!

Jersey Tom said...

Dont mess around PG get the unlimited.

I have been doing some thinking and I think I will return after PoP is over. Just cant take it or the tweets. See everyone in a few months. Have a great spring.

PoP tweets said...

racebending: Jake Gyllenhaal: "it was so much fun to get paid to get tan...." #racebending #wondercon #princeofpersia
27 minutes ago from twidroid · Reply · View Tweet

LOL said...

Unabanzie: Clash of the titans is fucking ace!! The trailer for prince of Persia made me sex wee a little too. Highly recomend. In 3D of course
26 minutes ago from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet

WoW said...

Very exciting! I'm so glad PoP is being well received at Wondercon!

Duncan sounds so sweet. :)

I look forward to the Peep Peep shows too - they are always so creative. The one based on "Up" is amazing.

Jordan Mechner said...

jmechner: Doing #wondercon w/Jake Gyllenhaal and Jerry Bruckheimer is a different experience. All I've seen today is back corridors.

interview said...

EricVespe: So, someone moved my interview with Jake Gyllenhaal up by half an hour and decided not to tell me. Rushing now
13 minutes ago

Eric said...

Interview with Gyllenhaal went great. The dude's extremely passionate and spoke very well of @manmademoon
1 minute ago

Bio Contributing Editor of Ain't It Cool News as well as avid movie fiend and screenwriter

rings said...

Pinky rings side by side - WonderCon and BBMt press conf

carpe diem said...

We know it's the same as the one he wore 4 years ago, except then there was 2.

big guns said...

Jake had to beef up to play the role of Dastan, a street urchin in sixth-century Persia. He had to perform stunts like climbing up walls sing arrows half-buried in the wall that had been shot at the castle by a comrade.

“I look pretty cool doing that,” said the soft-spoken Californian.

“But what you don’t know is the behind-the-scenes goofs. My arm and shoulder muscles were so big that the chest plate I wore prevented me from reaching up to grab the arrows,” he says.

“There were many funny takes of me doing that and in the end, they literally had to cut wider arm holes in the chest plate,” he says with a laugh.

m said...

Sounds like the event went well. I wonder how many people attended. The SF paper did not say much of anything about it today, which surprised me.

Sorry to hear Jersey Tom is leaving for a while. Twitter can be annoying, but I do love my daily tweets from Johnny Weir and Craig Ferguson. They brighten my day.

probably the same as last year said...

WonderCon 2009 saw another increase in attendance, growing to 34,000 fans, yet it still has the intimate feeling of a fan-run comics convention. source

prairiegirl said...

I'm undecided but I lean at least towards Tom's feelings. Today was way too much twitter. I much prefer reading what you all have to say as opposed to some joeblow who says nothing but "Amazing! Awesome!" and nothing else of absolute substance. I mean, anybody can get on here and rat off a six word sentence that does not give me any insight, any details, any juice, anything concrete. Of what good is it?

For gosh sakes, give me something good, as Chaka Khan would say. Tell me the color of his socks. Tell me if his sock had a hole in it while he was playing with his shoe. Tell me if someone picked their nose. Tell me if you saw the band of their briefs or boxers. Tell me if they even cut the cheese. Tell me if you saw them looking at a fast food restaurant menu and what they told the gopher to go order. Tell me something that I'm not going to get from a journalist. Don't give me slobber. I can create my own slobber, I don't need to read someone else's.

I appreciate the effort to put them on here and I can very well just scroll through them at my leisure without bothering anyone else about it. All I am saying is that they're alot of wasted cyber space with no worth and that is just my opinion.

And that being said, I am glad that the event was a success because I take it Jake was probably very nervous about the whole thing. I'm happy to see him happy.

Unfortunately, I think it's a double edged sword. This squee'ing kind of event and Jake's evidently Gaston-like reaction to it indicates to me a foreshadowing that there's most likely no way he is going to put at risk losing this kind of following. And in order to keep that, it would most likely call for more bearding and more PR plants like what we've been seeing. Not to mention more deep freeze hiding of people in his real life.

I'm not jumping to conclusions, I'm not leaping off the dock, I'm just stating that I can see this happening.

Whew. I smell like Chinese food. I'm sitting here and I can just smell it on my clothes. LOLLLLL.

^^^ There. Now why can't someone give us a twitter like that. Tell me what someone smells like. Menthol muscle rub. Toothpaste. Aftershave cologne. Shampoo. Garlic. Whatever.

ihj said...

New pics from WonderCon

prairiegirl said...

I tell you what I got a kick out of today and that was reading those gamer's comments on the video game. Some of those guys killed me.

tweets said...

I mean, anybody can get on here and rat off a six word sentence that does not give me any insight, any details, any juice, anything concrete. Of what good is it?

Some bits are good and informative if you bother to read - see April 3, 2010 2:50 PM post.

Special K said...

The people who attend WonderCon/ComicCon etc are some of the most connected and internet savy people around. They know about Jake, they know about Toothy at this point, they're online enough to read it and know what's what. And they still like him. I don't think they have problem with who he really is.

Special K said...

New commercial for PoP during the Final Four.

destiny said...

Tom, I hope you will be back sooner than you say, so often you're the only other person posting here that feels the way I do about things, and it will be lonely without you. :-(

I go back and forth as to whether PoP doing well will make it more or less likely that Jake will beard, etc., in the future. If it's a disaster he may be frightened into even more bearding. But if it is a smash he will have more attention on him, which could also cause him to beard.

Rings said...

Seeing those rings, definitely not the one he was wearing in the pictures with Peter.

Special K said...

Interesting. I will have to check the pics with Peter out again.

m said...

I agree that twitter comments from every Tom, Dick or Harry are worthless. But it's fun when the twitter is by someone famous that is sharing their insights or experiences. Earlier this week Johnny Weir flew to Moscow. When he twittered that he had landed safely, I felt like his mom. OK, I can go to sleep now, he's safe. Had to laugh at myself.

I watched some of the interviews. There was a moment when my gaydar was off the charts but then Jake adjusted his demeanor. He seemed happiest when discussing his newer films, LAOD and Source Code. He seems very proud of them. That's a good sign.

Heath RIP said...

OT: Happy Birthday to Heath, who would have been 31 today.

JJ said...

Jake Gyllenhaal promotes the Apple iPad at the 2010 WonderCon convention on Saturday (April 3) in San Francisco, Calif. The 29-year-old Brokeback Mountain star was joined by producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Mike Newell to promote their new movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time .

The fllick was shot in Morocco and Jake even did a lot of his own stunts! The movie involves Jake growing up on the streets, but after showing courage in battle, is adopted by the king as his heir.

Just Jared - Jake Gyllenhaal: WonderCon Wacky