Friday, April 30, 2010

Hubba Bubba

He's done Hop on PoP, now he's doing Hub in the Tub.

Here's a sneak peak of Austin in the tub.

Wait wait wrong clip.

All the old ladies dressed in black run together. Here's the right clip.

You know I think the first one has more magic than the second. Maybe it was the bubbles. Or Mr. Bubble.

More of a Mr. Bubble fan. Especially of this one.

Hmmm Mr. Bubble and a Lasso. And Dirty Bert.

Bert and..... Ernie. Well Ernie was awfully fond of his ducky.

Who said getting clean isn't dirty work.


destiny said...

Awww, funny and sweet post.

Newsweek said...

Me thinks Austin and Sophia and the writers of the show pull this sexy tub scene together just for the Oh My Godot fans. What's the sayin, acting becoming Reality, or something like that

prairiegirl said...

Awwwww Bert & Ernie!!! Love Ernie's "Mutley" laugh.

Like the looks of Austin in the ol' tub-eroni.

What is in the water in Hollywood, anyway? Now Halle Berry and her BF have split up.

Cirrus said...

Awwww ... I love it! Cute tub pics. :)

ma bell said...

Austin and the phone. LOL. Phoning it in.

Cirrus said...

The vid is cute, I have to say. :)

ted said...

Hottie Jake Gyllenhaal sure does know how to stir it up on the Montreal set of his latest flick, Source Code. But guess what he's pullin' now? Apparently, stuff to make your eyes either roll—or bulge—in utter delight. Not sure how this one will hit ya.

Seems like one vintage pair of exes can be still be sexy friends:
Kirsten Dunst Dome, Thompsett,

We hear Kiki was in town visiting Jakey!

Yep, the two former lovebirds, Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst, were spotted hanging out again, thanks to their synchronizing work schedules.

Sorry, but we find this to be terribly good news. See, before those mundane coffee dates with Reese Witherspoon, Jake was all about lovey-dovey lunches at Joan's on Third with Kiki. Everybody knows it was hardly just a latte affair.

But don't get too excited just yet: We're told things hardly heated up in Canada, just that the two exes were hanging together. Still think it's supersweet.

Jake has been up in Montreal filming Source Code where Dunst was in town, prior to heading to the Tribeca Film Festival, where we must say, she's been looking fab.

Sources tell us Jake and Kirsten casually ran into each other a few times while they were out, and then possibly made it a more purposeful bump-in later on.

They seem to be on totally good terms. Unlike J & Reese.

Was Jake's Run-In With an Ex Hot-or So Not?

prairiegirl said...

Well, there were too many mentions for it to not be true. I wonder if Jake didn't read about Kirsten saying they weren't friends anymore and he wanted to amend that?

It's good that they probably came to terms and can be friends. That's the kind of thing that happens as you grow older - hopefully you learn to get over things and forgive. She is looking pretty happy lately when I do see her on JJ. So that sounds like a good thing.

Just so people don't start getting on a Kirsten/Jake train. Wouldn't that be a pill.

Okay, back to work! Hour's over. Hopefully will be able to post 2 chapters as soon as I get off work today if I get off relatively on time.

huh? said...

Well, there were too many mentions for it to not be true.


There are tweets about Jake and Kirsten ignoring each other, none about talking or hanging out together. 4-5 months ago Kirsten said in an interview that she's not friends with Jake.

prairiegirl said...

No, People magazine had a blurb about their dinner together with friends.

I don't care; it doesn't sound like anything to be worried about or anything. What is there to be concerned about?

Although I'm not sure why Ted has to mention it at all. Ted does bug me now about his distancing Jake from Toothy. I'm not getting that.

huh? said...

No, People magazine had a blurb about their dinner together with friends.

People magazine used a tweet from Montreal - tweet said that Jake was at the restaurant with friends, that Kirsten arrived later with her friends and that Jake and Kirsten were sitting at the opposite sides of the table. There was a picture of Jake and his movie set guy, but no pictures of Kirsten.

All that was reported by the lying bitch DrunkenStepfather so it probably never happened anyway.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I was starting to think Reese was actually for real with Jim, but I keep seeing pictures of them taking walks, having lunch dates, and wearing baseball's starting to remind me of her and Jake...what's the deal?

Dear Showmance Round 2?:
Poor Reese, right? It's going to take her plenty of time—and I'm sure plenty of guys—before we get the bad taste of Gyllenspoon out of our mouths. Bet she's up for the challenge, though.

Bitch Back

Mtl said...

No, it wasn't DSF that reported that, it was some random twitterer/FBer who first mentioned it.

green Jake said...

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Offset companies' web pages typically feature photos of deep blue skies, towering windmills and banks of resplendent solar panels — the antithesis of pollution. On its site, the trusted Swiss offsetter Myclimate reassuringly tenders "climate protection." Among its clients the company counts Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry's, Unilever and Virgin Atlantic. Another big offset player, The CarbonNeutral Company, has serviced the likes of Brad Pitt and the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sky, the UK-based television and communications firm. The CarbonNeutral Company posits that settling one's carbon debt is relatively simple. Its site states the CO2 offsetting promise: "Buying one tonne of carbon offsets means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been." Paying to restore carbon balance, an act of consumption itself, signals that we can keep consuming and save the planet.

Offset Buyers Beware

oth said...

A local rally for “One Tree Hill” at the “river court” in Wilmington’s Batteship Park planned for this weekend has been rescheduled for May 8.

Danielle Carrier of Wilmington is planning the gathering so fans can show up in solidarity and take a photo to send to The CW to show their support for an eighth season of the show. The CW won’t announce if “One Tree Hill” gets a new season till May 20.

<a href=">OTH Fan Rally Rescheduled</a>

oth said...

fixed link
OTH Fan Rally Rescheduled

oth said...

RT @OTHWebnet: Next Week is "Tweet Week" for @CW_network, tweet with Robert Buckley May 3rd from 8-9PM!
<a href=">realonetreehill</a>

oth said...

oops another messed up link realonetreehill

destiny said...

Why is Ted mentioning Kiki now, when Jake has been back in LA a week???

I know I am in the minority, but I always liked her. I think she is a great actress and usually picks interesting films. So I would not mind seeing them be friends. But yeah* the whole Ted thing is strange.

I ama bad fan, do not want to see OTH renewed. Don't think it is good for Austin's career either.

prairiegirl said...

I'm with you, Dest. I'm not a fan at all; not even a bad one! LOLLLL

And what the heck? A rally to save the show? Like Save the Seals? Maybe save the sealskins, a la Julian and Clay, I guess it could be. Nooooo.....awwwww, that was low, wasn't it? But I couldn't resist. Man, I'm awful.

That's cause it's been the One of the Most Awful Days Ever at Work. Just awful. And I'm just now leaving and going to hit all that traffic. And the nighttime lead guy broke my chair a week or so ago and it's giving me a stiff neck/shoulder and there's no other chair that goes up high enough around here. So today I've sat on an Office Supply catalog all day and it Hurts!!! Dangit! I sure gave him what for when he broke it, too. Poor guy. Oh well, that's a whole other story.

I don't get either why Ted is bringing Kirsten up. Big deal. Jake's not even in Montreal anymore, like you said. Oh well, I cannot be bothered right now.

Runoff of the Keyboard said...

Even though climate legislation is stalled in Congress, the business of voluntary carbon offsets is thriving, thanks to the abundant guilt and concern of the world's most wasteful consumers. Not only does Al Gore pay to counteract his heat-trapping gases; so do Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and high-profile gatherings including the Oscars. Companies have formed mostly in the United States, Europe and Canada to sell the notional product that is offsets.

Make a note of it, PrairieGirl.

prairiegirl said...


no thanks!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Special K said...

Back from birthday(nephew), bbq, and baseball. Good times.

Variety has information about pilots that are picking up steam, and in the article there are nuggets of info that relate to the CW and possibly the fate of OTH.

The Big Four nets and the CW will unveil their 2010-11 skeds at the upfronts in Gotham during the week of May 17. And from the fan rally link it looks like May 20th is the CW's day.


CW is looking at a maximum of three drama pickups. One of those slots is sure to go to "Nikita," the redo of "La Femme Nikita." The two other heatseekers are "Betwixt," a fantasy vehicle about changelings tasked with saving humans, and "Hellcats," which is seen as the CW's stab at "Glee" but with cheerleaders.

Last I knew it was just Melrose they hadto replace. But what are the other two dramas they are replacing?


m said...

It's obvious Ted had a gun pointed to his head with that post. Probably pressure from his bosses in response to Disney pushing POP. Anyone who has worked for a large corporation knows that sometimes you have to bend over and do what you are told. The blurb is dated, stale and boring.

There have been some early reviews, or comments I should say. Mixed. The words "too long" have been mentioned a few times which is not good. It's summer popcorn though so its not the kind of film that will be a critics favorite.

Special K said...

After all the Jake who? and Jake is immature, Jake is yada yada yada press that Reese has been throwing around the last couple of week, I wonder if Ted posted that about Jake and Kiki as a dig on the General. I can see Ted being fed up with Reese's crap. Look what he said about her in today's Bitch Back too.

M and M said...

Evenin' everyone. Just came across this excerpt from a new interview with Jake.

Jake Talks PoP in LA Times

Special K said...

M&M - you are getting the jump on my post for tomorrow. LOL.

M and M said...

Oops! Sorry Special.

I forgot that the LA Times is a bit unstable when it comes to hyperlinks. Just go to and type Jake Gyllenhaal in the Search Box. Then click on the first article:
Jake Gyllenhaal as the 'Prince of Persia': You try on a coat, you wear for it a while and you give it back
The Hero Complex

Special K said...

Hey no need to apologize.

It is a great article hope every reads it. Tomorrow will just be a little piece that I gleaned from it with a my own little twist.

M and M said...

Actually, I'm glad you indicated that this article will form the basis for your post tomorrow. With your fun-loving imagination, clever text and spot on photo/visual interplay, I can't wait to see what you come up with. Within this context, the article becomes just a teaser. Sort of a stimulating apperitif to a tastful meal. Hmm. Wonder how you might handle that comment about Legos? LOL.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, but Special, if Ted had done that as a mini payback to Reese, that would about put him on Jake's payroll, wouldn't it?

Ted wouldn't do anything to pay back someone. What's he going to get out of the deal?

Unless he did a little you rub my back, I'll rub yours and in that case, that little blurb seems kind of miniscule.

I don't get why Ted put that up, actually. Jake's already gone from Montreal; it's old hat.

Well, I'm off to bed. How time fles when yer having fun.

Special K said...

I don't think he's on Jake's payroll, I think he just likes to call Reese out on her crap sometimes. And Ted has admitted he has a soft spot for Jake and Toothy.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Heyyyyy, took at look at that OTH vid clip. Not bad!

You know, this is a bit of the old Brooke. I like this Brooke - she's warm and loving towards Julian. Not the you know what. Apparently she's let her guard down again with him - that would be a good thing. Wonder what led to this?

I know, I know!!! If I would've just watched the past few episodes, I wouldn't be lost. lol.

Love a soapy, wet Austin. I can't imagine Jake being real thrilled though watching Austin pull Sophia into that bathtub and her lying all over him with only a flimsy negligee between them. Fake or no fake, lol. Wouldn't set too well with me.

I'd make a lousy actor's SO. My relationship wouldn't last past the first movie, LOL.

prairiegirl said...

This is cute. I was looking at People's Most Beautiful People for 2010 and Bradley Cooper's quote was so ordinary.

"I always wanted brown curly hair, brown eyes and dark skin. That's because I grew up in an Italian family and wanted everything I didn't have," admits the Philadelphia native, 35. "I was about 29 when I realized that all I've got is this, so I might as well figure out what [this] is."

That's cute. I guess he's sort of blondish. Oh yeah, and his eyes are blue. Alot of people would like blue eyes. Isn't that funny? He has gorgeous eyes and he wanted brown.

M and M said...

I don't get why Ted put that up, actually. Jake's already gone from Montreal; it's old hat.

Maybe being the provacateur that he is, Ted is trying to counter that whole PR created nonsense about Isabel Lucas. Don't forget there was an article as recently as April 13, that tried to ship that hook up. Remember, "Isabel who?"

Gyllenhaal gives Dunst the Cold Shoulder

Ted said...

"Dear Ted:
Other than the odd reference here and there, there has been a real drought of gossip on Toothy Tile in the past few months. It seems like forever since we've had a Toothy Blind Vice, clues on his identity or any real news on his current love life. Has Toothy really become that good at hiding his secrets, or are you just growing tired of the whole Toothy-Grey Goose love saga? Any new info you can share?

Dear Update:
Not happy with the same-sex shenanigans of Toothy's D.L. peers? Can't blame you. I do love T2, who, FYI, I would never grow tired of, but as for Toothy and his hubby go, I'm afraid to report they're not only both behaving far too much for my tastes, they're (again) listening far too much to their advisors. Twisted stuff."

Bitch Back

M and M said...

^^Fixed clickable link:

Bitch Back Link Fixed

M and M said...

May not mean anything, but it's interesting that the sig line of the Bitch Back letter writer is JA (i.e. Jake & Austin)

destiny said...

Ok, just have to get out my rant for the day. I was on Ticketmaster at exactly 10:00 a.m. to get Lambert tickets, went through all the motions, and at 10:02 got back a "no tickets available" --and there were two shows too!. Glad to see he's doing well, but boy do I get tired of paying ticketbroker prices for concerts. Sometimes if I wait until the last minute I can get tickets for roughly the same price, but that is harder to do with a small venue. Currently the lowest price, with the fees, will run about 4 times the face price. Sigh.....

Lurker said...

May not mean anything, but it's interesting that the sig line of the Bitch Back letter writer is JA (i.e. Jake & Austin)

that's no accident, lol. Also, notice how Ted ends with "Twisted stuff" - that's no accident either.

prairiegirl said...

(Destiny!) That's so darn frustrating. Kansas City has a huge problem with ticket brokers, too. The last time Hannah Montana was here (I know that's not a good example but hey, she has been one of the top ticket sellers around), they really tried to crack down on those who gobble up the tickets in big chunks.

NYC has got to be a big market to compete in though to call in for tickets.

proof said...

I am so bummed! I just read that Jake´s dad is planning to marry that woman somebody mentioned here a while ago. Her name I think is Kathleen Man and she´s the same age as Maggie. He called Jake on the telephone to tell him about it last week. Poor Jake! Is this going to ruin the opening of POP?

what? said...

What Stephen's plans have to do with PoP????????

what? said...

P.S. I'm sure Jake is happy for his father (if his father indeed has a girlfriend).

prairiegirl said...

Well, who do you believe then, I wonder? Somebody's lying. Either Ted or that Examiner. I would think that Examiner is the one since it goes on to profess the line of actresses that Jake's dated. He's dated Rachel McAdams???? Huh. We must've missed that one.

I would also tend to agree with Ted that apparently both Jake & Austin are listening to their people very intently. Hence, that lousy Sophin Stroll last Monday.

And Where Are They Now? Where in the heck is Sophin now? Will we get a coffee run or how about a jog through the park this coming Monday? Maybe they could tap Disney for those front row Laker game seats? They could practice Brulian for the Kiss Cam; I would bet money they'd do a better job than Reeke.

I have an idea! They have the "just rolled out of bed" photo op under their belts. PR, here's one you can try; I'll hand it out for free. Let's have a "the washer is broken, so we have to go to the laundromat to do our laundry together" photo op. Austin can carry the laundry basket and Sophia could carry the Tide or the Wisk. And the Downey sheets.

btw said...

10:23 AM - link, please.

prairiegirl said...

I know, Special, you're flcking me on the top of my head for that last one, aren't ya? lol.

M and M said...

Hey, PG. If you look back at the gossip and headlines from celebrity mags and other pap lit during 2006 you will see the same kind of constant Jake bullsh*t regarding a plethora (get your dictionary out *snicker*) of female hook-ups. Let's see there was Sophia Bush, Kiera Knightly, Gretchen Bleiler, Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, then the Kirsten Dunst interview when she said she didn't think she and Jake were through forever and "neither does he." Really, all of this talk about Jake with women is one of the most predictable parts of the Jake is straight "official" biography. Ted could very well just be stirring up the pot by mentioning Kirsten, again. Sort of a shout out to how she always seems to reappear when Jake needs a gal with whom to be associated. Particularly, this close to PoP.

prairiegirl said...

I would agree, m&m.

**sigh**. I just have to shake my head, I guess. whatever, guys. whatever.

Jake is in London? said...

mattypop39: Jealous isnt even the word!!!!! See u soon x x RT @SarahxGardner: Just met jake gyllenhaal ... He is hawt! :)
23 minutes ago

(mattypop39 and SarahxGardner's location is London)