Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let me get this straight.....

So Bret Easton Ellis tweeted this:
 Let's just say it.  Epically stupid.

Sadly this does nothing to help bring change in Hollywood. And is indicative of the closet that Hollywood wants to continue to keep stars in.

But here's the question that struck me after I read it.

If Ellis  believes a gay man can't play straight, is he then saying a straight man can't play gay or bi?

And what does that say about Austin playing Martin in Ellis' The Informers?

 OMG Olympics 


Because who wouldn't want a match between the tummy peeking

 and short shorts?
 Who needs medals?


Jersey Tom said...

Reese Witherspoon has lined up another romantic comedy.

The actress is set to star in and co-produce "The Beard," based on a script by Becca Greene (MTV's "Good Vibes,"), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

PLAY IT NOW: Reese Witherspoon Gets Sexy For ‘This Means War’

No plot details were available on the project - from Chernin Entertainment - but beard, when applied to a woman, usually refers to a gal who poses as the lady love of a secretly gay man.

I still cannot believe this. How funny.

Are their any JIS people left. Seems the only debate is exactly how many totes are there.

Who the h@ll is Brett Ellis?

Jersey Tom said...

Jake should ask that USA pole vaulter out. Don't ya think:-)

Anonymous said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Ur right anon u should be bored I am sure ur convinced that Jake is Gay also.

Anonymous said...
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sass said...

Ellis screenwriter...Credits American Psycho...who says he is Not Gay has had men and women...and has been trying to clean up his bigoted remarks...on Huff Post...without success.
He did Not anticipate the blowback from Matt's female audience...He's in a mess of his own doing..

sass said...

Loved telling him how pissed I am. He is No friend...Shame on Him! Matt so Hot in Magic Mike...made me so happy..And White Collar...BEE says Matt Looks Gay on that show...What a Maroon!!

destiny said...

This whole thing with BEE is unbelievable, and involves the pathetic, homophobic rants of a self-loathing, jealous gay man.

For those who may not know, it involved dozens of tweets, not just the one Special posted and seems to have been done as some sort of weird retaliation after being told he wouldn't be considered as a screenwriter for the movie.

Not only that, he was one of the ones who originally floated the idea of Matt for the movie, along with Ian Somerhalder (a rumored closet case)!

A good article on the whole thing. Why Should BEE's opinion matter

prairiegirl said...

That was a really interesting article, Destiny, thanks for posting it. I didn't even know the whole background; that he wanted to be the screenwriter and that he himself campaigned for Matt to be cast in the movie.

What in the heck is going on with that guy?

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