Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whatcha talkin' 'bout Austin?

 Let me think about it

If memory serves, about like this ..... 

And a little bigger than that....

 Yup that's about right.

Top Ten Thing Austin Could be talking about:

10.Tire widths for Big Wheel Racers vs. Big Huffy Bikes

9. Hillbilly Handfishing with Jake

8. Metrics vs. Standard Measurement

7. Difference between gold and silver in the hammer toss

6. Leg room on  American Airlines vs Jet Blue

5. New York hot dogs vs. Cali hot dogs

4.  An inch makes a diff in horseshoes but not hand grenades

3. Isometric arm lengthening exercises

2. This is how big of burrito I can handle


1. This is Jake... This is..m....

OMG Olympics 

Horizontal Tandem Pushbike

One does push ups the other cycles.
 Without kicking the other person in the face.
 Any questions?


prairiegirl said...

This is hilarious. You know, I've been on here oh quite awhile back and picked on people who wear socks with their sandals and so Destiny, you piped up and said that you do it all the time. And so yahoo has a story about summer fashion blunders and the very first one is, guess...LOLLLLL!!! And the picture shows these big feet in really thick, tube-like socks with terrain sandals. LOLLLLL! And so the person writing this article, his caption is:

1. Socks & Sandals
I have no words. Just stop it. I mean, seriously?

Okay, now before you pick on me again, some of the readers' comments are just as funny. Lookit. lol

Anthony said:
I'm wearing them right now around the house. Not nearly as bad as crocs or uggs.

Toonces8181 said:
Fire ants laugh at your sensibilities.

^^to which someone else replied to them: "All people laugh at your online name.

Dolores said:
I'm now wearing mine with my surport hose So what's the big deal . I'm in my own apt. Thank you.

Mildred • Des Moines, Iowa • 5 minutes ago

I wear socks with my sandals - per Dr orders - Had foot surgery- only can wear sandals -special tenis shoes-someday maybe you will have foot problem. I had to throw away 30 pair shoes. Don't worry about others on such a petty issue.

Poor Mildred. Nothing wrong with that. LOL, but I just had to laugh. People are just so funny. I get such a kick out of reading comments on other stories and articles because us human species are just comedians in and of ourselves. There are just very clever, frank, lovely people in this world. I just love reading this kind of stuff.

Just Jared said...

The New Normal airs this fall

Jayson Blair shows off his shirtless bod and his tightie whities in an Instagram photo from the set of his upcoming show The New Normal!

The pic was taken by creator Ryan Murphy, who is also the mind behind Fox’s smash hit Glee! He also snapped a shot of co-stars Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells.

The New Normal is a comedy about a Los Angeles gay couple who have their first child with the help of a surrogate who has a rather narrow-minded grandmother. The show premieres on September 11 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC – we can’t wait to watch it!

Lookit?? said...

Abbreviation of "look at that" or "look at this," typically uttered shrilly in public places by small children seeking to draw attention to mundane objects that they, for some reason, consider fascinating.

prairiegirl said...


Lookit!! Lookit!!! Lookit!!!!!

Ha Ha!! Lookit!!!!

I love life, I love people. Lookit, everyone!!! I love trolls for they are children of God as well.

We are all so blessed to be alive. To have the health that we have at this present time. You know there are so many of our fellow brothers and sisters who suffer. They are ill. They have domestic problems. They are without jobs and money coming in. They just lost a beloved pet. They need a car to get around in. They struggle to pay for Air Conditioning or Heat. They are bullied in school or teased at work. They can't afford the fun things in life. They have an abusive husband or wife. They just had an accident and are now permanently paralyzed. Their country is at war. They are born with a bad heart or they were just diagnosed with ALS. They go through chemo and struggle to keep their spirits up,let alone keep one simple meal down.

I count my blessings right now and we should all thank whoever it is we honor and thank them for what we have. And if you want to spend that verbal time trying to belittle something so stupid, you just do that. Go for it.

You humiliate no one but yourself.

prairiegirl said...

This is Talia Joy Castellano. She was diagnosed on Valentine's Day in 2007 with two kinds of aggressive cancer, one of which was stage 4 neuroblastoma. She's only 13 years old and she loves to do You Tube videos giving make up tips to young girls her age.

This little girl is quite beautiful and she speaks frankly about her cancer and the prospect of facing a bone marrow transplant vs. just living out what could be 4 or less more years of her life. But she doesn't want to do the transplant because she says she just doesn't want to go through that again.

The video will touch you like you've never been touched before and I encourage anyone to watch. She's cute, she's funny. You would never know this little girl is staring death right in the face. She talks about make up and she doesn't want the viewers to be sad. She wants people to just come and watch her videos because she loves doing them.

This little girl puts someone like me to shame. Please give this a watch if you wish. It will astound you.

Talia Joy

destiny said...

I know socks are kind of crazy with sandals, luckily for me I don't get cold easily, so the temperature has to plunge below 50-55 before I put them on. I can never find closed-in shoes that are as comfortable.

I'd go barefoot all the time if I could do it safely.

destiny said...

I don't think I could deal with a little girl with cancer. It was sad enough reading the featured wedding in the New York Times this morning, the couple had their wedding paid for by a new organization that pays for weddings when someone has a terminal disease. In this case the groom has cancer, and he went into the hospital the day after his wedding.

Wedding Vows

prairiegirl said...

Oh wow. That's an incredible story, Destiny. You look at these people and you just shake your head in wonderment. The human spirit is incredible when faced with insurmountable obstacles. Such strong, strong people of inner mettle. How did she do this?

I know the story of Talia sounds intolerable but I'm telling you, she is fascinating to watch. You know, I have encountered and known so many people now with cancer and lost many I've known. And I love when they speak so frankly about everything. That's how this little girl is. And I hope that if I'm ever given a cancer diagnosis or whatever tough disease it is, that I can speak just as frankly to my friends and family.

It's an incredible lesson in facing fear, most of all for the patient but also for those who face losing this person in their earthly life.

I think we all learn so much from these encounters and experiences at this end stage of life which no one ever wants to think or talk about but there are some incredible lessons which help us to live more fully while we're still here.

And it's about a slap in the face of reality. It's about being grateful and thankful; such a great kick in the seat of the pants.

prairiegirl said...

Anyway, back to Jake and Austin because there's something that needs pointing out.

For the person who keeps pointing out about Austin's beard growth in the Leadville pictures, lookit (Oh! Slap me, I'm sooooo sorry, there's that word slip again!) the pictures of Austin in these LOL screen caps.

Filming of LOL took place before Leadville. Looks like Austin already had a good head start on growing that scruff, doesn't it?????

Not exactly clean shaven baby sealskin, doesn't look like to me. Notice how the beard is light in the pictures from yesterday's post, then in the screen caps from Friday's post, his beard is significantly heavier. So not only does it not take long for Austin to grow scruff, but I bet the apple scene was shot after that other set since he wasn't filming for very long at all. He could have left that scruff free from the razor and with another day under his belt before the Leadville pic, there's your guy in Brandon Fuller's photo.

Thanks for these telling screen caps from the movie, Special! ;)

wrong bit of hair said...

It's not the beard as much as it is the hair. Facial hair grows faster than scalp hair. Leadville guy's hair was much longer and straighter than Austin's from LOL.

;) said...

uttered shrilly in public places by small children seeking to draw attention


prairiegirl said...

It's not the beard as much as it is the hair. Facial hair grows faster than scalp hair. Leadville guy's hair was much longer and straighter than Austin's from LOL.

lol. You're really going to try that angle now after the beard has been proven wrong. So now it's the length of hair on his head.

And actually say that without any embarrassment and expect to be taken seriously? LOL!

That's the last I have to say about it. I don't have that kind of time to waste on such a losing argument.

Troll hates the fact that the man standing beside Jake is Austin at Leadville. Maybe next we'll have length of fingernail critiqued.

NY Daily News said...

JAKE GYLLENHAAL’s famous face did not get him special access to the set of “Smash” Wednesday night. The hunky movie star was strolling down Mercer St. in SoHo with a mystery woman when the pair stumbled upon the set of the hit NBC show starring Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing. The street was closed to the general public, and when Gyllenhaal, sporting black gym shorts and a hat, and his pretty brunette babe tried to walk down Mercer they were stopped by security. According to our eagle-eyed spy on the street, after inquiring what was going on, Gyllenhaal was told by security he had to take a detour, and the actor complied humbly.

wrong said...

That's the last I have to say about it. I don't have that kind of time to waste on such a losing argument.

Who's arguing? Besides you? You have the Leadville pic. You have the screencaps from LOL. It isn't difficult to spot the difference in hair length and the fact that Austin's hair is cut in short layers while the Leadville man has longer mostly one length hair.

microscopes and petri dishes said...

Somebody has certainly been closely examining the picture. But instead of simply being capable of identifying someone whom we have seen countless photos of on OMG, they hyper focus on one feature, even going so far as to perform a micro-detailed study on individual strands of hair.