Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nobody puts Jakey in the corner...

Not really sure what the theater community in NYC is trying to protray Jake to be:

Backstage Mag has him looking:

Swept Away

Or on the losing side of sleep

and the Roundabout has him backed into a corner

What gives?

It's the hat isn't it.  They found out that is Yankees for show.
 So they're going for some payback

Check out Jake's interview with Backstage here.

Speaking of the Yankees for show.   If Jake is fauxing it for them,  so are we correct with the assumption that Austin's is like GPS system?


Special K said...

For those in the UK, End of Watch opens November 23rd.


Special K said...

The pace of movies is slower than the U.S. summer when the studios bring out blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises weekly. But don’t let the pace fool you; fall 2012 is neither short on quality nor quantity, experts say.

“Early fall can often be a little bit of a lull at the movies, but it can also be a time when real quality films can take advantage of a quiet marketplace and really stand out,” Entertainment Weekly writer Dave Karger said.

The season kicks into high gear on Sept. 21, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena playing Los Angeles police battling a ruthless drug cartel in End Of Watch, from writer/director David Ayer.

Ayer, whose previous LA cop flick, Training Day, earned Denzel Washington a best actor Oscar, said the film shows “what it’s like to work the streets in a way very few films have ever shown,” pulling back the curtain on the cops’ lives, personal and professional.

“It’s not your typical Hollywood movie. It’s very grounded, very real – almost a pseudo documentary. You’ll walk out of this movie wanting to hug a cop,” he said.

Daily Tattler

prairiegirl said...

I don't know of too much else about following someone in the news whether it be a politician or celebrity than to see how you're being duped and taken for an idiot by a costume prop like a Yankees cap.

Of all the things we have noticed here on OMG about these two guys for the past several years, this Yankee/BoSox cap business about takes the cake.

No wonder Jake has lost fans left and right. And not just all kinds of fans, it's some of his fans who know some of his "secrets" but still liked him the same as ever. It didn't matter.

But when you realize that you're just looking at a cloud of vapors and your subject is behind an eclipse, you have no choice but to eventually just look away.

Most people are drawn to light. Not the dark, unlike Jake's latest mantra right now. He may be drawn to the dark but that is him. Not most people.

Not sure what kind of place this closet has put Jake into, but it's becoming apparent that it is a place where he has really lost sight of the lines in the road. He's gone off into the median.

Special K said...

Think the Yankees cap is just part of the uniform that Jake puts on.

The Jake that everyone knows is there, and always has been. And on shows like Letterman that shines through.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh, I've no doubt, Special. But what does it say about a person that they have to put on this "uniform" to convey a certain agenda, message or image? There's 4 letters for this behavior.


Ha, you know what is funny about all of this, though? lol.

It's the troll who brought the picture to OMG. In their haste to bring us their "proving" picture of Jake with Ramona on the train in a natural setting, they unwittingly didn't notice the Boston Red Sox cap.

That's just classic. What a gift.

For real? said...

So now we're basing Jake in the closet by the choice of baseball cap he chooses to wear?

prairiegirl said...

And don't get me wrong. I'm sure Jake is ecstatic with his now established family. But I think a person can still have an area of their life that isn't what they wanted it to be.

Jake keeps chanting the mantra about being drawn to the dark. He mentioned it in that disturbing Canadian video interview that IHJ had and I think WDW but was taken down quickly, never to reappear again.

I think he is unhappy and mad about the choices he feels he's had to make because of the closet (which he himself did choose). This is one of the reasons why he did the video by the Shoes and doing movies like End of Watch and The Enemy - and now this play If There Is...

All of these venues offer him the opportunity and visible platform to vent.

He's shooting. He's slashing and stabbing. He's playing disheveled, depressed or angry characters. He's cursing "every third word in a sentence". Talk about getting out some repressed anger.

prairiegirl said...

But not to endlessly beat up on the guy.

I hope that he and Austin have a great Labor Day weekend. Oh wait, Jake will have to work Sat & Sun. Bummer! Well - hopefully they still have a great holiday.

Wishing everyone at OMG a very safe & relaxing holiday! Don't do too much work. We are heading into Fall, aren't we?

hmmm said...

He's shooting. He's slashing and stabbing. He's playing disheveled, depressed or angry characters. He's cursing "every third word in a sentence". Talk about getting out some repressed anger.

Basically he's been repressed his whole career then?

He's shooting (Jarhead)
Disheveled, depressed or angry (Donnie Darko, The Good Girl)

I think it's more to do with playing against type. It's what actors do.

bearding song said...

What do you all think about Taylor Swift's Jake song (lyrics and video)? was it all pre-arranged as part of the bearding contract with Jake's agreement (he looks like an idiot but 'straight' and somehow legitimize that fake relationship as real) or is she just milking the 'relationship' by herself and twisting that he was a player and she was the one who dumped him/playing the victim? I'd like to hear your opinions.
The video was released yesterday and it has many references to how they sold and staged the relationship to the press (Taylor wearing his scarf, apple picking, a gift bracelet he supposedly gave to her, his glasses, Jake lookalike actor and dressed like him at that time, etc).
I still can't believe Jake chose to be involved in this 12-year-old mentality kind of bearding! It gives me second hand embarrassment. Reeke was horrendous to watch but Taylor was unbelievably bad for his image!
In spite of his mistakes and bad decisions, I love Jake and I want him to have a great long career but it’s surprising that his play is not selling tickets. Apparently a lot of seats are empty each night and the tickets are in the 50% discount sale price. It’s a small theater and I thought that his name only would sell out the run.

bearding song said...

forgot the links on how Taylor is marketing the (horrible) Jake song:
music video and lyrics

Ryan Seacrest's site explaining it's about Jake and even milking the Minka plant (LOL!):
PR for dummies

more Jake References in the video:

Taylor's VMA promo using Jake Thanksgiving bearding pic for US Weekly with this song:

so is Jake/his PR directly involve in this or is she milking the bearding all by herself?

How the mighty have fallen said...

I can believe that Jake is involved in this charade. But, aren't they both represented by WME (meaning Taylor and Gyllenhaal)? He continues to disappoint. A friend of mine went to his play and hated it. Yet, Jake goes on and on in interviews about how great the story is. The work is trash. No meaning, plot or purpose. Pure self indulgence for two hours. It doesn't matter if the seats are half price or not, DON'T GO SEE IT! People keep given him the benefit of the doubt and I plead guilty to that for many years. But, I'm beginning to think that he has used up all his "Get Out of Jail for Free" cards. I'll continue to observe the train wreck, but he will have to earn my good will back again. Was planning to go see EOW. I wouldn't step foot in the theater now. Too many bad choices. Too many publicity stunts that just rub me the wrong way.

Special K said...

I think this whole video thing in Ms. Swift getting her last gasp out of this deal and getting back at Jake for the unceremonious dump.

the real m said...

The only people who think Jake had a relationship with Taylor are the 12- 18 year olds who follow her. No, make that 12 - 16 year olds. I think they get more savvy by 17.

prairiegirl said...

First of all, I have not watched the video. I doubt I ever will - I really don't need to see that chick.

My first reaction when I saw what was going on was how on earth would Jake ever want this kind of publicity? It just makes him look like such a fool.

But the thing is, the glaring obvious is like 17:44 pointed out. Both parties are represented by WME. There is no way Jake did not know this was coming. Is he so low on the totem pole over there that everyone walked all over him and put the video out anyway despite his wild protest? That's a frightening thought.

Is this just more Bearding Lite? He gets thought of as her "ex" and is forever immortalized in a Swift song.

Austin and Jake continue to just dig themselves deeper and deeper and deeper into this hole that honestly, at this point, I don't know how they're going to come out.

I thought they were slowing down. I thought they were going to lie low, live their lives, and mind their own business.

But Jake just doesn't seem to give a crap about anything anymore. And Austin is too busy trying to appear like a hot-for-it ladies man through twitter DM's.

They are both showing such disrespect towards each other, their relationship and their children.

I don't know but they've just about lost me. I feel like I am here basically just to see a train wreck in progress. I want so badly to still love both of them and support them. But right now, there's just not much left of this heart for either gentleman.

Tonight is about the worst I have ever felt about them. That's all I can say. They leave me numb.

Jersey Tom said...

I am so happy that what Jake and Austin do no longer brings out any emotion in me. I agree I still hang in watching the train wreck.
Jakes father told us where this was all headed when reeke started.

prairiegirl said...

Neither one will get another dime from my hard earned money, I'll tell you that right now. I know I made the right decision when I declined to go to see his play. I would have loved nothing better than to meet up with everyone but nope, not under these circumstances.

I'm not sure what it's going to take for both of these guys to wake up.

I may have to search for a train wreck avatar.

Jersey Tom said...

I agree Jake changes images from week to week. This one is the worst. Shame he cant be just who he is. Probably doesnt know anymore.

pampers said...

I may have to search for a train wreck avatar.

^^^You are so childish. Do you know this?

prairiegirl said...

You are so childish. Do you know this?

I know you are, but what am I?

Jersey Tom said...

Why kind of person gets off on trying to make someone feel bad. Do you know how bad u look. Talk about childish. Sad actually.