Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prepared to Play

With less than a month before it opens we start to get to see more of EoW.

Check out this new trailer

Ayers, Jake Mike and the cast really capture the day to day and the grittiness of a what it's like to "serve and protect" in LA.

Jake talked about what it took to get that authenticity at the screening on the Hamptons.

While Jake has taken on fewer projects in the last few years,  his devotion to his craft is still evident.   Jake no doubt is taking the same approach with the play which starts previews this Friday.
 Jake will be on Letterman next week to talk about the movie. Wonder what story he's got saved for Dave?

And what else for a Two Wheel Tuesday.

Bike Cops

Boston Style


prairiegirl said...

I think Jake is kind of over doing movies the fame and accolades.

Jake is certainly over something about his profession.

He could not have looked more disinterested and void of life. I'm not kidding. He looked down, he looked around, he looked to the side. He gave a smart-aleck tinged answer to the lady when she asked one particular question.

This was his first TV interview for the movie and it made an unenthusiastic impression on me. I've never seen him look so lifeless.

Very disappointing. I just don't recognize Jake any more. I really don't.

I wish I had something more positive to say about it and honestly, I was hoping for better. I want to be in his corner. But the closet has so obviously changed Jake and I don't know why he is still in the business because he just doesn't look like he enjoys it anymore.

prairiegirl said...

I'll be curious to hear what others think when they look at this interview. And I know it's just one interview. Maybe the next one could be different.

It's just that this was the first event for the movie so you would think he'd be a little more excited.

the real m said...

I'm on my iPad so can't watch the interview but will be sure to view it tomorrow. The only negative about iPads or I'd be on it 100%

I am also not paying attention to these early reviews . Remember how everyone invited by Bruckheimer loved POP. We all know how that turned out. I seriously doubt that these high rollers sat through the whole film. (on a side note when I first wrote Bruckheimer I forgot to capitalize it and you should have seen how the iPad autocorrected my spelling. Hillarious.

Speaking of hilarious. Have you seen dlisteds post re the naked pictures of Prince Harry ? I laughed so hard I almost split my gut. Showed it to my husband and he laughed just as hard. Priceless. One of his best posts ever.

prairiegirl said...

I hadn't heard what was going on with Prince Harry but I had read where he was back in Vegas a day or two ago.

I'll look forward to checking the pics out! lol

The Prince likes himself the Vegas. He's a wild one, isn't he?

I've found it interesting how he's turned out to be the strikingly handsome one of the two boys. William was so handsome when they were younger but it's Harry who has really stood out as he's gotten older.

Sheesh said...

Why are you always down on Jake?

destiny said...

Interesting to a see a trailer directed at the Hispanic market, I don't remember seeing that before.

Jake seemed a little put out at having to do an interview at first, and the sarcasm about seeing any crimes committed while out with the police, but then he seemed to relax into it.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Anonymous Sheesh said...

Why are you always down on Jake?

Why is it you only come on here to criticize a poster?

Why aren't you contributing to the thread on any kind of a regular or irregular basis with your own input?

I haven't even hardly been on the blog that much. It's been me. It's been Tom. It's been Special. It's been m. It's Destiny today. That's it, to be frank.

That's been it for about two weeks. We're the ones putting up comments, stories or links.

If you have any kind of stinkin' gripe, take it to the hand because you have absolutely nothing to stand on with that kind of nervey comment.

Try contributing before you have any kind of gall to gripe about anything on this blog.

destiny said...

The Michael K posts on Prince Harry are very funny.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Nice bod Harry:-) Poor Grandma. Can you imagine if he was doing this on American tax payer money. Oh my!

prairiegirl said...

If I may edit my own comment, lol.

Not to leave out M&M, who is and has been a major contributor. She just hasn't been on here for awhile. She is more reserved than some of the rest of us. And certainly Seaweed and Sass contribute when they are able to as well. Unfortunately, y'all have to put up with an extrovert like myself who does not shrink from voicing an opinion.

Special's posts provide a rich opportunity 24 hours, 7 days a week to drum up something about Jake. Her posts are about as positive as you can get.

Tell you what. I'm going to keep silent for a while and I will greatly anticipate seeing Sheesh bring their consistent contributions to the blog.

There's certainly a great subject coming up on Friday, Jake's play. That'll be fun because I do look forward to hearing about that and seeing some pictures. I hope there's some pictures - that'll be cool.

Sheesh, here's the baton - there ya go. Take off and run with it. Me? I'm going to do some writing.

norwegian girl said...

i dont think jake fits to many of
the roles he takes. its ok, but nothing more. he tries hard, but too hard. maybe he should realize hes not that butch. not that macho-guy. he never will be, i suppose. but he really tries hard! i will give him credit for that...but he has tried, and it didnt work. jake is a wonderful actor, but i think he should stick to what he can. and there is a lot. he can play everything, i think...just not that egocentric alpha role. needs more feelings involved. jakes best at that.

Jersey Tom said...

What MK wrote about Prince Charles is so funny. I still am laughing. Poor Harry needs to grow up and def stop drinking.

Hopefully Michael Phelps has learned his lesson. You cant trust anyone with a cell phone:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder if Jake has found the right woman yet?

Jersey Tom said...

I just read a great article on Facebook. In Virginia a young college students car was vandalized 4 times. The reason was because he was gay. A homophoblic slur was actually keyed into his car. What was so great was that a body shop in Virginia decided to repair the car and with others help put 10,000.00 dollars of work into fixing and upgrading the car. It was a great story. I love that some people care.

norwegian girl said...

i couldnt care less about those kingly. read too much about here at home;) and prince william is much better looking by the way;;)
anyway, tom, did you see sean bean as tracy? fabolous, was she indeed;) i wish jake would dare to play her. think he would such a nice looking garl;)

norwegian girl said...

or i will try again. sean bean+accused. well worth seeing, a drama where sean plays a woman named tracy/ simon. absolutely worth watching <3

norwegian girl said...

oh, i try again...like this page, old, boring quotes got mines from this tv, gets deleted(just kidding, my mistake last time) just old boromir dressed in womens clothes, trying to sound reseaneble. and SHE does! TRACIE! SHE is looking for love. wants to find the one man... can she?

Special K said...

destiny said...

"Interesting to a see a trailer directed at the Hispanic market, I don't remember seeing that before."

It is isn't it Destiny. But it makes sense, both because of Ayers and for the setting of EoW.

Jake's interview, I did smirk at the reporter's questions too. Come he plays a cop. And yeah you can see him settle into it by the end.

Bet he will have a great story for Letterman.