Thursday, August 16, 2012

All in.....???

 Jake's going back to his roots-  indie roots.

  According to The Hollywood Reporter Jake is going to be on the road and headed to the tables.   Reports are that he is going star in Mississippi Grind.

 The focus of the movie is  two gambling addicts enabling each other on a road trip through the South "with dreams of recouping everything they've lost on bad bets."  Jake's  going play the younger of the pair, while the elder — which THR dubs "a plum role for Hollywood's fortysomething set" — has yet to be cast.

With a budget of less than $10 million it looks more like intimate kind of movie with short shooting schedule.  Will Jake try to squeeze it after his play wraps and before the end of the year?  Or will the Grind be Jake's first project of 2013?

Jake's got some work to do for this one.  He's a big bag of tells.

Maybe he needs to get someone to show him how to do a legit poker face.

 It looks the movie is more about the dynamic of the two pair than exploits of one or the other.   Casting the right person to work off of Jake is key to his success as well as the movie's.

 So who do you see as part of this betting pair?


prairiegirl said...

Aww, Jake looks like he had to think too hard about finger placement on the double Hook 'em Horns, lol. That would be me. Uh, let's see, it's the index finger and the little finger with the..... Gotta thrust those arms up, Jake!!! Show those horns off in their face!! Yeahhhhhh!!
LOL, I have a friend from Texas and she has to do that with the whole contorted face and growl, etc etc.


Man thank goodness it is Friiiiiiiii-Daaaaaay. Ready for Mr Slate or Fred to sound the horn and the slide down Dino's back!!!

Anonymous said...
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destiny said...

Love the Julia Child's video, really makes me want to cook up a storm. It's been so darn hot this summer it's been mostly salads or things that cook quickly, like fresh corn or fresh pasta. Can't wait for fall.

prairiegirl said...

Okay now I am sitting here ready to go but ohhhhhh nooooooo, the ol' Copier Fix It Guy decides to come back on a Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock to finish his repair download on our printer. And it just happens to be running slower than normal. Gee, probably because it's a Friday afternoon at whistle time.

So here I sit.

Everyone's left me. And Fred is waiting to slide down the dinosaur's back.

Ahem, and believe me, I let him know that he should not have come late on a Friday to start this slow download.



Special K said...

Any ideas of who you would like to see Jake team up with in this movie?

I am trying to think of some 40 something actors

Ed Norton? Clive Owen? Benico Del Toro? Sean Penn?

Ewan McGregor?!?!

Jersey Tom said...

Jake doesnt seem to date girls much.

Jersey Tom said...

I see you said...
Why don't you post that on Jake's FB page, Tom. Everyone here already knows that.

Great idea! I will do it right now.

Jersey Tom said...

I see you said...
Why don't you post that on Jake's FB page, Tom. Everyone here already knows that


Jersey Tom said...

Not at all. Jake is the one who should be embarrassed. You should be embarrassed you hide behind false names. I am up front with what i feel and am not afraid to express it in anyway.

Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Believe me when I get the chance to slam Jake I do. I hate what he has done over the years. When I post somewhere else and that is not that often I get responses back that are pretty positive. Many of us have struggled with who we are. Jake makes a mockery out of us who do. We struggle to feel free to express who we are without fear. If you have any problem with anything I do. That is your issue and not mine.

Jersey Tom said...

At Jakes age I lived in fear. At my age now I am happier and more open then I have ever been.

Jersey Tom said...

thanks for all ur help over the years Jack. Now climb back under your rock.