Friday, August 24, 2012

Texas Three Way

Day 1 of Triathlon Training. Enchiladas and Beer on a hot Texas day! Heaven. - Aus10 

Triathlon Training Day 2- Queso and a Margarita. -Aus10

And then what happened there Bud?

Training get suspended for little getaway north?

 Or did you miss the mole and mescal day and just gave up?

The triathlon Austin training for is next weekend.. and doesn't involve Mexican food. 

It's the Land Rover TriRock Austin on September 3rd, 2012, and it starts off at Auditorium Shores.

Now Austin has two choices this triathlon.   The Sprint: Which is swim 700 Meters, bike16.7 miles and run 3.1 miles.

 Or he could go for the Intermediate "Olympic" which is swim 1500 Meters, bike 24.8 miles and run 6.2 miles.
 Any guesses which one he'll choose?

There are a few rules and regulations.  Wetsuits can be worn, but are optional for the swim.

Helmet required for the bike.  But no headphones anywhere on the course.

And who would need them in the Live Music capital when there will be bands along the swim, bike and run courses followed by a post-race party and concert.

Don't know if it is BYON (Bring your own nachos) But sure that Austin will find a way to get some.

Happy Austin Friday. 


Nev said...

Hey :)

I follow Austin on twitter and almost fell of my chair when he said he's gonna do this triathlon in 14 Then I remembered he's doing most of the stuff anyway..biking etc so yeah... ;p

Question: I've managed to write down my questions and thoughts about all this but don't just wanna dump it in here...what should I do?

Thanks :)


prairiegirl said...

Question: I've managed to write down my questions and thoughts about all this but don't just wanna dump it in here...what should I do?

Why not dump it on here? That's what this blog is for. It's a full empty whiteboard ready for a lot of dry erase markers to make their tracks.

There is no other venue to take. Some of us email amongst ourselves because we've known each other awhile from the blog plus we've traveled to personally meet and spend time together.

And I'm sorry but no one gains that kind of access from one trip on the blog. If you're sincere, we welcome all kinds honest, respectful input or questions.

But I'll tell people something, we all weren't born yesterday. Some of us have excellent sniffers and we'll spot ill intent pretty quick. It doesn't take long.

prairiegirl said...

Well, it has taken some digging but there is a website which entertains Broadway chatter. There just wasn't hardly anything 'out there' on Jake's play. Maybe the papers don't review until the plays officially debut? I don't know how that works.

Read for yourselves but I'm not seeing good at all here.

Theater Goer Thread

These aren't professional reviewers but they sound like people who regularly go to theater. You can check out the thread every once in awhile because it's ongoing.

;) said...

PG welcoming to newcomers as usual

Nev said...

Hey no worries ;) You should have a little chat with my husband who is complaining about my obsession and spending all day online...and often most of the night. I really really am after answers :) a fake I would never use my real login ;)

Alright then, you've been goes :p ( I had to divide it, it was too long *gulp*)


Right, so let me try and get my thoughts together. I have only discovered the whole Toothy Tile, Jaustin, whatever saga a week or so ago, despite having been aware of ‘Jake’s gay’ rumours and I might have even seen those Laker pics somewhere...oh and even then, whilst looking in from far away, I could see that Reeke were so damn was ridiculous..and sad :( (This is probably the only photo set that could sway me..but then I’m faced with thousands of other photos from their uhm..time together and I’m back on track http://

As I’ve said, I have spent a couple of days catching up on everything (have also been reading WFT2 and the comments there...hilarious, some of them) and now here are my thoughts and questions. Please remember: I’d be the happiest girl if ANY of this stuff is true.

There’s is no order to this...that’s how jumbled I am.

- I figure, if the ‘stars’ don’t want to be seen, they have ways of doing so but then there’s often endless sightings so how come there were months and months of none seeing Jake&Austin anywhere?

- When people do see them, why does nobody take photos, like EVER? It’s the 21st century, almost everybody and their 90 year old nan have phones with cameras so why is there never any ‘proof’?

- Who was it and when did they say it and in what context that Jake&Austin met ‘at the audition and couldn’t take their eyes off each other’?

- The rings, they could just be rings? Like the ‘Carpe Diem’ ring Jake said was given to him by his mum? Also, I haven’t seen any rings on Jake for a long time now...

part 1


Nev said...

part 2

- How about Jake’s OUT interview in which he said:
During the making of the movie, you were quoted as saying, 'Every man goes through a period of thinking they're attracted to another guy.' That's not something straight men talk about a whole lot. What prompted that comment?
I don't even think there's like a specific situation that I could talk about. Let me give you an example. You can be together with somebody. You can be in a relationship with somebody. And you can say they're the only person that I want to be with. Like, I love them, I'm in love with them, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. But if you don't acknowledge that there might be, even if it's not even a possibility in your mind, if you don't acknowledge, oh, maybe there's another girl that I could fall in love with, or maybe I'm going to check people out on the street, you know what I mean. We're all human beings and we do. If I don't do that, it won't feed my relationship and the thing I really love. I guess that's sort of the idea that I was trying to put out there that, like, I think there are a lot of people who are unsure and'that comment has followed me around.
I bet it has.
For me it's not a specific thing. It's more of an idea of'
Possibility? Potentiality?
It's like it should be a part of sex ed. So someone should say, OK, like, now's the week where you go around, check this out and that out, what do you find attractive, compare this and that. And I think it would clear a lot of issues up for a lot of people. You know? And if it was just talked about, it would be a different thing. I think sexuality as a young t somehow I can’t bring myself to only blame his workload (which wasn’t even that much back in 2008-2010...) So, what is up with that? On the other hand, any pic I see of Austin, he looks happy as ever, no care in the world... which, again, kills any kinda evidence I might have found.

- I donC Maggie Gyllenhaal]. Some people are turned on by sado-masochistic things. Others couldn't even think about that.
I:So same-sex attraction is not a part of your life and your history.
J:No. I mean clearly, hopefully, you can see I'm not afraid of it.

I know he often uses ‘person’ instead of girl/woman but this has been the most obvious so far and throws my JiG hope every time I read it *sigh*

And here’s the other one that does the same:

"You know, it's flattering when there's a rumor that says I'm bisexual. It means I can play more kinds of roles. I'm open to whatever people want to call me. I've never really been attracted to men sexually, but I don't think I would be afraid of it if it happened." (Details, December 2005)

- He might be slightly older than when he did Jarhead, Proof and BBM all in the space of 1 or so years but man, Jake looks tired and exhausted and often downright sad. I guess, some of it is down to Reeke and TSwift but somehow I can’t bring myself to only blame his workload (which wasn’t even that much back in 2008-2010...) So, what is up with that? On the other hand, any pic I see of Austin, he looks happy as ever, no care in the world... which, again, kills any kinda evidence I might have found.

- I don’t believe in Baby Tile. Can’t imagine it and don’t even want to: I have a two year old, there’s no way (even if some days I really really want to) I’d randomly, unannounced join my favourite band on tour for what, two weeks? Odd.
Also, the whole Medical Centre visits is for the kids scenario? The paps seem to get him every time but never do we see anyone else, or any kids. I guess a random person rocking up with a child just before or after Jake doesn’t raise suspicions but every time? (And what's this about him working there???)

part 2


Nev said...

part 3

- Ted says, that most of Hollywood knows about this...(I think I’ve read that at least)...I have a hard time imagining that all of these overpaid, overconfident, overpartying celebs would keep stumm for this long?

- I don’t know about the US but births have to be registered..can’t this be checked out?

- I’ve registered a vibe of hate towards Adam Levine...what’s up with that? Also, what are the general feelings about what he said about JiG? Part of me things: dogs that bark etc...part of me things...if I was surrounded by this every day (although how is he surrounded by it? Unless Jake complains about it a lot) I’d explode as well. However...I’ve reread his statement and man...dude, bro, guy.. and the venom he spits there. The way George Clooney reacted to the rumours about him being gay was sooo classy..this on the other hand is just trash. He makes it sound as if being gay is horrible and wrong. Great friend. Also, what he’s missing is: it’s not about Jake hanging out with his’s being all lovey dovey with Austin and having a very obviously fake relationship with RW. Nobody’s batting an eyelid about him having lunch with Adam, or Chris or whoever else...*sigh*

- Although I’ve liked Jake (and swooned about him) for aaaages my mind never clicked onto him and his life so everything is pretty much retrospective for me: the whole Kiki&Jake relationship? I know nothing about it. I don’t like her but photos of the two together? They look very much in love and if not her then definitely Jake. Who dumped who, how do we know? I’ve gone through the TDAT premiere and afterparty pics and damn, Jake looks smitten (HOWEVER: he has a similar - not the same, just similar - look on his face whenever he’s with a woman he likes: Jen Aniston, Susan Sarandon etcetcetc ...the man confuses me. He’s very touchy-feely with everybody, isn’t he?) …. I can barely bring myself to look at pictures of both of them..he looks so damn beautiful (TDAT premieres?) and the way he looks at her...gaaaaaah >< I like to tell myself that he loved her like a sister...but I’m not having much luck *sigh* http://

- I’d love links to any quote (ie ‘...I as a married man...’) or picture or video (ie paris???) that people put forward as proof.

- I keep reading about Lakers 2 and 3. Have seen photos and my, they look positively depressed/disinterested...what happened there? And I can’t find any info about J&A’s supposed break-up. Can anyone fill me in, please? :)

- They’ve been doing this for 10 years? Might explain why Jake looks so tired and exhausted and unhappy...but somehow I can’t imagine that to be true. :(

end part 3


Nev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nev said...

part 4

- Someone here said that in two photos (one TDAT premiere and one still (?)) Austin looks at Jake. I’ve looked at those. He doesn’t. He does seem to look at him though in that parking lot, the video...

- I’ve spent some time on the Austin Nichols tag on tumblr...if anything can kill my hope for Jaustin, it’s the photos there... like these (especially 6, 7, 11 and 16) (http:// and things like this quote:

I was in a place where I wasn’t capable of trusting people and he was very willing to be patient for a long time with me. He took a very heroic leap of faith.
As women, we’re raised on this fairytale, whether we go through something horrific, like I did that men aren’t always what we think they are. They’re not always the white knight. For me, it was a very rude awakening.
We should put a warning label on stories like Cinderella and Snow White for 3-year-olds and talk about real life with women from the time that they’re young. Then, along came a man who wanted to be that for me, who believes in that sort of story and love and was willing to be patient while I figured out that I still believed in it. It’s the grandest gesture anyone has ever made for me in my life.
I’m not writing the fairytale ending. I’m not in a place where I need to make that plan. I’ve learned, rather than trying to fulfill your fairytale or expectations, about just being present and realizing how valuable your life is.
For me, realizing that I’m valuable enough to be loved that way is huge. -Sophia Bush [on her relationship with Austin Nichols]
#sophia bush


end part 4


Nev said...

part 5

Oh, and another thought, what about all those Jake-had-a-crush-on-Heath rumours? I’ve certainly seen a photo or two or three that support that but then again..I don’t even think they saw each other much after press was done for BBM...whatever the reason was for that.

Sorry, for rambling on and on but once my mind gets into something it won’t let it go so I now have to figure this out or I might burst. Any help with any of these questions would be awesome. Thanks. :)


Thank you for reading :) It's weird, as soon as my mind goes: oh god, this must be true..this is so beautiful there's a voice in my head that goes *cough* 'scuse me..but no it isn't because...' and then I'm all sad and jealous and bla and as soon as that happens the other voice pipes up again and goes 'oh but look at this 'evidence' and this and of course it's true!' So you could say I'm majorly confused but whatever happens in the end: as long as Jake's happy..and Austin's happy...I'm happy (jealous, most likely, but happy ;p)


PS I’ve just found the Berlinale video and I’m positively giddy :D hahahaa

the end

Know your trolls said...

This person is not new. They have been around for more than a day or two.

Jersey Tom said...

Sophia and Austin have known each for a long time. It is too much of a coincidense that their love affair began and ended with OTH. I think Sophia cared for Austin as a friend. Im do think something happened that has hurt their friendship. I also think Jake and Reese could not stand each other after Reeke ended.

Jersey Tom said...

RIP Neil Armstrong.

Jersey Tom said...

Thought for the day: "You should never beard with someone you love".

the real m said...

Oh my. I just read those comments by those that attended the play. Does not sound good at all. It may close before we get the chance to see it if they are accurate.

Methodical Muser said...

Response to Parts 1-5:

I've seen this movie before. Personally, I'm not interested in rehashing all of the evidence amassed over 5 years of careful analysis. It's apparent that newcomer Nev has not done her homework. It's not about photos on tumblr or from other media sites that are taken out of context (i.e. in a vacuum), or how someone looks at someone else, or rumors about crushes. It's about chronologies, timing, cause and effect, primary and secondary sources, PR machinations, circumstantial evidence that is piled higher than Mount Everest, systematic coincidences, media manipulation, planted stories, girlfriends appearing from out of nowhere like magic, in other words homophobic Hollywood. I could go on and on and on. The plain fact is that no one can casually look at this topic for a week or two and expect to have grasped the nuances, subtleties, lies, and deceptions that have enshrouded Jake's existence since he was thrust deep into the closet in October, 2007. Same goes for the Tall Texan whose history, tweets, career choices and bearding activity is suspiciously aligned to Jake's. and has been since they met at that fateful TDAT audition in May 2002.

Believe what you want, but until you demonstrate that you truly have seriously studied this topic, there's not much else that can be said. We are not tutors or remedial interventionists. We are independent thinkers who have followed this story for years and have come to our own conclusions. May I suggest you do the same. Filling in gaps is one thing, having to defend our well informed perspectives is another. Been there, done that, moved on.

lol said...


The paranoia and suspicion she burns bright.

Methodical Muser said...


Come back when you've learned how to spell. Thanks for playing.

the real m said...

Brilliantly said M&M. There is no way to summarize 5 years of dogged following of every snippet of information into a one page summary.

Nev said... I was saying: I've spent three days reading his blog here from the beginning including a lot of he comments and I have stated that I have questions. I don't want anyone to fill in gaps or rehash history but if you weren't there and have to relearn everything it can be quite overwhelming and I am sure I have explained that in my long post.

I'm sorry you feel that way but all I'm asking for is a little extra help in sorting through this amazing mountain of evidence...which I don't doubt. I'm aware of the amount of trolls messing around here but I'm still a little sad that that is the kind of reception I'm given from some here :(

In regards to the play, I've only read two reviews but they were both good.


Nev said...

Believe what you want, but until you demonstrate that you truly have seriously studied this topic, there's not much else that can be said.

Uhm..even if someone seriously studies something they often have questions. And they tend to approach others who have been at the subject for longer and might be able to give an insight and a solution. How long do you need me to sit and read before you trust me? :( Tell you what, I've got a book with blank pages, a pen and time (should sleep really but it's the only time I get to myself) and I'm going back to the beginning and I'm gonna read everything and every comment and I'm gonna take notes, because I am serious.

Also, in regards to 'it's not about glances etc'...body language very important especially when it's sometimes all you can go by so that is why I am asking about it.

(i am on my phone and have nothing but trouble posting a comment :( Hope they don't get posted 10x :s)


prairiegirl said...

Nev, the thing is I'm open to people asking questions with doubts. But the thing is the questions posed to us were all requests for proof of something.

There are oodles and oodles of comments on all these OMG posts. We've voiced all of our comments and observations about every single one of those questions. We've put up the link to the Paris video. In answer to one of your questions, I believe the information about the way the 2 guys fell for each other at the auditions came from the old WFT comments of which they can not be found anymore. That blog has been taken down.

We've put up the chronology of so much of Jake and Austin's relationship through the years. We've put up everything we've observed about Sophin from the time that they first set up their Twitter accounts and first started being seen together.

I'm sorry but that relationship was so fake, I can't even begin to explain the countless reasons why.

If you are sincere, I invite you to hang around. I would encourage more reading on the posts and comment threads.

It would help if maybe you could share what attracted you to this blog. How you found OMG. What points brought up on this blog have you found yourself saying "Yeah, I totally see that."

Instead of totally questioning everything and asking for proof of this and that, it would be good to balance it out with some mentions of what you do find probable or believable.

You're talking to a bunch that has become pretty wily to the ways of these two guys. We've been at this for awhile so we're pretty confident in what we have witnessed unfold over the years.

destiny said...

The play is only in previews, it hasn't officially opened yet.

It's a limited run in engagement at a theater that is largely subscription based, so it's going to run through the announced end date, which I believe is sometime in November.

I don't mind answering questions, but 5 page's worth at once is beyond my time and energy, but I'll address two quick ones that caught my eye.

Celebrities can avoid being photographed even in this day and age. In New York especially most people don't like to be seen as losing their cool and snap photos in places like restaurants and bars, and when you're on the street, well, people are usually long gone before you can fumble for your phone.

No, birth records are not easily accessible, for that matter even marriages certificates can be hard to come by. So someone has to blab, or go down to where they keep records and dig around--and that's assuming you have the right last name, and some of them are kept by date, not name, so you have to have a date too.

destiny said...

Not to mention it seems pretty clear from some of your posts that your real interest is shooting down anything that points to Jake and Austin being together at any point in time, or even being gay.

prairiegirl said...

Welllllll, looks like Austin's training updates have fallen by the wayside a la the big Paris ComicCon countdown.

Do Re Me..........Ti!!!!!

The kids must be kickin' his butt in the evenings. One hand on the baby spoon, one hand securing a tab of tape on the diaper, one foot rocking the baby bouncer and the big toe of the other foot pressing Jake's cell phone number to find out which one needs music to fall asleep to.

Jersey Tom said...

I might need to take a trip next summer. I heard the Phillies might be comng to Kansas City. I wonder if someone could get some tickets:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I guess Jake is out looking for the perfect woman to be the mother of his children tonight.