Saturday, August 25, 2012

Previews, Promos, Premieres, and Pretty much Nailed Screwed

Jake will be pulling double duty over the next couple of weeks. While the play's in previews he going to get some promotion for EoW in, first up Letterman on Monday (Aug 28th).

Will we see him sneak in Jimmy (Fallon) or Jon (Stewart)?  Or stop by and say welcome to Michael Strahan on Live! one morning?

One thing we do know is he is going to be a the Toronto International Film Festival with the rest of the cast. It was confirmed last week that Jake is heading back to Toronto. It maybe more of an up and back quick trip, but we'll get to see him back on the red carpet.

 One thing it looks like we won't see (ever) is Nailed.  A couple recent articles about Nailed have given more of the behind the scene drama and what the current state of movie really is and now with the current state of healthcare in the US and how it effects the movie.

In an interview with producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher they talked about wanting to make a indie that turned into a nightmare not because of the cast and crew, but because there was no money for the cast and crew.  We thought we knew the whole story.. but not even close.

They revealed " that they shut down 14 times in total throughout production and post-production, and in the middle of this whirlwind Russell had to keep focused on the artistic integrity of the film.  This process continued through the duration of the shoot, and as Russell was gearing up to film the pic’s crucial scene, the financier pulled the plug for good." 
 How do you even stop the production 14 times?  And then one scene where Jess Beiler gets the nail gun is the one never filmed.  And without that there is no movie, no matter how you cut the rest of it.  No matter how many times the new owners of the film have tried to test it.


Nev said...

Fabulous, my last comment yesterday is nowhere to be seen. I said that even people who study something for a long time are often left with questions. A few years ago I practically lived in the library, reading everything I could get my hands on a certain subject and I wrote my own 'report' about it but I had more questions than before.

Anyway: Nailed. What a waste of everyone's time, money and effort :(. Shut down 14 times...sounds a bit like 14 fire alarms in the office, who can work like that? :s Makes me wonder how many films never see the light of day?

Back to the subject from before..
Yes, I kinda asked for proof but I also asked for thoughts on particular questions which I hadn't found when reading the blog (hence me saying - in the lost comment - that I will read everything again and this time I'll take notes).

Not to mention it seems pretty clear from some of your posts that your real interest is shooting down anything that points to Jake and Austin being together at any point in time, or even being gay.

Does it? Because I recall writing that if this turns out to be correct than I'd be the happiest girl. I also said that the mountain of evidence here is amazing but I can still have my doubts which does not mean that I want to 'shoot everything down'...quite the contrary actually. I wanted to quiten those doubts I had by confirming a few things.

Yes, 5 part-questions are a bit much but that is why I asked what I should do.

Anyway. Thank you for getting back to me although the majority leaves me feeling like an unwanted intruder. :(


lol said...
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Simple question said...

Why not tell us why you think Jake might be gay? Or, Austin for that matter. If you read the OMG comments for over 5 years, surely you have formulated an opinion by now. That's what folks were responding to yesterday. Seems like you expect blog participants to defend their POVs instead of you saying what you believe and why. When someone introduces themselves they have to open up as to what they believe. Notice you have not. I'm not a regular poster, but even I can see that you seem to have formulated no opinions at all about Jake and Austin. Yet, you want everyone else to convince you. This is not a site for persuasion. It's a site based on opinion. What's yours?

What are you talking about? said...

Fabulous, my last comment yesterday is nowhere to be seen. I said that even people who study something for a long time are often left with questions

Nothing you posted was deleted from yesterday. Don't try to make it seem like you are being censored. Tom was the last comment before Blog Administrator put up her next post. I read the discussion thread last night and everything looks the same to me.

prairiegirl said...

I might need to take a trip next summer. I heard the Phillies might be comng to Kansas City. I wonder if someone could get some tickets:-)

That would be cool, Tom! If the Phillies do come, you should come down! Kauffman Stadium is gorgeous and a great facility. We'll have some barbeque and Stroud's chicken and got a place for you to stay.

Anonymous said...
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Nev said...

Re: what are you talking about...

Didn't mean it that way. I had terrible problems posting on my phone so I guess my last comment last night didn't make it. :)

Re: simple question:

I don't need persuading. Ideally, I would have posted all my question when they popped up whilst reading but as you know, the comments are closed so they ended up all in a big pile. Sorry for that.
Why do I have to explain what I feel? Why do I have to defend myself here? Why are some of you so offended by me asking questions?

I was asked how I found this blog and why I'm here. Well, as I've said, I wanted to read about the boys' story and this blog came up in the search. I liked what I read, the people here seemed really nice unlike other blogs and the way you guys do your research etc impressed me so I figured this is a good community. But somehow, some people here seem to try and convince me I was wrong.

All I wanted was to chat to people who are interested in the same ignore all my questions and maybe we can get back to business.

Sorry, for taking over.


Nev said...

Btw Thank you Destiny for answering two of my questions. :)

I'm in the UK and some of the laws and regulations are different to the US so I wondered how easily accessible things like Birth Certificates etc are.

Also, yes I've heard that one can be quite 'out of view' (for want of a better description) in New York. Which lends weight to the idea that some photo sets we get are nothing but photo ops.


prairiegirl said...

Nev, let's just put it this way. People skills can take someone a long way. To come to a long-established blog community, one which is now very small yet tight, I don't think it's in a newbie's best interest to come in and quickly begin arguing, criticizing and jumping to a conclusion that one's comment was deleted.

Sure, your 5 part post was a bit overwhelming but I've had comments that blew on that long as well, so it's not a big deal. But if I was trying to establish a relationship or enter a new group, it's common sense, it's just general behavioral skills (even packs of animals know this) to know that you should tread respectfully and without a lot of fanfare at first.

A level of trust needs to be allowed to establish. We've been burned too many times. If you have been reading and studying the blog for as long as you say you have, you have witnessed this.

Just because you come here from another known Jake blog doesn't give a free pass.

Now that being said, enough of the feet stomping and pouting and here's one of the links you're looking for.

This is a link to OMG on a day when we were talking about the Paris stroller video. I don't know that the link is on this particular page, you may have to go back a day or two.

It would be a good idea for you to also go to WFT2 and dig through their threads around this time and you will see 36 hrs or so of excited discussion over this video. In fact, it was the great former detectives of WFT2 who first spotted the nanny and BT in this video. They were the ones who started the whole deal. In fact, note that the discussion takes place in 2010. The video is from 2008. This was floating around for almost 2 years before BT and the nanny were discovered.

Paris Video Discussion on OMG

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

This is disturbing to see. You know, Michelle Williams and Matilda have been out in California now for awhile to be with this Jason guy. And I have watched as all of a sudden, Michelle has appeared on Just Jared in typical photo ops. I mean, constantly. Not only her, but Matilda as well. Matilda has rarely looked comfortable before the paps and it seems to have just gotten worse with each outing.

Now look at these new pictures. This is totally ridiculous. Matilda is clearly hiding behind her mother's arm. She looks fearful. Upset. At one point, she even looks like she's balking at walking along while this nimrod guy glances back at them. I have never seen Matilda look upset like this before. I don't know anyone in their right mind who would say this is a pleasant outing for that little girl.

Has Michelle Williams lost her stinkin' mind? Why is she forcing her child to go out like this on these photo ops? For what purpose is this? Matilda is just an adorable kid but it's not enjoyable when it's clear that the child is distressed. This photo op is really just outrageous to me. Both of these adults need to be sat down and talked to by somebody with common sense.

Emotional Abuse

prairiegirl said...

Hey Special, I didn't know your BoSox were in town!! I was just checking sports scores to see how the Chiefs did and saw where the Royals won last night. You can tell I don't even hardly follow football anymore because I forgot all about the game from Friday night, lol. Oh well. And we lost.

Anyway, the Sox are up 1-0 already right now. It's a rainy, semi-sunny, overcast, humid, soggy day here.

destiny said...

Not sure why we've gotten the flurry of photos of Michelle, Matilda and Jason. It may be deliberate, or could be it's because they're in LA and hanging out in places where the paps are. Matilda doesn't look happy in these new photos, that's for sure. No way of knowing if it's the paps or something else going on; she's seemed okay in other photos of I've seen of them.

I think the occasional photo of celebs and their kids are okay, I have to admit I love seeing the few photos their have been of Matt with his kids, and for some reason there was a flurry of them when Simon and the kids came to New York for a bit this summer.

But there comes a point when it's overkill, and not good for the kids. I haven't noticed enough to say if that's the case with Michelle. It certainly has been the case with other kids, Katie and Suri, Reese and her kids for awhile there, others that escape me at the moment.

prairiegirl said...

I wanted to re-edit one of my previous comments.

I'm not sure that this entire video is still available. It was on Splash Video so hopefully it's still around.

And just for others to know. It's one thing for someone like Jason to come on and he came on this blog very respectfully and you could tell he knew his stuff. He didn't come on here criticizing people and questioning things "Well, how do you know this is true? What is your proof on that? What's your reasoning for this?" He stuck around, didn't post alot, but he was just very respectful and nice with his comments. So after a few months of time, I felt comfortable. You don't mind at all sharing information and stuff.

But someone brand new, who comes out of nowhere, I'm sorry - I'm just not going to provide the whole entire Jake/Austin story complete with links and whatnot without question.

If offense is taken, well, that's just too bad. I don't have anything to explain. I have nothing to prove. To anybody. Been on here for 3 1/2 years now and it's up to anyone else to look at all the threads, do the homework and then sure, ask some questions. But to do 5 days of reading when the rest of us have been on here for 3-5 years living it, well - just show some respect for that, please.

At the same time, I don't want to discourage new commenters. I think this is a very receptive group of people on here; it's all in the approach.

prairiegirl said...

I don't know either why there's a flurry of photos, Destiny. Some commenters on that post are blaming the paps.

My question would be if they are indeed frequenting places where the paps hang out, then why go there? Why would you take Matilda to a pap frequented area? Go to some out of the way restaurant or park. There has got to be plenty of suburbs around L.A. in small towns where you could go.

I don't see Matt's kids looking at all bothered by the paps. And you don't see them on Just Jared all the time either.

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder why Austin is hanging around in Texas. Shouldnt he be in LA looking for work. He is unemployed. Geez seems like more than ever that when one of our dynamic duo is working the other is off. When Austin was doing OTH Jake did very little. Now Jake is very busy and Austin is in Texas definitely not working.

Think about that one Nev:-)
Did you ask yourself the question Nev why Austin and Sophia were a couple during OTH only and then the instant it ended. Kaput Sophin. Seems pretty clear to me:-)

Also didnt Reese get married pretty darn quickly after the love affair of the decade was over:-)

Simple answers for you yaa Nev.

Jersey Tom said...

Prince Harry, Harry and Tom Davey should hook up and have a threesome:-):-):-). Lets hope there is a camera phone near by.

charybdis said...

Dear Nev,

I'll bite on the Heath/Jake question. There was speculation for eons that Jake had some sort of romantic or professional crush on Heath during the Brokeback filming. In part this is based on the on-screen chemistry and on how Jake talked about Heath in interviews at the time (he soon became more guarded). Jake basically confirmed this in a 2010 GQ interview, where he said, "I was always kind of enamored by him, you know." Of course, it is still hard to say exactly what Jake means, but clearly there was strong feeling there.

destiny said...

All very true what you said at 2:40 PG.

Jersey Tom said...

That was a beautiful statement that Sophia made about Austin and how he had waited till she was ready. That sounded like a man who was very much in love. How did that man fall out of love so quickly. Seems to me that men fall out of love when they fall in love with someone else. Where is that new woman that drove Austin away from Sophia??????

Nev said...


I have a feeling that what I actually said is not what people understood.

He didn't come on here criticizing people and questioning things "Well, how do you know this is true? What is your proof on that? What's your reasoning for this?

That is definitely not what my intention was, never. I'm sorry, if that is what you got from my post(s). I was just very excited to 'debate', discuss, whatever. In no way was I criticizing. :(

Oh, I have spent the past two nights reading several thousand comments etc over on WTF2... have learned a lot more. Off now, to see if I can find that Paris video. Thank you for linking it. :)

@charybds.. thank you. :) I've spent the last dunno...4-5 months obsessing over BBM and Jake/Heath (which is how I ended up here) so I wondered how you guys saw their relationship.


prairiegirl said...

I think it's pretty clear that Jake was crushing big time on Heath. You can see it in the pictures. And who wouldn't have?

Heath was incredible looking. And that voice. Those long legs. And he seemed to be such a consummate actor deeply in love with his craft. Wow, who could ever blame Jake? lol

It just seemed to me that Heath was pretty straight. He was into the ladies. Had Heath been gay, who knows...but that is neither here nor there really.

The bottom line is that despite working with who seemed to be an incredible man, Jake still ended up with Austin even while Heath was still alive.

Hmm. I'm not sure if that quite came out right. LOLLLLL!

My problem right now is that Austin is acting like such a nimrod that it's hard to boast about him at the moment being the one Jake ended up with.

prairiegirl said...

Cool to see you, charbydis! Wow, an old timer. That's awesome.

Nev said...

Yeah...that was always my impression..despite fangirling about the pairing, I just couldn't imagine it.

Just had a look at the Matilda pics.. that is definitely a child who is scared. :s


the real m said...

I wish I had a better memory because I remember a straight male saying in an interview that Heath's sexual charisma was so strong that even he wanted him, but I cant recall now who it was. I think it was around the time of casting for 10 things. Anyone with 2 eyes could see that Jake was enamoured of him.

Yes, the routine is that while one works, the other one tends the home fires. But I am pretty sure that we'd heard that Austin did land a role in some pending TV show that has either not started filming yet or is just not picked up yet.

Nev said...

It says Showtime have picked Roy Donovan up and Wikipedia has it as a 2013 premiere...

Nothing at all in IMDb though.


AUS10 said...

Ah, Salt Lick BBQ. Perfect training for my triathlon ---------->

6:01 PM - 26 Aug 12 via WhoSay · Details

Special K said...

Interesting that Austin is back to Texas Triathlon Training...wonder where he was on Friday and Sat? ; )

Trying to catch up and finish the Out Spotlight too, while my face feels like it's on fire. Sunburn worth it for a boat ride around the harbor islands this morning and taking pictures of sailboats and skylines.