Monday, November 12, 2012

No rhyme but definitely a reason

We've gotten used to not seeing Jake and Austin together for long stretches, but in 2012 it has been different.  It seems like every few months there is a picture or a sighting. Almost popping out of nowhere.

 Sushi in January

 Films in Berlin in February

Late Night In & Out in May

Subway sighting and a stroll in November

So now Jake driving a truck that looks like Austin's, 
Austin backstage at Mumford and Sons in NYC, 
and sightings of Jake in Texas don't seem so far fetched, do they?


prairiegirl said...

Hey, it's been awhile since we had a twirly coat! pic. I love that picture.

That sure does look like Austin in the Mumford backstage picture.

Jersey Tom said...

Been a pretty good year for Jaustin. Hoping for more.

the real m said...

Oh yeah. Our boy has been in the background all along.

Seaweed said...

I've always felt the same way as well, Tom and M... Austin just makes you want to feel like he's our boy. He's one of the two, and like it or not this is the way it's been for quite a long time now.

Just patiently waiting for a time when the two of these guys can have to freedom, or simply take on the mantle of freedom and let it all hang out!

jfaulkin said...

I have always wanted Jake to be happy. I know most of you believe that they are togetther. If so, I hope that they will come out about it. It sad to think that ppl still feel that they have to hide, for what ever reasons. Time will tell. :D

jfaulkin said...

On kids: So many ppl have taken pic of them on there phone n posted them/ It seemsto me one or two pic would showthem with a child.

I sometimes feel that Jake could be Bi. I havent followed Austin so I dont know about him. So Jake could be haveing so much fun with both. Just a few thoughts.

destiny said...

PG, all shows have an understudy, and yes, you're right, you're out of luck if you come in from out of town and an actor is not in the play that night. On Broadway if the star is really big, and the name appears above the title of the show, then you can get your money back if they don't show. That isn't the case with Jake's play, an in any event that doesn't do you any good if you've come a long way to see him.

prairiegirl said...

I think that was m, Destiny, who was talking about the understudy. I don't know anything about understudies though, so it's interesting to hear about obtaining a refund if the star doesn't show.

Can I get a refund on my $30 Prince of Persia DVD/digital copy set? I hear the star is embarrassed/ashamed of his role choice/appearance and I sure hate to be a contributor of said star's pain and anguish. Perhaps a global Recall should be issued with all copies pulled from store shelves, Netflix and personal homes and mass refunds issued.


prairiegirl said...


Can't help it, that thing continues to be a burr in my butt.

3 more days, 3 more days til my mini trip!! Cannot wait. My department has pretty much settled into our new uptown digs. We're hangin' with the Big Boys now so there is a certain level of decorum that we have to adhere to. But today was a snack day and so everyone kept grazing in the little lunchroom.

Cracks me up that you had a big veggie tray and a massive fruit tray amongst the Dunkin Donuts, Rotel and chips. And by lunch time, the poor fruit tray had been banished on top of the stove off to the side. Awww. Dunkin Donuts flew like nobody's business.

prairiegirl said...

My dept is a bit like Larry, Darryl & Darryl amongst the upper echelon. But that's okay. One of the funniest things that my big buddy and I keep IM'ing each other back & forth on is the 5S'ing of our area. Boy. Stuff keeps getting put away, cleaned out, trashed, this needs to go, this needs to be put elsewhere, do you really need this?, What is this? Whose is this? This does not need to be here. We need to clean this up. Man. No clutter, nothing out of place. lol. Man. Aw well, it's good to have a tidy workspace. Lessens the chance of any accident like a slip or trip or fall.

We are so busy it is not funny. And it's like this every doggone holiday time. Every T-giving and December, I meet myself coming & going. I don't know if anyone else here has a busy job at this time of year but gee whiz, it would be nice just once to not be like this during these 2 months. Oh well.
Well, since I don't think I'll ever get much writing done ever again on my lunch hour, I have to do it at night now. This stinks. It's fun to chat with everyone in the lunch room but there's no privacy.

And today came the question "What do you write about?"

I said "Romance." And our QC guy asked "Like 50 Shades of Gray?"

LOLLLLLLLL!!!! 'xactly.
LOLLLLLL!! Crap. Nosy people!!!

Jersey Tom said...

Who knows maybe we are watching a gradual coming out plan which has been underway since the beginning of the year. Wishful thinking probably. Been down this road before. Maybe the hand holding Jake with the brunette was just Jake being silly and making fun of where he has been.

destiny said...

Oops, sorry for getting that wrong M and PG regarding who wrote about understudies. I was reading the comments on my phone, which makes it harder to see.

Special K said...

This year the guys have been seen together and it's be so low-key and relaxed, almost organic in a way.

Love that Austin been right there all along.

PG-veggies vs. Dunkies - not even a contest.