Monday, November 12, 2012

Out Spotlight

Here it is! I couldn't miss doing a post - despite Google.

So from yesterday's comment to it's own post.  (Thanks to everyone behind the scenes who helped make this possible!!!)

Today’s Out Spotlight is a political journalist, social activist and commentator. Today’s Out Spotlight is Jonathan Capehart.

Jonathan Capehart, was born July 2, 1968 and grew up in New Jersey, attending Saint Benedict's Preparatory School, and later graduating from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota in 1990.

The Today show was Capehart’s dream, Bryant Gumbel his idol. Ten-year-old Jonathan Capehart absolutely lit up the minute the NBC morning-show banter began. At first he watched to spot his uncle, an electrician, whom Capehart recalls seeing entering the cohosts’ camera shot during a broadcast on the plaza.

As a noted wunderkind of his day, Capehart quickly became a key contributor to a New York Daily News editorial staff from 1993-2000 and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for Best Editorial Writing for a series of editorials about Harlem's Apollo Theater. Subsequent to his high profile stint he became a National Affairs Columnist for Bloomberg News from 2000-2001 and left to work as a policy adviser to Michael Bloomberg during his first successful campaign for Mayor of New York City. Later, he returned to the Daily News as deputy editor of the editorial page from 2002-2005 and has since become a sought after television news commentator and interviewer, and contributor to MSNBC "Way Too Early," “Morning Joe,” "The Dylan Ratigan Show" and a daily presence on MSNBC dayside). His commentary is often sought at the Reporters Roundtable on ABC News's “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and he has been a substitute host on “The Brian Lehrer Show” and “The Leonard Lopate Show” on WNYC. He is also a much respected Opinion writer for the Washington Post.

A long time gay activist, and advocate for marriage equality, Capehart’s early association and understanding of the political process played a key role in the successful campaign to legalize gay marriage in New York state. He is also a former officer of a former officer of the National Lesbian and Gay Journlists Association and has been together with his partner for over ten years, the noted architect, Giuseppe Lignano, an Italian-born architect and co-founder of the architectural design studio LOT-EK.


Special K 2 said...

It's not perfect. But it's up.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me out.

prairiegirl said...

Kudos to you, Special and thanks to everyone behind the scenes. Teamwork can accomplish so much.

prairiegirl said...

And nice Spotlight! Jonathon Capehart is very attractive, isn't he? Wow! Nice couple.

And I love his glasses on him.

J/A forever said...

Lots of people have come here trying to convince us that Jake and Austin were not even friends anymore, but we could not be convinced.

I don't recall many people saying that. Most believed they were still friends. They were seen together on occassions. And alot like myself believe they broke up at some point.
Still, it don't mean they are fathers of 1 to 5 surrogate children. They both say they have no children. And, the real point/"killer" is: Nobody has seen any child. Period
Now some here say it's a boy, girl it's 5. Give me a break.

Now that we've had at least three, count them now - three different sightings of them together, now the argument changes to "We'll, everyone knows they're friends! That doesn't mean there's something going on, though! Just two friends, just two buddies."

Sorry, being seen together 2 to 3 times a year does not equal(=) Married. Sorry, it just don't!
Are you saying it does???

Sorry, but traveling with a friend, partner, f***buddy around the world and showing up at a friends play and or movie debut does not equal(=) Having a child or 5 children together!
Are you saying it does?

You can play like you have all the answer but the truth is: You don't!

There are no children or Marriage. Yet! LOL

destiny said...

Glad you're back Special, and another nice spotlight on another person I'm not familiar with. Sounds like he's really done a lot in a short period of time.

remer said...

From the following link comment by Matthew Greer-

I understudy Jake in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, the play mentioned in the article, and I noticed this "news" while reading a HuffPost article about climate change (one of the main themes of If There Is... ). Though I realize that trying to inject truth into a gossip article in the Celebrity section is a monumentally futile gesture, I felt for my castmate and his friend and rashly started putting in my two cents.

Last two cents: Even glances can look like gazing when one freezes them in a still photo, and cropping out the rest of their friends who were present makes their situation appear more intimate. No question Jake's a flirty, affectionate, friendly guy, but these two aren't dating. Believe what you will. I know what I know.

PG at Work said...

Thank you so much Remer for bringing that comment to OMG. Yeah sometimes you can find some nuggets in the Comment sections. I do wonder if the understudy is going to get his knuckles rapped though because this kind of comment would seem to be a fairly good violation of a confidentiality agreement.

Awwww our poor Big Big Boss was just in here heating his lunch. So cute. Tapping his foot. Staring into the glass window several times, I kid you not. He had a meeting coming up and it was one of those frozen meals. I told him to be careful peeling back the plastic. That steam can burn!!

PG at Work on Lunch Break from Her Phone said...

08: 52 I say what I do re: marriage and children with utmost confidence. Again, some of us have done extensive homework and that would be why.

So er... no I will disagree totally with your last sentence.

destiny said...

Interesting comment, thanks Remer. Interesting that someone would feel the need to go out of the way like that.

the real m said...

Good to know we are right once again. Didn't gossip cop already debunk the girlfriend story? I like his comment that he knows what he knows. I bet he knows for sure what we all know.

I was surprised to hear Jake had an understudy. Required I guess for all plays in case of illness or accident. But with such a small cast, I was not sure till now that it applied in this case. I still have not bothered to read the Playbill. I did worry of course that after treking all the way to NYC, that Jake might not show for some reason. Thank God he was there healthy and in fine form.

OwlGirl said...

I'm sure Jake has an understudy, but I doubt that comment was really from his understudy.

Call me cynical!

The same commenter also posted a "he's not gay!!" comment.


OwlGirl said...

the profile has already been removed.

0 Fans
10:24 AM on 11/11/2012
He's not dating her. They're friends, nothing more. Oh, and he isn't gay, either. His work in Brokeback Mountain was the performance of an actor. Amazing what people will extrapolate from a (cropped) photo, or a fictional film.

Special K 2 said...

Lainey trying to keep the Jake story, going. But she does mention Austin.

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal walking around New York on Friday with his best friend Austin Nichols and a new dark-haired girl on his arm, and attached to his hand. It’s been three days and, at press time, she’s yet to be identified. Not that the effort hasn’t been there. They’re all trying, trust me. And if it’s taken this long it’s probably because 1. she has no other fame connections beyond him and 2. he’s keeping his sh-t tight, and no one has sold them out (yet). She has a very Toronto face to me. I feel like I’ve seen her before.

But according to Gossip Cop they’re just friends and have been for a long time. According to Photo Assumption, at one point or another, casually or not, they’ve been more than friends, and more than once.

The rest is here....Lainey - Jakey's New Brunette

And Michael K'd link to the story:

Please, Jakey Gyllenhaal can only handle one beard at a time

Special K 2 said...

Congratulations to Elton John and husband David Furnish who are expected their second earlier next year.

prairiegirl said...

Ohhhhh man, check that out. Thanks for the added info, OwlGirl. That last comment totally undermines his previous comment.

Oh yeah, PR definitely at work. How utterly, utterly ridiculous. And what a bend over backwards effort.

Very, very strange. The whole thing is weird.

prairiegirl said...

Awwww geeez, would someone check Lamey's brain matter?

LOL. She's embarrassing herself.

This whole MG2 Stroll ought to buy Jake enough cover and time to last him through the rest of 2012. The hammock is a 'swingin' as we speak. He's sitting on Easy Peasy Street.

I'll say one thing. He sure gets the frequent straight miles out of the shortest flights, doesn't he? Wow.

Jersey Tom said...

It sure is the company line for Jake's PR to blame Brokeback for the Gay rumors. Ala Adam Levine.

OwlGirl said...

Lainey Gossip's comment is kinda interesting because of this line:

"She has a very Toronto face to me. I feel like I’ve seen her before."

Lainey foreshadows so she can gloat later! Makes me think she knows something! I think she had some (fake) insidery info awhile back that Jake was taking home waitresses in Toronto. A supposed tip from someone she knows.

Wait for it... Lainey's exclusive on their breakup. "Jake was totally into her. Even introduced her to his sister. But she couldn't take the publicity. So back to Toronto and table-waiting she went."

Hey, I could write a gossip blog! Or at least work for PR!

What the hell is a "Toronto face"??

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, Owl Girl, there was something about a waitress in Toronto. There have been planted comments and tweets about Jake dating "civilians" and "non-celebrity" women for about two years now. I think his people have been trying to set the table with that nonsense; it goes all the way back to Memorial Day weekend of last year. I remember the comment on Just Jared talking about Jake dating a college student because I was staying at M&M's over that holiday.

Jake has had more strolls, hotel meals and dinners with "unknown", "who's that?", "Gasp! She's dark haired, not blonde!", "Mystery Girl!" and these women are probably cousins, neighbors, heck could be his dental hygienist for all we know. One splash, one plant every several months or so, the girl gets 5 days of fame and then sent on her way while Jake tightens the string on the hammock and eats kale chips with a big smile on his face. And he was swingin'!!! Wasn't that a song?

lol. Just absolutely laughable at this point.

prairiegirl said...

The guys really know how to spill grape fruit juice all over a pearl white rug.

At first you're all giddy because there's new pictures of these 2 guys but then as the stories multiply like bunnies, and the headlines take on all kinds of bullcrap, the gloss and shine wears off real fast and you're left with a bad case of heartburn.

The only reason Austin was there, was so that when their kids see these pictures later on when they're older, they would see their daddy and papa together around the time of their youngest's birthday. They don't want their kids to see either papa holding hands with someone who isn't the other parent. That is the only reason Austin was there.

But I'm not sure they were so aware that Austin would be cut out of all the pictures except for IHJ?? I don't know. If they weren't, then they're going to have to make sure the kids only see the IHJ pictures, otherwise they're going to see their papa holding hands with someone who's not their daddy.

Unless it was someone their kids know and therefore can be explained away easily. Who knows?

Their whole situation is so screwed up, it's not even funny. It makes my head hurt, as my big buddy would say.

Special K 2 said...

Lainey has made so much stuff up over the years, I just shake my head.

She's got nothing, she's just trying to give it a Toronto angle to bet some mileage out of a story that is already been denied.