Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Blighty Bound

"If There is" is on a break starting today (Nov 26) thru to D-day (Dec 7), so what will Jake be doing?


Well at least part of the time.  And don't think it's a trip to keep the accent up to snuff.

Jake is scheduled for several interviews while in England, including something he has never done before.

That is going on the Graham Norton show.

Jake is going to brave the comedy chat show for the first time, and he is joining  Joan Rivers, and Top Gear presenters Jame May and Jeremy Clarkson, and singer Ke$ha.

Taped earlier next week, the show will be first shown on BBC One, Dec 8th.  The episode will then be on BBC America a week or two later.

But can Jake survive Joan the lady who left her filter with her first face so long ago?

And with the Top Gear guys give Jake grief for being a bachelor who is driving a family truckster of an Audi.  And the thought of Jake and Ke$ha could just send you running into the night.

And on The Graham Norton show, Jake can't just chat and go.  Ohhh no no,  on Graham Norton, the guests stay on the couch the whole hour, it's the audience that might get boot before the show ends.

 Maybe his sister can give him some tips.

Keep your eyes peeled for mentions of Jake in England starting now,  he could have left as early as today.  But did he go alone?  Guess it's a wait and see too.


Special K said...

Legal Seafood has its own Brokeback Moment

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fashion critic said...

Jake Gyllenhaal in Salvatore Ferragamo

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 in Fashion

We are tsking at you right now, Jake. TSKING.

Jake Gyllenhaal attends the New Eyes for the Needy 80th Anniversary Gala in New York City in Salvatore Ferragamo. Jake
wore a tailor-made charcoal grey, double-breasted flannel suit with peak lapels, a white shirt, charcoal tie, and a pair of brown leather tramezza shoes.

First, there’s the grey-on-grey. Sure, it’s on trend at the moment, but we’re sick of it. Second, your pants could use a slight hemming. Not too much, but a little bit could come off there. And finally, you’re wearing a double-breasted jacket and it’s not doing you any favors. It makes you look hippy. This is why we’ll always say that the double-breasted jacket is evil. Because you have to be one skinny little bitch to pull it off. Still, it’s a great suit and we love the shoes, so there’s that.

Tom & Lorenzo