Tuesday, November 27, 2012

.... pulls you back in

The Crazy Tree might be over, but crazy hasn't finished just yet.

While Brulian is long gone, it has popped up on TV’s Top 50 Love Stories of the Past Decade put together by BuddyTV right at the middle at #25.

My fingers numb you can stop squeezing now.
Fans always knew it would take a monumental, cinematic-level of romance to sweep damaged rich girl Brooke Davis off her feet. Enter film director Julian whose persistence and devilish smile gave Brooke the happy ending her movie deserved.  

 Well the one thing we all can agree on was Julian's devilish grin and still agree on Austin's amazing smile.


femalefirst.co.uk said...

Jake Gyllenhaal: Eye Candy of the Week

Jersey Tom said...

What a smile

the real m said...

Hi all. Having a super busy week at the new job, but Austin's great smile helps my mood a lot.

AUS10 said...

BP blocked. Karma is a bitch! www.cnn.com/2012/11/28/us...

7:37 AM - 28 Nov 12 · Details

AUS10 said...

The American Airlines boarding music is killing me. It sounds like a sick piano is making love to a rusty flute. And failing.

9:31 AM - 28 Nov 12 · Details