Monday, November 19, 2012

Wind Sand Surf

Austin might be working in the Windy City but he's thinking about the big surf.

This is really important. help spread the word. - AUS10


And Austin spreading the word about Surfrider, gives us the perfect opportunity to share some Surfrider moments of Austin.


Jersey Tom said...

I am so happy that Jake and Austin both have girlfriends now. Hopefully Jake can get get started on that family he wants:-)

Jersey Tom said...

Austin has very happy nipples:-) Me like!

the real m said...

Wow, what a torso. Must make Jake swoon.

AUS10 said...

I have been working with one of my heroes. What an actor! William Forsythe.

7:50 AM - 20 Nov 12

Do you want to see what I look like in Chicago? Hit this-------->

10:13 AM - 20 Nov 12

Special K said...

Austin in Chicago.

Is it Chicago making him look so good or is it Austin making the Chicago skyline even better? ;)