Thursday, November 15, 2012

Past, Present, Future

In Jake's interview with the LA Times in addition to the comments about family and reflecting on his life at 30 and where he sees himself at 60. (Family, kids)

He did something he doesn't do too very often , he spoke about Heath.  And with great admiration.

"I work with actors, and I've made a conscious effort to work with people who are more talented than me, because I think they bring out your best work. Heath was always full of massive charisma and great skill, and he really took his time to listen to himself and find that. And I have great admiration for that." 


Heath left an impression on Jake personally and professionally that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Did anyone notice what Jake left out of this interview?  He talks about a future,  but notice he never mentions who he is sharing it with, and  mention of  the word wife.

So who is he going to have this messy family with?


humm said...

I took the reference to his family being born in a new way meaning after the divorce of his parents the family took a new form. After all, he does talk about his nieces and his parents divorce right after that statement.

^^ That's how I read it also. Very simple to me.
Hey, he doesn't talk about having a family (with children of his own) because, well, maybe he don't have any children and a family of his own. Very simple also.

destiny said...

Just because Jake doesn't talk about certain things doesn't mean they don't exist. That's what it means to be in the closet.

Yes, I agree, it's nice that Jake seems to have dropped all the "finding the perfect woman" talk, hope it lasts.

prairiegirl said...

First tragedy of the trip. Happy Fisherman is closed!!!!! This is of the utmost downers. It is tradition to eat at the Happy Fisherman on Sat night. Of all the cheesy, tourist-y, flip flop and T shirt places to eat, that was Happy Fisherman. And no more big salad boat with the huge block of cheese!!!!!! The runner-up choice has been made, though. Place called Lil' Rizzo's. Italian. But Italian at the lake? That's just wrong. It should be fish.

Well, just checking in to blab for a few min. Hamburgers are cooking and while they won't exactly be M&M's excellent grilled burgers, they will suffice. ; )

Holiday music has officially begun. Huzzah!!!!!!!

Jersey Tom said...

I have no clue what the heck Jake is talking about:-)